Top Avocado Exporters in Kenya

FrutPlanet Exporters: Top Avocado Exporters in Kenya

Working with a top avocado exporter is the best decision you can ever make. One of the top avocado exporter in Kenya you can work with is FrutPlanet exporters. We have been exporting avocados for over five years. 

About FrutPlanet Exporters

FrutPlanet is a leading exporter in Kenya for fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and seafood. One of our greatest exports since our inception in 2017 is avocado fruits. 

We have an established global distribution network in regions such as the Middle East, the United States, the Netherlands, United Arabs Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. We constantly expand our market reach to regions such as Asia and Europe.

FrutPlanet exporters have an established business logistics warehouse located in Ruiru, Kenya. Our premises handle every aspect of our operation, from pre-processing to packaging. We have an existing workforce of experts from the quality assurance team, agricultural farming experts, and a trained sourcing team. The team ensures that our efforts in sourcing, logistics management, inspection, quality control, payment, and delivery remain flawless.

Our Guarantee

FrutPlanet avocado exporters guarantee

We guarantee buyers and growers who work with us:

Quality: We source and export only premium, organically grown fresh products. FrutPlanet has an existing reputation that we need to protect. Therefore, we export what we can comfortably and proudly stand with. 

Sustainability: We ensure that the products we export are grown through sustainable farming practices. From the avocado varieties we export to the maintenance practices like fertilisation, we train our farmers on prioritising organic fertilisers like manure and how they can prevent and eliminate pests without using pesticides.

Reliability: FrutPlanet offers you a flawless, hassle-free sourcing and exporting process. We have a working internal framework and workforce. Therefore, when you order bulk avocados from us, the order is fulfilled how and when you want it. We don’t have any last-minute disappointments.

Competitive Pricing: Unlike most exporters who often inflate the avocado prices per Kg, at FrutPlanet exporters, we offer you competitive prices. Our prices reflect the fair compensation of the farmers we work with and an affordable rate to our customers for sourcing and pricing. Once you request a quote, we will email you a pricing breakdown down to the cent.

Happy Farmers: We partner with avocado growers in Mt. Kenya and Ukambani regions to export the best Kenyan avocados to you. One concern is ensuring our farmers are proud and happy to work with us. We run programs and trainings to educate them on sustainable farming practices. In addition, we negotiate prices with them for fair compensation and affordable quotation for you.

Professionalism: FrutPlanet exporters recognise the importance of every stakeholder in the avocado value chain. Therefore, we hold each in high regard during our communication and engagements. We have an existing code of ethics that we practice honestly and take full responsibility for our actions.

Guaranteed Supply: One of the initial fears of our customers was that FrutPlanet exporters might fail to meet the order supply. Therefore, we have added supply as our core guarantee. We have an extensive database of avocado growers we partner with and, therefore, can fulfill any order on time.

Our Certifications

FrutPlanet avocado exporter certification

FrutPlanet exporter has the necessary certifications needed for any wholesale avocado exporter. These certifications guarantee that we comply with sustainable farming practices and can operate in the fresh fruit export industry.

They include;

Phytosanitary Certificate: All our fresh producer products have this certificate from the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS). It certifies that the plants and products we export are free from regulated pests and conform with the importing country’s requirements.

AFA Export Certificate: The Horticultural Crops Directorate (HCD) issued the export certificate. The HCD offers it once they clear an avocado consignment for export. It’s essential for all exporters of horticultural produce, including fresh fruits such as avocado.

Laboratory Test Report: All our export products are sampled and tested in the laboratory to determine the maturity of the avocados, and oil levels, among other products. The AFA HCD does the sampling and testing before giving the license.

Global GAP: FrutPlanet exporters is certified by the Global GAP as an exporter who meets the standards for good agricultural practices. We train our avocado growers and partner farmers on the best avocado farming practices. Therefore guaranteeing that the fruits we export are organically grown.

Sedex Certification: We are certified by Sedex, a global organisation that offers insights and expert guidance for sustainable farming and production. Our farmer’s training is based on Sedex data and guidance on creating an environmentally sustainable supply chain.

FPEAK Association: We are part of Kenya’s Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK). As an association, we promote the high-quality export of products to the international markets. Thus ensuring that the bar on the quality of the products we export remains high.

Other certifications: Other certifications that we include in our consignments include the certificate of origin, preferential and non-preferential certificate of origin, MRL limit compliance (EU), Euro 1 Certificate(EU market), and BRC certification (UK markets).

FrutPlanet Exporters Avocado Process

FrutPlanet avocado exporter processing

You might be interested in learning how we proceed once you request a quote or place an order. Our avocado process is comprehensive to preserve our quality assurance, convenience, and reliability tradition.

Once you request a quote for bulk avocados, our team will reach out to understand your order requirements. We’ll then email you a comprehensive quotation and pricing breakdown. You will then need to pay a deposit for the order, and processing the order will begin.

Avocado Sourcing

We have a database of farmers that we work mostly from Kiambu, Murang’a, Kitui, and Nyeri, among other counties. We have an update once their avocados are ready for harvesting. Therefore, once your order is processed, our team visits the farmers within our database who have mature avocados.

Our in-house seasoned quality assurance team visits the farmer and assesses their avocados. Once they give the green light, we negotiate the prices per kg and start harvesting. The assessing and harvesting happen within the same day.

The farmer is compensated once the harvesting and tallying are done and packing begins. The harvested avocados are parked in cushioned wood crates and transported to our warehouse for more processing. We transport them in trucks and pick-ups from the farmer to the warehouse.

Avocado Packing

We aim to ensure that the fruits are clean, certified, graded, and packaged for delivery. Therefore, the first step is usually cleaning the fruits and eliminating any mud or harmful chemicals on the skin of the avocado. After cleaning, the next step is sorting and packaging.

We sort out the avocados that show physical scars and deformities. We evaluate all the physical aspects based on shape, colour, scars, and skin tone, among other factors. Depending on the customers ‘ specifications, the team then grades the avocados. 

There are 42 avocado grades, grade 1 being the largest and grade 42 being the smallest. Most of our customers prefer grades ranging between 9 and 20. Depending on the avocado variety, there may be other grading aspects but customer preferences is always the guiding light.

We proceed to pack the avocados in comfy cartons or plastic boxes. We are committed to eliminating the use of plastic within our operations by 2030. Over 70% of plastic use has been eliminated within our daily operations. We plan to eliminate the remaining 30% within the next seven years.

The carton boxes are firm to ensure avocados are not bruised or harmed. Each carton box carries about 4 kg worth of avocados. We may pack the avocado in plastic crates if the order is in bulk. Each plastic crate carries about 15 to 25kg worth of avocados. Avocado Precooling

We precool our avocados immediately after packing to ensure we reduce the field and packing temperature. Precooling guarantees long shelf life for the avocados and prevents water loss for the avocados. Thereby preserving the freshness of the avocado.

We randomly select one cartoon as the sample at this stage and run it for tests at FDA and HCD laboratories. Once we get all the certifications, it’s time to deliver the order!

Avocado Transportation

Depending on customer preference, we deliver our products via air or water. When using ship, we use controlled atmosphere containers to ensure the avocados arrive as fresh as they left. Depending on the customers’ location, we may load in cold rooms to preserve freshness.

If your order is to be delivered by ship, we transport the avocados by trucks to the airport. Shipping by air is even more flawless and best used for orders with shorter delivery timelines. We load the orders, and within a day or less, the order is delivered to us after we confirm loading.

Avocado Varieties We Export

We export various avocados, especially those grown commercially in Kenya. Kenya is home to over 40 avocado varieties, according to KALRO. The most popular avocado variety of them all is the Hass, accounting for over 80% of avocado exports. The second most exported avocado variety is the Fuerte avocado.

Other avocado varieties are produced commercially but on a small scale, including Pinkerton, Reed, Booth 8, and Simmonds. You can always reach out if you want a specific avocado variety not featured on our website. 

Avocado Export Pricing

Avocado price per Kg in Kenya constantly fluctuates depending on demand and supply. The price is lowest during the peak seasons, that range between February and May. During the peak season, avocado prices per Kg will drop from 1.65 to 1.45 or less.

We have prepared a guide on avocado price per Kg depending on the variety you can check out. However, it’s wise to reach out to us via email at to get a detailed breakdown of pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Frutplanet Avocado Exporting Process

What Is the Best Avocado Variety for Export in Kenya?

The best avocado variety for export in Kenya is Hass, followed by Fuerte. Hass contributes to more than 80% of the total avocado exports in Kenya. However, Kenya has other commercially accepted avocado varieties, including Pinkerton, Reeds, etc.

Where Does Kenya Export Avocados Too?

Kenya exports avocados to China, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arabs Emirates. Most countries’ avocado exports are mainly targeted at Europe and Asia markets.

Who Is the Largest Exporter of Avocado in Africa?

The largest exporter of avocados in Africa is Kenya, with an export value of about USD 116 million.  Kenya growing avocado exports toppled South Africa’s and Tanzania’s in 2021, becoming the top largest exporter in Africa and 10th worldwide.

Who Are the Biggest Avocado Producers in Kenya?

Murang’a County is the biggest avocado-producing county in Kenya, followed by Kisii County. Commercial avocado varieties, also known as green gold, are mainly grown in the Mt. Kenya region and some parts of Eastern and Western regions. 

How Much Is a KG of Avocado in Kenya?

Avocado price per Kg in Kenya ranges between USD 1.00 and 1.70 per Kg. The cost mainly varies depending on the variety and the season. The most expensive avocado variety is the Hass avocado.

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