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    FrutPlanet is an established Kenyan exporter with a great network and efficient strategies for sourcing and handling fresh produce logistics. Our company is approved by Global GAP, Sedex, and HCDA. We are also members of FPEAK. Therefore, we can guarantee our exports will conform to international standards whenever clients buy fresh basil online.

    Growing Basil In Kenya

    Basil farming is thriving in Kenya. Farmers from Central, Rift valley, and Western Kenya regions are increasingly growing basil because the herb takes a few days to mature, typically 42 days. Also, basil is a high-value plant that does not require large land to produce enough for sale.

    Kenya has seen increased basil production over the last 20 years. Consequently, the nation has become one of the largest basil producers, competing with countries like China, India, and South Africa.

    In 2021, Kenya exported 5.51 million metric tons of basil worth US$22.05 million. Analysts valued the global basil market at US$57 million in 2020. The market is expected to grow and hit US$63 million by 2027.

    FrutPlanet is here to take care of your export needs. Whether you buy fresh basil from Europe, Australia, or the Middle East, we can source and ship at the most competitive rates.

    Most farmers in Kenya cannot meet the bulk basil exports individually, as they produce on a small scale. Therefore, they partner with basil exporters like FrutPlanet to enter the global markets.

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      Buy Fresh Basil Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Buy Fresh Basil Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Basil Leaves Benefits

        Basil is a nutritious culinary herb with many science-backed health benefits. The herb contains antioxidants like zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, anthocyanins, and beta-cryptoxanthin. So the basil health benefits include reducing oxidative stress, which helps minimise the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Many of the basil leaves benefits also come from essential oils. Eating basil can help regulate blood sugar levels, improve mental health, and treat skin infections. 

        Types Of Basil Grown In Kenya

        Kenya farmers grow more than 60 varieties of basil. Sweet basil is a widely grown type not only in Kenya but also in the world. Other types of basil found in Kenya include Genovese basil, lemon basil, camphor basil, cinnamon basil, and African blue basil. Different basil varieties offer slightly different flavours. 

        At FrutPlanet, we understand customers have different flavour needs. As such, we don’t just source the common basil varieties but nearly every other type available on the planet. Buy fresh basil today, and we will supply whatever you need.

        Basil Price In Kenya

        A kilogram of fresh basil leaves retails at US$5 to US$10.29 in 2022. The basil leaves price fluctuates by season. The wholesale price of basil in Kenyan Shillings is KES 608 per kilo. In 2020, basil leaves price per kilogram was approximately US$3.5, an increase from US$3.00 in 2019. In 2021, the price increased to around $4.00 per kg.

        FrutPlanet does not inflate our farm produce and basil prices. Customers who buy basil leaves get fair rates because our dealings don’t involve middlemen. We source directly from farmers who use certified basil seeds and growing methods.

        Fresh Basil Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        Even though we can supply dried basil leaves, most clients opt for fresh basil leaves. At FrutPlanet, we harvest fresh basil using harvesting machines and state-of-the-art tools. 

        We understand that some clients prefer having the maximum amount of the plant. Others need the upper portion of the basil plant. We will harvest the leaf sets according to the customer’s specifications.

        After basil harvesting, we transport the culinary herb to processing houses. Our highly experienced team will sort, removing any foreign matter like weeds. It is a labour-intensive process, but the number of staff on board gets the job done quickly. We will separate the leaves and stems and grade the leaves as the customer requested. We place the fresh-cut leaves onto bags ready for packing in bunches. 

        KEPHIS inspects our fresh basil leaves before packaging. The team checks every product we export to ensure quality and safety. Request a quote to buy fresh basil today. 

        Delivering Bulk Fresh Basil

        One of the reasons customers prefer FrutPlanet for their export needs is that we ensure they receive their packages fast. Sourcing the culinary herbs is quick, as we have a vast network of farmers ready to supply when needed. 

        Depending on the location, we can deliver bulk fresh basil within 2 to 5 days. Our company ships packages to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the United States, Asia Pacific, etc. 

        We train our farmers to produce vegetables, fruits, legumes, herbs, spices, and cereals that meet international standards. These farmers are located in top basil-producing areas, including Machakos, Nakuru, Meru, Kakamega, and Kericho.

        Where To Buy Fresh Basil In Bulk

        The easiest way to buy fresh basil is through online suppliers. However, always buy basil plant in bulk from trusted Kenyan exporters like FrutPlanet. With us, you will always get premium quality farm produce. 

        What’s more, we keep the ordering and delivery process simple. A customer requests a quote to buy fresh basil; we confirm the order specifics, verify payment, source the herbs, pack them, and ship.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Basil

        How Much Is Basil In Bulk?

        The approximate wholesale basil leaves price per kg is US$5.00 in 2022. In Kenyan Shillings, the price of basil in bulk is KES 608. Basil prices can rise to KES1, 250.   

        Who Buys Basil In Kenya?

        The customers that buy fresh basil in bulk are mostly those who run eateries and restaurants. Buyers are from all over the world, but many come from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. 

        How Do I Export Herbs From Kenya?

        You can export culinary herbs from Kenya using trusted and certified exporters like FrutPlanet. Exporters will handle the sourcing and logistics when you buy basil plant online. All you have to do is place an order and leave the rest to the basil exporters.  

        Is Basil In High Demand?

        Yes, basil is a sought-after culinary herb globally. The basil leaves market was US$57 million in 2020. Projections show the market could grow to US$63 by 2027.

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        • Fresh Pineapple Fruits Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a global exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and more. One of the fruits we export is pineapples.

          Colour: At the top of our consideration is the colour of the pineapple. Usually, fresh pineapple fruits have healthy green leaves and a greenish-yellow hue. A pineapple changes from green to yellow as it ripens; the yellow colouring indicates that the fruit is ripe. The FrutPlanet team is keen on the colour of the fruit before harvest.

          Shell: Our experts have been examining fruits for years, therefore, accumulated a lot of experience. One quick feature that we examine is the texture of its skin or shell. A mature and ripe pineapple has a firm but soft shell. It can hardly squeeze because the fibre is mature and full of juice. FrutPlanet commits to delivering only quality pineapples.

          Smell: A ripe, good-tasting fresh pineapple fruit has a unique scent. The smell is similar to a ripe mango fruit but a little distinguished. The smell often emanates from the lower bottom of the fruit. Otherwise, you’re less likely to feel any smell if the fruit is not ripe. Our team is obsessed with the scent of ripe pineapple and can easily set them apart. Be sure to receive fresh, unique-smelling fruits.

          Size and Weight: Without a doubt, the ripe fresh pineapple fruit is heavier because of the enormous juice it possesses. When harvesting the fruits, our team takes critical notice of the weight of the fruit and its comparative size. We are keen on your specifications at this point. Some of our clients love medium but heavy pineapples. You can state your specifications by requesting a quote.

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          Appearance and Colour: Pawpaws have a fleshy berry-like appearance and range from oval to nearly spherical. The skin is smooth green when unripe and turns to a yellow or orange hue as they ripen. However, depending on the variety, some may remain greenish even when fully ripened. Whatever the specification you quote in your order, FrutPlanet delivers. We priorities your fruit’s freshness and avoids sending fruit that is over-ripe, bruised or has any physical defects.

          Fruit Sizes and Weight: A typical pawpaw fruit can weigh 9 to 11.5 kg. Their sizes vary from small to quite large, averaging about 15 to 45 cm long and 10 to 30 cm in diameter. However, some pawpaw varieties may be smaller than others. For example, pawpaw fruits from a semi-wild (naturalized) pawpaw plant may be 2.5 to 15 cm long. FrutPlanet ensures that the pawpaw fruits we deliver are of the correct size and weight according to the customers’ specifications.

          Taste and Flavor: Pawpaws are slightly sweet with a tart aftertaste. However, the flavour can vary from fruit to fruit and even between different parts of the same pawpaw. For example, some people find its flavour reminiscent of cantaloupe, pineapple, or mangoes. Ripe pawpaw fruits are quite musky, while others taste buttery smooth depending on ripeness and variety. On the other hand, unripe pawpaw has more rigid flesh with little to no taste. At FrutPlanet, we focus on delivering the best quality pawpaws. We test our pawpaws for flavour and acidity before shipping them to you to ensure you’re getting a delicious product.

        • Buy Tomatoes Online From Exporters and Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet helps you buy tomatoes online in bulk by sourcing from farmers and handling the logistics. We are a leading exporter and supplier of fresh tomatoes in Kenya to the local and export markets. 

          Apart from tomatoes, we export fruits, vegetables, beverages, spices, and more. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the centre of our business model. You can buy tomatoes online today by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet.

          Tomato Farming In Kenya

          Most tomato varieties have originated from the South American Andes region, where they had been cultivated for centuries. Over the years, explorers in the 16th century distributed the tomato fruit worldwide. On the other hand, some varieties are native to regions such as Africa and Asia, although they have been modified scientifically over time to boost yield. Cross-breeding of these varieties mainly occurred during global trade and colonisation.

          Kenya’s commercialisation of tomatoes started in the mid-90s, amongst other fruits and horticultural crops. Tomatoes commercialisation thrived after the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) was formed. The organisation foresaw the production of approximately 400,000 tonnes of tomatoes a year after its formation. Today most Kenyan tomato farms are in Narok, Laikipia, Murang’a, some parts of Embu and Kirinyaga, Kajiado, and Makueni.

        • Buy Shrimp Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is one the largest shrimp companies that specialise in exporting seafood products like shrimps, lobsters, and other crustaceans. Through our dedicated network and global links, we can help customers buy shrimp online fast. 

          You can request a quote to buy fresh shrimp near me from trusted fishermen and aquaculture farmers in leading shrimp-producing countries. We ensure quality, freshness, and sustainability.  

          Shrimp Farming

          Shrimp farming started in Asia several centuries ago, with China taking the lead. More than 75% of shrimp sold came from the world’s largest producers which included China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Ecuador, and Argentina

          In 2021, these seven largest shrimp producers exported about $2.57 million tons of shrimp worth US$20.79 billion, a 23% increase from 2020. Valued at US$28.45 billion in 2020, the global shrimp market could hit US$53.63 billion by 2028. 

          Shrimp distributors, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers who wish to buy shrimp online can partner with FrutPlanet to export quality seafood. We can help source farmed and wild-caught shrimps from some of the world’s leading shrimp producers. Order shrimp online and get sea-sourced seafood for the best taste.

        • Buy Tea Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a wholesale tea supplier that partners and sources products from local farmers. Besides being a wholesale tea supplier, we also export other beverages, fruits, vegetables, spices, tubers, etc. Buy tea online by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet today! 

          Tea Exporting Countries

          The largest tea exporter in the world is China, seconded by Kenya, and in third position Sri Lanka. Other major tea-exporting countries include India and Poland. The top five largest exporters of tea in the world collectively account for 67.9% of total tea sales.

          Kenya is the largest exporter of tea in Africa. In 2021, the country’s tea exportations accounted for 16.3% of the total tea exports generating about $1.2 billion in revenue. Kenyan farmers cultivate tea on both small-scale and large-scale, which are classified into two classes: small rural farms and large company-run plantations. 

          Most large-scale farming is in the Rift valley region, including the largest tea plantation in Africa in Kericho. Small rural farms are mainly located in the highland regions within central Kenya. The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya (TRFK) has developed over 49 varieties that dominate production in the country.



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