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    Are you looking to buy red onions in wholesale? FrutPlanet is a GlobalGAP-certified red onion supplier. We are quality-focused, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction whenever you buy red onions online in bulk.

    Don’t let logistics stress you while ordering onions wholesale. Instead, request a quote to buy onions online with FrutPlanet. In addition, our global export services cover other products, such as spices, beverages, cereals, and seafood.

    Growing Onions

    Kenyans have been cultivating onions since ancient times. They are one of the leading onion producers, with strong export markets in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other parts of the world.

    In 2019, the alliaceous vegetable exports from Kenya totalled USD 9.049 Million. However, the exports dropped by 79% to USD 1.818 Million in 2020 due to COVID-19. In 2021, the exports increased by 41% to USD 2.564 Million.

    FrutPlanet understands logistics present a challenge to overseas customers looking to buy onions online from the world’s leading onion producers like China, Kenya, Egypt, India, and Tanzania.

    Our onion export service can take the burden off your shoulders when sourcing from these suppliers, especially in Kenya. We pride ourselves in having established an extensive network and can help you buy from smallholder onion farmers who cannot sell directly in the international market.

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      Buy Onions Wholesale-Red Onion Supplier

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        Buy Onions Wholesale-Red Onion Supplier

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        Health Benefits Of Onions

        Nutritionists recommend eating onions raw to get the most sulfur compounds. The benefits of eating raw onion linked to sulfur content include reduced cholesterol levels and minimised risk of heart disease and stroke.

        Onions also contain quercetin, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, fibre, and prebiotics. They can fight off inflammation and improve digestion, the immune system, and bone density. Buy onions online with FrutPlanet and experience the benefits of eating raw onion.

        Types Of Onions Grown In Kenya

        Kenyans into onion farming, including our highly vetted farmers, grow the bulb and spring onions. Under the bulb onion category, we have different types of onions, such as red onions, white onions, Spanish onions, and yellow onions. There is nearly every variety to meet personal tastes and preferences.

        At FrutPlanet, we are more than just red onion exporters. When you buy onions online from our company, we can help you source different types of onions for stir-fries, soups, stews, and more. To request a quote and get the best onion price today.

        Wholesale Onion Prices

        In 2022, the wholesale onion prices in Kenya range from US$ 0.99 to US$ 2.34 per kilogram. The online onion price in Kenyan Shilling is KES 121.53 per kilo.

        In 2019, the online onion price averaged US$0.99 per kilo. The minimum export price changed to US$0.83 per kg in 2020. In 2021, onions price per kilo peaked at US$2.69.

        Customers should expect the minimum export price to fluctuate depending on the market forces. Therefore, today’s onion wholesale price may not be the same as in the last two or three days. Therefore, when set to buy onions online, request a quote to confirm the onion price today.

        Harvesting Onion, Sorting, And Packaging

        Harvesting green onions or harvesting red onions take place strictly on our contracted farms. As GlobalGAP, HCDA, and SEDEX-certified exporters, we ensure these farms meet the conditions for growing quality onions desired in markets.

        Since onions are susceptible to sunburn, FrutPlanet prefers harvesting green onions, red onions, and other onion varieties in the late afternoon into the night. The process involves hand and machine harvesting.

        After removing the onions from the soil, our skilled workers trim the top portion and roots with scissors while evaluating quality.

        After harvesting red onions, the workers stack dump bins containing onions and leave them in the field for one or two days. The approach helps prevent pathogen growth.

        We transport the onions to packhouses. Here, we run them through a packing line and optical sorters. The optical sorters sort the onion by size and can detect issues.

        As the onions run down the packing line, our workers also hand sort to remove products that might be damaged. The onions are mechanically weighed, packed into bags, and passed through palletising machines for wrapping. KEPHIS inspects the products before we ship them to customers.

        Buy onions online from FrutPlanet today.

        Delivering Bulk Fresh Onions

        After sourcing and packaging, FrutPlanet ships the fresh onions by air on FOB or CIF terms. Depending on location, we can complete delivery in 2 to 4 days. So when you buy onions online with FrutPlanet, always expect fresh agricultural products upon delivery.

        We source fresh onions directly from our contracted farmers in Karatina, Naivasha, Mwea East, Meru, Oloitoktok, Ndia, Mai Mahiu, Emali, and other best onion-producing regions. Our farmers comply with the local and global farming standards for maximum food safety.

        Where To Buy Onions in Wholesale

        Kenya is one of the onion-rich countries where you can buy onions online in bulk. The other countries to add to the best onion-sourcing list include China, India, Egypt, Tanzania, Senegal, and the United States.

        If you want to buy onions online from African countries, especially Kenya and Tanzania, FrutPlanet can help. Our fruit and vegetable export company goes above and beyond, smoothening the logistics for clients ordering farm products overseas.

        We represent a vast network of certified farmers and pride ourselves in efficiently processing bulk onion orders.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Onion

        How Many Onions In A Pound?

        You will need 2-3 large onions or about 4-5 medium-sized onions to make a pound. About 6 to 7 small onions make a pound.

        How Much Is 1kg Of Onions?

        1 kg onion price today is between US$ 0.99 and US$ 2.34. The onion wholesale price today in Kenyan Shilling is KES 121.53 per kilo. Currency fluctuations are a norm for most economies, triggering changes in onions price per kilo every day. You can confirm the 1 kg onion price today by requesting a free quote to buy onions online from FrutPlanet.

        Where Are Onions Sourced In Kenya?

        The onions exported from Kenya come from regions with the best soil types and climatic conditions. These onion-sourcing areas include Karatina, Naivasha, Mwea East, Meru, Oloitoktok, Ndia, Mai Mahiu, and Emali. When you order onion online from these regions, use FrutPlanet for smoother logistics.

        • Wholesale watermelons Supplier-Buy Watermelons in bulk Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking for wholesale watermelon suppliers? FrutPlanet is a reliable supplier of fresh watermelons. We have fulfilled global and local orders for years while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. You can order our fresh watermelons by requesting a quote here!

          The Ultimate Watermelon Suppliers

          There are a dozen watermelon suppliers, but one of the leading companies is FrutPlanet Exporters. FrutPlanet supplies fresh watermelons globally and is the exporter of choice for many businesses worldwide, not by chance. We have designed our business model to be customer-centered. Here’s why you should work with us:

          100% Customer Satisfaction: When you order watermelons in bulk, we stand by what we supply, unlike most suppliers. Our aim here at FrutPlanet is to meet your expectations.

          Organic Farm Products: We are pioneers of organic farming methods in Kenya and beyond. That’s why we have made it our creed to partner with farmers who practice what we preach, organic farming

          You can order our watermelons in bulk by requesting a quote on our website. We guarantee you only quality products.

          Watermelon Production in Kenya

          Watermelon production is arguably one of the most popular farming ventures in Kenya. This fruit performs well in warm Kenyan regions with high rainfall. Watermelon production regions in Kenya include Machakos, Makueni, Coastal regions, etc. Most Kenyan farmers in Kenya are small-scale farmers. When you order watermelons for sale from FrutPlanet exporters, we source the products from these farmers and handle the logistics.

        • Fresh French Beans Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading global exporter of fruits, vegetables, and spices. Want to export French beans? Request a quote, and our customer service team will engage you. 

          Pods. There are three categories of pods; Extra fine pods, fine pods, and bobby beans. Extra fine pods are tender, puffy, and seedless. They have no strings, and their diameter is less than 6mm and a length of 10cm. On the other hand, fine pods have small seeds, soft strings, and tender, puffy skin. The pods are longer than extra fine pods by about 3mm. Bobby beans are generally bigger and large. At FrutPlanet, we only source either fine or extra pods for our export customers.

          Shape: French beans are either straight or curvy with pointed ends. The length of French beans ranges between 6 and 12 cm. The pod’s skin should be smooth, and the ends should be tapered and pointed. Deformity and curling of French beans are signs of irregular watering. At FrutPlanet, we handpick and package all the beans and ensure we get rid of deformed beans.

          Colour: French beans are usually green, although a yellow variety exists. The yellow French beans are Haricot Jaune, a common vegetable in French cuisines. Green French beans can turn yellow due to a lack of water, and as a result, they lack nutrients. FrutPlanet has specialised professionals who check the beans before packaging.

          Smell: The French beans’ smell isn’t very noticeable. However, sensitive people realise that it has a faint grassy vegetal smell. On the other hand, if they’re ill-odored, whether green or mouldy, dispose them. The French beans can be green, yet they have undergone bacterial growth internally, which leads to a bad smell. Our team individually examines each bean when packaging to ensure that our customers only get quality produce.

        • Scabiosa Flower Exporters In Kenya Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you wondering where to buy scabiosa online from exporters? FrutPlanet is your home of superior-quality flowers and has been in the export industry for years. We have an international client base in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

           All our flowers conform to international standards and are GAP accredited. Contact FrutPlanet, your scabiosa flower exporter, where quality meets sustainability!

          Scabiosa Flower Farming In Kenya

          Kenya has the perfect climate and fertile soils for scabiosa flower production. Besides, it’s positioned at the equator, with sufficient sunshine for flowers. More Kenyan farmers embraced scabiosa farming to meet demand in the European and global markets.

           Consequently, Kenya exported 210 tonnes of flowers in December 2021 and is among the top major scabiosa flower exporters globally. Apart from Kenya, other leading flower producers are in; Netherlands, Columbia and Ecuador. In 2021 Netherlands exported $ 5.77B of flowers, Columbia $ 1.72B, Ecuador $927M, and Kenya $ 725M. FrutPlanet partners with major producers to supply you with scabiosa from the best.

        • Order Crabs Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a supplier and exporter of fresh seafood that helps you buy wholesale seafood online in bulk. FrutPlanet exports seafood from some of the world’s largest producers. We help customers buy crabs online and export by facilitating a smooth logistics procedure from sourcing, harvesting, packing, and exporting to your destination. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operation.

          What Are Crabs

          Crabs are found in both fresh and salty water.  Crabs have very short tails with thick shells. They thrive in warm and icy water, irrespective of how deep or shallow the environment is. 

          The world’s largest crabs producers are China, Thailand, and Bangladesh. The three contribute a significant share of the global crab market, valued at US$ 8.2 Billion in 2021.  More specifically, China’s export values were US$ 737,038, US$ 699,983, and US$ 333,833, respectively, for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.

          Do you want to buy crabs online in bulk? Visit the FrutPlanet website today, and we’ll help you source, pack, and deliver the crabs right to your door.

        • Kenyan Wholesale Mum Suppliers And Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Kenya is one of the largest producers of chrysanthemums (mums). FrutPlanet, a renowned wholesale mum supplier, can help you source and export mum to global markets. 

          Kenya is the 4th largest producer of flowers and produces various varieties, including mums, scabiosa, hypericum, and more. Mum flowers thrive well in Kenya because the country has well-drained soils and high temperatures.

          To export mum flowers from Kenya effortlessly, you need a wholesale mum supplier to help you with the logistics. One such wholesale mum supplier specialising in agricultural and farm products is FrutPlanet. 

          We have been helping international businesses in the United States, Europe, Asia, and more. You can order wholesale mums by requesting a quote today.

          Chrysanthemum Growing In Kenya

          Chrysanthemum is one of the highest cultivated flower varieties globally. Like other flower varieties, the mum was introduced to Kenyan flowers in the early 21 century. The spike in popularity of this variety can be mainly attributed to the Kenya Flower Council, a wholesale mum supplier, among others.

        • Buy Passion Fruit Online in Bulk Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Do you want to buy passion fruit online in bulk? FrutPlanet is a reliable passion fruit supplier, and exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, and more.  Passion fruits are amongst what we take pride in exporting. 

          Besides fruits and vegetables, we also export fresh flowers worldwide, especially to the United States, Europe, the United Arabs Emirates and more. Engage us by requesting a quote today.

          Shapes, Colours, and Sizes

          Passion fruits are a berry, mostly round or oval. The colours, when they are ripe, change depending on the varieties. 

          At FrutPlanet, we are keen to select fully ripe fruits with the correct colour, size, and shape depending on the variety of the passion fruit. Additionally, we evaluate each passion fruit variety to fit your specific requirements on the fruits’ sizes, colours, and shapes. 

          Varieties of Passion Fruit

          There are several varieties, but the most common are purple, yellow, and sweet passion fruits.

          Yellow Passion Fruit: Yellow passion is slightly larger than purple passion. It weighs 60-65 grams with a diameter of 5-10cm. They are round or oval in shape and golden yellow when ripe. The outer peel is light and airy. 

          Purple Passion Fruit: This passion variety weighs 35-50grams with a diameter of about 5cm. It has a purple-waxy, smooth rind with numerous light dots on the surface. Purple passion has a juicy, orange, seedy edible Centre, which is highly aromatic. It’s green when unripe and turns to deep purple when it ripens. 

          Sweet Passion Fruit: It has a hard shell orange-yellow in colour. Sweet passion fruit is seedy and has a white aromatic scent pulp. Unlike the other passion varieties, it’s blue when unripe and turns orange-brown when ripe. 

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