This Policy sets out how FrutPlanet handles our responsibility towards the environment and social matters.

FrutPlanet is committed to delivering sustainable value to its employees, suppliers, vendors/sellers, customers, and the community at large. This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is designed to equip us for the future in which Frutplanet’s success will also depend on our ability to deliver products and services in a world that is increasingly resource-constrained and experiencing social change.

FrutPlanet takes environmental and social responsibility seriously and is committed to developing our business towards ecological, social, and economic sustainability. Frutplanet’s approach embraces all our company resources together with individual responsibilities at each of the Frutplanet’s operations.

On climate change and mitigation, Frutplanet’s aim is to reduce where economically and commercially viable the company’s environmental impact utilizing energy, transport and materials efficiency, reduction of fossil fuels, waste and packaging.

Frutplanet’s will always work continuously and relentlessly with its vendors and buyers to ensure efficiency in materials handling by minimizing waste and increasing recycling.

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