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    Organic Hass avocados are one of the most widely consumed fruits around the globe, and Kenya is a significant exporter of the product. If you’d love to buy organic Hass avocados of high quality, you should get them from a Kenyan supplier. 

    The nation’s agricultural sector has supported farmers in growing organic Hass avocados for the local and international markets. The organic Hass avocado has been in higher demand on the global market, and Frutplanet utilizes modern biotechnology techniques to ensure that it meets international export standards. 

    The Frutplanet technology has increased the productivity of the organic Hass avocado per single plant and reduced the maturity time. If you want to buy organic Hass avocados in Bulk, look no further than the Frutplanet. 

    Frutplanet is a leading exporter of organic Hass avocados in Kenya, consisting of a wide range of farmers spread apart within the nation who are only involved in the supply of high-quality Hass avocados. We, as Frutplanet, can help you buy organic Hass avocados from Kenya through the extensive network available. We provide services that involve buying Hass avocados locally and internationally.

    Additionally, being among the top exporters of organic Hass avocados, we can offer you the support of exporting logistics for the fruit directly from the farmer to you. 

    Why, therefore, should you believe in us?

    • Being one of the largest organic Hass avocado exporters, we have a solid reputation.
    • We exclusively ship organic Hass avocados of the highest quality that adheres to the rules and regulations established by the global market standards.
    • Unlike most Hass avocado suppliers, we provide our farmers with training in avocado cultivation to guarantee the fruits pass inspection.

    Kenya is among the leading exporters of organic Hass avocados in Africa. The country’s reputation for the nutritional value of the fruit precedes it. 

    • Kenyan hass avocados

      Kenya Best Organic Hass Avocado Exporters and Suppliers

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        Kenyan hass avocados

        Kenya Best Organic Hass Avocado Exporters and Suppliers

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        Kenyan Hass Avocado Export Destinations

        Our organic Hass avocado-producing farm and the remote farmers’ farms are certified for exportation to various nations across Europe and Asia. 

        Kenya’s largest Hass avocado market is the Netherlands, Spain, France, and European Union nations. The nation aims to expand its export market of Hass avocados to Asia, specifically Malaysia. The countries buy organic Hass avocados from Kenya in varying amounts based on the population and export permits provided by the government.

        Hass Avocado Season in Kenya

        Kenya’s primary production season for Hass avocado is June to mid-September. However, the country produces organic avocados throughout the year due to the equatorial climate. 

        If you’re looking to buy Hass avocados from Kenya, we will help you with the best purchase season. We, as Frutplanet, will provide you with the optimum time for exporting the Hass avocados from Kenya. 

        The best harvesting time for the Hass avocado in Kenya is April and September. An average tree of the Hass avocado produces about 230-320 kg annually. We at Frutplanet have embraced biotechnology mechanisms that increase the productivity range of the organic Hass avocados in Kenya at peak and low seasons. You can buy Hass avocados during these periods.

        Average Size of Kenyan Hass Avocados

        The average size of the Kenyan Hass avocado is approximately 266 grams. You can readily get avocados of this size in Kenya at any moment.

         If you’re looking to buy Organic Hass avocados of this size, look no further, we at Frutplanet can help you buy the Hass avocados. The Hass avocados from Kenya are sizeable, grown under the best agricultural conditions, and altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level

        These conditions enhance proper fruit development. Did you know that most European consumers go the stipulated size? Our reputation in the export market indicates that the specified size is the most preferred by most international markets. 

        Packaging of Hass Avocados

        We are the suppliers of the best quality Hass avocado from Kenya. We are certified by the international community and FDA as the Frutplanet company. Our product packaging is available in 4 kg and 10 kg organic boxes

        The packaging of Hass avocados is a matter of deliberation between the client and our company. The Hass avocados are packed in boxes that contain openings to facilitate durability and limit the spoilage of the product due to excessive heat. 

        The packaging material that Frutplanet uses is of high quality and ensures that the organic Hass avocados are delivered safely. If you want to buy Hass avocados from Kenya, Frutplanet will be the best company to look for. The reinforced caron boxes are our company’s best packaging materials to package the Hass avocados for exports and local purchases.

        How to test for Hass Avocado Maturity and Ripeness

        You might ask yourself how I test for organic Hass avocados’ maturity and ripeness. Well, there are many ways through which the tests can be done. For instance, a sample fruit will not indicate a sign of broken skin and insect stings. You will then allow the fruit to ripen at room temperature and examine and taste if the Hass avocado is ready for consumption.

         If you want to buy organic Hass avocados, we at Frutplanet will ensure that the confirmatory tests are conducted for you. The confirmatory test is that the fruit ripens within -15 days without indicating any shrivelling. It also shows a good flavour when mature. 

        You can tell that the Hass avocado is ripe when the colour turns purplish black and feels soft near the stem. You can also determine the maturity of the Hass avocado by observing the fruit stalk and if it appears to be larger, swollen, and slightly yellow. The seed coat of a mature Hass avocado seems to be dry, dark and shrivelled. The skin of the avocado appears to be dull and listless. 

        Healthy Benefits of Hass Avocados

        The avocado provides a higher nutritional value to human beings. The organic Hass avocado is high in vitamins C, K, E, and B6. The fruit offers a higher nutritional content of niacin, magnesium, pantothenic acid, and folic acid. 

        The stipulated avocado increases the physiological condition of the heart by providing beta-sitosterol that maintains the cholesterol content within the body. Eating an organic Hass avocado from Kenya will improve your eyes’ physiological status and vision. It reduces the LDL cholesterol within the body of an individual being.

        The lutein in the Hass avocados maintains healthy eyes for the individual. The Hass avocado from Kenya contains zero sodium, which is essential in lowering blood pressure. Consuming Hass avocados will significantly reduce your blood pressure to normal physiological levels. The presence of potassium and limited sodium in the Hass avocados will maintain a normal physiological status of your blood pressure.

        Nutritional Value of Hass Avocados

        Hass avocados contains several nutrients, including saturated fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fibre. The content of these nutrients varies significantly based on the production region, and Kenya has the highest level. We at Frutplanet will help you acquire the standard nutritional value of the Hass avocados through extensive selling in Bulk.

        Nutrient (g)

        Hass Avocado (136g)

        Saturated Fat






        Dietary Fibre


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          Shapes, Colours, and Sizes

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          Purple Passion Fruit: This passion variety weighs 35-50grams with a diameter of about 5cm. It has a purple-waxy, smooth rind with numerous light dots on the surface. Purple passion has a juicy, orange, seedy edible Centre, which is highly aromatic. It’s green when unripe and turns to deep purple when it ripens. 

          Sweet Passion Fruit: It has a hard shell orange-yellow in colour. Sweet passion fruit is seedy and has a white aromatic scent pulp. Unlike the other passion varieties, it’s blue when unripe and turns orange-brown when ripe. 

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          Shrimp distributors, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers who wish to buy shrimp online can partner with FrutPlanet to export quality seafood. We can help source farmed and wild-caught shrimps from some of the world’s leading shrimp producers. Order shrimp online and get sea-sourced seafood for the best taste.

        • Farm-Fresh Avocado Fruits Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and beverages that commits to customer satisfaction. Amongst FrutPlanet’s leading exports is the Avocado fruit

          Varieties: There are over 500 Avocado fruit varieties, but only about ten varieties are grown commercially worldwide. The most popular commercial variety is the Hass avocado. This variety accounts for about 95% of our total avocado exports. Other avocado varieties that FrutPlanet exports include Hass, Tonnage, Fuerte, Simmonds, Smooth 8, and Pinkerton. Irrespective of the avocado variety you’re looking to export, we have a wide database of farmers and can help you source it. Request a quote or contact us via email. 

          Size:  Avocado varieties have varying sizes, which is crucial during their packaging. Usually, we name the sizes depending on the number of avocados needed to fill a 25-pound carton. The sizes range from 24 to 84. For example, if an avocado is size 24, you will need 24 Avocados to fill the 25 pounds carton. Generally, our sizing guide illustrates that the larger the designated number, the smaller the size of the avocado. At FrutPlanet exporters, we handle the inspection of the packaging process to ensure that you get the exact size you order.  

          Colour:  A raw mature avocado is commonly green, although the colour may vary depending on the variety of the avocado. When the avocado ripens, its colour changes from green to black, although some varieties may remain green. FrutPlanet exports raw mature avocados that are green. We have a team of experts who work with farmers to ensure that the avocado is mature for the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

        • Fresh Pineapple Fruits Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a global exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and more. One of the fruits we export is pineapples.

          Colour: At the top of our consideration is the colour of the pineapple. Usually, fresh pineapple fruits have healthy green leaves and a greenish-yellow hue. A pineapple changes from green to yellow as it ripens; the yellow colouring indicates that the fruit is ripe. The FrutPlanet team is keen on the colour of the fruit before harvest.

          Shell: Our experts have been examining fruits for years, therefore, accumulated a lot of experience. One quick feature that we examine is the texture of its skin or shell. A mature and ripe pineapple has a firm but soft shell. It can hardly squeeze because the fibre is mature and full of juice. FrutPlanet commits to delivering only quality pineapples.

          Smell: A ripe, good-tasting fresh pineapple fruit has a unique scent. The smell is similar to a ripe mango fruit but a little distinguished. The smell often emanates from the lower bottom of the fruit. Otherwise, you’re less likely to feel any smell if the fruit is not ripe. Our team is obsessed with the scent of ripe pineapple and can easily set them apart. Be sure to receive fresh, unique-smelling fruits.

          Size and Weight: Without a doubt, the ripe fresh pineapple fruit is heavier because of the enormous juice it possesses. When harvesting the fruits, our team takes critical notice of the weight of the fruit and its comparative size. We are keen on your specifications at this point. Some of our clients love medium but heavy pineapples. You can state your specifications by requesting a quote.



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