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What Is the Price of One Avocado?

Are you wondering what the price of one avocado in Kenya and other world major producers is? Or are you a retailer wondering where to source avocados in bulk? We can help.

FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of avocado fruits, and we have access to real-time data on avocado pricing. If you’re a retailer looking for the best sources for avocados to export, email us at [email protected] for a more comprehensive market analysis report. 

We have been sourcing and exporting avocados for over five years. Over the years, the price of one avocado has varied significantly depending on the country, region, season, quality, supply-demand dynamics, and other factors

In addition, the prices change frequently; therefore, the prices indicated below represent the current prices at the time of writing (2023), which may not necessarily be the same as your reading time. You can confirm the prices via email or call.

The top 10 largest avocado producers are Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Brazil, Haiti, Vietnam, and Chile. These countries export avocados at a price per piece, although some may sell by weight. But whatever the metrics, the price of one avocado is influenced by local production cost, cost of import, transport expenses, and market competition.

Here is an overview of prices in different regions.


Kenya is the largest avocado exporter in Africa and 6th worldwide, with an export volume of over 50M metric tons annually. The export value was USD 145M for an export volume of about 95.91M in 2021. The export volume increased from USD 106.99M in the previous year, 2020. 

The price per avocado in Kenya ranges from USD 0.40 to 0.70, depending on the varieties. Locally breed avocado varieties are often expensive because of their distinctive taste, big size, and shelf life.

Over the years, the price of one avocado has constantly fluctuated, as have the production and export costs. Here is an overview:

YearPrice of one avocado(USD)Price per kilo (USD)Export volume (Metric tonne)Export value USD (Million)

The price per kilo of avocado was the worst in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in flight restrictions. 

The Hass avocado variety is the most exported from Kenya, with an export market share of over 80%. However, Kenya also exports other commercial varieties such as Fuerte and Jumbo. Most Hass exporters from Kenya source the fruits from local small-scale growers. 

Kenya avocados’ main importers are the Netherlands, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, the Middle East, and China. China’s importation of Kenyan avocados has consequently increased recently. From July to October 2022, the export value of avocados to China was Sh. 7 Billion or USD 70M. The expected avocado export volume to China for 2023 is 20K metric tonnes.

Kenya is one of the best sources of organic Hass avocados when buying in bulk. Our farmers have a deep understanding of sustainable farming practices. Besides, you can partner with a local exporter to help you with sourcing, packaging, and transporting avocados.


In Mexico, avocado prices range from 60 to 80 pesos per kilogram in retail. The wholesale avocado price is $2.35 to $2.53 per kilogram in Mexico, depending on the variety, size, and quality. The price for wholesale avocados in Mexico may be lower during peak seasons when supply is high.

Mexico is the world’s largest exporter of avocados, with an average annual avocado export volume of 1.67M metric tonnes. The volume is projected to increase by 5.2% annually until 2028. Mexico exports about half of its yearly products, with the major importer of Mexican avocados being the United States.

The price of one avocado in Mexico is relatively lower due to the abundance of supply. The local prices in Mexico can range from USD 0.30 to 0.50 per avocado or higher depending on size, quality, and regional variations.


Avocado prices in Europe vary across countries due to different import costs, tariffs, and market conditions. Generally, the wholesale prices for avocados range between USD 3.50 and 3.80.

The price of one avocado in retail shops may vary but is often $1.00 to 1.20. 

Europe is a significant destination for Kenyan avocados, especially the Netherlands. Spain is Europe’s largest avocado producer, so the price of one avocado in Spain may be lower than in Germany.

It’s important to note that these prices can be subject to significant fluctuations due to seasonal variations, regional differences, and market conditions. Prices may also differ in specialty or organic markets, where premium avocados can command higher prices.

It’s worth mentioning that bulk purchasing or buying avocados in larger quantities often leads to better deals or discounted prices. Contact FrutPlanet to request a quote for bulk avocados. Email us at [email protected] to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on avocado prices. We provide real-time pricing data that reflects fair compensation for growers and competitive pricing for you.

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