Buy Fresh Herbs in Bulk onlne

Buy Fresh Herbs in Bulk Online

Whether you’re a restaurant looking to infuse your dishes, a manufacturer seeking botanical ingredients, or a savvy business owner aiming to enhance your product line, acquiring fresh herbs in bulk is a pivotal art and science.

Who are Frutplanet?

Frutplanet exporters specialize in growing and distributing various fresh herbs in bulk. We are one of the leading wholesale fresh herbs suppliers in the market. We serve diverse customers, from retailers to herbalists and manufacturers. 

Frutplanet supplies fresh herbs to customers in the Europe, the United States, Middle East, and Asia. We deliver fresh herbs in large quantities to our clients at very competitive rates. We help businesses with the daunting task of harvesting, transporting, and processing logistics.


Types of Fresh Herbs To Order in Bulk

We have dozens of herb varieties that you can order in wholesale. However, if the herb you have in mind is not featured in this list, contact us via WhatsApp or email for comprehensive feedback.

1.Fresh Basil

buy basil in wholesale

Basil is a slightly sweet but peppery herb that is a favourite for many. Most of our customers who order Basil in bulk are restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, and manufacturers. It’s a popular ingredient for making cuisines, salads, pesto, and pasta dishes.

We grow basil organically to ensure the taste and flavour are optimal. You can order organic basil in wholesale by requesting a quote via WhatsApp or email for comprehensive feedback.

2.Fresh Chillies

Jalapeno Chillies Exporter From Kenya

Are you looking for fresh chillies in bulk? we can help source and deliver, saving you all the hassle. We offer different varieties from piri piri, Habanero Bell Pepper, the red cayenne pepper, Bird eye, Jalapeno, and more. We grow over 30 different pepper varieties. The chilli varieties we offer vary in heat and flavour.

Frutplanet is the ideal platform to buy chillies in bulk. Our farms adhere to the highest standards of food quality and safety. We share with our clients our certifications and offer a seamless delivery network.

Most customers who order fresh chillies in wholesale are manufacturers, restaurants, super markets, grocery stores, and individuals in Europe, the United States, and Asia. You can order your preferred chilli variety by requesting a quote via WhatsApp or email for comprehensive feedback.

3. Oregano

buy wholesale oregano

Save your money  every time you buy fresh oregano in bulk from Frutplanet.

Oregano is a fragrant, slightly bitter, and pungent-tasting herb. The herb is used globally but mainly in Italian and Mexican dishes such as sauces, pizzas, and roasted meat. The herb has numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammation, antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties.

Organic oregano has also become very popular in numerous European communities. Frutplanet, in partnership with other organic growers, have enough supply of bulk organic oregano to our European stores.

You don’t have to search anymore for where to buy fresh oregano in wholesale, simply  order oregano by requesting a quote, and our sales customer service team will respond instantly. We can fulfil any order quantity that you request.

If you have any query or concern, Email us (  or reach us via WhatsApp.

4. Fresh Tarragon

buy tarragon wholesale

Do you want to buy Fresh tarragon in bulk online? FrutPlanet is a leader in growing, supplying and exporting high-quality fresh tarragon. We have an established customer base in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our fresh tarragon complies with food and safety standards.

We grow tarragon organically while adhering to GAP certifications and other global safety standards. You can request a quote for fresh tarragon in wholesale or contact us via email or WhatsApp.

5. Fresh Chives

buy wholesale chives

Chives are mild, onion-like herbs with a subtle onion flavour. Their primary use is garnishing salads. Whether fresh or dried, chives have enormous nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Some of the antioxidants in chives include folate and choline, which improve brain memory functions.

We supply fresh chives to our clients in wholesale. Our chives meet the set standards by the Global GAP, and our supply chain is seamless.

You can order for fresh chives in bulk by requesting a quote. In addition, if you’d like more clarity, email or message us on WhatsApp.

6. Fresh Rosemary

rosemary farm


Rosemary is a fragrant herb with a citrus-like flavour. It’s mainly applied to roasted meats, potatoes, and fragrances. The herb has a long history of culinary and medicinal use. Some rosemary varieties we can help you source include Tuscan Blue, Arp, Salem, and Barbeque.


You can order rosemary herbs in wholesale today by requesting a quote. You can also email or message us on WhatsApp for more details.

7. Thyme

largescale thyme farm in kenya 1

Thyme is an earthy, aromatic, tasting herb used in various cuisines, stews, soups, etc. The most valuable aspects of thyme include its leaves, flowers, and oil. They provide different thyme, including fighting bacterial and fungal infections.

At FrutPlanet, we deliver organically grown thyme that adheres to GAP standards. You can request a quote for wholesale thyme or email us.

Are you looking to order a product that is not listed above? Contact us now via email or WhatsApp. Otherwise, you can check our entire herb product category.

Why Buy Wholesale/Bulk Fresh Herbs from FrutPlanet Exporters

Buying fresh herbs in bulk from FrutPlanet has several benefits. Here are some of the benefits.

Cost Savings

FrutPlanet helps you significantly save on cost per unit. Our wholesale prices per unit are lower than retail prices, allowing our customers to get value for money. Our prices reflect fair compensation and actual logistics costs from transport and shipping.

Quality Control

We are a reputable wholesale herb supplier with an in-house quality control team. Our team adheres to dozens of standards and certifications, including GAP, Kephis, etc. We grow herbs organically, and process them to ensure they are fresh, pure, and meet all quality standards. We aim to gain and maintain customer confidence in our herb’s quality.

Custom Packaging

FrutPlanet offers a range of packaging options to accommodate your needs. We ensure that we package the easy herbs for you to store and use. We transport our products via air to ensure they’re delivered to you quickly and when needed.

Consistent Supply

We ensure that bulk herb purchases are consistent and reliable. This is our guarantee to manufacturers and most businesses that need constant and reliable supply. Our reliability is unmatched.

Where to Buy Fresh Herbs in Bulk

You can buy fresh herbs in bulk by requesting a quote on category, messaging us on WhatsApp, or emailing our customer support. We export top-quality fresh herbs across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and the rest of the globe. 

In addition, we have Global GAP and GRASP certifications for all of our products and organic certification. We adhere to the highest standards and regulations for exporting to markets worldwide.

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