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Tips for Sourcing the Best Mangoes for Export

Mango fruit is among the most loved for its sweet, juicy freshness. In fact, according to statistics, out of all production of tropical fruits, more than half of the production was mangoes. But with over 1000 varieties available, sourcing the best mangoes can be frustrating.

In this post, we’ll take you through a few tips on sourcing the best mangoes, whether you’re a seasoned or newcomer mango lover. We’ll guide you through selecting a suitable variety and examining the fruit’s appearance.

The Mango Variety

One of the best tips to consider when sourcing the best mangoes is the variety. It is crucial to consider the variety because they vary in size, taste, availability, peak seasons, and more.

There are over a thousand mango varieties and cultivars worldwide. Most of these commercial cultivars originated from India, Thailand, and Mexico, the world’s largest producers of mangoes in 2022.

Some of the most popular mangoes worldwide include Alphonso, Carabao, Kent, Francis, and Keitt. But how is variety, if at all, what you want just to source quality mangoes?

First, not all mango varieties are perfect for export; therefore, consider issues such as freshness and quality when sourcing the best mangoes. For example, apple mangoes have a long shelf life. Unlike other varieties, such as kent, the variety has a long fresh life. 

Second, certain varieties are available in Asia, others in Africa, and some in South America. Varieties are distributed differently in regions, so you should be sure which varieties perform best in which regions. 

For example, the apple cultivar is primarily available in Kenya and other East African regions. On the other hand, Kesar and Alphonso are mainly available in India, while the Manila mango is mainly available in Mexico.

Sourcing the best mangoes requires deciding the varieties you’re looking for. Lucky for you, sourcing is what we help you with at FrutPlanet, and we help you identify and source suitable varieties and ease the logistics of exporting the mangoes. 

The Mangoes’ Appearance and Texture

People are more inclined to buy fruity, juicy mangoes. Appearance is an important factor to focus on when sourcing the best mangoes. And don’t be mistaken; not all mangoes look the same.

For example, apples have a rough, yellow texture which may be less appealing. Therefore, apple mangoes are best for juice blenders, unlike customers who want to buy fruit. Another reason why apples are best for blending juice is because of their long shelf life.

On the other hand, mango varieties, such as Kent, Keitt, etc., are best for people looking to buy full fruits. They are ideal because their texture is smooth, yellow, and juicy. Your customers are more likely to purchase them as fruits because of their appearance compared to apple mangoes.

So how do you source the best-looking mangoes?

If you’re sourcing in bulk, the best option is to look for an exporting company such as Frutplanet. Have a company that you can trust to help you source the best-looking mangoes that match your desired use. 

If you’re looking for mangoes to blend juice, appearance, and texture may not be important. However, if you display mangoes in supermarkets and grocery stores, you must focus on appearance and texture.

The Size of the Mango

Size is the third most important factor to consider when sourcing the best mangoes. Well, you will want to buy a fruity, fresh mango with fewer strings. 

Mango fruit size ranges between 60 to 160mm in height and 50 to 130mm in width. Big mangoes are more marketable and produce more juice. 

But what does size have to do with quality? Well, more often than not, most healthy mangoes grow to be big and juicy. That said, size depends on the variety of the mango.

The largest mango variety is Keitt, one of the best mangoes to the source. The Keitt variety is mostly grown in the Caribbean and Central and South America. 

So how do you ensure you source the best size of mangoes? First, you need an experienced exporter who can view differences in size fast. At FrutPlanet, we help you with more than just identifying size, and we help you identify and source small, medium, and large-size mangoes.


To sum it up, the three most important factors to consider when choosing the best quality mangoes are appearance and texture, variety, and size. The process gets flawless and effortless if you’re working with an exporting company.

FrutPlanet is one such exporter and can help you export mangoes to Europe, Asia, America, and more destinations. Have a question about our mangoes export services? Email us or contact our customer service team.

Sourcing Mangoes: A Look at the Mango Supply Chain
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