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How to Negotiate Hass Avocado Wholesale Prices with Suppliers

Let’s face it; negotiating with suppliers isn’t easy for most people. And it will never be until we change the mindset behind negotiating. Most people imagine negotiation as getting avocados at the lowest wholesale prices possible. 

That’s not it!

Negotiation isn’t all about prices alone but also delivery times, payment terms, the quality of the avocados, and many more factors. Unfortunately, most business owners are bad negotiators as they view a good deal as the one that will meet all their requirements.

On the other hand, a good negotiator creates relationships and evaluates whether they would love to work with the supplier again. That way, they create a win-win situation for their business and the supplier for now and in the future.

But how perfect is the skill to be a great negotiator for Hass avocado wholesale prices? You perfect the skill by:

  • Researching the Market
  • Building a relationship
  • Being Flexible
  • Take Advantage of Market Fluctuations
  • Finding a Common round

We expound on each idea below.

#Step 1: Research the Market

If you’re going to negotiate Hass avocado wholesale prices, you must first understand the market. Researching the market helps you gather information about the product and the customers to ensure clear, informed negotiations. Even much better, it protects you from opportunistic suppliers.

Researching the market helps you make the best deals out of a negotiation. You define your negotiables, end goals, common ground, and walk-away position. Research helps you understand what you need and the best places to look.  

But how does doing good market research impact the negotiations with your supplier?

Research brings the supplier’s hidden currency to the limelight. Hidden currency is a business aspect that your potential supplier values. With proper negotiations, your supplier will break down how they settled at a particular wholesale price. 

In addition, researching helps you better understand the other side. You get inside the supplier’s mind and think to understand their negotiation playbook. More likely than not, you will find out where the negotiations will likely clash and how you can navigate through to your win.

Do you know your worth to the prospective supplier? What revenue generation share will you bring to the table? Can they afford to lose you? How bad does the supplier want you? The more value you bring to the table, the stronger your negotiation position.

#Step 2: Build a Relationship; Connect

Creating and building a great relationship with your supplier is extremely valuable to your business. Growing with your supplier and often letting them know you value their partnership is crucial to future negotiations.

A supplier you connect with is more likely to compromise on a few issues during the negotiations. In addition, good relationships help you work together effectively and manage conflicts in the long run. Therefore, business owners should pay attention to the importance of relationships in business deals.

But how can you build a relationship before negotiations with your suppliers?

First, you need to understand your supplier’s mission and business drivers. Then, understand how their business works and compile as much information as possible on their pressures. Such issues include pricing trends, market tariffs and constraints, regulation issues, and how government affects their trade.

Also, be authentic about building credibility and trust with your supplier. Don’t manipulate the supplier emotionally just to get a better deal. Keep the negotiations truthful, and don’t promise what you can’t keep in the long run. All aspects of the negotiation are often subject to the management, and once the tactics are identified, the deals go south. Gain trust by adhering to your business code of conduct; with time, you will build trust.

Lastly, know you’re negotiating toward a positive outcome for all parties, not just you. The supplier is more willing to compromise during negotiation if it’s clear that you want a win-win. Let the other parties know when you decide to compromise during your negotiation. If there is one giant compromise, you can work out a “let’s split the difference” model.

For example, some suppliers are willing to offer a low wholesale price if you guarantee a long-term partnership. This is one relationship you can build and develop for long-term negotiations. 

At FrutPlanet Exporters, we export fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products globally. Our pricing point represents fair compensation for the grower and cost to the customer.

#Step 3: Be Flexible, Compromise

If you didn’t know it yet, negotiations aren’t meant for your business to win. Instead, it’s about finding a win-win solution for both parties. Therefore, be prepared to compromise on some of your conditions as much as your suppliers.

When negotiating with your Hass avocado wholesalers, some of the non-negotiables may include quality and timely delivery. On the other hand, you can compromise on your wholesale price per Kg or the order amount. But how do you even determine the negotiable and non-negotiable factors?

Well, that’s why we started researching the market as our first point. When researching, you should note what your brand is willing to compromise and what you can’t. This list should be inspired by the effect compromising on these factors has on your business. Quality can hurt your business the most; therefore, that’s a non-negotiable factor.

On the other hand, do some homework on what the Hass avocado supplier can compromise and how it’s important to your business. If the supplier can compromise of wholesale price per Kg, you will get even better price points. Researching what you can be flexible about is key to more wins out of the negotiation.

Flexibility on your end and that of the supplier is key to successful negotiations. But don’t be flexible blindly; make compromises that are informed by understanding your business. 

#Step 4: Take Advantage of Market Fluctuations

If you have read several articles on our website, we insist on how important it is that you take advantage of market fluctuations. Lucky for you, here at FrutPlanet, we can keep an eye on the market for you. When there are surplus avocados, it’s easy to negotiate for lower prices.

But when are these fluctuations? Well, we have an article to help you understand the Hass avocado seasons. The wholesale prices of avocados are inexpensive when the peak season. These seasons in Kenya begin in February and extend to early May. During these months, the supplier is more compromised in wholesale pricing.

You can take advantage of market fluctuations by maximizing monitoring the markets, evaluating the trends, and proper timing. The time when avocados are in surplus as prices are more likely lower. But for you or any business owner to benefit from fluctuations, they must plan.

Planning means negotiating your prices in advance and bulk for better deals and more leverage. In addition, you should consider entering into long-term partnerships with suppliers. Your supplier should be flexible in pricing based on the resultant fluctuations.

FrutPlanet exporters would be your best partner in this case. We are open to short and long-term partnerships. Our prices are friendly and affordable; you can find out more about our pricing by requesting a quote for bulk avocados. You can also interact with us via email or call.

#Step 5: Find common ground, Else Walk Away.

There’s always room to find common ground where each one will have to compromise. One such way is negotiating on volume. At this point, you, as the buyer, will have to compromise on volume, whereas the supplier will compromise on prices. That means that you come to buy bigger Hass avocado volumes, and the supplier will offer you discounts.

Most suppliers, including us here at FrutPlanet, would offer discounts or lower Hass avocado wholesale prices for bulk orders. So if you’d love to order Hass avocados in bulk, contact FrutPlanet suppliers today.

Some of you may be asking, what if all fail? What if the supplier isn’t willing to compromise, and neither am I?

Here is a quick resolution for this; walk away! Yes, you should always be prepared to walk away in all negotiations. However, you don’t have to compromise too much for a deal that doesn’t work for you. Many Hass avocado suppliers are out there; some may agree to your terms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hass Avocado Wholesale Prices

What are the biggest suppliers of avocados?

Mexico is the biggest supplier of avocados worldwide, but in Africa, it’s Kenya. The learning Kenyan exporting companies you can partner with include FrutPlanet exporters, Oxfam, and Kakuzi. But what sets us apart from all other brands?

FrutPlanet exporters guarantee absolute customer satisfaction on all orders. In addition, we are reliable and offer competitive pricing that represents fair compensation for farmers. You can request a quote for wholesale avocados today.

Where is the market for Hass avocado?

The market for Hass avocados from Kenya is mainly in China, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. These are the major importers of avocados from Kenya. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t export to other destinations; we deliver bulk avocados globally, including the United States, Europe, United Arabs Emirates, etc.

Who are the best exporters of avocados?

Kenya avocados wholesale price is USD 1.60 to 170 or KES 1.85.54 per Kilogram. The price may change within the year as peak seasons approach. The price is lowered during Hass avocado peak seasons, from February to early May.

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