Guide to Buying Avocados Near You

Guide to Buying Avocados Near You

Buying avocados near you can be frustrating, especially for wholesale business owners just starting. Buying isn’t an easy process because some suppliers are unreliable, while others can’t handle bulk orders. On the other hand, most avocado suppliers near you are probably offering avocados in retail, and if wholesaling, their product is not fresh-farmed.

If you’re looking for a reliable avocado supplier for your business that ships quality products, has experience working with international clients, and can ship in bulk, you’re at the right place. FrutPlanet Exporters and Suppliers is a leading global supplier working with clients in the Middle East, India, China, Saudi Arabia, and Europe, especially the Netherlands. You can channel your questions from sourcing to shipping to our customers.

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Where to Find Avocados Near You

If you are a business owner looking for avocados near you, this guide is made with you in mind. We understand how frustrating it can be to find someone reliable and committed to meeting bulk orders while supplying high-quality avocados. Some of the options that you have include:

Ordering Avocados on Online Platforms

The most popular source of avocados near you is an online platform. Technology is an aid; utilizing it lets you be a step ahead of your competitors. Ordering avocados on platforms like FrutPlanet is one of the easiest ways to have a supplier take care of your sourcing and delivery. Before we discuss how you can leverage FrutPlanet and request a quote, let’s discuss how ordering online benefits you.

Benefits of Ordering on Online Platforms

Ordering avocados online benefits your business, which explains why most companies have explored this option. Some of the benefits are:

Convenience: Ordering avocados in bulk online from platforms such as FrutPlanet offers you convenience. You don’t need to close shop and move to the end of the world where growers of avocados like us are. Online platforms allow you to restock your business in the comfort of your house. However, you must choose a supplier or glower with the capability, necessary certifications, and licenses to handle bulk orders.

Avocado Variety: Online marketplaces for wholesalers offer a variety of avocados. Unlike a local wholesaler who may be confined to one specific product, online platforms give you access to many suppliers. Therefore, it’s easier to find the fruit variety you’re looking for than a local one, which is often confined by space and ends up stocking the most selling items. In addition, if the supplier does not have the avocado variety, you can mandate them to source it for you, thereby easing your hassles.

Quality: Working with an online supplier allows you to assess the product quality before buying. For example, at FrutPlanet, we ship only farm-fresh avocados and keep the vendor in the loop. We only harvest products that meet the client’s specifications in quality, skin texture, size, etc. Physical stores have limited choices, and you will often settle on what the vendor has. If you don’t like what one supplier offers in an online platform, you can quickly consult another or have them source the specific product quality you want.

Tips for Choosing the Best Avocados

The tips for choosing the best avocados can be summarized into five simple characteristics: color, skin texture, firmness, stem, and timing. Here is how they can help you choose:

Color: A mature avocado should be either dark green or, if by any chance, has started ripening, slightly black green. For example, an avocado variety is light green when immature, dark green when it matures up and turns black when ripening.

Firmness: When an avocado variety is immature, its freshness is puffy, and you can often feel it press when you firmly hold it. When it’s mature, it’s fresh and does not squeeze even when firmly held.

Skin Texture: Skin texture is important to avocados, especially if they are dealing with Hass avocados. When the Hass avocado fruit hasn’t matured, its skin is less rough. The ideal dark green roughness is best visible when the fruit matures. Other varieties have unique characteristics, including small noticeable spots on the skin.

Stem: A mature avocado fruit tends to detach slightly at the point connecting it to the stem. This indicates that the fruit isn’t growing anymore. 

Time: The most reliable tip for choosing the best avocado is timing its maturity timeframe. Usually, the avocado maturity period is 3 to 8 months. You can combine the timing aspect and other characteristics to determine a mature, high-quality product.

How Ordering on Bulk From Online Platforms Works

We have written a guide on how to order avocados in bulk from FrutPlanet, one of the leading online suppliers. But just to break it down, it involves four steps:

  1. Identify the Avocado Variety You Need.
  2. Find a Reliable supplier.
  3. Request a Quote.
  4. Order Processing.
  5. Order Fulfillment and Delivery.

It is important to note that finding a reliable avocado supplier is the most tricky stage in this process. Therefore, be cautious when working with dedicated suppliers who have fulfilled orders globally before that. 

To preview FrutPlanet, we have delivered orders globally to the Middle East, including India and China, and in Europe to countries such as the Netherlands. We work with wholesalers and businesses that order avocados in bulk. We help them source farm-fresh avocados, process them, and ship and deliver them within weeks. You can contact our customer support now via email or phone to learn more about our policies.

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Local Wholesale Groceries

Another option for businesses to order avocados in bulk is local wholesale groceries. Most regions have wholesalers who buy avocados in bulk and then stock them to sell to businesses in bulk. Below, we’ve compared the benefits and disadvantages of ordering from local stores in bulk.

Advantages of Local Stores

  • Sourcing locally reduces paperwork.
  • The supply chain is shorter.
  • Eliminates the need for paperwork.

Disadvantages of Local Stores

  • Local stores may be less efficient in fulfilling bulk orders.
  • As the product is stocked, it’s not farm-fresh.

Farmer Markets

Another great way to order avocados near you is through farmer’s markets. These are marketplaces for local avocado farmers and growers. Unlike wholesale stores, these farmer markets give you direct access to farmers, so you are more likely to get farm-fresh avocados than wholesale stores.

Advantages of Local Stores

  • Possibility of great farm-fresh avocados.
  • Reduces the Supply chain.


  • Most farmers sell products in small quantities.
  • It can be daunting to handle the sourcing.

Our Personalized recommendation

At FrutPlanet, we recommend that you work with a supplier who can help you to source avocados globally. Contracting a supplier delegates the responsibility to them, giving you the power to focus more on your business operation. 

If you’re looking for a supplier who shares your business goals of creating trust and is reliable to fulfill bulk orders, contact us. We have supplied avocados to leading businesses in China, India, and the Netherlands.

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What color should avocados be when you buy them?

When you buy avocados, they should be green or black. The specific color depends on the variety and whether you buy them, fresh or ripe. Green avocados are mostly unripe, whereas black ones are primarily ripe.

What is the difference between an avocado and a Hass avocado?

Hass is an avocado with roots in Southern California, where it was first grown. This variety is the most popular commercially grown avocado variety.

How much is 1kg of avocado?

The price of 1kg of Avocado is between $1.25 and $2.55, although the price may vary depending on the avocado season, the avocado variety, and where you’re sourcing from. You can contact us for more specific prices.

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