Hass Avocado Seasons

Understanding the Hass Avocado Seasons

If you’re just starting out or are an established Hass avocado trader, you understand that being aware of the seasons is essential. Mastering seasons inform you when, where, and why to source. Since different regions have varying seasons, we have compiled a list of Hass avocado seasons for the top ten world’s largest Hass avocado producers. 

We understand that keeping track of all these seasons in all regions can be daunting, and that’s why we help you with the logistics of sourcing and exporting Hass avocados.

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Hass Avocado Seasons

Hass avocado is a cultivar of Rudolph Hass, first bred in the late 1920s in California, the United States. The variety is now the most commercially popular cultivar worldwide, accounting for over 80% of worldwide production

A study on the genetic composition of Hass avocado in 2019 by the National Academy of Sciences concluded that the cultivar resulted from a cross between Mexican (61%) and Guatemalan (39%) varieties.

The Hass avocado seasons vary depending on region, climate, and soil composition, among other aspects. The seasons can be categorised into two; the primary and secondary seasons. The primary season is the peak season when the trees’ production is at its highest. This season lasts between two and three months once it starts. 

On the other hand, the secondary season runs the longest, but the fruits are often smaller in quantity and lower in quality. Secondary or off-peak season fruits are often smaller and have lower percentage composition of the minerals.

Below are the primary and secondary Hass avocado seasons for the world’s largest producers:

No.CountryPrimary SeasonSecondary SeasonAnnual Exports MarketShare (%)
1MexicoOctober - FebruaryJune - September37.86%
2PeruJune - AugustMay and September17.18%
3NetherlandsFebruary - OctoberJune - July14.57%
4SpainDecember - MayJune-August5.87%
5ChileSeptember - MarchApril - June3.99%
September - December
July and August2.92%
7New ZealandSeptember - AprilMay2.52%
8United StatesApril - SeptemberOctober - November1.99%
9South AfricaMay - Mid-OctoberLate October - Mid-January1.97%
10KenyaMarch - SeptemberOctober- December1.45%


It is the largest producer of Avocados in the World, exporting over $3.1 Billion in 2022. Out of the total avocado exports that year, Mexico exported over one million tonnes to the US. The country’s peak avocado season is between October and February. The production areas are the Michoacan and the State of Mexico, and apart from Hass, the country also produces Fuerte, Bacon, Reed, Zutano, and Criollos variety.


The Peruvian avocado has its high season between June and August. Agricultural forecasts in Peru estimate that the potential exports for the year 2023 are likely to increase by about 13%. They further estimate that the export volume could be as high as 625 million metric tonnes. Such annual projects position as the second world’s largest exporter after Mexico.

Peru exports a third of its Hass avocados to the Netherlands, while the rest are exported to Spain to North America. Its total avocado exports generated a little over $1.4 Billion in 2021, which will likely change in 2023.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an avocado distributor hub for avocados and other fruits to the European Union countries and the United Kingdom.  The Netherlands is the world’s third-largest exporter and the world’s second-largest exporter of avocados. 

The country does not have any domestic production of its own. The country sources its Hass avocados from Chile, South Africa, Kenya, and other leading producers.

The country’s export value for 2021 was $1.15 Billion, or about 364.94 Million metric tonnes. The country imported about 380.72M metric tonnes in the same year at an import value of 1.02 billion.


Spain is the fourth largest exporter of Hass avocados globally. The country exported over 140.51 Million metric tonnes in 2021 at an export value of over $463.76 Million. Over 70% of avocados grown in Spain are from Malaga, especially in the Canary and Granada islands. The high season in Spain is between December and May.


We can classify Hass avocado seasons into two; peak and secondary seasons. The primary factors that affect the peak season for Hass avocados are region, the climate and the soil fertility. 

The avocados are readily available in bulk during the high season, but only remnants are available in the low season. Therefore, you’re likely to find poor-quality Hass avocados that are small.

These Hass avocado seasons continuously come late or early depending on climate, among other factors. Therefore, contact us if you need someone to be your eye on the ground and help you export the Hass avocados when the peak season begins. FrutPlanet is a leading export of Hass avocados, fruits, and vegetables to global markets.

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