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    FrutPlanet is a snow peas exporter and supplier. We export products, including fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, etc., globally. You can order these products by requesting a quote through the form. 

    Here are some of the most important features we consider in snow peas we export:

    Colour: The snow peas should have a saturated pale green colour. However, some may have white scarring as the seeds grow on the pods. Snow peas are often victims of bacterial and fungus diseases that lead to colour changes from green to grey. This colour change is often in highly humid areas. Here at FrutPlanet, we select only green snow peas for export.

    Size: The snow peas should be thin because the seeds and pods haven’t fully formed. The ideal thickness is about 2 cm or three-quarters inches. The snow peas’ length is about 7cm or 3 inches. Frutplanet exporters harvest the snow peas before the seeds fully mature. That way, we ensure our peas are the best for exportation.

    Skin Texture: Before harvesting the snow peas, we sample a few of them for the snap factor. We curve the pea so that they snap. Otherwise, we don’t harvest them if they curve perfectly. Additionally, we double-check the snow pea’s skin texture and ensure that they’re smooth and with no matches, cuttings, or insect sting patches.

    Age: All our snow peas are harvested within the right timelines. We harvest them within two months to ensure that they don’t over-mature. Our snow peas are available all year long, whether in spring or summer. We have a wide network of farmers who guarantee quality and quantity.

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      Fresh Snow Peas

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        Snow Peas farm

        Fresh Snow Peas

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        Snow peas have enormous benefits for the body, and some of them include the following:

        Bone Health: Snow peas are highly concentrated with vitamin K. This vitamin plays a crucial role in the skeletal system by processing calcium and adding it to the bone cells. Additionally, the vitamin helps the blood clotting process, helping the body heal faster. Therefore, snow peas protect the body from bone problems like fractures and osteoporosis, a condition that weakens the bones.

        Boosts Body Impunity. One of the minerals in snow peas is beta-carotene and vitamin A. The two are essential in the growth of immune cells. More specifically, vitamin A helps protects the body from bacteria and viruses. It achieves this by supporting the growth and proliferation of white blood cells throughout the body. The vitamins A and C in snow peas work together to boost the immune system.

        Keeps the Gut Healthy: Like any other legume, snow peas have a lot of insoluble dietary fibre. The fibre feeds the good bacteria in the digestive system, ensuring that the digestive system stays healthy and efficient. In addition, the fibre adds bulk to the food, which reduces the amount of food absorbed by the body. It ends up helping you reduce weight and relieve constipation.

        Controls Blood Sugar: Experts, including the American Diabetes Association, advise that non-starchy vegetables such as snow peas control sugar levels. Snow peas have a high phytonutrient and fibre concentration, perfect for controlling and managing diabetes.  

        Promotes heart Health: One of the many nutrients snow peas are known to have vitamin C. This nutrient decreases the inflammation of blood vessels or the hardening of arteries. Snow peas’ potassium and vitamin C also cooperate to reduce blood pressure. 

        Aids Eyesight: Carotenoids are one the most beneficial nutrients in the body as it aids in promoting eyesight. Snow peas have lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants, components of carotenoids. These components reverse vision loss and slow down the progression of age-related disorders.

        We transport all snap harvest from the farm to the warehouse in wooden and plastic boxes via road. Once the fresh snow peas are in our warehouse, we remove foreign materials and physical defects. We eliminate all dirt from the snow peas and invite the phytosanitary authorities to examine the product before packaging.

        When packing, we inspect the snow peas for weight and size. Additionally, we also put into consideration the specifications of the customer. Our snow peas exportation boxes range from 2 to 5Kgs. Our packaging process takes about 2 to 3 days. 

        Our package also has traceability information like the product’s name, identification code, and the name and address of the exporter, among other details. Our exportation cartons use corrugated fibreboard and are covered with a polythene liner. We do not use metallic items in the package but opt for glue construction.

        We Export Organic Produce: FrutPlanet has a reputation for exporting quality products. We partner with farmers who believe in our values and vision against the usage of pesticides. Pesticides corrupt the soil long-term, and we advise our farmers against using them. We hold quarterly seminars which bring together farmers and experts.

        We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction: FrutPlanet offers 100% customer satisfaction on all orders in quality and quantity. We assure to meet all customer specifications when they request a quote. What’s better, we involve our customers at every step, from outsourcing to delivery.

        We Deliver Globally: We are not limited to a region or content. Our customers are globally distributed in regions such as the United States, Europe, Asia, China, the Netherlands, and more. We ship to virtually any location.

        We Handle Bulk Orders: We partner with a wide network of farmers from which we source these products. As a result, we have an extensive capability of handling bulk orders irrespective of the type of product you want.

        Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia

        What’s The Difference Between Snow Peas And Sugar Snow Peas?

        Snow peas are small, flat premature peas. On the other hand, sugar snow peas are rounded and have more mature pods. Snow pea is the parent of sugar snow peas when you cross them with garden peas. 

        What Type Of Peas Does FrutPlanet Export?

        We export snow peas, sugar snaps, and garden peas. Our sugar snap and snow peas are mainly exported to the US and Europe markets. Garden peas are mainly consumed locally in Kenya, Africa.

        How Do You Prepare Snow Peas?

        Use a knife to chop off or trim the ends of the snow pea. Remove the string from one of the snow peas to the other. You can do this by simply using a chopping board. Once you remove the string entirely, wash them. Then, thinly slice the snow peas and use them to prepare salads, soups, etc.

        Can You Eat Snow Peas Raw?

        Yes, you can eat snow peas raw, but you’ll have to remove the strings and prepare them, as mentioned above.

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            What Is Crustaceans

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          What Is Eggplant?

          Locally known as biringanya or brinjal, eggplant is a vegetable that grows in different colours and is cultivated throughout the year. Kenya offers the eggplant ideal warm climate and well-drained soils necessary for growth.

          Consequently, it is one of the major producers of fresh eggplant. Kenya produces eggplant mainly for export, and in 2021 it exported eggplant worth USD 1.1 million.

          Eggplant’s top producers are China, India, Egypt, and Kenya. In 2021 china produced 35.6 million tonnes, India 12.7 million tonnes and Kenya 742.12K tonnes. When you buy eggplant online from FrutPlanet, we source from leading producers, including Kenya.

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          You can request a quote to buy fresh shrimp near me from trusted fishermen and aquaculture farmers in leading shrimp-producing countries. We ensure quality, freshness, and sustainability.  

          Shrimp Farming

          Shrimp farming started in Asia several centuries ago, with China taking the lead. More than 75% of shrimp sold came from the world’s largest producers which included China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Ecuador, and Argentina

          In 2021, these seven largest shrimp producers exported about $2.57 million tons of shrimp worth US$20.79 billion, a 23% increase from 2020. Valued at US$28.45 billion in 2020, the global shrimp market could hit US$53.63 billion by 2028. 

          Shrimp distributors, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers who wish to buy shrimp online can partner with FrutPlanet to export quality seafood. We can help source farmed and wild-caught shrimps from some of the world’s leading shrimp producers. Order shrimp online and get sea-sourced seafood for the best taste.

        • Farm-Fresh Avocado Fruits Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and beverages that commits to customer satisfaction. Amongst FrutPlanet’s leading exports is the Avocado fruit

          Varieties: There are over 500 Avocado fruit varieties, but only about ten varieties are grown commercially worldwide. The most popular commercial variety is the Hass avocado. This variety accounts for about 95% of our total avocado exports. Other avocado varieties that FrutPlanet exports include Hass, Tonnage, Fuerte, Simmonds, Smooth 8, and Pinkerton. Irrespective of the avocado variety you’re looking to export, we have a wide database of farmers and can help you source it. Request a quote or contact us via email. 

          Size:  Avocado varieties have varying sizes, which is crucial during their packaging. Usually, we name the sizes depending on the number of avocados needed to fill a 25-pound carton. The sizes range from 24 to 84. For example, if an avocado is size 24, you will need 24 Avocados to fill the 25 pounds carton. Generally, our sizing guide illustrates that the larger the designated number, the smaller the size of the avocado. At FrutPlanet exporters, we handle the inspection of the packaging process to ensure that you get the exact size you order.  

          Colour:  A raw mature avocado is commonly green, although the colour may vary depending on the variety of the avocado. When the avocado ripens, its colour changes from green to black, although some varieties may remain green. FrutPlanet exports raw mature avocados that are green. We have a team of experts who work with farmers to ensure that the avocado is mature for the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

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          Businesses intending to import Molluscs, Crustaceans, or any other seafood can count on FrutPlanet to help them source and ship quality products. We pride ourselves in making it convenient for customers to order Molluscs online anywhere in the world. Our methods, strategies, systems, and approaches comply with the GlobalGAP Aquaculture Certification standards. We are the trusted brand to seek whenever you want to buy Molluscs online.

          What Is A Mollusc

          A Mollusc is a group that typically represents marine invertebrate animals covered with hard shells to protect their soft body. The animals include snails, octopuses, clams, slugs, oysters, and mussels. 

          Mollusc farming started in Europe during the Roman reign before it spread to Asian countries, particularly China and India. Today, China is the leading producer and exporter of Molluscs. In 2020, China exported Molluscs worth $1.94B, followed by Spain ($563M), India ($511M), Indonesia ($436 M), and Peru ($433M). 

          Sourcing overseas presents unique challenges for businesses. Fortunately, you can shift those challenges to FrutPlanet. We source, process, package, and ship Molluscs worldwide without hassle. Whether you want farm-raised or sea-sourced Molluscs, we can help you order Molluscs online from fishermen and farms that meet the BAP standards.

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          Growing Peppermint In Kenya

          Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. It is a hybrid between spearmint and watermint. Nowadays, growing peppermint is a worldwide activity in many countries, including Kenya. In 2020, the Food and Agricultural Organization statistics estimated  Morocco to be the leading producer at 40,403 tonnes.

          Kenya is a significant producer as more farmers continue embracing peppermint farming. The country’s favourable ecological conditions also make it a significant producer. And with FrutPlanet easing the process of buying bulk peppermint herbs, Kenya is the buy-from country.

          As one of the leading exporters in Kenya, FrutPlanet helps you with sourcing, packaging, and other logistics. Therefore, if you want to buy bulk peppermint herbs, contact us via email or request a quote. We offer competitive prices for anyone looking for a wholesale peppermint price.

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