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    Do you want to buy tarragon plants online? FrutPlanet is a leader in supplying and exporting high-quality fruits and vegetables with years of professional service. Our customer base is global but mainly in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our trusted farmers use sustainable practices to grow tarragon. Buy trusted tarragon plants that comply with food and safety standards from FrutPlanet Exporters.

    Growing Tarragon plants In Kenya

    The Kenyan climate and volcanic soil are favourable for growing tarragon which thrives in the Kenyan highlands and is watered by streams from Mt. Kenya. Tarragon is a high-value herb that yielded Ksh 6 million in exports by July 2021, a trajectory we projected will continue rising.

    Major tarragon-producing countries include China, Spain, Belgium, France, and Kenya. In 2022 China made US $ 865.7 million in exports, Spain US $ 503.2 million, and Belgium US $ 463.9 million. Kenya came at a distance with an export value of US $ 589.10 thousand. To buy tarragon plants online from Kenya, contact FrutPlanet or request a quote.

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      Buy Tarragon Plants Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Buy Tarragon Plants Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Tarragon Benefits

        Tarragon is a powerhouse of health benefits, with antioxidants and anti-microbial. In addition, this versatile herb contains vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and zinc. These minerals factor in tarragon’s health benefits, including improving appetite, and treating indigestion, sleep disorders and insomnia. 

        Types Of Tarragon Grown In Kenya

        Tarragon is an aromatic herb of the sunflower family that does well in warm climates. It thrives in well-drained soil, and it loves sunlight. Kenya offers favourable conditions for the cultivation of different types of tarragon. French tarragon is the most popular variety that has superior flavour.

        Russian tarragon is easy to grow and cultivate, propagated from the seeds. It is drought-resistant and grows fast. Although it has many leaves, it is less aromatic than the French tarragon. Do you need a specific tarragon variety? Contact FrutPlanet to buy tarragon plants online today!

        Fresh Tarragon Prices

        The current fresh tarragon wholesale price is 20-35 pounds per kilo, although the price is subject to change. The wholesale price in Kenyan Shillings is KES 2450.40 to 2675.60. The cost estimate is for dry tarragon; therefore, fresh tarragon prices may be lower as the product is often heavier.

        High manufacturing costs also hamper production, which leads to tarragon price fluctuations. However, you can contact FrutPlanet to determine the current tarragon wholesale prices. We’re committed to shielding customers from inflated prices by offering affordable tarragon. Contact our customer support to buy tarragon plants online or request a quote.

        Tarragon Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        Even with the high export value of tarragon, post-harvest care is still a challenge for many farmers. Poor handling of produce leads to their confiscation by customs for not complying with phytosanitary regulations. At FrutPlanet, we are fully compliant and have GRASP certification for all our products. We take pride in our modern sorting and packaging techniques.

        Our farmers harvest mature tarragon to optimise quality when the essential oils are in the leaves. We then sort and grade the leaves according to size, colour, and appearance. We pack only clean, quality leaves with no debris, unhealthy and discoloured leaves. 

        We guarantee 100 customers satisfaction by packing products that match their specifications. Our modern packing technology ensures that the products have extended shelf life. We pack healthy fresh leaves into bundles before wrapping them for optimum freshness. We then place the bundles in cartons with polyethene interiors.

        To keep tarragon fresh, we ship the product on the same day of harvesting by air. All our products are GAP-certified. Buy tarragon plants online from FrutPlanet, where our products conform to international standards.

        Delivering Tarragon Plants By FrutPlanet

        Are you worried about the quality of bulk tarragon orders? After you order at FrutPlanet, food and safety authorities inspect your package, and we deliver it by air. Our products are packed to withstand temperature change, friction and any external pressure during transit. Often, the products reach you while fresh within 2 to 4 days after processing.

        We partner with reliable farmers who ensure they grow tarragon without harmful chemicals that contaminate them. We also adhere to the highest international safety standards to ensure you get a quality product when you buy tarragon plants online. 

        Where To Buy Tarragon

         Are you looking for healthy, fresh, and quality tarragon? Get your ideal variety delivered to you at the best tarragon price. Kenya is one of the best producers of quality tarragon. You can buy tarragon from Kenya online by ordering from a reputable exporter such as FrutPlanet. 

        Once you order from us, we source the produce from local small-scale farmers and handle logistics. FrutPlanet is an internationally recognised supplier and exporting tarragon grown in fertile soil. 

        We pack our products safely to prevent damage while in transit to reach you in high quality. Our team keeps you informed throughout the sourcing, packaging and delivery process. Therefore, working with us offers the peace of mind you need to keep growing your business. Usually, we offer customers a specialised customer service agent. Wondering where o buy tarragon? Look no further than FrutPlanet.  Buy tarragon plants online at FrutPlanet, where professionalism meets quality!

        Frequently Asked Questions About Tarragon plants

        What Does Tarragon Taste Like? 

        Tarragon has a liquorice or fennel flavour, best for chicken, seafood, and tomato dishes. French and Russian tarragon varieties have different tastes, as French has a mild sweet taste.

        How To Dry Tarragon 

        Tarragon is dried in a well-ventilated room by stacking it together in bundles and hanging them to air dry. Drying tarragon is sensitive as you can easily lose the flavour when put in direct sunlight or heat.

        How To Store Fresh Tarragon 

        Store fresh tarragon in a refrigerator by wrapping it in a wet paper towel first. Tarragon can remain fresh for 14 days in the fridge. You can also freeze tarragon, which lasts six months without losing the flavour. 

        What Does Fresh Tarragon Look Like? 

        Fresh tarragon has bright green narrow leaves with pointed tips. The stems are also bright green. Discoloured, yellow, and wilting leaves and stems mean the tarragon is not fresh.

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          Pears Farming in Kenya 

          Pear farming started in China around 2000 BC and spread to other parts of the world. Pears found their way into Kenya in the 1920s through Christian missionaries from the United Kingdom. The missionaries settled in Kenya as early as 1844, but they started growing pears in the 1920s. The pears were first introduced in Limuru, an area with excellent climatic conditions. 

          In a few decades, you could find commercial pear production in different regions, such as Nyeri, Kiambu, Meru, and Naivasha. Today, Kenya is one of Africa’s leading producers of pears, exporting thousands of tonnes worth millions of dollars. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) 2021 Survey, the export value of pears and other fresh fruits reached US$26.2 million in early 2021.

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          Where Is Tilapia From

          Tilapia is native to Africa, but China is the largest producer and is estimated to produce 1.6 tonnes annually. In addition, China is responsible for more than 20% of the fish consumed globally. In 2019 it exported tilapia worth US $ 488,872K.

          The top producers of tilapia are China, Indonesia, and Egypt. In 2021 China made USD 92.45M, Indonesia made USD $ 65.13M, and Egypt made USD $ 6.02K. Are you looking to buy fresh tilapia online? FrutPlanet exports tonnes of tilapia from major producing countries to Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

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          FrutPlanet is more than just a wholesale seafood supplier. We also help clients buy fruits, vegetables, spices, legumes, flowers, beverages, etc. Buy lobster online and have your package delivered anywhere in the world.

          What Is A Lobster

          A lobster is a type of crustacean with a long body and muscular tails. It is one of the high-value seafood from major lobster exporting countries, including China, Canada, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

          The Chinese were among the first people to engage in crustacean farming at least 8,000 years ago, although some species got introduced into the country in the 1930s and 1940s. The global lobster market is valued at over US$ 6.3 Billion and could reach US$ 11.1 Billion by 2027.

          If you want to order lobster online, turn to FrutPlanet Exporters. We help customers buy seafood in bulk from thoroughly vetted, trained, and certified small-scale lobster farmers in top lobster-producing countries. We have obtained safety and quality test certificates for all our seafood for export.

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          FrutPlanet is a global exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and more. One of the fruits we export is pineapples.

          Colour: At the top of our consideration is the colour of the pineapple. Usually, fresh pineapple fruits have healthy green leaves and a greenish-yellow hue. A pineapple changes from green to yellow as it ripens; the yellow colouring indicates that the fruit is ripe. The FrutPlanet team is keen on the colour of the fruit before harvest.

          Shell: Our experts have been examining fruits for years, therefore, accumulated a lot of experience. One quick feature that we examine is the texture of its skin or shell. A mature and ripe pineapple has a firm but soft shell. It can hardly squeeze because the fibre is mature and full of juice. FrutPlanet commits to delivering only quality pineapples.

          Smell: A ripe, good-tasting fresh pineapple fruit has a unique scent. The smell is similar to a ripe mango fruit but a little distinguished. The smell often emanates from the lower bottom of the fruit. Otherwise, you’re less likely to feel any smell if the fruit is not ripe. Our team is obsessed with the scent of ripe pineapple and can easily set them apart. Be sure to receive fresh, unique-smelling fruits.

          Size and Weight: Without a doubt, the ripe fresh pineapple fruit is heavier because of the enormous juice it possesses. When harvesting the fruits, our team takes critical notice of the weight of the fruit and its comparative size. We are keen on your specifications at this point. Some of our clients love medium but heavy pineapples. You can state your specifications by requesting a quote.

        • Buy Lettuce Online From Kenya Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking for a reliable Kenyan lettuce exporter? Look no further than FrutPlanet. We have helped millions of customers buy lettuce online and other fresh agricultural produce. Whether you want to order while in Europe, Australia, or the Middle East, FrutPlanet can source and deliver different types of lettuce. We export high-quality organic lettuce.  

          Where Does Lettuce Come From?

          There’s conflicting information on where lettuce originated from, but many historians point to the Mediterranean area, Europe, or Asia. Documentation establishes Ancient Egyptians as the first to practice lettuce farming over 6,000 years ago.

          Today, lettuce is grown all over the world. China, the United States, India, Italy, and Spain lead in lettuce farming worldwide. In Africa, Kenya and South Africa are among the top-producing nations. 

          The commercialisation of lettuce in Kenya began around the 1970s, although most farmers could sell it locally. Export-oriented lettuce farms were established in the 1980s. Kenyans, except those from dry regions like North Eastern and southern Kenya, have increasingly ventured into lettuce farming over the years. 

          In 2021, Kenya exported 142.93K metric tonnes of fresh lettuce worth US$472,020. Unfortunately, the value of lettuce exports declined in 2020 because the world was battling a pandemic. 

          Between 2017 and 2019, experts valued lettuce exports at $13,000 to $39,000. With the stabilisation of economies, we are looking forward to increased exports, with projections showing the market could hit a million dollars in 2023.  

          Where Does Lettuce Come From Kenya? 

          A high percentage of lettuce supplies is mainly from farmers in Trans-Nzoia, Kiambu, Nyeri, Uasin-Gishu, Nakuru, Nandi, Laikipia, Kisii, Bungoma, and Kericho. 

          Since most are small-scale lettuce farmers, it is not easy to supply globally. That’s why FrutPlanet partners with them to deliver fresh, organic lettuce to customers who buy lettuce online. We have a strong market presence, especially in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.



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