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Factors Affecting Wholesale Prices of Oranges

You’ve probably been selling oranges for a while now, but are you maximizing profit? What if we told you that you could make more profits by taking advantage of the wholesale prices of oranges? 

Yes, you can! FrutPlanet experts have been in the exportation industry long enough, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

In this article, we’ll shed light on how various factors affect the wholesale prices of oranges. We go further to guide you on how to take advantage of each factor and optimize your return on investment.

The Season

What’s the best time to buy oranges wholesale? Well, during peak season. Depending on the variety you purchase, the monthly range may fluctuate. 

For example, you will get Washington navel oranges from December until March, blood orange varieties from December until April, while, you will get clementines and tangerines from late October to January.

We are a leading exporter of oranges in Kenya and help business source and export oranges during peak season. We always ensure that our clients get affordable oranges at an affordable price per kg, even when they are in low supply from other countries

Supply and Demand

Another factor that largely affects the wholesale price of oranges is supply and demand. When there is plenty of oranges following a good harvest, the demand is usually low, and the price of oranges will likely fall as suppliers will compete to sell their oranges. 

But if there is a shortage of oranges in the market due to a poor harvest or high demand, suppliers may increase their prices as buyers compete to purchase the available oranges.

By working with an expert oranges exporting company such as FrutPlanet. You will be guaranteed the orange prices and the best quality in the market. In addition, we always source our oranges from farmers who produce organically grown oranges so that our customers can have the best. Request a quote from us today!

Transportation Costs

The cost of transporting oranges from the farm to the wholesale market also affects the price. If the farmer or supplier pays high transportation costs, the wholesale price of oranges will be higher to compensate for the additional expense. 

Poor road networks and high airfare will lead to higher prices, while vice-versa will lead to a cheaper buying price.

Weather conditions

The climatic conditions can affect the supply of oranges. Oranges require a specific climate to grow, with a balance of sunshine, heat, and water. 

Whenever there are extreme weather conditions, orange production is greatly affected because these extreme weather elements damage orange crops, reducing the supply on the market. This reduction in supply can drive up the wholesale price of oranges, as there is less supply to meet the demand.

Also, during hot weather, consumers are more likely to purchase oranges as they are a refreshing source of hydration and vitamins. While during colder weather, demand for oranges may decrease as consumers may opt for other types of fruit that are more in season or available at a lower price.

Market competition/ Availability of Substitute Products 

When there are several orange suppliers selling to wholesalers and retailers, they will compete against each other to sell their oranges to buyers. This competition can drive down the wholesale price of oranges as suppliers try to undercut each other’s prices in order to win over customers. 

What happens when there are only a few orange suppliers in the market? You guessed it right, the wholesale price for oranges will be higher.

Another factor that affects market competition in the orange market is the availability of substitute products. If there are many types of fruit available in the market, consumers will purchase them as substitutes for oranges. 

This will force suppliers to lower their prices to remain competitive. However, if few substitutes are available, suppliers may be able to maintain higher orange prices.


Effective packaging can help to protect the oranges during transportation and storage, improve their shelf life, and enhance their presentation to buyers. However, the cost of the packaging is usually factored into the wholesale price of oranges. 

The cost distribution will vary depending on the type of packaging used. The different packaging options include Cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and mesh bags.

Flavor and Harvest time

The tastes and preferences of consumers greatly affect the prices of oranges. If the customers prefer the sweeter variety over the tart, sour oranges, then their price will be higher. 

When you harvest mangoes during their pick season, you get freshness at its best quality. That way, you can command a higher wholesale price.


Understanding wholesale prices is key to the success of your orange fruits business. The knowledge helps you make informed decisions to keep your business afloat, even as others struggle. We trust discussing the seven factors above has been helpful to you and your business.

But let’s face it!

Tracking all these factors can be frustrating, so why not consider partnering with a trustworthy exporter? One such partner is FrutPlanet exporters. We help you source, process, and export quality oranges in bulk at an affordable price per Kg. You can contact us now to request a quote!

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