What is Hass Avocado

What is Hass Avocado, and Why is it Popular?

Did you know that the Hass avocado accounts for over 50% of global avocado exports? Well, now you know. That makes it the most popular avocado variety.

This articles dive deep into how the variety came to existence. We expound on a single breeder committed tomaking a fruit that his kids will love ended up with world’s most spicy fruit. 

But before then, here is a little details about who we are: 

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What is Hass Avocado

Hass avocado is a medium-large avocado variety that has a bumpy texture and weighs about 250 grams on average. The avocado is green when fresh, but its skin colour changes to dark purplish-back when ripe.

Rudolph Hass bred the fruit in the late 1920s in California, and it’s now named after it. Rudolph patented the Hass tree in 1935 and contracted Harold Brokaw to grow and sell grafted trees. 

The Hass avocado tree resembles the Fuerte tree, although the former has softer branches and evergreen leaves. The tree starts bearing avocados as early as two years but reaches optimum maturing within seven years. A fully mature Hass avocado tree has a height of about 12 metres.

Hass avocado popularity has grown, making it the most commercially popular variety.

The Global Hass Avocado Market projects a 5.3% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the Hass avocado by 2027. In the United States, the per capita consumption of avocados is constituted at over 95% by Hass avocados. That represents triple its market share in the early 2000s.

But the question remains; 

Why is the Hass Avocado so Popular?

Creamy Texture and Rich Flavour

We love, you included, eating tasty fruits. Since its first bred, Hass avocados have had a creamy bumpy texture and a nutty flavour characterised by their high fat composition. A single Hass avocado has over 14 grams of fat owing to its tasty freshness.

When Rudolph Hass harvested surplus fruits and started sharing with friends, the avocado’s taste drove the chefs in California to buy a single fruit for $1(equivalent to $15 now). 

Long Shelf Life  

Shelf life is the time a product remains consumable or acceptable to eat. It’s imperative to consumers because, within this period, the fruit has the necessary chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics.

When most retailers are stocking a fruit or vegetable, one of the major concerns is the shelf life. No one wants to stock a highly perishable product. A product whose safety and quality will diminish fast.

Hass avocados have a longer shelf life compared to other varieties. Therefore, retailers are going to have ample time to sell. In addition, this means that the suppliers will have enough time to deliver the avocados while they’re still fresh.


Whether it’s Africa, Asia, the United States or Europe, the Hass avocado is highly adaptive. The fruit performs well in well-drained soils, with an altitude of 1000ml to 2500ml. The temperatures should be moderate and range between 18-25 degrees celsius. 

These conditions are easy to manipulate and are common in most regions. However, the Hass avocado does appreciate waterlogged areas as it’s susceptible to root rot.

Farmers love the Hass avocado tree because it does not require much attention when growing. In addition, the tree starts fruiting early enough, within two years and matures within seven years.

Social Media

The avocado industry can never ignore the enormous influence of food bloggers and influencers. The Hass avocado is versatile and can be used to create dishes, salads, and smoothies. The photogenic nature of the fruit has made it a popular choice among food bloggers and influencers.

Consequentially, this has propelled the awareness of the Hass avocado as a trendy, status fruit. Not forgetting its packed nutrients that include fats, fibres, vitamins, and minerals. 


We hope you’ve now identified some of the reasons why Hass avocado is popular. Its commercialization was mainly contributed by the fruit’s taste, adaptability, and physical appearance. 

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