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    FrutPlanet takes the lead as an exporter and supplier of fresh and dried chives from Kenya. We have been in existence for years, garnering enough market experience. We guarantee quality products and a flawless order fulfilment process from harvesting to delivering the chives. Want a reliable chives exporter? Buy fresh or dried chives by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet.

    Chives Growing In Kenya

     In Kenya, most large-scale farmers of chives are in Nakuru County, although there are other small-scale farmers in the Mount Kenya region. Chives growing in Kenya have significantly increased due to government efforts to increase food production. In addition, organisations such as KARLO constantly encourage farmers and provide adaptive seedlings. 

    At FrutPlanet, we source chives mainly from small-scale farmers from Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, and Ukambani. We partner with farmers who guarantee quality and produce their products organically. You can buy fresh or dried chives by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet, and our team will help with the logistics.

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      Buy Fresh Or Dried Chives From Kenyan Exporters

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        buy bulk chives online

        Buy Fresh Or Dried Chives From Kenyan Exporters

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        Benefits Chives

        Whether fresh or dried, chives have enormous nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Some of the antioxidants in chives include folate and choline, which improve brain memory functions. Research indicates that chives have anti-cancer effects and help boost the body’s immune system. 

        Types Of Chives Grown In Kenya

        There are three different types of chives grown in Kenya. The most common type of chives grown in Kenya is Garlic Chives. Other varieties in Kenya include Siberian Chives, commonly harvested between March and September

        Irrespective of the variety you’re looking for, FrutPlanet exporter can help you source it. We have an extensive network of farmers and can help you buy fresh or dried chives in bulk. Contact our customer support team today!

        Price Of Chives

        The wholesale chives price ranges from USD 2.30 to USD 4.20. This wholesale price in Kenyan Shillings averages KES 500 per kilo. Kenya produces some of the best chives in East Africa. The market expects to lower in future with the supply. 

        At FrutPlanet, we have an extensive network of farmers and buy fresh chives directly from them. This eliminates the brokers who end up inflating the prices. That way, we ensure the farmers are getting fair compensation and the customers are not overcharged. You can learn more about our wholesale export prices by contacting the customer support team. Otherwise, you can buy fresh or dried chives by requesting a quote on our website.

        Chives Harvesting, Sorting, and Packaging

        You might be asking, how do you harvest chives? We harvest fresh chives using kitchen herb scissors that they use to cut the plant base. Our quality control team then proceeds to wash and sort them.

        The cleaning process involves removing withered or dead chives after harvesting. Once clean, we can pack the chives or, otherwise, dry them according to your specification. Depending on your specifications, we can either slice or not for easy drying. We then lay them in the sun for a more natural drying. 

        We adhere to health boards’ requirements by ensuring that fresh and dried chives are hygienically packaged and inspected by KEPHIS Board. We invite the team to check every export product to ensure your order is delivered swiftly. We commit to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Please request a quote today to buy fresh or dried chives and have them delivered hassle-free!

        Chives Shipping Guarantees

        We deliver chives by air which takes a maximum of 4 days, depending on the destination. Whether dried or fresh, the chives we’ll deliver the product safely with no on-transit damages. Our packing process assures that the products we export are protected from external pressure and friction.

        Want more guarantees about our shipping policy and timeline? Contact our customer support now. However, if you would love to buy fresh or dried chives online, request a quote on our website now!

        Where To Buy Chives

        FrutPlanet is your one-stop shop for quality fresh and dried chives. We are a certified supplier and exporter locally and globally of agricultural produce, including fruits, vegetables, beverages and spices. All our products meet all the standards and are certified before shipping. 

        When you buy chives from FrutPlanet, we source the products from reliable organic farmers. That way, we guarantee the products are the best you can get and that the export pricing will be fair.  And even though there may be low suppliers at the time, we guarantee a consistent fulfilment of bulk orders courtesy of our extensive base of farmers. Want to know more? Contact our customer service team or request a quote to buy fresh or dried chives from FlutPlanet online.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Dried Chives.

        Are chives better fresh or dried?

        Chives are better consumed while fresh. Dried chives lose flavour and don’t add much value or taste to food. The health benefits of chives are better achieved when taken fresh. You can buy fresh chives online today from FrutPlanet. Just get yourself a quote.

        How to dry chives?

        Chives are dried by spreading them on a net or paper. If done at home, spreading the chives on a piece of paper would be fine and then putting them in the oven. However, we prefer a more natural way by use of the sun. The chives will lose water faster while still retaining the natural taste.

        How to store chives?

        There are a dozen ways to store chives, including putting them in a refrigerator, wrapping them loosely in a plastic bag and storing them in a drawer, and more. However, the best, most common way is by drying the chives. Dehydrated chives are easy to store in a cupboard and can last months or years.

        Are chives garlic or onion?

        Chives are classified in the onion family because their leaves and stem are edible. They have an onion-like taste, though they don’t possess strong odours like onions. 

        Are chives and green onions the same?

        Chives and green onions are different even by a look. Chive stems are tender, longer, and skinny, whereas green onions have more substantial, thicker stems. Chives are better eaten raw, unlike onions. At FrutPlanet, we can help you export both once you request a quote to buy fresh or dried chives online.

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          What Is Salmon?

          Salmon are fish of the Salmonidae family found in lakes and oceans, although 60% of the salmon sold is farmed. Penned salmon are of high quality and conform to EU export standards; however, sea salmon are more nutritious. China introduced a strategy to breed salmons in pens, a sustainable technique that broadens the global salmon market. In 2019 China exported 4.7 million kilos of salmon.   

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          We have assisted many clients in buying cauliflower online conveniently. So whether you want to buy from the Middle East, Europe or Australia, FrutPlanet can source and deliver different types of cauliflower. 

          Growing Cauliflower

          Cauliflower is a vegetable that forms white curds and resembles a cabbage. It is a nutritious vegetable widely grown in Central, Rift valley, Western and Coast regions.

          Originally, cauliflower was first cultivated in Asia around the Mediterranean Sea since Ancient Roman times. Later on, Europe started growing cauliflower in the 1500s. Finally, in Kenya, cauliflower cultivation started in the late 1980s. 

          Kenya is one of the countries in Africa that practices large-scale cauliflower farming. The average yield is estimated at 87,000 tons per year. These exports are valued at more than 24 billion Kenya shillings. 

          FrutPlanet partners with small-scale farmers to source and export organic cauliflowers worldwide. We’ve been rated as one of Kenya’s most reliable exporters. Our export is done globally. Get a quote from our website to buy fresh cauliflower online today.

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          Since our inception, we have demonstrated continuous compliance with international food safety standards. We can help distributors, traders, supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, or individual customers order catfish online.

          Catfish Farming

          The earliest historical evidence shows catfish farming started in China more than 8,000 years ago. Today China has over 4.5 million aquaculture farmers, dominating around 60% of the world’s cultured seafood.

          The other countries leading in catfish farming and export include Vietnam, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Malaysia.

          In 2022, the catfish export values of the top supplying countries were: the Netherlands ($20.8M), China (13.0M), Germany ($7.3M), Poland ($3.7M), Malaysia ($2.6M), and Vietnam ($1.0B).

          Are you looking to buy catfish online from the world’s largest catfish exporters? FrutPlanet is here to help you source farmed or wild-caught freshwater catfish.

          Most farmers in these major catfish-producing countries do not have the modern processing, packaging, and storage facilities and infrastructure to export bulk orders. We partner with them to facilitate the export process for customers who want to buy catfish online.

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          What Are Crabs

          Crabs are found in both fresh and salty water.  Crabs have very short tails with thick shells. They thrive in warm and icy water, irrespective of how deep or shallow the environment is. 

          The world’s largest crabs producers are China, Thailand, and Bangladesh. The three contribute a significant share of the global crab market, valued at US$ 8.2 Billion in 2021.  More specifically, China’s export values were US$ 737,038, US$ 699,983, and US$ 333,833, respectively, for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.

          Do you want to buy crabs online in bulk? Visit the FrutPlanet website today, and we’ll help you source, pack, and deliver the crabs right to your door.

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          FrutPlanet is a macadamia exporter in Kenya of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, and other commodities, including Kenya macadamia nuts. We partner with macadamia nut farmers in Kenya to help you order bulk macadamia nuts online. You can request a quote for Kenyan macadamia here at FrutPlanet.

          Wholesale Macadamia Nuts Exporters

          Macadamia is native to Queensland, Australia, but was introduced to Kenya from Australia in 1960. But farmers didn’t start growing macadamia nuts in Kenya commercially until the 2000s. 

          Australia was the major producer of Macadamia, although South Africa later surpassed it in 2012. Kenya is the world’s third-largest wholesale macadamia nuts exporter. The country exports about 90% to 95% of macadamia nuts in Kenya. 

          Most farmers grow macadamia on a small scale, so macadamia exporters in Kenya help them deliver to the market. There are over ten macadamia exporters in Kenya, and FrutPlanet is one of the leading suppliers.

          FrutPlanet helps you order bulk macadamia nuts online by facilitating the logistics involved, from sourcing, processing, and packaging. Customers who’d love to order bulk macadamia nuts can request a quote through our website.

          Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

          Macadamia nuts have enormous benefits for the body. The body sources vitamins, unsaturated fats, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants from nuts. These nutrients offer benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, improving body metabolism, preventing cancerous cells’ growth, promoting weight loss, and more. Experts advise people to take a cup of macadamia nuts often.

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           Are you looking for reliable lilies exporter and supplier? FrutPlanet is a renowned exporter of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other commodities. We have served the industry for years and have a clientele base in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

          We supply fresh and healthy products that are GAP and HACCP accredited. Contact our customer support and place your order.  

          Lilies Flower Growing

          Kenya is a hub for the floriculture industry and is the largest flower producer in Africa. Besides that, it is among the top three world flower producers and sells 70% of flowers to the EU. Between January 2019 and December 2021, Kenya made $90M in flower exports.

           Other top flower-producing countries are; the Netherlands, Costa Rica, and Columbia. In 2020 Netherlands made $ 150M in exports, Costa Rica $ 18.7M and Columbia $ 10.3M. FrutPlanet is a lilies exporter and supplier who sources from major producing countries, including Kenya, and handles the logistics to make it hassle-free for our customers. 



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