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Frutplanet is one of the biggest exporters of passion fruits here in Kenya. We export fresh passion fruits to both local and international markets. So, how do we ensure quality, and where do we buy passion fruits?

Frutplanet has been in the fruit and vegetable exporting business for a while now. Consequentially, we established a network with commercial passion fruit farmers nationwide. We buy passion fruits from these farmers.

There are a dozen reasons to buy passion fruit online and from Kenya. First, Kenya is a leading producer among passion fruit exporting countries. Kenya tops as one of Africa’s largest exporters of passion fruits. In addition, most Kenyan passion fruit farmers are trained and guarantee quality.


What Type of Passion Fruits are Grown in Kenya

There are two significant types of passion fruit grown in Kenya; Yellow passion fruit and Purple fruit. However, other varieties grown in small quantities include Sweet passion, Giant passion, and Banana passion.

Yellow Passion Fruits

Purple Passion Fruits

The yellow variety is popular amongst farmers as they have high yields and are resistant to diseases. Additionally, they are larger, less spherical, but less aromatic.

The plant performs well in Kenya at altitudes between 0 – 800 m. The vine grows to 40 feet in length and flowers with white petals.

Most exporters love this fruit because it has a longer shelf life of up to 3 weeks. Additionally, it has a ready passion fruit market while fresh. Do you want Yellow passion fruit or to buy fresh Kenya passion fruits? Contact Frutplanet today.

Unlike the Yellow variety, the purple passion grows best in altitudes between 1000 – 2000m. Most farmers graft the Yellow passion variety to produce the purple variety.

The Purple plant takes about ten months to mature and the fruits ripen approximately two months after flowering. The fruit’s skin changes from green to purple as it ripens. The fruit’s juice is acidic and has an appetising aromatic scent.

Unfortunately, the purple passion fruit is a victim of diseases such as Fusarium wilt, and sooty mould, among many others. They are also susceptible to pests such as fruit flies, scales, and more.

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How Do Passion Fruits Grow in Kenya

There are steps to passion fruit growing and farming.

Choosing the right seeds determines how healthy your passion fruit plants will be. To demystify it early enough; the more ripe the fruit is, the better the seeds.  Mature seeds are more likely to germinate than their counterparts.

Usually, the ripening of fruit signifies that the fruit is mature. Remove the seeds from the plant and wash them. Also, you can soak the seeds in water or scrub the seed coat a little using sandpaper. Soaking and scrubbing increase the chances of germination.

Before planting the passion fruits in the garden, farmers first plant them in a nursery. You should only transfer them when they sprout, usually takes 10 to 21 days

Prepare your garden as you water and wait for the seeds to germinate in the nursery. Your garden should have enough sunlight exposure. Additionally, the soil should be rich with organic manure and a pH level of about 6.5.

Once the seeds are about 3 to 4 inches high, transfer them. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KALRO) recommends digging the hole to about 50 cm deep and keeping the holes six metres apart. You should also be keen on spacing the plant rows and columns.

Additionally, the organisation recommends that farmers set up support mechanisms. Farmers should plant poles that are at least 2.6 meters high. Creating a support mechanism improves yielding and eases pruning.

Just like pineapples and mangos, passion fruits take longer before fruiting. This means that farmers must provide regular maintenance such as watering and dressing. Caring for the plant keeps it healthy and minerals and food are within the root’s reach.

It is important to note that passion vines can grow up to 40 feet. In this stage, avoid preventing the stems from tangling. Train the vines to climb the support systems for easier harvesting.

After training the passion plants for months, it’s time to harvest the fruits. Usually, the fruits are ripe and ready within 80 days after pollination.

The fruit’s skin turns from green to purple or yellow at this stage. Passion fruit plants are high-yielders; one vine can produce about 2500 fruits annually.

You should wait until the fruits are ripe before inviting Frutplanet exporters or any passion fruit exporters in Kenya. Usually, when the fruits ripen, they shrivel and shrink.

Frequently Asked Questions about Passion Fruits

You can buy passion fruit in Kenya directly from farmers or other passion fruit suppliers. Additionally, you can place passion fruits online orders through fruit Kenyan exporting company and we’ll handle the logistics.

If you’re a local buyer and want to buy in small amounts, you can source them from supermarkets and regional passion fruit markets. But what if you want the fruits in large-scale supply?

Are be puzzled and wondering, “how do I find fresh passion fruits near me?” Worry no more; Frutplanet can help you. Place your passion fruits online orders through Frutplanet, a leading passion fruit exporter in Kenya.

Frutplanet has a wide network in regions such as rift valley, Central and Northeastern where passion fruits are grown. We source the fruits from the farmers for you and handle the delivery logistics.

The farmers provide us with quality passion fruit products that no other Kenya passion fruit exporters can guarantee.  No compromise!

The passion fruit export price in Kenya per kilo ranges between Ksh. 100 to Ksh. 180. However, the price is bound to change depending on the season and other external factors. You can visit the Frutplanet marketplace to check the latest export prices.

Different farmers quote varying prices. However, when you use our exporting services, we take care of the process with your interests at heart. We have ready passion fruit farmers, some of whom we’ve worked with for years with no compromise on quality.

The passion fruit wholesale prices range from Ksh. 50 to Ksh. 80, depending on where you source them. Additionally, Kenya’s existing shortage of passion fruits may hike prices.

For example, a bag of 60kg of passion fruits in Nairobi costs Ksh. 7,000, but the same amount in Kisumu sells at Ksh. 4000. That brings the cost difference per kilogram to be ksh. 66 and Ksh. 116.

We work directly with farmers to ensure we get passion fruit products at friendly prices. Additionally, we’re a priority client to our farmers, guaranteeing that we can never go low on supplies. The effectiveness of our business model is not limited to passion fruits. We also export also other fruits and vegetables.

Want to Buy Passion Fruits Online? Contact FrutPlanet!

Are you looking for passion fruits to buy online? Request for a instant quotation from our sale team.

We handle all the logistics for all our customers, from sourcing to shipping the products. Our company is certified by all relevant authorities and bodies locally and globally.

We offer a platform where the buyer can buy passion fruits online effortlessly. You just need to let our team handle the logistics of delivering the items.

Want to learn more on how you can buy passion fruits online from Kenya? Or want to buy fresh Kenya passion fruits? Contact our customer support team now!

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