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    Are you looking to buy a rosemary plant online? FrutPlanet is at the forefront of supplying top-of-the-line fruits and vegetables. We have a bulk and retail market in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

    We aim to achieve robust long-term relationships with our clients as we export premium products that conform to international standards. Contact us and request a quote today.

    Growing Rosemary In Kenya

    The Kenyan rosemary is among the best owing to the warm climate. Rosemary plant thrives in the fertile soils of central Kenya and near Lake Nakuru. The EU, which imports 97% of its herbs and spices, started importing Kenyan rosemary since their winter climates were unfavourable. Kenya made USD 22.05 million in 2021 in exports.

    FrutPlanet helps you buy rosemary plants from top-producing countries, including Kenya and handles all logistics. Rosemary’s top-producing countries are Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Kenya. In 2021 Morocco made US $ 62.0 million, Spain US $108.1 million, and Kenya US $ 22.05 million in export value.

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      Buy Rosemary Plants Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Buy Rosemary Plants Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Rosemary Health Benefits

        Rosemary is a versatile herb rich in antioxidants that enhance immunity. Rosemary’s health benefits include slowing the growth of specific cancer cells. It has also alleviated headaches and protects the brain from damage and ageing. Taking rosemary herb benefits you by enhancing memory and improving your mood while inhaling it boosts concentration. Buy rosemary plants online and enjoy the health benefits.

        Types Of Rosemary Grown In Kenya

        Rosemary is an aromatic herb of the mint family. The different types of rosemary are still aromatic and add culinary flavour. Two main types of rosemary in Kenya are; the upright rosemary that grows upright is aromatic and has dark blue flowers. Since the upright rosemary has a black gold sap, it has high essential oil content and is ideal for flavouring dishes.

        Creeping rosemary is a dense, fast-growing rosemary type. Creeping rosemary provides aesthetic hedges and is beautiful for garden trailing. It gives off a great scent for ground cover and is ideal for landscaping. To buy rosemary plants online, contact FrutPlanet and order the variety that suits your needs.

        Price Of Rosemary In Kenya

        Rosemary is in high demand as it is versatile. Demand for the herb continues escalating as consumers lean towards aromatherapy. Consequently, competition arises and impacts rosemary prices. The current market price in Kenya is USD 7.40 per kilo, while ready-to-use rosemary costs between USD 0.53 and USD 0.58 per 20gms.

        The high cost of raw materials and changes in market regulations also cause price fluctuations. At FrutPlanet, we adjust our prices amid fluctuations to give our clients value for their money. Contact our customer support for the current wholesale price of the rosemary plant.

        Rosemary Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        Rosemary herb is easy to harvest, but the post-harvest process is tricky for most suppliers. Lack of expertise and storage facilities to extend rosemary’s shelf life is still a challenge for many. However, FrutPlanet has a highly skilled team and a sophisticated framework to ensure we export only fresh products.

        Our reliable farmers grow organic rosemary and harvest it when it’s loaded with essential oil and aroma content. Once you place an order, we pack on the same day of harvesting to ensure you get garden-fresh herbs. Our sorting involves selecting only high-grade leaves that have not discoloured or withered. We dry rosemary using a dehydrator and hang them upside down in a well-aerated room. The drying processes don’t compromise the aroma.

        We pack fresh rosemary bundles of 12 to 24 leaves and wrap them in food-grade plastic coverings to prevent drying. We then precool the packed leaves at 5 degrees Celsius to enhance water retention. Lastly, we label and pack the rosemary in cartons lined with polyethene. You are guaranteed organically grown, fresh products when you buy rosemary plants online from FrutPlanet.

        Rosemary Delivery By FrutPlanet

        Rosemary is a perishable herb that is prone to wilting and drying. We source our products from areas with climate and soil that favour the growth of rosemary, where our farmers don’t use toxic chemicals on the farms. FrutPlanet bulk rosemary deliveries are top-notch. Since our customers are mainly in Europe and Australia, we ship through professional airfreight companies for timely deliveries.

         Once your order, we process your order to reach you within 2 to 5 days. We keep you updated throughout sourcing, packaging, and when your order is in transit until the final destination. Visit our website and register an account today. 

        Where To Buy Rosemary

        Do you know where to buy choice rosemary, organically grown and safely packed? Order from FrutPlanet, your one-stop store for premium fruits and vegetables. Our rosemary farmers grow and harvest the herb in ideal conditions for its flavour and benefits. We ensure to pack your orders hygienically with food-grade packing materials and get KEPHIS certification.

        We deliver rosemary on the same harvest day to ensure quality service. Our products have friendly pricing, and our deliveries are safe and timely. Contact our customer support to buy rosemary plants online and get feedback in less than 24 hours.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Rosemary Herb

        How Much Is A Kilo Of Rosemary In Kenya? 

        A kilo of rosemary currently costs around USD 7.40. The price is projected to continue soaring because of high demand.

        What Type Of Rosemary Is Best? 

        The best type of rosemary is the upright rosemary, which has a superior aroma. Their leaves are broader, contain more oil, and are best for culinary flavouring.

        Is Rosemary Better Dried Or Fresh? 

        Fresh rosemary is ideal for dishes. However, dried rosemary has a higher concentration of flavours and is three times more potent than fresh ones. The use depends on the recipe.

        Which Country Exports The Most Rosemary? 

        Turkey is the largest exporter of rosemary, with an export value of USD 30.75 million in 2021. Kenya comes close with an export value of USD 22.05.

        • Kenyan Statice Flower Exporters And Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Kenya is one of the world’s leading producers of flowers; some of the flowers it exports include roses, scabiosa, statice, and more. Statice flower is one of the most popular varieties in Kenya, and to buy in bulk, you need a statice flower exporter. This variety is popular because of its bright colours and captivating scent. 

          Are you looking for statice flower exporters who can handle your bulk orders? FrutPlanet is a leading flower exporter and supplier specialising in agricultural products, including vegetables, fruit, flowers, and more. You can order in bulk by requesting a quote.

          Statice Flower Exporters In Kenya

          FrutPlanet is one of the leading statice flower exporters in Kenya. We export to various markets from China, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, and more. Statice has a slightly longer history in the Kenyan market.

          The statice flower is a long-lasting flower that’s compact and colourful. They are resistant to climate and diseases. They are mainly exported fresh or dried. Whether you’re looking for a statice flower exporter to handle bulk orders for dried or fresh flowers.

          Statice flowers originated from the Mediterranean and Central Asia. The variety and the family have over 120 species, each unique in size, shape, and colour. Initially, the flower industry exports were mainly roses. However, the formation of NGOs and self-regulating organisations, including the Kenya Flower Council (KFC), propelled other varieties in the market, such as statice.

        • Buy Oranges in Bulk Online Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking to buy oranges in bulk from reputable suppliers? FrutPlanet is an orange supplier that sources and helps you buy oranges in bulk. Other products we supply include Kenyan raw honeybeverages such as tea, vegetables, and macadamia nuts. We help you buy oranges in bulk online by working with farmers who believe in our values. You can request a quote for Oranges here at FrutPlanet.

          Oranges Production in Kenya

          Where are oranges produced in Kenya? Kenyan regions that produce oranges include Kitui, Machakos, Makueni, and Voi. These regions have sandy-loam soils, which support orange farming. Most Kenyan farmers produce oranges on a small scale and, therefore, partner with suppliers and exporters to sell their produce locally and globally. Kenya is a leading citrus producer with an estimated export value of 1M tonnes annually. Most oranges are produced in Kenya, and our commitment is to ensure we only ship quality to our customers. Request a quote to buy oranges in bulk today!

          Orange Nutritional Values

          Oranges are an excellent source of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which helps combat the formation of radicals that cause cancer. Experts insist that regularly eating oranges boosts immunity as the fruit has vitamins that increase the formation of white blood cells. Other nutrients present in oranges include fibre, potassium, Vitamin B1 and Folate. These nutrients assist your body in making collagen, a protein that makes the body smooth and heals wounds. The fibre also prevents constipation and boosts weight loss. Want to buy oranges in bulk? Request a quote from FrutPlanet now.

        • Fresh PawPaw Fruit Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a reliable and respected pawpaw exporter with a long history of providing excellent fruit quality at competitive prices. We adhere to rigorous export standards, and our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing you with the best possible pawpaw fruits.

          Appearance and Colour: Pawpaws have a fleshy berry-like appearance and range from oval to nearly spherical. The skin is smooth green when unripe and turns to a yellow or orange hue as they ripen. However, depending on the variety, some may remain greenish even when fully ripened. Whatever the specification you quote in your order, FrutPlanet delivers. We priorities your fruit’s freshness and avoids sending fruit that is over-ripe, bruised or has any physical defects.

          Fruit Sizes and Weight: A typical pawpaw fruit can weigh 9 to 11.5 kg. Their sizes vary from small to quite large, averaging about 15 to 45 cm long and 10 to 30 cm in diameter. However, some pawpaw varieties may be smaller than others. For example, pawpaw fruits from a semi-wild (naturalized) pawpaw plant may be 2.5 to 15 cm long. FrutPlanet ensures that the pawpaw fruits we deliver are of the correct size and weight according to the customers’ specifications.

          Taste and Flavor: Pawpaws are slightly sweet with a tart aftertaste. However, the flavour can vary from fruit to fruit and even between different parts of the same pawpaw. For example, some people find its flavour reminiscent of cantaloupe, pineapple, or mangoes. Ripe pawpaw fruits are quite musky, while others taste buttery smooth depending on ripeness and variety. On the other hand, unripe pawpaw has more rigid flesh with little to no taste. At FrutPlanet, we focus on delivering the best quality pawpaws. We test our pawpaws for flavour and acidity before shipping them to you to ensure you’re getting a delicious product.

        • Buy Cucumbers In Bulk Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          When you want to buy cucumbers in bulk online, you cannot go wrong with FrutPlanet. We are a trusted and reputable Kenyan-based exporter of fruits, vegetables, legumes, spices, flowers, and more.

          At FrutPlanet, we source and supply different types of cucumbers — all in premium quality. Our agricultural commodities for sale meet world-class standards, as they are Global GAP certified.      

          Cucumber Production in Kenya

          Cucumber growing dates back 3,000 years, but Kenyans started embracing it in the late 90s. The farmers from the Eastern region were among the first to commercialise cucumber production. Cucumber farming spread to other parts, including the Western, Central, Rift Valley, and Southern Coast of Kenya. 

          Currently, Kenya ranks as one of the leading producers of quality cucumbers, with production values ranging from 4,708 to 5,925 tonnes in 2019 and 2020. Since most are small-scale farmers, they partner with bulky cucumber exporters like FrutPlanet to sell in the global markets. 

          FrutPlanet partners with farmers who share its commitment to providing quality, organic products. Consequently, we have immersed a reputation over the years as one of the best exporters in the country. What’s better, we deliver worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

        • Buy Tomatoes Online From Exporters and Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet helps you buy tomatoes online in bulk by sourcing from farmers and handling the logistics. We are a leading exporter and supplier of fresh tomatoes in Kenya to the local and export markets. 

          Apart from tomatoes, we export fruits, vegetables, beverages, spices, and more. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the centre of our business model. You can buy tomatoes online today by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet.

          Tomato Farming In Kenya

          Most tomato varieties have originated from the South American Andes region, where they had been cultivated for centuries. Over the years, explorers in the 16th century distributed the tomato fruit worldwide. On the other hand, some varieties are native to regions such as Africa and Asia, although they have been modified scientifically over time to boost yield. Cross-breeding of these varieties mainly occurred during global trade and colonisation.

          Kenya’s commercialisation of tomatoes started in the mid-90s, amongst other fruits and horticultural crops. Tomatoes commercialisation thrived after the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) was formed. The organisation foresaw the production of approximately 400,000 tonnes of tomatoes a year after its formation. Today most Kenyan tomato farms are in Narok, Laikipia, Murang’a, some parts of Embu and Kirinyaga, Kajiado, and Makueni.

        • Farm-Fresh Avocado Fruits Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and beverages that commits to customer satisfaction. Amongst FrutPlanet’s leading exports is the Avocado fruit

          Varieties: There are over 500 Avocado fruit varieties, but only about ten varieties are grown commercially worldwide. The most popular commercial variety is the Hass avocado. This variety accounts for about 95% of our total avocado exports. Other avocado varieties that FrutPlanet exports include Hass, Tonnage, Fuerte, Simmonds, Smooth 8, and Pinkerton. Irrespective of the avocado variety you’re looking to export, we have a wide database of farmers and can help you source it. Request a quote or contact us via email. 

          Size:  Avocado varieties have varying sizes, which is crucial during their packaging. Usually, we name the sizes depending on the number of avocados needed to fill a 25-pound carton. The sizes range from 24 to 84. For example, if an avocado is size 24, you will need 24 Avocados to fill the 25 pounds carton. Generally, our sizing guide illustrates that the larger the designated number, the smaller the size of the avocado. At FrutPlanet exporters, we handle the inspection of the packaging process to ensure that you get the exact size you order.  

          Colour:  A raw mature avocado is commonly green, although the colour may vary depending on the variety of the avocado. When the avocado ripens, its colour changes from green to black, although some varieties may remain green. FrutPlanet exports raw mature avocados that are green. We have a team of experts who work with farmers to ensure that the avocado is mature for the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

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