FrutPlanet delivers high-quality produce to all destinations across the world. We can process orders from different categories of buyers including distributors, import agents/traders, wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers, and individual customers.


Prices for various produce have several determinants e.g. season, varieties, and market supply & demand forces. Prices are confirmed at the point of generating your quote.

Quotation Requests:

Our customer service agents are online 24/7 to deliver real-time quotations for our clients from all over the world. You can request a quotation through email ([email protected]), whats app (+254798799211), or phone (+254798799211)

Proforma Invoice (PFI):

(i) Quotations & Proforma Invoices are automatically issued in US Dollars. Can be issued in EURO upon prior request.
(ii) Quotations & Proforma Invoices are valid for 3 days from the date indicated on them; after that time has elapsed the quote should be re-requested and re-quoted.


We accept the following instruments of payment:

(i) All charges in the execution of the L/C both on the buyers’ side and the seller’s side to be levied on the buyer’s side.
(ii) All tests/certification/ inspection costs are to be levied on the buyer’s side.
(iii) Any other additional charges to be levied on the buyer’s side.


(i) We kindly ask clients to wire the prepaid amount to Frutplanet bank accounts as indicated on the proforma invoice and email payment confirmation such as bank Swift to Frutplanet using the email on the invoice.
(ii) Clients are encouraged to raise any issues/reservations they might have regarding making payments from their countries.

All international cards and PayPal are accepted as well.

Logistics and Operations:

Upon receiving your order confirmation, our sales team starts to process our order immediately. We liaise with our freight partners for the best and most convenient freight for our client’s cargo. Our logistics partners will deliver the cargo to the destination port or warehouse, as instructed by our clients.

Shipping Documents:

Copies of shipment documents are uploaded within 3 hours of handing over the cargo to the shipping agent. The hard copies will accompany your cargo, please collect them from your clearing agent.
In case you need any special documents or additional paperwork, please inform us in advance and confirm that they can provide those documents.


If you are not satisfied with the shipment for any reason, you have to report to raise a support ticket immediately after receiving the shipment. Claims must be specific with proof.
All claims will be subject to verification upon which a mutually agreed solution will be arrived at between Frutplanet and the buyer.


In the event that an order is canceled, the client will be responsible for all the costs incurred by Frutplanet up to the point of cancellation.

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