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    Are you looking to buy red onions in wholesale? FrutPlanet is a GlobalGAP-certified red onion supplier. We are quality-focused, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction whenever you buy red onions online in bulk.

    Don’t let logistics stress you while ordering onions wholesale. Instead, request a quote to buy onions online with FrutPlanet. In addition, our global export services cover other products, such as spices, beverages, cereals, and seafood.

    Growing Onions

    Kenyans have been cultivating onions since ancient times. They are one of the leading onion producers, with strong export markets in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other parts of the world.

    In 2019, the alliaceous vegetable exports from Kenya totalled USD 9.049 Million. However, the exports dropped by 79% to USD 1.818 Million in 2020 due to COVID-19. In 2021, the exports increased by 41% to USD 2.564 Million.

    FrutPlanet understands logistics present a challenge to overseas customers looking to buy onions online from the world’s leading onion producers like China, Kenya, Egypt, India, and Tanzania.

    Our onion export service can take the burden off your shoulders when sourcing from these suppliers, especially in Kenya. We pride ourselves in having established an extensive network and can help you buy from smallholder onion farmers who cannot sell directly in the international market.

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      Buy Onions Wholesale-Red Onion Supplier

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        Buy Onions Wholesale-Red Onion Supplier

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        Health Benefits Of Onions

        Nutritionists recommend eating onions raw to get the most sulfur compounds. The benefits of eating raw onion linked to sulfur content include reduced cholesterol levels and minimised risk of heart disease and stroke.

        Onions also contain quercetin, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, fibre, and prebiotics. They can fight off inflammation and improve digestion, the immune system, and bone density. Buy onions online with FrutPlanet and experience the benefits of eating raw onion.

        Types Of Onions Grown In Kenya

        Kenyans into onion farming, including our highly vetted farmers, grow the bulb and spring onions. Under the bulb onion category, we have different types of onions, such as red onions, white onions, Spanish onions, and yellow onions. There is nearly every variety to meet personal tastes and preferences.

        At FrutPlanet, we are more than just red onion exporters. When you buy onions online from our company, we can help you source different types of onions for stir-fries, soups, stews, and more. To request a quote and get the best onion price today.

        Wholesale Onion Prices

        In 2022, the wholesale onion prices in Kenya range from US$ 0.99 to US$ 2.34 per kilogram. The online onion price in Kenyan Shilling is KES 121.53 per kilo.

        In 2019, the online onion price averaged US$0.99 per kilo. The minimum export price changed to US$0.83 per kg in 2020. In 2021, onions price per kilo peaked at US$2.69.

        Customers should expect the minimum export price to fluctuate depending on the market forces. Therefore, today’s onion wholesale price may not be the same as in the last two or three days. Therefore, when set to buy onions online, request a quote to confirm the onion price today.

        Harvesting Onion, Sorting, And Packaging

        Harvesting green onions or harvesting red onions take place strictly on our contracted farms. As GlobalGAP, HCDA, and SEDEX-certified exporters, we ensure these farms meet the conditions for growing quality onions desired in markets.

        Since onions are susceptible to sunburn, FrutPlanet prefers harvesting green onions, red onions, and other onion varieties in the late afternoon into the night. The process involves hand and machine harvesting.

        After removing the onions from the soil, our skilled workers trim the top portion and roots with scissors while evaluating quality.

        After harvesting red onions, the workers stack dump bins containing onions and leave them in the field for one or two days. The approach helps prevent pathogen growth.

        We transport the onions to packhouses. Here, we run them through a packing line and optical sorters. The optical sorters sort the onion by size and can detect issues.

        As the onions run down the packing line, our workers also hand sort to remove products that might be damaged. The onions are mechanically weighed, packed into bags, and passed through palletising machines for wrapping. KEPHIS inspects the products before we ship them to customers.

        Buy onions online from FrutPlanet today.

        Delivering Bulk Fresh Onions

        After sourcing and packaging, FrutPlanet ships the fresh onions by air on FOB or CIF terms. Depending on location, we can complete delivery in 2 to 4 days. So when you buy onions online with FrutPlanet, always expect fresh agricultural products upon delivery.

        We source fresh onions directly from our contracted farmers in Karatina, Naivasha, Mwea East, Meru, Oloitoktok, Ndia, Mai Mahiu, Emali, and other best onion-producing regions. Our farmers comply with the local and global farming standards for maximum food safety.

        Where To Buy Onions in Wholesale

        Kenya is one of the onion-rich countries where you can buy onions online in bulk. The other countries to add to the best onion-sourcing list include China, India, Egypt, Tanzania, Senegal, and the United States.

        If you want to buy onions online from African countries, especially Kenya and Tanzania, FrutPlanet can help. Our fruit and vegetable export company goes above and beyond, smoothening the logistics for clients ordering farm products overseas.

        We represent a vast network of certified farmers and pride ourselves in efficiently processing bulk onion orders.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Onion

        How Many Onions In A Pound?

        You will need 2-3 large onions or about 4-5 medium-sized onions to make a pound. About 6 to 7 small onions make a pound.

        How Much Is 1kg Of Onions?

        1 kg onion price today is between US$ 0.99 and US$ 2.34. The onion wholesale price today in Kenyan Shilling is KES 121.53 per kilo. Currency fluctuations are a norm for most economies, triggering changes in onions price per kilo every day. You can confirm the 1 kg onion price today by requesting a free quote to buy onions online from FrutPlanet.

        Where Are Onions Sourced In Kenya?

        The onions exported from Kenya come from regions with the best soil types and climatic conditions. These onion-sourcing areas include Karatina, Naivasha, Mwea East, Meru, Oloitoktok, Ndia, Mai Mahiu, and Emali. When you order onion online from these regions, use FrutPlanet for smoother logistics.

        • Fresh PawPaw Fruit Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a reliable and respected pawpaw exporter with a long history of providing excellent fruit quality at competitive prices. We adhere to rigorous export standards, and our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing you with the best possible pawpaw fruits.

          Appearance and Colour: Pawpaws have a fleshy berry-like appearance and range from oval to nearly spherical. The skin is smooth green when unripe and turns to a yellow or orange hue as they ripen. However, depending on the variety, some may remain greenish even when fully ripened. Whatever the specification you quote in your order, FrutPlanet delivers. We priorities your fruit’s freshness and avoids sending fruit that is over-ripe, bruised or has any physical defects.

          Fruit Sizes and Weight: A typical pawpaw fruit can weigh 9 to 11.5 kg. Their sizes vary from small to quite large, averaging about 15 to 45 cm long and 10 to 30 cm in diameter. However, some pawpaw varieties may be smaller than others. For example, pawpaw fruits from a semi-wild (naturalized) pawpaw plant may be 2.5 to 15 cm long. FrutPlanet ensures that the pawpaw fruits we deliver are of the correct size and weight according to the customers’ specifications.

          Taste and Flavor: Pawpaws are slightly sweet with a tart aftertaste. However, the flavour can vary from fruit to fruit and even between different parts of the same pawpaw. For example, some people find its flavour reminiscent of cantaloupe, pineapple, or mangoes. Ripe pawpaw fruits are quite musky, while others taste buttery smooth depending on ripeness and variety. On the other hand, unripe pawpaw has more rigid flesh with little to no taste. At FrutPlanet, we focus on delivering the best quality pawpaws. We test our pawpaws for flavour and acidity before shipping them to you to ensure you’re getting a delicious product.

        • Buy Cod Fish Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          For over a decade, FrutPlanet has established itself as a leader in sourcing, processing, and exporting seafood. FrutPlanet takes care of hundreds of fish orders daily from customers looking to buy cod fish online.

          We supply retail and food service sectors with a complete range of fish, Crustaceans, and Molluscs. We source from certified farm areas, and our products are valued worldwide.

          Codfish Farming

          Cod fishing can be traced back to the Viking period, around 800 AD, before it spread to Portugal, Canada, China, and other nations. Over the years, cod fishing grounds became competitive, causing a decline in most codfish species. Some countries marked some zones as exclusive and prohibited fishing activities.

          That led to many farmers in the coastline or seashore areas embracing codfish farming. Today China, Iceland, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Poland lead in codfish production and export.

          In 2021, China exported codfish worth $591.3M, Iceland ($323.9M), Russia ($174.3), Netherlands ($152.1M), Germany ($129.8M), and Norway ($115.3). These leading suppliers export farmed and sea-sourced codfish. There’s a sufficient supply of wholesale cod fish for businesses to tap into and meet customer demands.

          Let FrutPlanet help buy cod fish online from these leading global suppliers at a market-friendly cod fish price. We have a vast network and modern high-tech systems to process and supply tons of premium quality seafood products globally.

        • Buy Oysters Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet offers a convenient and reliable export service for people looking to buy oysters online. Our seafood company helps customers source and navigate the increasingly complex process of shipping seafood worldwide while cutting costs.

          We are licensed, certified (GlobalGAP, BAP, and HACCP), and a member of several quality-focused organisations. Buy fresh oysters or other Molluscs, and FrutPlanet will deliver fast and efficiently.

          What Are Oysters

          What are oysters? Oysters are a type of Molluscs with irregular shapes. They have soft bodies enclosed in a protective shell. 

          These shellfish live in different aquatic locales, including saltwater, freshwater, and brackish water. Oysters were a fabled delicacy in ancient times. 

          Romans were the first to start oyster farming in the 1st century. By the 1800s, oyster farming had spread worldwide. Today the global oyster market is valued at $8.6B. Projections show the value could increase to $10.9B by 2028.

          Some states farm enough to export to other nations grappling with scarcity. The major oyster production countries include France, Ireland, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, and China. 

          Get a personalised export service every time you buy oysters online from these countries. FrutPlanet helps you source and take care of paperwork and permits when you buy wild-caught or farm seafood overseas. Buy oysters in bulk with one quote.

        • Buy Anchovies Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is home to sustainably sourced and best-tasting fresh anchovies and other seafood, including Crustaceans and Molluscs. Buy anchovies online and get fast delivery anywhere in the world.

          We have stood the test of time, exceeding the delivery and quality expectations of the customers we help source and buy anchovies online. With our vast network, there are no bulk orders too big for FrutPlanet. Request a quote now.

          What Are Anchovies

          What are anchovies? Anchovies are tiny, slender forage fish in the family Engraulidae. They are scattered throughout the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Black Sea.

          Fishing anchovies has at least 3,000 years of history, but anchovy farming started in the early 1800s in Spain and China, as historians have it.

          For centuries, China continues to lead in the export market with fish and fishery products, including anchovies. China’s seafood exports amounted to US$20.8 billion in 2020. The other major anchovy exporters include Spain, Japan, India, Vietnam, Peru, Morocco, and Italy.

          When the need arises to buy anchovies online from these well-established seafood markets, consider FrutPlanet Exporters. We are your powerful link to sourcing premium quality farmed and sea-sourced anchovies, tuna, salmon, tilapia, and other fish.

        • Fresh Snow Peas Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a snow peas exporter and supplier. We export products, including fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, etc., globally. You can order these products by requesting a quote through the form. 

          Here are some of the most important features we consider in snow peas we export:

          Colour: The snow peas should have a saturated pale green colour. However, some may have white scarring as the seeds grow on the pods. Snow peas are often victims of bacterial and fungus diseases that lead to colour changes from green to grey. This colour change is often in highly humid areas. Here at FrutPlanet, we select only green snow peas for export.

          Size: The snow peas should be thin because the seeds and pods haven’t fully formed. The ideal thickness is about 2 cm or three-quarters inches. The snow peas’ length is about 7cm or 3 inches. Frutplanet exporters harvest the snow peas before the seeds fully mature. That way, we ensure our peas are the best for exportation.

          Skin Texture: Before harvesting the snow peas, we sample a few of them for the snap factor. We curve the pea so that they snap. Otherwise, we don’t harvest them if they curve perfectly. Additionally, we double-check the snow pea’s skin texture and ensure that they’re smooth and with no matches, cuttings, or insect sting patches.

          Age: All our snow peas are harvested within the right timelines. We harvest them within two months to ensure that they don’t over-mature. Our snow peas are available all year long, whether in spring or summer. We have a wide network of farmers who guarantee quality and quantity.

        • Kenyan Statice Flower Exporters And Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Kenya is one of the world’s leading producers of flowers; some of the flowers it exports include roses, scabiosa, statice, and more. Statice flower is one of the most popular varieties in Kenya, and to buy in bulk, you need a statice flower exporter. This variety is popular because of its bright colours and captivating scent. 

          Are you looking for statice flower exporters who can handle your bulk orders? FrutPlanet is a leading flower exporter and supplier specialising in agricultural products, including vegetables, fruit, flowers, and more. You can order in bulk by requesting a quote.

          Statice Flower Exporters In Kenya

          FrutPlanet is one of the leading statice flower exporters in Kenya. We export to various markets from China, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, and more. Statice has a slightly longer history in the Kenyan market.

          The statice flower is a long-lasting flower that’s compact and colourful. They are resistant to climate and diseases. They are mainly exported fresh or dried. Whether you’re looking for a statice flower exporter to handle bulk orders for dried or fresh flowers.

          Statice flowers originated from the Mediterranean and Central Asia. The variety and the family have over 120 species, each unique in size, shape, and colour. Initially, the flower industry exports were mainly roses. However, the formation of NGOs and self-regulating organisations, including the Kenya Flower Council (KFC), propelled other varieties in the market, such as statice.

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