The Top Largest Fresh Orange Producers

The Top 5 Largest Fresh Orange Producers

Oranges are some of the most loved agricultural produce, especially because of their industrial importance. Despite providing the body with vitamin c, the fruit is often blended with other products to produce juice. Therefore as a retailer, it keeps you ahead of the trend if you understand more about the top largest orange producers.

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Although oranges are grown globally, the largest fresh orange producers contribute to over half of the total production. The table below highlights the top ten largest producers and the market share:

CountryProduction Share (%)201820192020
United States6.323.54M4.83M4.77M
South Africa2.421.53M1.56M1.6M

Top 1 – Brazil

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of fresh oranges and accounts to more than a quarter of the world production. Most of the oranges in brazil are grown in Sao Paulo States and Minas Gerais State. The orange growing regions are further divided into four areas: North, Northwest, central, south, and southwest. The categorisation makes it easy to balance between bearing and non-bearing trees.

The country’s orange farming has a high level of varietal homogeneity, as only a handful of varieties are grown. These include Pera, Natal, Bahia, Valencia, Hamlin and Westin. The peak season for oranges in Brazil is between May and August.

Top 2 – India

India is the second largest producer of oranges globally, controlling about a tenth of the global production. The major orange-growing states include Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Punjab. Madhya Pradesh produces 41.24%, Punjab 23%, and Maharastra approximately 15% of total oranges in India.

India grows mandarin orange varieties, and some of the most popular types are Ngapur Snatra, Coorg Santra, Khasi Santra, Khasi Santra, Mudkhed, Shringar, Sumithra mandarin, and many more. The mandarin orange constitutes over 50% of the total citrus produced in India.

Top 3 – China

China is the third-largest producer of oranges in the world, with over 12 provinces participating. The leading orange-producing regions include Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, and Chongqing. The mandarin orange, one of the most popular oranges in Asia, is native to China. The variety gained popularity because it grows to a small citrus tree, easing harvesting and other practices.

 The mandarin oranges grown in china can be categorised into several cultivars. The cultivars include Lukan, Ponkan, Swatow, Kinno, and Dekopon. Each of these cultivars is associated with different characteristics. For example, the Dekopon orange cultivar is known as the sweetest, whereas the Lukan is best known for its size and ease of peeling.

Top 4 – The United States

As the fourth largest producer, the united states account for over 5% of global oranges production. The oranges are mainly grown in California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. The US production is often halted by citrus greening, a disease that affects the fruits. As a result, lowering the overall production of fruits.

The most popular orange varieties in the united states are the Washington Navel, Valencia, and the Hamlin. The number of oranges varieties in the US goes beyond 400 varieties, but the most common is the navel.

Top 5 – Mexico

Apart from ruling the world production in the avocado industry, Mexico produces over 5% of the global orange produce. The most prevalent citrus-growing state in Mexico is the state of Veracruz. The state stands out as the largest producer because of its rich soil and humidity; I deal with conditions for oranges.

Like the United States, the most popular varieties are Valencia, Lane Late, Navel, and Navelina. Valencia is the dominant variety and controls the peak season starting in early December.


The top largest producers of oranges are Brazil, India, China, the United States, and Mexico. Combined, these regions influence the trends of oranges in global production. The countries control over half of the worldwide supply chain, making it unwise for any exporter to ignore them.

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