The Current Hass Avocado Price Per Kilogram

What Is The Current Hass Avocado Price Per Kilogram?

The hass avocado is a mix of different varieties and has been around since the 1900s. Its superior variety has gained popularity, making it the most common avocado variety. 

Hass avocado is widely grown for its versatility in dishes and nutritional benefits. Other advantages include better-ripening properties, easier storage and shipping, and a higher crop yield.

Conversely, this variety is more expensive than other kinds as it has more demand and is more complex to grow. 

The hass avocado price depends on different factors such as demand, season, inflation, and climate change. It is important to understand hass avocado price per kilogram in different regions before you buy in bulk.

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The table below shows the leading exporters of hass avocado and their export value in 2021. 

RankCountryExport Value in million US dollarsCurrent Wholesale Price Per Kg(USD)


Mexico is a world leader in hass avocado exports and exports 1.68M tonnes annually worldwide. The country owes the high avocado production to its ideal climate and regular rainfall, which allows for consistent all-year-round production. 

In addition, Mexico exports more than 80% of its hass avocados to the USA, while other major markets include Europe, Japan, and Canada.

The wholesale price of hass avocado in Mexico has fluctuated over the years. In 2023 the hass avocado price per kg is around USD 2.53 and USD 2.35, while a tonne costs USD 2526 in Mexico City. 

However, in 2019 the cost of hass avocado was between USD 2.53 and USD 2.57 per kilogram, an increase from the previous years. In 2021 the cost of hass avocados dropped by 67% due to an overproduction of the fruit.


The Netherlands plays a major role in the hass avocado trade and is among the leading exporters to Europe. Because the Netherlands is a non-producing avocado exporter, it ships most of its avocados from countries like Kenya and Mexico.

Factors such as weather and seasons affect the price of hass avocados; as such, the prices keep changing, making the market unpredictable. In 2023 the price of hass avocado is between USD 3 and USD 4, but it goes as low as USD 2.97 depending on the season.

In 2020 Netherlands exported avocados worth USD 2,091M, an increase from the previous years. In the same year, hass avocado cost USD 3.05 per kilogram, while in 2019, the cost per kilogram was USD 3.28. 


Spain exported 140.51M metric tonnes of avocado in 2021 at a value of USD 463.76M, the highest volume according to statistics. Due to the ideal subtropical climate and fertile soil, a third of Europe’s avocados come from Spain, specifically from Malaga. Another advantage of Spain among the leading exporters is its geographical positioning.

In 2023, the price range for a kilogram of avocados in Spain is between US2.03 dollars and US3.05 dollars per kg. The current wholesale rate remains steady at US2.46 dollars.


Are you sourcing for hass avocados from Kenya? Hass avocados thrive in high-altitude tropical regions making Kenya the ideal place for hass avocado production. In 2021, Kenya exported 95.91 million metric tonnes of hass avocado, with an export value of USD 143.09 M.

In 2023 hass, avocados price per kg is between US$ 1.62 to US$ 1.65 and around KSH 10 and 17 per fruit. This is an increase from the previous years, as before 2019, the cost was US$ 1.51. Due to high global demand for hass avocado Kenya’s exports in 2020 rose by 15% to 79000 tonnes compared to the previous year’s 63000 tonnes.

However, the following year the prices fluctuated due to a -5% decrease in production. Nevertheless, the export value was a record high due to a high avocado demand.


Whether you are a producer, trader, or consumer, hass, avocado has nutritional and economic value. 

Due to its versatility, hass avocado demand will continue to rise, as will the prices. Therefore, tracking different hass avocado prices per kg from different regions is paramount. 

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