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    FrutPlanet is the best place to buy mangoes online in the region. Our Frutplanet team handful selects each piece to ensure we only deliver nothing else but the best quality organic mangoes online to you. Here are some characteristics of our mangoes:

    Colour: Different organic mango varieties have different colour distributions to define ripeness. We ensure that the mangoes we deliver are ripe and colour varies between bright yellow, red, pink, or light green. The organic mangoes we export are ripe to the core unless the customer dictates otherwise.

    Smell: Our farm-fresh mangoes have a strong, fruity, sweet, and fragrant aroma. Whether you process or eat them raw, the scent makes you ask for more. It’s a cocktail of what other fruits smell.

    Size: Frutplanet ensures you only get the size you love, small, medium, or large. We selectively choose full, plump, and rounded mangoes with a thick, packed fresh. Big, thick, and fibreless mangoes have a lot of juice which will be great for your business. 

    Taste: You can order organic mangoes with the best flavour from Frutplanet. Different mangoes have different taste levels. If you don’t have much experience with mango varieties, the Frutplanet team will help you through it. We source mangoes from different regions and can always help you find your favourite variety. 

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      Fresh Organic Mangoes

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        Fresh Organic Mangoes

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        The organic mangoes we export have high vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Usually, the distribution is 38% vitamin C, 1% calcium, and 13% Vitamin A. These minerals have enormous benefits for the body, and here are a few highlights:

        Promotes Heart Health: We only export farm-fresh mangoes as they contain many minerals, especially magnesium and potassium. These minerals support the cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure and the heart’s pulse. Some regions we source fruits from guarantee a good Mangiferin mineral. This is an antioxidant that reduces heart inflammation.

        Reduces Cancer Risk: The natural mangoes we harvest, and export ripens on the tree to ensure that the yellow-orange skin is natural. The pigment on the fresh mango fruit has an antioxidant called Beta-Carotene. The antioxidant fights radical elements often associated with causing cancer in the body. We participate in the harvesting process to ensure that we only fulfil your order with ripe and sweet mangoes.

        Helps The Digestive System: Although commercially, most customers love organic mangoes with fewer fibres, their presence could be enormously beneficial to the body. Fibres help stabilise the digestive system by preventing constipation. Therefore, the body will digest heavy meals effortlessly without stressing your stomach enzymes and hormones. We will customise the order to fit your request if you want to order mangoes with fewer or more fibres.

        Boosts Your Immunity: The farmers we partner with grow organic mangoes; therefore, the fruits contain high levels of vitamins A and C. The two vitamins are essential in the body in boosting the immune system. The deficiency of the two vitamins puts the body at risk of infection. More specifically, Vitamin C helps produce more white blood cells. The cells are responsible for fighting diseases and ensuring efficiency in fighting diseases and skin infections.

        Prevents Diabetes: Eating fruits such as mangoes is one of the best ways to prevent diabetes. Vitamin C and Carotenoid antioxidants are the components responsible for the task. They contain the onset of diabetes.

        FrutPlanet is the best exporter to order organic mangoes online from. We export a dozen other minerals that benefit the body, but the above listed are the most conspicuous. 

        We at FrutPlanet aim to ensure we offer the best organic mangoes online. We preserve quality from the garden, packaging, and delivery. Our commitment to quality is why our grading and sorting process stands out and is delicate. We sort mangoes for weight, colour, size, and skin quality. 

        We go a step higher from just using the machinery to handpicking the fruits. Our premises are under regular inspection by Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service.

        When you buy organic mangoes online from FrutPlanet, we organise each mango in pod-like polystyrene that’s clean, white, soft, expandable, and soft. The soft pod protects the mangoes from possible bruises during transportation. Then the set is then packaged in ventilated boxes and sealed with adhesive tape. We seal the box to prevent the entry of pests and enhance the flow of air inside the fruits. That way, the fruits will remain fresh the entire journey.

        Eventually, we stamp and label the boxes using non-toxic ink. We ensure the entire process complies with the code of practice for packaging and other standards in the local and international markets.

        The number of mangoes per box varies depending on the mango variety and their size. Usually, we pack the mangoes in groups of 6 to15 pieces.

        We export over 20 mango varieties: Apple, Kent, Tommy, Ngowe, Francis, Glenn, Kent, Madame Francique, Ataulfo, Valencia Pride, Keitt, Dodo, Batawi, Boribo, etc.

        Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana

        How Do You Bring Mangoes to Export?

        We package the natural mangoes in pieces that could range from 6 to 15 per box. We enclose each fruit within the box in an expandable, soft, and clean pod-like polystyrene clothing. The materials protect the mangoes from rubbing each other’s skin and bruising.

        Additionally, we wrap the box interior with an air bubble wrap or a packaging foam material. The material conforms with the fruits and ensures they arrive fresh no matter the mode of transport.

        Which variety of mango is mostly for export?

        The right answer depends on the region you’re exporting from. For example, Apple contributes upto 80% of total mango exports in Kenya mainly because it has a long shelf life. The mango can last up to 30 days or more when well stored in the freezer.

        Where do you export to? 

        FrutPlanet is the best place to buy mangoes online and has customers distributed worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, the United Emirates, etc. The destination also varies depending on the farmers we’ve partnered with. For example, most of the mangoes we source from East African farmers, including Kenyan farmers, are destined for the United States and the Middle East.

        How do I order Mangoes from FrutPlanet?

        Buying organic mangoes online from FrutPlanet is relatively easy using our website. First, you must request a quote for the mangoes and share specifications like order amount, destination, etc. 

        Our customer service team will get back to you within 1 or 2 business days with more information on order availability, varieties, etc. Once we have settled on an order, you will be redirected to creating a buyer’s account. Once you create an account, you will be requested to make payment for the order using the available payment methods.

        Want to know more about ordering organic mangoes online on Frutplanent? Contact our customer service now!

        When can I expect my order?

        Once you buy organic mangoes online from FrutPlanet, we process and confirm your order. We source within one week and deliver within 2 to 5 business days, depending on the destination. Our friendly customer team will keep you in the know throughout the entire process, from ordering to delivery.

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        • Sweet and Fresh Passion Fruits Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a reliable passion fruit supplier, and exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages and more.  Passion fruits are amongst what we take pride in exporting. 

          Besides fruits and vegetables, we also export fresh flowers worldwide, especially to the United States, Europe, the United Arabs Emirates and more. Engage us by requesting a quote today.

          Shapes, Colours, and Sizes

          Passion fruits are a berry, mostly round or oval. The colours, when they are ripe, change depending on the varieties. 

          At FrutPlanet, we are keen to select fully ripe fruits with the correct colour, size, and shape depending on the variety of the passion fruit. Additionally, we evaluate each passion fruit variety to fit your specific requirements on the fruits’ sizes, colours, and shapes. 

          Varieties of Passion Fruit

          There are several varieties, but the most common are purple, yellow, and sweet passion fruits.

          Yellow Passion Fruit: Yellow passion is slightly larger than purple passion. It weighs 60-65 grams with a diameter of 5-10cm. They are round or oval in shape and golden yellow when ripe. The outer peel is light and airy. 

          Purple Passion Fruit: This passion variety weighs 35-50grams with a diameter of about 5cm. It has a purple-waxy, smooth rind with numerous light dots on the surface. Purple passion has a juicy, orange, seedy edible Centre, which is highly aromatic. It’s green when unripe and turns to deep purple when it ripens. 

          Sweet Passion Fruit: It has a hard shell orange-yellow in colour. Sweet passion fruit is seedy and has a white aromatic scent pulp. Unlike the other passion varieties, it’s blue when unripe and turns orange-brown when ripe. 

        • Buy Alstroemeria From Exporters And Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Located in Kenya, FrutPlanet is an established exporter and supplier of fresh-cut flowers of different varieties, including alstroemeria. We help source and buy alstroemeria online from certified farmers and deliver to diverse markets in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and further. 

          Request a quote to buy alstroemeria or any other FrutPlanet product offering, such as vegetables, fruits, spices, cereals, beverages, and seafood.

          Growing Alstroemeria

          Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, is native to South America, but you can now find varieties in professional farms all over the globe. Kenya has one of the largest floral industries in the world, alongside the Netherlands, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium, Italy, China, and Ethiopia. 

          In Kenya, growing alstroemeria for export started in the late 1960s and gained momentum in the mid-1970s. Each month since 2019, Kenya exported between 8 and 24.4 thousand metric tons of cut flowers, including alstroemeria. On average, the monthly export value ranged from USD 70M to USD 129M.

          We believe you are on this page because you want to buy alstroemeria. If your target market is the top alstroemeria-producing nations like Kenya, leave the painstaking sourcing, packaging, and shipping process to FrutPlanet. Whatever the alstroemeria varieties or bulk order, we can help thanks to our vast network and resources.

        • Buy Salmon Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Do you want to buy salmon online? FrutPlanet is your go-to supplier and exporter of high-quality seafood products, including salmon. Our professional export service spans years as we export globally to Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our seafood products come from trusted farmers and are GAP-certified. Contact FrutPlanet and buy quality salmon that meets international standards.

          What Is Salmon?

          Salmon are fish of the Salmonidae family found in lakes and oceans, although 60% of the salmon sold is farmed. Penned salmon are of high quality and conform to EU export standards; however, sea salmon are more nutritious. China introduced a strategy to breed salmons in pens, a sustainable technique that broadens the global salmon market. In 2019 China exported 4.7 million kilos of salmon.   

          The world’s leading salmon producers are Norway, Chile, Canada, and China. In 2020 Norway exported salmon worth USD 8.3 billion, Chile USD 650 million, Canada USD 25.6 million, and China USD 39,945 thousand. To buy salmon online, whether farmed or sea sourced, contact FrutPlanet.

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          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices. We work with local growers to bring you the freshest, most vibrant banana fruits in the market. Our products are sustainably grown and always delivered fresh!

          Skin Colour: Unripe banana fruits are solid green and waxy when freshly harvested and have a variety of shades in between as they ripen. On the other hand, ripe banana fruits’ skin colours vary depending on the variety. They can be yellow, green, purple, or red. Overripe banana fruits will turn black or have brown spots on their skin. At FrutPlanet, our banana fruits are harvested 2-3 weeks earlier before they are fully ripe to ensure you get fresh-ready banana fruits unaffected by any post-harvest blemishes.

          Fruit Sizes and Shapes: Fresh banana fruits are almost always curved-shaped and can range from 2 ½inches to 12 inches long and ¾ – 2.5 inches wide. One example is the Cavendish banana fruits, which have a bunch of elongated, cylindrical, and slightly curved, with slightly pointed end fruits. Immature banana fruits have a square or sharp angular shape in cross-section, which changes to a more rounded shape as it ripens. FrutPlanet ensures its employees in the plantations harvest all banana fruits by hand using a two-team person to preserve their natural shape and ensure they are cut off as a bunch.

          Varieties: There are over 1000 varieties of banana fruits, each with unique characteristics and flavour profiles. Some popular varieties at FrutPlanet include the Cavendish banana fruits, Gross Michel, Apple banana fruits, gold finger, and lady finger banana fruits. FrutPlanet exporters work with a network of growers to offer our customers their exact specifications.

        • Order Crabs Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a supplier and exporter of fresh seafood that helps you buy wholesale seafood online in bulk. FrutPlanet exports seafood from some of the world’s largest producers. We help customers buy crabs online and export by facilitating a smooth logistics procedure from sourcing, harvesting, packing, and exporting to your destination. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operation.

          What Are Crabs

          Crabs are found in both fresh and salty water.  Crabs have very short tails with thick shells. They thrive in warm and icy water, irrespective of how deep or shallow the environment is. 

          The world’s largest crabs producers are China, Thailand, and Bangladesh. The three contribute a significant share of the global crab market, valued at US$ 8.2 Billion in 2021.  More specifically, China’s export values were US$ 737,038, US$ 699,983, and US$ 333,833, respectively, for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.

          Do you want to buy crabs online in bulk? Visit the FrutPlanet website today, and we’ll help you source, pack, and deliver the crabs right to your door.

        • Fresh Bulk Watermelons For Sale Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a reliable exporter of fresh fruits, vegetables, beverages, spices, and more, including freshly ripe watermelons. We have fulfilled global and local orders for years while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. You can order our fresh watermelons for sale by requesting a quote here!

          Watermelon Exporters in Kenya

          There are a dozen watermelon exporters in Kenya, but one of the leading companies is FrutPlanet Exporters. FrutPlanet exports fresh watermelons globally and is the exporter of choice for many businesses worldwide, not by chance. We have designed our business model to be customer-centred. Here’s why you should work with us:

          100% Customer Satisfaction: When you order watermelons for sale, we stand by what we export, unlike most exporters. Our aim here at FrutPlanet is to meet your expectations.

          Organic Farm Products: We are pioneers of organic farming methods in Kenya and beyond. And that’s why we have made it our creed to partner with farmers who practice what we preach, organic farming

          You can order our watermelons for sale by requesting a quote on our website. We guarantee you only quality products.

          Watermelon Production in Kenya

          Watermelon production is arguably one of the most popular farming ventures in Kenya. This fruit performs well in warm Kenyan regions with high rainfall. Watermelon production regions in Kenya include Machakos, Makueni, Coastal regions, etc. Most Kenyan farmers in Kenya are small-scale farmers. When you order watermelons for sale from FrutPlanet exporters, we source the products from these farmers and handle the logistics.

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