How to Export Oranges

How to Export Oranges and Target the Right Market

Selling oranges is a lucrative business opportunity owing to the popularity and demand for the fruit globally. But sourcing oranges and exporting may not be as easy if you don’t know the steps or have not partnered with an exporter. Lucky for you, we’ve simplified the process and covered the process in this article.

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Step 1 – Identify the Right Market

Before you start exporting oranges, you need to identify where you will be exporting them to. This initial step calls for research on the demand and supply chains of the company you have in mind. In addition, you need to be sure that the country you hope to export to and from has favorable conditions.

If you haven’t set up your operation base, some of the factors to consider when identifying the right market are:

Market Size: Research how large the market is and whether it’s growing. You can identify this by looking at the countries’ import volume for oranges over the last five years. The trend will be either decreasing, increasing, or fluctuating, and increasing and fluctuating trends positively identify that the market is growing.

  • Operation Hundles: Are there any regulations in the country that limit the importation of oranges? Countries producing oranges locally often put place policies and tariffs that limit importation. Once you identify the regulatory environment, it’s time to research competitors.
  • Competitors: Who are your competitors? What target market? What strengths and weaknesses? Research on the countries they import from.
  • Operation Logistics: Consider the cost of operation with your target market. What licenses do you need to have, what infrastructure is needed etc.? The cost of operation in some regions is often high and not worth it,

Likely, you’ve already identified your market by reading this article. However, we’ve listed the steps again to ensure you cross-check any stage you missed.

Once that’s done, it’s time to monitor the quality.

Step 2 – Ensuring Quality Control

How will you ensure that the oranges you source meet standards? As a buyer, you want high-quality oranges free from physical and internal defects, diseases, and lashes. An orange that your consumers will appreciate and keep demanding more.

That is where FrutPlanet Exporters come in. We are a leading exporter and supplier that ensures your oranges meet the standard of your target market. Once you order oranges from FrutPlanet, we:

  • Source oranges that follow Good Agricultural Practices(GAP): We source from farmers within our network, some of whom we have worked with for over three years. We source from farmers that grow oranges safely and sustainably.
  • Implement strict Quality Control Measures: Our team has been doing this for years. We are keen to monitor every single step of the production process.
  • Environmentally safe packaging: Our products are packaged in safe materials like cardboard. That way, they keep your oranges fresh and of quality while keeping the environment safe.

Step 3 – Regulatory Hurdles and Logistics

Every country you’re sourcing from to the destination market will have several logistic hurdles. Most of these regulations will involve the government authorities associated with licensing, taxes, etc. Some regions most buyers looking to export from Kenyan meet include Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (Kephis).

Some of the regulations you’re likely to encounter in Kenya are;

  • Phytosanitary regulations: These are the regulations that control the import and export of plant materials. The regulations seek to certify that the fruits and vegetables are free from pests and diseases.
  • Documentation: Oranges, like every other product, must have documents such as a commercial invoice, a bill of lading, and a certificate of origin, amongst others.
  • Tariffs: They are taxes that countries impose on products and therefore affect the pricing of our mangoes.

Step 4 – Find and Partner with a Reliable Exporter

You need a reliable exporter to help you navigate and navigate the complexities of exporting.  Your preferred partner should have experience exporting oranges, working in your target market, and working the human resource. Working with a partner with experience and network guarantees that the product will arrive safely and on time.


It’s fairly easy to export oranges if you identify the market, have the means to control the quality, and partner with a reputable exporter. The exporter helps you understand the complex process, especially when working in a new environment. One such exporter and supplier is FrutPlanet.

FrutPlanet exporters help you source, navigate through the logistics and deliver globally. We assure our buyers of absolute satisfaction throughout the process. You can interact  with us by requesting a quote or emailing our customer service.

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