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    When you buy zucchini online with FrutPlanet exporters, you are assured of a premium product. Having served the industry for years, we have a clientele base in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. 

    With quality as one of our core values, we only export fresh and healthy vegetables. Because of that, we have our fruits and vegetables HACCP and GAP-certified.

    Growing Courgettes

    Courgettes are dark green firm vegetables related to melons and cucumbers. Growing courgettes is easy, and Kenya provides an ideal warm climate and altitude for farming. Between 2019 and 2021, Kenya exported more than 6.6 thousand metric tonnes of vegetables, and in 2021 49.53 thousand metric tonnes of courgettes

    Major courgette producers globally are Spain, Mexico, and Kenya. Spain exported USD 542.47M worth of courgettes, Mexico USD 395.29M, and Kenya USD 304.96K in 2021. Do you want to buy zucchini online from top producers? Contact FrutPlanet and let us facilitate the purchase for you.

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      Buy Zucchini Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        buy zucchini online

        Buy Zucchini Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Types Of Courgettes

        Courgette farming performs well throughout the year unless there is heavy rainfall. Different types of courgette grown in Kenya are all flavourful and have a meaty texture. These are Simba F1, Green Zucchini, Ambassador F1, Black Beauty, and Cera F1. 

        Ambassador F1 is a high-yielding courgette with superior taste. Cera F1 is a beautiful variety that matures after 45 days. The Black Beauty is the most productive courgette among the dark green ones and has white flesh. 

        The green zucchini variety is bushy and grows to 20cm. To buy the best-yielding courgette variety, contact FrutPlanet and request a quote.

        Nutritional Value Of Zucchini

        Zucchini not only has a juicy and crispy taste, but it also has a host of nutritional value. Incorporating this vegetable in your diet provides minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamins A and C. Consuming zucchini improves heart, eye, digestive, bone, and skin health. Contact FrutPlanet to buy zucchini online and enjoy the health benefits.

        Price Of Zucchini

        In 2022 the wholesale price of zucchini is around USD 1.06 per kilogram. In 2020 a kilogram went for USD 0.5, an increase from previous years. Zucchini prices keep fluctuating due to extreme weather conditions and pests impacting production. High demand for zucchini also influences market prices and is expected to grow.

        Despite the unpredictable zucchini prices, FrutPlanet offers friendly pricing without compromising quality. Whether you want to buy zucchini online or inquire about the current prices, visit our website and talk to our customer support.

        Zucchini Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        At FrutPlanet, we have a team of professionals who manage all operations from planting to harvesting to post-harvesting care of zucchini. All steps follow stringent hygiene and safety protocols to uphold quality service to our vegetable customers. 

        We harvest zucchini by handpicking at 15 to 20cm while it is still tender and full of flavour, as more mature ones have less taste. To maintain the flavour and colour of zucchini, we pay attention to the packaging and processing.

        We transport the harvest to our fully-equipped packing facilities, where we sort the fruits. We separate the marrow and over-mature ones and discard those unfit for export. Additionally, we clean, weigh and pack uniformed, healthy, and fresh zucchini in high-quality cartons that protect the zucchini from bruising. 

        Our packaging is secure to guarantee the integrity of the product during transport. We indicate best-before dates on the cartons along with other specifications according to labelling and packing regulations.

        Before dispatching orders, we observe temperature and humidity levels to keep the zucchini fresh. We also request relevant authorities to inspect the packages for quality assurance. All our fruits and vegetables have GAP and HACCP certifications. For safe and healthy produce, buy zucchini online at FrutPlanet.

        Delivering Bulk Courgettes

        Do you want to order bulk courgettes? FrutPlanet is your leading supplier and exporter. We source zucchini from reliable farmers who are instrumental in supplying bulk produce and have a surplus. In addition, they practise sustainable farming methods and do not use toxic chemicals. 

        After you order, we source fresh courgettes and process them on the same day. We pack bulky orders in robust packages and ship them by air to reach you within 3 to 5 days. We monitor the shipment and keep you updated until the final destination. For deliveries that you can count on, buy zucchini online from FrutPlanet.

        Where Can I Buy Courgette?

        Are you looking to buy zucchini online? FrutPlanet is committed to providing fresh, healthy, and tasty courgettes. We have networks with top-producing countries, including Kenya, and we will get you a quality you can trust. 

        Despite price inflations, we bring you what you order affordably and ensure 100% customer satisfaction when you buy vegetables online. Our products come from fertile soils and a great climate to maintain flavour and nutritional value. 

        FrutPlanet has a framework that caters to all logistics and supplies, giving you value for your time and money. Visit our website and create a buyer’s account today!

        Frequently Asked Questions About Courgettes

        How Much Does Zucchini Cost? 

        The current price of zucchini is about USD 1.06 per kilogram. The market price is subject to change as factors like pests, demand, and heavy rains influence it. The Covid pandemic also caused a zucchini price surge due to supply disruptions.

        Which Is Correct, Courgette Or Zucchini? 

        Courgette and zucchini are terms used interchangeably to mean the same thing. However, Americans use zucchini, borrowed from the Italian language, while the UK uses courgette, a French word.  

        Why Do We Say Zucchini Instead Of Courgette? 

        The British are next to France, so they adopted the term courgette, which translates to ‘little gourd .’Americans have more Italian influence; hence, say zucchini, an Italian word meaning ‘tiny squash.’ 

        How Long Can You Keep Zucchini After Harvesting? 

        Zucchini can take a week while refrigerated and up to three months frozen, while canned zucchini lasts up to two years. However, ensure that the zucchini is in a less humid place and store zucchini in a plastic bag before refrigerating it to extend its shelf life.

        • Buy Tuna Fish Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fresh and healthy seafood. Our customer base is in Japan, the United States, Europe, Australia, and Korea. We partner with leading suppliers of fish globally for quality and HACCP-accredited products. Visit the FrutPlanet website to buy Tuna fish online and learn more about seafood.

          Tuna Farming

          Marine aquaculture uses tuna penning in which smaller tuna are caught offshore and moved back to large, in-water enclosures. The fishers put pens in the relatively shallow waters of sheltered areas, such as bays or coves.

          China is the largest producer of Tuna fish globally, with a current turnover of US$ 39.8 Billion in fish production annually, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines. The total export value for the three countries was US$ 326,348 for China, Indonesia US$ 319,840, and the Philippines, US$ 348,952 in the year 2021. 

          At FrutPlanet, we export tonnes of farmed and sea-sourced tuna fish. However, we advocate for sea-sourced fish, which is highly nutritious and best for taste. Get a quote to buy tuna fish online today.

        • Buy Parsley Herb Bulk Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          At FrutPlanet, you can rely on our reliable lifetime supply of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, including parsley. We have partnered with bulk herb farmers in Kenya to help you buy bulk parsley herbs online. We help buyers export products by easing the logistics involved from sourcing, harvesting and exporting to your location. Request a quote today!

          Growing Parsley In Kenya

          Parsley is a herb native to Sardinia (Mediterranean area) and was first introduced to Kenyan farmers in the Western region and parts of the Rift valley, such as Kakamega, Kitale, and Nakuru. Parsley farming is increasingly becoming popular as more farmers move from small-scale to large-scale farming.

          However, farmers growing parsley at a small-scale level form the more significant percentage. The Kenyan government has played a major role in helping parsley farmers understand the behaviour of the plant and how to control pests and diseases to achieve maximum parsley benefits. 

          Through KALRO, farmers get taught about soil fertility management, harvest and post-harvest management, and more. This has contributed mainly to more farmers taking an interest in growing parsley for local and international markets.

        • Fresh Broccoli Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter and supplier of fresh broccoli and other fruits and vegetables. You can request a quote and let us engage you in your order.

          Colour: The best fresh broccoli for export should be green before the flower patch. The broccoli florets have a size of a matchstick and open up to small yellow flowers. Apart from green broccoli, there is also purple broccoli. At FrutPlanet, we source your preferred variety of broccoli right before it flowers.

          Stems and Stalks: Fresh broccoli stems and stalks are edible and delicious. However, they’re only perfect when firm. If they over-mature, they become woody and may be terrible. FrutPlanet handpicks all the fresh broccoli to feel the texture of each product. We have a team of experts who scrutinise the harvest and eliminate produce whose stems and stalks aren’t edible.

          Head Size: The size of fresh broccoli varies depending on the number of broccoli florets on the head. The size enlarges as the flowering stage nears. The average diameter of a fresh broccoli head is 4 to 6 inches when the broccoli is mature and ready for flowering. When you request a quote from FrutPlanet exporters, we source your specifications on sizes. We can get them all, whether you want large or medium-sized fresh broccoli!

          Flowering: Fresh broccoli with yellow flowers is often past the edible stage. Flowers signify that the flowers have opened up, and the stalk could be woody. Additionally, yellowing is a sign of older broccoli, although sometimes it could be natural. At FrutPlanet, we individually evaluate every product and eliminate broccoli florets before exporting.

        • Kenyan Carnations Exporters And Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading carnations exporter and supplier with an international mark. For years we have exported flowers, fruits and vegetables, among other commodities, to Europe, Australia and the Middle East. 

          We supply flowers from fertile soils that meet international quality standards and have GAP certifications. Contact FrutPlanet to buy high-quality carnation flowers.

          Carnation Flower Growing

          Kenya offers the ideal warm climate and fertile soil necessary for growing carnation in the Rift Valley. It relies on horticulture and is among the top three largest exporters of carnations with USD 1 billion annual returns. In 2020 Kenya exported 142.5 kilos of flowers, fetching USD 877.3 million.

          The top exporters of carnations globally are Netherlands, Columbia, Ecuador and Kenya. In 2020 Netherlands exported USD 117M, Columbia USD 215M, and Ecuador USD 19M. FrutPlanet is an established carnations exporter and supplier that will help you get the flower from top-producing countries, including Kenya.  

        • Kenyan Arabicum Exporters And Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet provides high-quality arabicum flowers to export markets, including Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia-Pacific. We are reputable arabicum flower exporters in Kenya, helping clients source assorted varieties of flowers such as arabicum, Gypsophillas, alstroemeria, and roses.

          We are not just arabicum flower exporters. FrutPlanet also exports vegetables, fruits, cereals, beverages, spices, seafood, etc. Request a quote to buy arabicum flowers in Kenya online.

          Arabicum Flower Farming In Kenya

          Arabicum flower farming in Kenya is a profitable venture, as it takes approximately three months for the plants to mature. Large and small-scale farmers from various parts of the country have been producing different arabicum types for export since Kenya gained independence.

          Today, Kenya is one of the largest exporters around. The country is ranked 4th behind the Netherlands, Colombia, and Ecuador.

          The Horticultural Crop Directorate (HCD) valued the exported cut flowers at USD 1.3 Billion in 2018. Exports fetched around USD 1.04 Billion and USD 596 Million in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

          At FrutPlanet, we have positioned ourselves as trusted arabicum flower exporters helping overseas clients buy cut flowers from Kenya. We hold certifications from relevant bodies, including HCD, KFC, Global GAP, and GRASP. Get a quote to order arabicum online with us today.

        • Buy Cod Fish Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          For over a decade, FrutPlanet has established itself as a leader in sourcing, processing, and exporting seafood. FrutPlanet takes care of hundreds of fish orders daily from customers looking to buy cod fish online.

          We supply retail and food service sectors with a complete range of fish, Crustaceans, and Molluscs. We source from certified farm areas, and our products are valued worldwide.

          Codfish Farming

          Cod fishing can be traced back to the Viking period, around 800 AD, before it spread to Portugal, Canada, China, and other nations. Over the years, cod fishing grounds became competitive, causing a decline in most codfish species. Some countries marked some zones as exclusive and prohibited fishing activities.

          That led to many farmers in the coastline or seashore areas embracing codfish farming. Today China, Iceland, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Poland lead in codfish production and export.

          In 2021, China exported codfish worth $591.3M, Iceland ($323.9M), Russia ($174.3), Netherlands ($152.1M), Germany ($129.8M), and Norway ($115.3). These leading suppliers export farmed and sea-sourced codfish. There’s a sufficient supply of wholesale cod fish for businesses to tap into and meet customer demands.

          Let FrutPlanet help buy cod fish online from these leading global suppliers at a market-friendly cod fish price. We have a vast network and modern high-tech systems to process and supply tons of premium quality seafood products globally.

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