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    Are you looking to buy a rosemary plant online? FrutPlanet is at the forefront of supplying top-of-the-line fruits and vegetables. We have a bulk and retail market in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

    We aim to achieve robust long-term relationships with our clients as we export premium products that conform to international standards. Contact us and request a quote today.

    Growing Rosemary In Kenya

    The Kenyan rosemary is among the best owing to the warm climate. Rosemary plant thrives in the fertile soils of central Kenya and near Lake Nakuru. The EU, which imports 97% of its herbs and spices, started importing Kenyan rosemary since their winter climates were unfavourable. Kenya made USD 22.05 million in 2021 in exports.

    FrutPlanet helps you buy rosemary plants from top-producing countries, including Kenya and handles all logistics. Rosemary’s top-producing countries are Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Kenya. In 2021 Morocco made US $ 62.0 million, Spain US $108.1 million, and Kenya US $ 22.05 million in export value.

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      Buy Rosemary Plants Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Buy Rosemary Plants Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Rosemary Health Benefits

        Rosemary is a versatile herb rich in antioxidants that enhance immunity. Rosemary’s health benefits include slowing the growth of specific cancer cells. It has also alleviated headaches and protects the brain from damage and ageing. Taking rosemary herb benefits you by enhancing memory and improving your mood while inhaling it boosts concentration. Buy rosemary plants online and enjoy the health benefits.

        Types Of Rosemary Grown In Kenya

        Rosemary is an aromatic herb of the mint family. The different types of rosemary are still aromatic and add culinary flavour. Two main types of rosemary in Kenya are; the upright rosemary that grows upright is aromatic and has dark blue flowers. Since the upright rosemary has a black gold sap, it has high essential oil content and is ideal for flavouring dishes.

        Creeping rosemary is a dense, fast-growing rosemary type. Creeping rosemary provides aesthetic hedges and is beautiful for garden trailing. It gives off a great scent for ground cover and is ideal for landscaping. To buy rosemary plants online, contact FrutPlanet and order the variety that suits your needs.

        Price Of Rosemary In Kenya

        Rosemary is in high demand as it is versatile. Demand for the herb continues escalating as consumers lean towards aromatherapy. Consequently, competition arises and impacts rosemary prices. The current market price in Kenya is USD 7.40 per kilo, while ready-to-use rosemary costs between USD 0.53 and USD 0.58 per 20gms.

        The high cost of raw materials and changes in market regulations also cause price fluctuations. At FrutPlanet, we adjust our prices amid fluctuations to give our clients value for their money. Contact our customer support for the current wholesale price of the rosemary plant.

        Rosemary Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        Rosemary herb is easy to harvest, but the post-harvest process is tricky for most suppliers. Lack of expertise and storage facilities to extend rosemary’s shelf life is still a challenge for many. However, FrutPlanet has a highly skilled team and a sophisticated framework to ensure we export only fresh products.

        Our reliable farmers grow organic rosemary and harvest it when it’s loaded with essential oil and aroma content. Once you place an order, we pack on the same day of harvesting to ensure you get garden-fresh herbs. Our sorting involves selecting only high-grade leaves that have not discoloured or withered. We dry rosemary using a dehydrator and hang them upside down in a well-aerated room. The drying processes don’t compromise the aroma.

        We pack fresh rosemary bundles of 12 to 24 leaves and wrap them in food-grade plastic coverings to prevent drying. We then precool the packed leaves at 5 degrees Celsius to enhance water retention. Lastly, we label and pack the rosemary in cartons lined with polyethene. You are guaranteed organically grown, fresh products when you buy rosemary plants online from FrutPlanet.

        Rosemary Delivery By FrutPlanet

        Rosemary is a perishable herb that is prone to wilting and drying. We source our products from areas with climate and soil that favour the growth of rosemary, where our farmers don’t use toxic chemicals on the farms. FrutPlanet bulk rosemary deliveries are top-notch. Since our customers are mainly in Europe and Australia, we ship through professional airfreight companies for timely deliveries.

         Once your order, we process your order to reach you within 2 to 5 days. We keep you updated throughout sourcing, packaging, and when your order is in transit until the final destination. Visit our website and register an account today. 

        Where To Buy Rosemary

        Do you know where to buy choice rosemary, organically grown and safely packed? Order from FrutPlanet, your one-stop store for premium fruits and vegetables. Our rosemary farmers grow and harvest the herb in ideal conditions for its flavour and benefits. We ensure to pack your orders hygienically with food-grade packing materials and get KEPHIS certification.

        We deliver rosemary on the same harvest day to ensure quality service. Our products have friendly pricing, and our deliveries are safe and timely. Contact our customer support to buy rosemary plants online and get feedback in less than 24 hours.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Rosemary Herb

        How Much Is A Kilo Of Rosemary In Kenya? 

        A kilo of rosemary currently costs around USD 7.40. The price is projected to continue soaring because of high demand.

        What Type Of Rosemary Is Best? 

        The best type of rosemary is the upright rosemary, which has a superior aroma. Their leaves are broader, contain more oil, and are best for culinary flavouring.

        Is Rosemary Better Dried Or Fresh? 

        Fresh rosemary is ideal for dishes. However, dried rosemary has a higher concentration of flavours and is three times more potent than fresh ones. The use depends on the recipe.

        Which Country Exports The Most Rosemary? 

        Turkey is the largest exporter of rosemary, with an export value of USD 30.75 million in 2021. Kenya comes close with an export value of USD 22.05.

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        • Order Apples Online From Kenya Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          You can easily order apples online from Kenyan exporters, including leading brands such as FrutPlanet.  FrutPlanet is the major exporter of fruits, beverages, cereals, and vegetables, among other products. 

          We have no limit to where we can export, but most of our bulk deliveries are to Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Our customers love our products because they are GMO-free and the fact that we only partner with farmers who practise organic farming. You can buy apples in bulk by requesting a quote here!

          Apples Farming In Kenya

          History shows that apples are native to Kazakhstan and a few other central Asia regions. However, today, the demand for apple fruits has increased exponentially. In Kenya, apple production is still in the early phases, but the country’s growth rate is improving. On average, the country produces approximately 674 tonnes of apple fruits annually. 

          Apple farming in Kenya is mainly practised in highland areas. The major apple-growing areas include Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Kiambu, Nyeri, and Kericho. Kenya has apple cultivars that are engineered to withstand climatic changes. One of the local varieties of apples is Wambugu, engineered in Nyeri county.

          Where Do Apples Grow?

          Apple’s biggest apple exporters include China, Italy and the United States. They grow well in highland areas in Kenya, including Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Kiambu, Nyeri, and Kericho. These areas have plenty of rainfall, and the Kenyan cultivar, Wambugu, yields highly. Most apple farmers are small-scale farmers, and even though they haven’t met the local market, we partner with them to fulfil international orders. Do you want to order apples online in bulk? Request a quote now!

        • Fresh Snow Peas Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a snow peas exporter and supplier. We export products, including fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, etc., globally. You can order these products by requesting a quote through the form. 

          Here are some of the most important features we consider in snow peas we export:

          Colour: The snow peas should have a saturated pale green colour. However, some may have white scarring as the seeds grow on the pods. Snow peas are often victims of bacterial and fungus diseases that lead to colour changes from green to grey. This colour change is often in highly humid areas. Here at FrutPlanet, we select only green snow peas for export.

          Size: The snow peas should be thin because the seeds and pods haven’t fully formed. The ideal thickness is about 2 cm or three-quarters inches. The snow peas’ length is about 7cm or 3 inches. Frutplanet exporters harvest the snow peas before the seeds fully mature. That way, we ensure our peas are the best for exportation.

          Skin Texture: Before harvesting the snow peas, we sample a few of them for the snap factor. We curve the pea so that they snap. Otherwise, we don’t harvest them if they curve perfectly. Additionally, we double-check the snow pea’s skin texture and ensure that they’re smooth and with no matches, cuttings, or insect sting patches.

          Age: All our snow peas are harvested within the right timelines. We harvest them within two months to ensure that they don’t over-mature. Our snow peas are available all year long, whether in spring or summer. We have a wide network of farmers who guarantee quality and quantity.

        • Buy Tarragon Plants Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Do you want to buy tarragon plants online? FrutPlanet is a leader in supplying and exporting high-quality fruits and vegetables with years of professional service. Our customer base is global but mainly in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our trusted farmers use sustainable practices to grow tarragon. Buy trusted tarragon plants that comply with food and safety standards from FrutPlanet Exporters.

          Growing Tarragon plants In Kenya

          The Kenyan climate and volcanic soil are favourable for growing tarragon which thrives in the Kenyan highlands and is watered by streams from Mt. Kenya. Tarragon is a high-value herb that yielded Ksh 6 million in exports by July 2021, a trajectory we projected will continue rising.

          Major tarragon-producing countries include China, Spain, Belgium, France, and Kenya. In 2022 China made US $ 865.7 million in exports, Spain US $ 503.2 million, and Belgium US $ 463.9 million. Kenya came at a distance with an export value of US $ 589.10 thousand. To buy tarragon plants online from Kenya, contact FrutPlanet or request a quote.

        • Buy Salmon Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Do you want to buy salmon online? FrutPlanet is your go-to supplier and exporter of high-quality seafood products, including salmon. Our professional export service spans years as we export globally to Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our seafood products come from trusted farmers and are GAP-certified. Contact FrutPlanet and buy quality salmon that meets international standards.

          What Is Salmon?

          Salmon are fish of the Salmonidae family found in lakes and oceans, although 60% of the salmon sold is farmed. Penned salmon are of high quality and conform to EU export standards; however, sea salmon are more nutritious. China introduced a strategy to breed salmons in pens, a sustainable technique that broadens the global salmon market. In 2019 China exported 4.7 million kilos of salmon.   

          The world’s leading salmon producers are Norway, Chile, Canada, and China. In 2020 Norway exported salmon worth USD 8.3 billion, Chile USD 650 million, Canada USD 25.6 million, and China USD 39,945 thousand. To buy salmon online, whether farmed or sea sourced, contact FrutPlanet.

        • Buy Cucumbers In Bulk Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          When you want to buy cucumbers in bulk online, you cannot go wrong with FrutPlanet. We are a trusted and reputable Kenyan-based exporter of fruits, vegetables, legumes, spices, flowers, and more.

          At FrutPlanet, we source and supply different types of cucumbers — all in premium quality. Our agricultural commodities for sale meet world-class standards, as they are Global GAP certified.      

          Cucumber Production in Kenya

          Cucumber growing dates back 3,000 years, but Kenyans started embracing it in the late 90s. The farmers from the Eastern region were among the first to commercialise cucumber production. Cucumber farming spread to other parts, including the Western, Central, Rift Valley, and Southern Coast of Kenya. 

          Currently, Kenya ranks as one of the leading producers of quality cucumbers, with production values ranging from 4,708 to 5,925 tonnes in 2019 and 2020. Since most are small-scale farmers, they partner with bulky cucumber exporters like FrutPlanet to sell in the global markets. 

          FrutPlanet partners with farmers who share its commitment to providing quality, organic products. Consequently, we have immersed a reputation over the years as one of the best exporters in the country. What’s better, we deliver worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

        • Buy Mushrooms Online From Kenya Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Is your local market grappling with a mushroom shortage? Don’t let customers bounce off your business. Buy mushrooms online from FrutPlanet, a leading multi-accredited mushroom exporter in Kenya. Thanks to our extensive sourcing network, we can supply fresh or dried mushrooms for every palate and occasion. We always deliver top-grade and quality mushrooms. 

          FrutPlanet specialises in fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, etc.   

          Mushroom Farming In Kenya

          Mushrooms are an ancient delicacy in Kenya. Traditionally, people picked these vegetables from the wild. Farmers started growing mushrooms for export after Kenya gained independence in 1963. Since then, farmers from the Western, Nyanza, Coast, Rift Valley, and Central regions have increasingly ventured into the lucrative business of mushroom farming. 

          Data from the National Farmers Information Service (NAFIS) shows that Kenyans produce approximately 500 tonnes of mushrooms annually. These are worth around $2.8 million or KES 340 million.  

          Most Kenyan producers rely on mushroom exporters like FrutPlanet to sell their agricultural produce across the globe. Our network consists mainly of small-scale mushroom farmers. We understand that customers who buy mushrooms online from us have high expectations. Therefore, we only work with expert-certified cultivators that grow organic mushrooms.



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