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Market Price: Price Of Red Chillies Per Kg

The price of red chillies per kg is often less unpredictable because there are a lot of factors in play. Besides, there’s very little information on market prices and what influenced the pricing. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of demand and supply and how they factor into play. Better, we’ll discuss the historical trends in prices and more.

Over the years, the price of red chillies per kg has fluctuated, making it hard for buyers to get reasonable prices. If you’re looking to order chillies in bulk, it’s only reasonable if you partner with a supplier who shares your zeal. FrutPlanet is a bulk chillies supplier with global market access. Contact or email us to request a quote.

Factors Affecting Price Of Red Chillies Per Kg

There are numerous factors influencing the prices of red chillies per kg. These are some of the factors that influence market prices.

No. 1: Chilli Variety and Quality:

Not all red chillies are created equal; their prices reflect this diversity. The variety and quality of red chillies play a crucial role in determining their market price. Rare and exotic varieties often come with a higher price tag, while factors like size, colour, and heat intensity contribute to the overall quality and subsequent pricing.

In addition, organically grown red chillies are expensive because they demand more attention. In addition, good quality deserves more attention as some chillies varieties are more susceptible to diseases.

No.2: Weather Conditions

The weather profoundly impacts chilli crops as it directly affects supply. Chillies appreciate warm and humid environments. The ideal environment should be 20 – 25 degrees; over or lower than that adversely affects chillies’ plant growth. 

Unfavourable weather conditions such as excessive rainfall, drought, or extreme temperatures can adversely affect the yield. The vulnerability to weather patterns contributes to unpredictability in prices.

No.3: Harvest Seasons

Like all other crops, red chillies are seasonal crops, and consequentially, their prices fluctuate during different harvest seasons. When the weather is good and the harvest bountiful, the supply increases. The supply increase directly lowers prices as the demand is less. 

On the other hand, bad weather lowers production, leading to higher demand than the supply. Therefore, seasons directly increase the prices of products in the market.

Price of Red Chillies

According to forecasts, the price of red chillies per Kg in 2024 will be 2.23 US dollars. We link this stagnation of price per kg to the constant decreased output and bad weather.

But has the price of red chillies ever been high?

The price per kilogram in 2017 was 2.80 US dollars, which is the highest it has been in years. The following years came with a price decrease with the lowest being 2020 during the COVID-19 peak. In 2018 the price per Kg was down to 2.39 US dollars. 

2019 and 2020 saw another significant drop to 2.25 and 2.11 US dollars per kilogram respectively. This was at the peak of lockdown and could be attributed to that. With the easing of most restrictions, 2021 and 2022 saw a slight price increase. The prices increased slightly from 2.11 to 2.22 US dollars per kilogram.

FrutPlanet market trends forecast indicates that by 2024, the price per kilogram of red chillies will be stagnating at 2.23 US dollars. We attribute this to the weather which wasn’t in any way friendly this year.

It is critical to realise that unforeseen events and location-specific factors might cause more price dynamics. We invite you to fill out the form above to obtain a precise and customised pricing quote for your region, particularly if you are considering placing a large purchase.

Red Chilli Price Trends

As a buyer, you must understand the historical and seasonal trends of red chillie prices before purchasing. The trends fluctuate based on weather conditions, harvest seasons, and global demand. 

So, to clearly understand the global market prices, we have to look deep at the export values of the top largest exporters and importers of chillies. 

Here is the export value of wholesale red chilli prices by the world’s largest producers:

Top ten largest produces export value for Red Chilli

Image source: Trends

Here’s what the largest importers from the producers within the same period.:

top 10 importers and their import value

Image source: Trends

The United States is the world’s biggest importer of chillies, while Mexico is the leading exporter. The sources mentioned above imply that the chillies market has evolved. But over time, demand has increased.

Where to Buy Red Chillies

When it comes to purchasing red chillies, FrutPlanet is a notable supplier. As a leading online platform specialising in fresh produce, we have garnered a reputation for providing high-quality red chillies to customers globally. 

Here’s why we stand out:

No.1: Wide Variety of Red Chillies

We offer a diverse range of red chillies, catering to different tastes and culinary preferences. Customers can choose the chilli that best suits their dishes, from mild to extra hot varieties.

No.2: Quality Assurance

One of the key factors that sets us apart is our commitment to quality. We ensure that all red chillies meet stringent quality standards, from selecting suitable fruits to the harvesting and packaging processes.

No.3: Transparent Pricing

We maintain transparency in our pricing, allowing customers to make informed decisions. At FrutPlanet, we provide clear information about the various red chilli varieties available and their corresponding prices, eliminating any ambiguity in the purchasing process.

No.4: Global Shipping

We cater to a global customer base, making it an accessible option for businesses worldwide. At FrutPlanet, we ensure that the bulk products can reach you, regardless of location.

Request a Quote Now

Are you ready to take your next step and order quality chillies in bulk? Whether you’re a business or an individual looking for affordable red chillies prices, FrutPlanet can help you. Here’s how you can request a quote from us:

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