Avocado Fruit Price Per Kg

Which Avocado Fruit Price Per Kg Is Best In Kenya?

Avocados are native to Central and South America, are nutrient-dense, and are also known as a superfood.

However, the practice thrives in subtropical and tropical climates giving Kenya a great advantage. Due to the fertile highland soils, Kenyan avocados are of premium quality, and most consumers prefer them as they are organic.

Consequently, Kenya is one of the top ten largest avocado exporters, with an export value of 79,000 metric tonnes in 2020. Different avocado varieties grown in Kenya differ in taste, texture, and price. Avocado fruit price per kilo depends on size, quality, season, and variety.

Making the right decision about the price of avocado can be difficult if you don’t understand the difference in the varieties. 

However, this article is a guide on different types and avocado fruit prices per kg to help you make an informed decision. Contact FrutPlanet for help with logistics when buying avocado in bulk.

VarietyGeneral AppearanceAvocado Fruit Price Per Kilo(USD)
Hass AvocadoDark pebbly skin1.62 - 1.65
FuertesElongated shape0.6
PinkertonLarge and pear-shaped1 - 2
ReedLarge and round1.50 - 2

Hass Avocado

Hass avocado is the most popular variety accounting for 80% of avocado production, here in Kenya. It is loved for its superior creamy taste as it contains more fat than other varieties and has a longer shelf-life. 

Moreover, this kind yields more and has a more extended harvest season. Hass avocado has a characteristic dark and bumpy skin colour when mature but white-green on the inside.

If you are comparing avocado prices, you will find that the hass avocado is more expensive than other varieties. In 2023, hass avocado fruit price per kg is around USD 1.62 and USD 1.65, while locally, it costs KSH 176.06 per kilo.


The fuerte variety is the second most popular type and has an elongated shape with a leathery green easy-to-peel skin. It turns purplish black when ripe and has an excellent oil content which is great for making guacamole. 

The fruit had it’s name, ‘fuerte’, from a Spanish name meaning strong after the fruit trees survived a long freezing season in 1913

Fuerte fruit price is slightly lower than hass avocado as they are more watery and contain less fat content. 

However, many still consider it sweet as it has a creamy flavour with a hint of hazelnut. Currently, fuerte avocado fruit per kilo is around USD 0.6 and locally KES 79. Meanwhile, the price per fruit is between KES 5 and KES 30, depending on the size.


Pinkerton is a larger variety with an elongated pear-shaped size and becomes dark green as it ripens. It contains a rich nutty flavor, making it ideal for sandwiches and salads. 

The fruit is easy to peel and has a creamy, pale green flesh with a delicious, rich nutty flavour. Pinkertons are ideal for a simple breakfast. The Pinkerton avocado fruit price per kilo is between USD 1 and 2 depending on the size and season.


The reed avocado is larger than other varieties and has a smooth, green skin that turns black when ripe. Additionally, they have a mild taste owing to low-fat content and take longer to mature. Reed avocados are round and have a creamy texture with a delicious buttery flavour. 

This variety bears fruit early and consistently and can remain on the tree for quite some time after maturity. However, reed avocados are sensitive and resistant to cold temperatures. The fruit price for this large variety ranges between USD 1.50 and USD 2 per avocado.

Other Varieties

There are many varieties of avocados grown in Kenya, and others include;

Nabal avocado: The nabal avocado is round and has smooth skin that turns greenish-yellow on maturity. This variety matures in 8 to 9 months.

Puebla avocado: the Puebla is pear-shaped and has a smooth skin that turns black when ripe.


With the increasing popularity of avocados worldwide, it’s essential to understand avocado fruit prices per kilo. This helps in determining what avocado variety to purchase and the budget. Do you want the popular type with high oil content, the one with a longer shelf life, or even the larger one?

Whatever your preference, the information above helps you navigate the avocado market. It is crucial to note that avocado size, quality, season, location, and market greatly influence avocado fruit prices.

If you are still stuck deciding what avocado to buy, FrutPlanet is here to help. We are a leading exporter and supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables and have expert opinions on market behavior. We streamline sourcing for avocados, quality control, risk management, shipping, and delivery at friendly rates. Request a quote today!

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