Fresh Herbs Exporter From Kenya

A Reliable Fresh Herbs Exporter From Kenya

Fresh herbs farming in Kenya is flourishing and consequently gaining attention in the global markets. Similarly, there has been an increase in fresh herbs exporters from Kenya. One of the leading exporters in Kenya is FrutPlanet.  We have been helping business owners order herbs in bulk and deliver them to the international markets. You can […]

chilli farming Kenya

The Comprehensive Commercial Chilli Farming Guide

Commercial chilli farming is a lucrative venture and, over the long term, has been attracting seasoned farmers and businesses. Farmers are looking to make money by growing chillies to sell in bulk. On the other hand, numerous business owners are looking for organically and responsibly grown chillies. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared this guide for […]

Buy Fresh Herbs in Bulk onlne

Buy Fresh Herbs in Bulk Online

Whether you’re a restaurant looking to infuse your dishes, a manufacturer seeking botanical ingredients, or a savvy business owner aiming to enhance your product line, acquiring fresh herbs in bulk is a pivotal art and science. Who are Frutplanet? Frutplanet exporters specialize in growing and distributing various fresh herbs in bulk. We are one of […]

Saturated Fat content of Bananas 300x143 1

Burro Bananas

What are Burro Bananas? The Burro bananas resemble the Cavendish variety, only that they are shorter and more square-shaped. The banana peels are dark green, and when fully ripe, they turn to deep yellow with dark sports. Their flesh is yellow or creamy white and, when mature, has a lemon banana flavour and tend to […]

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