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    Save money every time you buy oregano in bulk from FrutPlanet. We help wholesalers, retailers, traders, individual customers, and other oregano buyers to source premium quality herbs from Kenya. Our agricultural produce export company has a global market reach, with a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. We offer great oregano prices and deliver fast. Generate a quote to buy oregano in bulk now. 

    Oregano Growing In Kenya

    Agriculture dominates the Kenyan economy, with many farmers turning to high-value crops and herbs like oregano. Oregano farming thrives in the country, especially in Nakuru, Naivasha, Kilifi, Makueni, Nyandarua, Laikipia, and Kiambu. 

    The millions who have embraced oregano growing in Kenya are smallholder farmers. Nevertheless, with the help of oregano exporters — through closely controlled farming — these farmers can supply their herbs worldwide. 

    China, India, Germany, the United States, Spain, Egypt, and Kenya contribute a significant share of the global oregano oil market, valued at USD 10.63 Billion in 2021. Experts predict the market value could reach USD 17.6 Billion by 2029.

    Are you ready to order organic oregano from Kenya and other leading oregano farming nations? Let FrutPlanet help you buy oregano in bulk online through our vast network. We also help buyers source vegetables, fruits, legumes, flowers, beverages, etc.

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      Buy Oregano In Bulk Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Buy Oregano In Bulk Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Oregano Health Benefits 

        Research links many benefits of oregano plants to the antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Oregano can treat yeast infections and reduce cough. The other oregano health benefits include: reducing inflammation, relieving pain, managing weight, improving gut health, and lowering cholesterol. Start experiencing these benefits with our organic oregano.

        Oregano Plant Types Grown In Kenya

        Oregano farmers in Kenya spoil customers with a variety of oregano plants. The climatic conditions and soil allow many oregano plant types to thrive, from Common Oregano and Golden Oregano to Greek Oregano and Syrian Oregano. 

        Oregano plants share a few flavor and aroma compounds, with some varieties having a more bitter, sweet, or peppery taste. At FrutPlanet, we understand different cultures have preferences when it comes to types of oregano. Customers can request a quote to buy oregano in bulk from us — no matter the varieties they want.

        Oregano Price In Kenya

        The oregano wholesale price is US$3.50 to US$11.50 per kilogram, depending on the Kenyan exporter and whether a customer needs fresh or dried oregano. Also, different oregano plant types vary slightly in pricing. Other factors affecting the oregano price include production levels and market demand.

        Oregano 1kg price in Kenya Shillings is KES 426.13 to KES 1,400 in 2022. In 2021, the average wholesale price was $4.00, equivalent to KES 486.40. Oregano price per kg averaged $3.50 in 2020, a year when more than 60 countries restricted exports and imports due to COVID-19. 

        Request a quote to get an accurate order estimate before you buy oregano in bulk online.

        Harvesting Oregano, Sorting, And Packaging 

        FrutPlanet boasts over a decade of experience harvesting, sorting, and packaging fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 

        Meeting the quality requirements starts with correct cutting and handling of the plants during harvesting. Our trained harvesters will get it right at this stage. 

        After harvesting oregano, our team of cleaners in packhouses cleans it, removing any visible foreign matter such as dust, stones, hairs, and excrement from birds. 

        The next stage involves sorters who assess and grade the freshly harvested oregano. Grading criteria are based on outer quality, such as colour, pests, smell, spots, and damages.  

        Our graders submit the plants to packing specialists to pack the oregano plants according to the customer’s weight and other requirements. The final product bound for export is free of residues, microbiological contaminants, and environmental contaminants. 

        Our oregano plant types and other farm produce from Kenya will have a phytosanitary certificate from KEPHIS. Therefore, customers can buy oregano in bulk from FrutPlanet because each consignment meets the quality standards warranting export.  

        Oregano’s Delivery By FrutPlanet

        Our oregano delivery process by air takes 2-4 days. Unlike other oregano exporters that might take time to source herbs, FrutPlanet gets things done immediately

        We have contracted thousands of farmers throughout oregano growing areas, including Nakuru, Naivasha, Kilifi, Makueni, Nyandarua, Laikipia, and Kiambu. 

        This makes it easier to obtain herbs quickly once a customer confirms an order to buy oregano in bulk. Our partner farmers are fully compliant with GAP requirements. They are also certified by relevant local authorities. 

        After oregano delivery, we always receive positive feedback from customers who are happy with our fresh, premium-quality herbs and farm produce.

        Where To Buy Oregano In Bulk

        FrutPlanet is one of the best sites to buy oregano in bulk from Kenyan exporters. With us, a customer can order a sample first to verify the quality of our herbs before they buy oregano in bulk

        We have a decent network of farmers and professional teams to meet ordering needs from different fresh oregano buyers. Whether you are a distributor, supermarket, wholesaler, trader, retailer, or individual customer, we can help.  

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Oregano

        How To Dry Oregano

        First, bundle a bunch of stems with a rubber band. Then, hang the bundles in a room that receives some sunlight. Since some leaves will fall off when oregano starts drying, consider placing a bag around the herbs. 

        How Much Does Oregano Cost?

        The cost of oregano varies by location. For example, oregano costs at least £8 per kilogram in the UK. In Kenya, you could buy oregano in bulk for as little as KES 364.95, equivalent to £2.62 per kg. 

        Where Do We Get Oregano?

        We source oregano from thousands of certified small-scale farmers in Nakuru, Naivasha, Kilifi, Makueni, Nyandarua, Laikipia, Kiambu, and other regions. Our oregano farming partners follow strict rules and regulations to guarantee quality fresh produce.     

        How Much Is Oregano In Kenya?

        The oregano wholesale price is US$3.50 to US$11.50 per kilogram in 2022. Oregano 1kg price in Kenya Shillings is KES 426.13 to KES 1,400. The price fluctuates depending mainly on the season, market forces, and inflation.

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          Growing Winged Beans

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          While the historical introduction of sigarilyas into Kenya is uncertain, the world recognises Kenya as a top-winged bean producer and exporter. In 2021, Kenya exported 19.03M metric tons worth USD 46.74M.

          Morocco, China, Netherlands, Guatemala, Mexico, Senegal, France, and the United States are some of the countries that compete with Kenya in the export market.

          Navigating the export market to buy winged beans online is easy when you work with international exporters such as FrutPlanet. We will help you source fresh sigarilyas from our vast and reliable network at the best wholesale prices.

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        • Kenyan Millet Wholesale Supplier And Exporter Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Sub-sahara Africa is one of the most conducive environments for millet growing. At the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa is Kenya which presents a good environment, competitive for millet growth. Kenyan millet wholesale suppliers and exporters handle both local and international supplies mainly because it’s suitable for infant feeding and dishes for the sick, among other things.

          We’ve got your back if you’re looking for a millet wholesale supplier, exporter, or any other agricultural product supply. FrutPlanet is a leading millet wholesale supplier and exporter, helping businesses with export logistics for years. You can buy online from FrutPlanet by requesting a quote.

          Millet Growing Areas In Kenya

          Millet growing areas in Kenya include western, Nyanza, rift valley, and Mt Kenya. Millet performs well in this region because of their rich soils and the high rainfall. The areas receive over 250mm per annum and have varying soil varieties. 

          The world’s largest exporters of millet as of 2020 include the United States, Ukraine, India, and Russia. Although Kenya is not one of the top world’s largest millet exports, it could export has an export volume of over USD 107K annually. Most of the Kenyan millet is destined for global markets such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Europe.

        • Kenyan Wholesale Mum Suppliers And Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Kenya is one of the largest producers of chrysanthemums (mums). FrutPlanet, a renowned wholesale mum supplier, can help you source and export mum to global markets. 

          Kenya is the 4th largest producer of flowers and produces various varieties, including mums, scabiosa, hypericum, and more. Mum flowers thrive well in Kenya because the country has well-drained soils and high temperatures.

          To export mum flowers from Kenya effortlessly, you need a wholesale mum supplier to help you with the logistics. One such wholesale mum supplier specialising in agricultural and farm products is FrutPlanet. 

          We have been helping international businesses in the United States, Europe, Asia, and more. You can order wholesale mums by requesting a quote today.

          Chrysanthemum Growing In Kenya

          Chrysanthemum is one of the highest cultivated flower varieties globally. Like other flower varieties, the mum was introduced to Kenyan flowers in the early 21 century. The spike in popularity of this variety can be mainly attributed to the Kenya Flower Council, a wholesale mum supplier, among others.

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          Do you want to buy salmon online? FrutPlanet is your go-to supplier and exporter of high-quality seafood products, including salmon. Our professional export service spans years as we export globally to Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our seafood products come from trusted farmers and are GAP-certified. Contact FrutPlanet and buy quality salmon that meets international standards.

          What Is Salmon?

          Salmon are fish of the Salmonidae family found in lakes and oceans, although 60% of the salmon sold is farmed. Penned salmon are of high quality and conform to EU export standards; however, sea salmon are more nutritious. China introduced a strategy to breed salmons in pens, a sustainable technique that broadens the global salmon market. In 2019 China exported 4.7 million kilos of salmon.   

          The world’s leading salmon producers are Norway, Chile, Canada, and China. In 2020 Norway exported salmon worth USD 8.3 billion, Chile USD 650 million, Canada USD 25.6 million, and China USD 39,945 thousand. To buy salmon online, whether farmed or sea sourced, contact FrutPlanet.

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          FrutPlanet is a global exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and more. One of the fruits we export is pineapples.

          Colour: At the top of our consideration is the colour of the pineapple. Usually, fresh pineapple fruits have healthy green leaves and a greenish-yellow hue. A pineapple changes from green to yellow as it ripens; the yellow colouring indicates that the fruit is ripe. The FrutPlanet team is keen on the colour of the fruit before harvest.

          Shell: Our experts have been examining fruits for years, therefore, accumulated a lot of experience. One quick feature that we examine is the texture of its skin or shell. A mature and ripe pineapple has a firm but soft shell. It can hardly squeeze because the fibre is mature and full of juice. FrutPlanet commits to delivering only quality pineapples.

          Smell: A ripe, good-tasting fresh pineapple fruit has a unique scent. The smell is similar to a ripe mango fruit but a little distinguished. The smell often emanates from the lower bottom of the fruit. Otherwise, you’re less likely to feel any smell if the fruit is not ripe. Our team is obsessed with the scent of ripe pineapple and can easily set them apart. Be sure to receive fresh, unique-smelling fruits.

          Size and Weight: Without a doubt, the ripe fresh pineapple fruit is heavier because of the enormous juice it possesses. When harvesting the fruits, our team takes critical notice of the weight of the fruit and its comparative size. We are keen on your specifications at this point. Some of our clients love medium but heavy pineapples. You can state your specifications by requesting a quote.

        • Buy Bulk Peppermint Herbs Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading Kenyan grower and exporter of fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits, including peppermint.  We partner with farmers to help you, the buyer, place and Buy Bulk Peppermint Herbs orders. Whenever you need peppermint from Kenya, request a quote from us, and we will help you get the best-grown and high-quality peppermint herb.

          Growing Peppermint In Kenya

          Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. It is a hybrid between spearmint and watermint. Nowadays, growing peppermint is a worldwide activity in many countries, including Kenya. In 2020, the Food and Agricultural Organization statistics estimated  Morocco to be the leading producer at 40,403 tonnes.

          Kenya is a significant producer as more farmers continue embracing peppermint farming. The country’s favourable ecological conditions also make it a significant producer. And with FrutPlanet easing the process of buying bulk peppermint herbs, Kenya is the buy-from country.

          As one of the leading exporters in Kenya, FrutPlanet helps you with sourcing, packaging, and other logistics. Therefore, if you want to buy bulk peppermint herbs, contact us via email or request a quote. We offer competitive prices for anyone looking for a wholesale peppermint price.



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