Orange Market Analysis

Orange Market Analysis: Consumer Preferences, Trends, and Forecasts

Did you know the orange and citrus gloves industry was worth over $6.935 billion in 2020-21? What’s better, the compound annual growth rate of the orange and citrus industry will be 4% by 2028.  

These predictions are evidence enough of the revenue generation capability of the global agricultural industry. And you can be among the businesses that will benefit from it if you study and predict the current market trends.

Like all other industries, the orange market is driven by consumer preferences (which are predictable) and many other factors. We aim to help you understand and analyze the orange market trends.

Consumer Preferences

Consumer preferences are opinions on tastes, appearance, and size. Consumer preferences are subjective to each customer and are significant determinants and influencers of the demand and supply for oranges.

Some of the most common factors that influence consumer preferences for oranges include:

Taste: If you are like the rest of us, you appreciate tasty, juicy oranges. Oranges with a higher proportion of sugar are more likable by consumers because they can use them to blend juice. Therefore, the market appreciates the sweet orange variety more than the tasteless ones.

Appearance: The appearance captures the consumer’s attention at first. The deep irresistible orange color or whichever variety has. More often than not, oranges that turn to deep orange color when ripe are preferred. Naturally, humans relate appearance to taste.

Nutrition: Consumers are becoming more informed about the benefits of each orange variety and are now aware of the nutritional value and ingredient composition of the oranges. For example, oranges are highly recommended as a great source of calcium and other minerals such as potassium.

Orange varieties command the market with respect to their price. The valencia and navel varieties lead in domestic consumption because they’re affordable and within the fruit cost range. On the other hand, the Dekopon variety is less consumed because its pricey.

Market Trends

Orange market price trends are constantly and rapidly evolving mainly because of shifts in production, consumption, and other supply and demand chain factors. Another factor that has greatly influenced market trends is the entry of GMO products.

There has been global demand for organically grown oranges. Consumers are more informed on the health concerns that have resulted from GMO products.

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Another key player in the global supply chain is the farmer. Orange growers are increasing the use of technology in farming. Some of the most common technologies in Kenya include irrigation technology and automated ACP monitoring. These developments make it easy for farmers to fight pests and produce healthy oranges.

The emerging consumer awareness has opened up more export opportunities and avenues for orange suppliers like us to supply to. The development of logistics software has enabled suppliers and distribution to optimize and smoothen operations. 


There are dozen of expansion opportunities for the orange fruits industry. Comparing the past trends and the present affirms that there is untapped potential. We forecast increased consumption, leading to increased demand for organically grown mangoes.

Farmers’ increased use of technology we witness today will bring about more production. And even though the orange price per kg may fluctuate constantly, the market has potential.

The Insights

Orange growers must respond to consumer preferences by focusing on appearance, taste, and price. In addition, they must invest in technology and innovation to remain competitive in the industry and manage the cost of production.

At FrutPlanet, we advise our customers to diversify their supply networks. We guide our customers on how they can achieve when they partner with us. Expanding supply networks is crucial and helps you meet customer preference and as a result make more profits.

As a leading exporter in the fruits and vegetable industries, we advice customers to automate some aspects of their business such as the supply. That way, the business owner will be able to concentrate on what they are good at; selling.

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