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Top 9 Largest Avocado Companies that Export in Kenya

Are you looking to export avocados in Bulk for your business? Or do you want to change your current or just explore your options? Well, you will love this list.

But why would you even think about exporting from the largest avocado companies in Kenya? Here are the facts:

Fact 1: Kenya is Africa’s largest avocado producer and exporter of avocados, exporting over 80K tons annually.

Fact 2: Kenya’s top 3 destinations for export avocados are China, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates.

Fact 3: Kenya has over 40 avocado varieties, but only Hass and Fuerte are mainly processed.

Avocado growing and exporting is a massive industry in Kenya. These facts inform the reason for preparing this article; to offer exposure to the largest avocado companies you can partner with to export avocados from Kenya.

Top 1: FrutPlanet Inc.

Coming first in the list of the largest avocado companies is FrutPlanet Inc. a leading avocado supplier with a global network distribution. Through a rigorous selection process, Frutplanet meticulously sources avocados from top-tier growers, ensuring that only the finest avocados grace their inventory.

FrutPlanet distinguishes itself from competitors through the establishment of a streamlined last-mile delivery logistics infrastructure. This strategic initiative ensures prompt doorstep delivery for clients, eliminating unnecessary hassle. By simply providing their warehouse address to a dedicated sales representative, customers can expect efficient order fulfillment. This innovative approach alleviates the burdensome tasks associated with customs clearance at ports, offering avocado dealers a smoother and more expedient delivery process.

With a global distribution network and a commitment to quality, Frutplanet ensures that customers in: India, Europe, and the Middle East have access to premium avocados year-round.

For more clarification on Frutplanet services use the email or call us at +254798799211, live chat, or request a quote for the product you’re interested in.  You can export about FrutPlanet on our about us page.

Top 2: Kakuzi PLC

Kakuzi PLC comes second as one of the largest avocado companies, manufacturers, and exporters. The company exports, among other products, avocados, blueberries, macadamia, livestock, and forestry products. Three Britons founded the company in the early 20th century. The company initially dealt with sisal farming but has constantly shifted its focus based on product demand.

The company is arguably the largest avocado producer and exporter in Kenya. Kakuzi’s main target market is China, which it hopes to double its export volume. They have extensive avocado orchards and export avocados to various international markets.

Top 3: Olivado Kenya Ltd

Olivado Kenya doesn’t have a deep history, not as FrutPlanet Exporters or Kakuzi PLC. However, the company has had its fair share of successes, leading to its appearance on this list. The company’s focus on avocado production began in 2007 in Nairobi. Unlike Kakuzi, which grows and exports its avocados, Olivado Kenya partners with its farmers, who supply them with avocados.

By extension, Olivado focuses on producing avocado oils and has its history rooted in New Zealand. Here in Kenya, they produce and outsource organic avocados, then export them to New Zealand, among other major destinations. The exports produce avocado oil and other avocado-based products.

Top 4 : Selina Wamucii

Like FrutPlanet Exporters, Selina wa Mucii is an end-to-end platform for agricultural producers and cooperatives. And similarly, the company offers sourcing and logistics management for buyers by connecting them with avocado sellers within Kenya.

It’s unclear (as of May 2023) when Selina wa Mucii was incorporated or its actual annual financial reports, as they aren’t publicly available.

Selina Wamucii is an agricultural commodities trading platform that connects smallholder avocado farmers in Kenya directly with buyers worldwide. However, the company’s focus is not limited to avocados but generally agricultural produce, from avocados, cereals, vegetables, and seafood.

Top 5: Vegpro Kenya Ltd

Vegpro Kenya Ltd, or VP Group, is a diversified agricultural company in Kenya with a history dating back to 1979 when it was incorporated. The company produces and exports a range of fresh produce, including avocados and flowers. The company had focused on the horticultural industry in Kenya since 1980, when it first exported flowers, and later, in 2001, it grew its first roses. VG Group has a great touch for the United Kingdom when it primarily exports its horticultural produce.

Like FrutPlanet Exporters, the company does not own its supply chain, especially for avocados. It partners with Kenyan small-scale growers to produce and export high-quality avocados.

Top 6: Kevian Kenya Limited

Kevian Kenya Limited (KKL) is a manufacturing company for agricultural produce incorporated in 1992. The company’s primary focus is sourcing and manufacturing agricultural-based products and exporting on a large scale. The company deals with anything agricultural, from fruit nectars, juices, drinking water, extracted juices, and carbonated soft drinks. Its market share is mainly the East African Market, where they export most of its food and beverage products.

Kevian partners with local small-scale farmers to source farm produce in Kenya. The company also helps international buyers access their farm produce supply chain.

Top 7: Kenya Horticultural Exporters Ltd

Kenya Horticultural Exporters (KHE) is a family-operated business incorporated in 1977. It grows and packs its agricultural products, and more than 30 different crops. Some of the products that the company exports include vegetables, herbs, and fruits, including avocados. Unlike most Kenyan exporters who source 100% of their produce supplies, KHE owns three Kenyan farms; Thiba, Naivasha, and Ontilili River farm.

However, like FrutPlanet exporters, they are hugely invested in the community by partnering with over 1000 small-scale farmers. KHE is a member of the Waitrose Foundation, a group that helps improve the livelihood of farm workers and small-scale farmers.

Top 8: Freshela Exporters

Freshela Exporters is an avocado exporter that helps buyers export avocados from Kenyan smallholder farmers. The company primarily focuses on Avocado fruits and assists with logistics management especially sourcing, sorting and packing, precooling transport, and shipping. The company has recently vested some interest in other agricultural products, including mangoes, pineapples, bananas, vegetables, and herbs.

The company promises its clientele, mainly in Europe and Asia, faster order delivery and superior production. However, there isn’t much information on when the company was incorporated or its annual financial reports.

Top 9: Renbridge Farm Fresh

Renbridge prides itself as one of Kenya’s top exporters of avocados and mangoes. The company exports agricultural produce from its farms and the smallholder farmers it partners with. Recently, Renbridge exporters have added passion fruits as one of its portfolio products, which they export in several varieties.

Although only a little information on the incorporated year or annual financial report is available in the public domain, the company claims to export several containers monthly. The company sources its avocado from the Mount Kenya region, especially Aberdare.

The Verdict

There are tens of local avocado exporters and suppliers in Kenya, and the number is likely to increase in recent future. Avocado production in Kenya is the top largest in Africa, with an annual production of about 176 045 tonnes as of 2023.

However, choosing a local Kenyan exporter isn’t always easy. And considering how vital your exporter is to the success of your business, you may need some guidance. Check out our guide on choosing the right avocado distributor for your business.

If you’re looking for a reliable Kenyan exporter with a touch on high-quality organic avocados, contact FrutPlanet exporters. We have been exporting fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seafood for over five years and have an extensive global distribution network. Our sorting, packing, and delivery processes meet international standards stipulated by Global GAP, KEPHIS, and HCDA, among others.

What’s better, our prices are competitive. You can contact us via email at, call us at (+254)798 799 211, or request a quote for bulk avocado today.

9 Largest Avocado Companies that Export in Kenya | FrutPlanet
largest avocado company

Coming first in the list of the largest avocado companies is FrutPlanet Exporters, a leading agricultural supplier with global network distribution. Unlike the top two other exporters, FrutPlanet exporters focus on helping avocado traders (and, by extension, fruit and vegetable traders) with the logistics of sourcing, pre-processing, and exporting avocados.

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