Top Largest Importers of Mangoes in the world

The Top Largest Importers of Mangoes in the world

Mango is a popular fruit that has accrued a massive demand in various countries worldwide. But if you’re a mango exporter, how do you identify the best markets to target? This list covers some of the largest importers of mangoes in the world.

Below is a comprehensive table with the import volume for mango.

No.CountryTotal Import Market share %2019 (tonnes)2020 (tonnes)2021 (tonnes)
2United States20.33%$40.49M$52.39M$66.01M
5United Kingdom5.71%$9.27M$12.80M$12.87M
9United Arab Emirates2.43%$4.52M$2.81M$3.44M


Due to its industrial use for the mango fruit and overwhelming demand, China imports about 20.65% of global production. Despite being one of the largest producers, the demand is yet unfulfilled.

In 2021, the export value of mangoes was USD 82.01M or about 49.33M metric tons. But the same year, the import value for fresh mangoes to China was about USD 831.95M or 287.69M metric tonnes. China mainly imports mangoes from Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. 

The United States

Statistics show that the United States is the second largest importer of mangoes in the world, mainly sourcing from Mexico. Mexico has a market share of 85% of all mango imports within the United States, which amounted to 57K metric tons between Jan – May 2022. 

Other countries where the United States sources mango imports include Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, with 2.4K tons and 2.3K tons, respectively. 

According to Tridge, the 2021 statistics show that the united states have a market share of about 20.33%. The high demand can be attributed to the increased processing capability and the enormous population of the united states. Other countries that export mangoes to the united states include Peru, Ecuador, Kenya, and others.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands comes third, importing about 9.02% of the total mango import volumes. Most of the Netherlands’ mango imports are sourced from Brazil and Peru, which accounts for about 169 K tons of the share. The Netherlands is a crucial role player in the redistribution of mangoes as of the over 230K tons it imports, over 212K tones are then exported. 

The Netherlands acts as a redistribution hub for mangoes to European countries such as Germany, France, and Switzerland. The country sources most of its mangoes from the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, and Senegal. 


In 2020, Germany’s export value was USD 37.03M for about 11.89M metric tons. However, the country imported over 108.84M metric tons, about USD 243.26M in value, the same year—about 6.04% of all global mango imports for 2021.

German is one of the largest importers of mangoes in the world with most of its imports mainly supplied through the Netherlands, one of Europe’s critical re-distributors of fruits and vegetables. 

The convenience of working with the Netherlands is helpful to the Germans as it assures quality. On the other hand, traders are guaranteed that should their products not meet german standards, they can be redirected to other markets—a win-win.  

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is amongst the largest importer of mangoes in the world with its key suppliers being Brazil, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The United Kingdom imports about 5.71% of the global market share, about 84.55M metric tons, which translated to about USD 230.20M in 2021.

On the other hand, the country exported about 2.12M metric tons or USD 8.34M. We can trace the attributed import growth to processing companies and the Britons’ love for tropical fruit.


Most of the global export destinations for mangoes are surprising some major producers of the same fruit. This illustrates a high demand for fruit in those countries. Effectively creating a global mango supply chain.

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