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Breaking Down the Factors That Affect Avocado Marketability

Have you been trying to boost your avocado sales unsuccessfully? Or are you considering joining the avocado retailer or wholesaler market and want to immerse as much knowledge as possible before launching? 

We can’t help you, and that’s certainly why we wrote this article; to share our fact-based opinion on the factors that affect avocado market price today. Well, breaking down the factors may not be easy, especially if you’re a complete newbie in the industry.

From fruit size and ripeness to variety, these factors are key to the success of your avocado sales. In this article, we break down these factors, their impact on avocado market price today, and how you, sellers, can optimise profits.

#1. The Size of the Fruit.

Fruit size is an important factor in avocado market price today. Consumer preferences show that large avocado fruits are more marketable than small ones. This is because a large fruit tends to have fresher freshness. But what are the avocado sizes?

The size varies depending on the Avocado variety; some are characteristically small. However, a lack of enough nutrients in the soil may result in an avocado tree producing small trees. When you stress an avocado tree, it ceases producing hormones for cell division, Auxins. As a result, no more growth of the fruit, and the seedcoat limits maximum fruit size.

Avocado fruit has two development stages; cell division and cell expansion. The more stressed the fruit is during its development cycle, the smaller its fruits are. The fruit may even die if the stress is too much during the cell division stage. So, what’s the average avocado size?

Avocado fruit size depends on varieties; some are usually pear-shaped, others spherical, and some just a fine combination of both. The long varieties measure between 7 and 20 cm and usually weigh 100 to 1000 grams. On the other hand, spherical avocados have a diameter of 5 to 10 cm. Most varieties have a seed at the centre, greatly contributing to their size and weight.

Small avocado fruits often attract fewer consumers. However, research done by the Core illustrates that consumers react more to large avocado price decrease compared to smaller one. Therefore, more likely to buy large avocado fruits.

Would you love to order large avocado fruits and maximise your profits? FrutPlanet Exporters is a reliable supplier of Hass, Fuerte, and other avocado varieties. You can get in touch by requesting a quote or contacting our customer support. We understand the avocado size that sells, and that’s exactly what we supply.

#2. How Ripe Is the Avocado

As a retailer, you can stock unripe or ripe avocado fruits. Most likely than not, avocado fruits change skin colour from green to black when ripe. However, this is not a one-fit-all scenario; some distinguished varieties remain green even after ripening. 

Avocados are mainly harvested from the farm when firm and transported while unripe, limiting the damage during transport. But, without a doubt, they need to be ripe before consumption. Depending on your preferences, you can sell avocado fruits while they’re still ripe or unripe.

According to Core research on avocado consumers, ripeness is the most important factor they consider when purchasing. In addition, the research found that ripe avocados are the most desirable to consumers. But how does ripeness affect the avocado market price today?

Consumers do not love overripe or underripe avocados. Overripe avocados often go bad, and some varieties often have worms, especially the Amorbia moth larvae. On the other hand, underripe avocados may taste sour and result in possible stomach problems. 

But how do you get the best out of your avocado fruits?

It would be wise to buy from farmers what your consumers can handle. Ordering avocados in bulk could be tricky if you’re not careful. When you order too many avocados, and they all ripen at close timelines, you’re likely to sell them at discounted prices. That way, making less profit.

#3. What’s its Physical Appearance

If you’re like the rest of us, you’re picky; you select depending on physical appearance. Anything like deformities, improper colour distribution, scratches, and unnatural marks is a turn-off. Therefore, appearance plays an important role in the avocado market price today.

Consumers prefer avocados with an oval, and most consider it the standard shape. This preference is not prevalent but could be due to most commercial varieties being oval. Fuerte and Hass are the greatest influencers of this preference among consumers.

Initially, consumers thought avocados that remain green even after ripening are better than other varieties. However, this myth has been recently declassified after the commercialisation of the Hass avocados. However, the notion is still evident amongst some consumers during summer, consequently affecting marketability among purple-blackish avocados.

Another notion that the rise of Fuerte avocados ascended with is that smooth avocados are high quality. And it worked as most varieties produce quality avocados but have smooth skin. However,  now that Hass is commercially recognised as one of the best avocado fruits, the myth is slowly fading. 

Another feature of avocado fruits that has something to do with physical appearance is curvature. The curvature, often common in some varieties, distorts the normal shape. The shape is often a sign of deformity, although it’s normal in some native varieties. The curvature could be more attractive to consumers and often renders the fruit unmarketable.

Whether it’s deforming or a notion, the physical appearance of an avocado greatly sways its marketability. Notions can change if you continuously prove your consumers wrong by often creating a way like Hass avocados. However, it takes work to change what the market prefers. Therefore, we advise studying your customer base and identifying the physical traits they despise.

If you’re looking for a supplier to help you source high-quality Hass or Fuerte avocados, contact FrutPlanet. We have been delivering high-quality avocados that your customers will love. And we guarantee absolute customer satisfaction on all orders.

#4. How You Package

One external factor that could affect your avocado market price today is the packaging. The avocados may be high quality, but are you differentiating them from your competitors? Again, this is essential to retailers.

Are we saying that packaging is only important when selling avocados? No! The packaging is important from harvesting to displaying the products in your store. When properly packing the avocados, you protect them from damage during transport and storage. You avoid losses that would otherwise result from bruised avocados.

But how do you pack avocados? First, it is advisable that you or the supplier you partner with pack the avocados in single-layer trays, crates, and cartons. We love trays and crates because of their rigidness, whereas cartons provide the more needed padding. A combination of the two is essential, especially if your mode of transport is the road.

We use either when you source from us, depending on your preference. Often, we pack the avocados in cartons that are then packaged in cardboard boxes. These boxes provide rigidness, and the carton cushions them to avoid bruises.

You can contact your customer service agent for a more extensive explanation of the entire packaging process. In addition, you can interact with us or request a quote from us via email. Unlike most suppliers and exporters, FrutPlanet guarantees customer satisfaction on all orders.

#5. The Avocado Variety

Different avocado varieties are loved at different measures as each has unique characteristics. Some of those differentiating factors that avocado market price today include taste, appearance, and season.

Different avocado varieties have varying flavour profiles, greatly impacting customer preferences. For example, Hass avocados have a rich, nutty flavour and creamy texture. The taste is appreciated by consumers who love fatty, sticky avocados or industry producers. On the other hand, Fuerte is a juicy, creamy taste with a grassy finish. Consumers who love avocados with higher water content will likely prefer Fuerte to Hass.

On the other hand, the physical appearance of the avocado variety you choose will greatly impact its marketability. Appearance, again? Oh yes. We can’t insist on how important it is. The Fuerte’s smooth, shiny, pebble-like skin is the most preferred. As a result, consumer preferences gear more towards the Fuerte avocado variety to Hass, based on Physical appearance.

Consumers are more consistent with their preferences, and so should the availability of the avocado variety. No one gets emotionally attached to an avocado variety that’s rarely available. Consumers seem to appreciate Hass more than Bacon avocados because they are more available and have a longer harvest season. And even though seasons may not be a major factor in why consumers prefer certain varieties, it does play a role.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avocado Market Price Today

How much is 1 kg of avocado in Kenya?

1 kg of avocado in Kenya costs KES 179. This wholesale price often ranges between USD 1.62 TO 1.65 per Kilogram. You can request avocados in bulk by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet exporters.

How many avocados make 1 kg?

A kilo has only three to five avocado fruits. However, some varieties are characteristically large. Fuerte avocados are known to be large compared to Hass avocados.

How many avocados are in a box?

Our packing box contains 6 to 10 pieces. We use 2 Kg or 4 Kg boxes for packaging our avocados for export. Our customer service team would be glad to keep you up to speed without harvesting, packaging, and transporting dos and don’ts.

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