Top Largest Importers of Mangoes in the world

The Top Largest Importers of Mangoes in the world

Mango is a popular fruit that has accrued a massive demand in various countries worldwide. But if you’re a mango exporter, how do you identify the best markets to target? This list covers some of the largest importers of mangoes in the world. Below is a comprehensive table with the import volume for mango. China […]

Best Time Buy Mangoes Online

Mango Seasons: The Best Time Buy Mangoes Online

To keep the fresh mango supply chain in your business year-round, you need to understand the peak mango seasons for most varieties. But bear in mind that you could evade all this by letting an exporter such as FrutPlanet handle the supply throughout the year. But before anything, you should understand that climatic conditions and […]

Avocado price per Kg

4 Factors That Affect Avocado Price per Kg

Avocado’s popularity has increased in the last decade thanks to its irresistible taste, health benefits and industrial uses in cosmetics. But what influences avocado prices per kg?   This article expounds on what farmers, distributors and processors ought to know. Knowing the price will help you devise strategies for managing your business for more return on […]

percentage mango supply chain

Sourcing Mangoes: A Look at the Mango Supply Chain

From growing in interior Kenya to enjoying the fruit in the suburbs of the United States, there exists a complex mango supply chain. The supply chain has three main categories: Production – Involves farmers and growers. Processing – Involves companies and brands. Distribution – Involves exporters, importers, and distributors. But which role does each player […]

sourcing the best mangoes

Tips for Sourcing the Best Mangoes for Export

Mango fruit is among the most loved for its sweet, juicy freshness. In fact, according to statistics, out of all production of tropical fruits, more than half of the production was mangoes. But with over 1000 varieties available, sourcing the best mangoes can be frustrating. In this post, we’ll take you through a few tips […]

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