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    FrutPlanet is a macadamia exporter in Kenya of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, and other commodities, including Kenya macadamia nuts. We partner with macadamia nut farmers in Kenya to help you order bulk macadamia nuts online. You can request a quote for Kenyan macadamia here at FrutPlanet.

    Wholesale Macadamia Nuts Exporters

    Macadamia is native to Queensland, Australia, but was introduced to Kenya from Australia in 1960. But farmers didn’t start growing macadamia nuts in Kenya commercially until the 2000s. 

    Australia was the major producer of Macadamia, although South Africa later surpassed it in 2012. Kenya is the world’s third-largest wholesale macadamia nuts exporter. The country exports about 90% to 95% of macadamia nuts in Kenya. 

    Most farmers grow macadamia on a small scale, so macadamia exporters in Kenya help them deliver to the market. There are over ten macadamia exporters in Kenya, and FrutPlanet is one of the leading suppliers.

    FrutPlanet helps you order bulk macadamia nuts online by facilitating the logistics involved, from sourcing, processing, and packaging. Customers who’d love to order bulk macadamia nuts can request a quote through our website.

    Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

    Macadamia nuts have enormous benefits for the body. The body sources vitamins, unsaturated fats, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants from nuts. These nutrients offer benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, improving body metabolism, preventing cancerous cells’ growth, promoting weight loss, and more. Experts advise people to take a cup of macadamia nuts often.

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      Order Bulk Macadamia Nuts Online

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        Macadamia nuts

        Order Bulk Macadamia Nuts Online

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        Where are Macadamia Nuts Grown in Kenya

        Kenya Macadamia nuts are mainly grown in Central Kenya, especially in regions such as Murang’a, Kiambu, Nyeri, Thika, etc. Other regions that include Eastern Central, western, and some parts of rift valley grow a grafted superior clone called Kenya macadamia Integrifolia. There are several large-scale farmers of macadamia nuts in Kenya, but the bigger percentage comprises small-scale farmers.

        But what varieties of macadamia nuts are grown in Kenya? The most common macadamia varieties include Macadamia tetraphylla and Macadamia integrifolia. The difference between where the varieties are grown in Kenya is altitude. The tetraphylla variety performs well in high-altitude, cold areas than the other.

        Macadamia Nuts Price

        Macadamia prices in Kenya range between $12 and $14 per kilo. The price has been fluctuating for years now. In 2018, the macadamia price per kilo was $13.61, but the price dropped by 2 cents in 2019. The total macadamia price for exports was $87576 and $72307, respectively.

        However, the wholesale macadamia nuts price by the end of 2022 is expected to rise within the same range of $13 and $14. That converts to about Ksh. 1560 and Ksh. 1840. However, you can consult our team on the current macadamia nuts price by requesting a quote or contacting us.

        Sorting, Processing, and Packaging Kenya Macadamia nuts

        After harvesting, the farmers remove the pericarp, the external envelope covering the shell. Our experts at FrutPlanet macadamia exporters in Kenya transport the nuts to our packhouse for processing. We pass the Kenya macadamia nuts through the de-husking machines. These machines crack the nut to get the embryos.

        After de-husking, we roast the Kenya macadamia nuts by exposing them to high temperatures. We put the embryos in a meshed bag, warming them up for 20 to 30 minutes at 40 degrees. We then move the nuts to roast flat pans, heat them at 140 degrees Celcius, and proceed to the packaging stage.

        The FrutPlanet quality control team determines the quality of macadamia nut kernels by weight, size, shape, and colour. Depending on the client’s specifications, we can enhance the sizes and colours of the nut. Most macadamia exporters in Kenya, including FrutPlanet, package the nuts in 1 to 2-kg vacuum bags. However, we will involve you to ensure the nuts are packed with your specifications in mind and ready to sell. 

        Like any other products from FrutPlanet exporters in Kenya, we label Kenya macadamia nuts. Some important details we include on the label are the product’s name, the Lot identification number, weight, and the name and address of the importer and exporter.

        Delivering Bulk Macadamia Nuts By FrutPlanet Exporters

        Most Kenya macadamia nuts customers are from Europe, the middle-east, and the united states. Once you order bulk macadamia nuts, we process and deliver by air or sea. FrutPlanet delivers the packaged Kenya macadamia nuts within 1 to 2 days by air after they depart from the Nairobi-based airport. We ship bulky orders by sea, and the timeline ranges between 20 and 45 days. 

        We deliver most of our orders by air. FrutPlanet exporters in Kenya involve you throughout sourcing, sorting, packaging, and delivery. Request a quote today!

        How to Order Bulk Macadamia Nuts at FrutPlanet

        Are you looking to order macadamia nuts online in Kenya? Or are you looking for a macadamia exporter in Kenya that can’t disappoint or inflate prices? FrutPlanet exporter and supplier is your best bet for local and international orders. We help you order bulk macadamia nuts from the world’s largest producers, including South Africa and Kenya. 

        We are certified by local authorities and meet internationally set standards in all our exports. Our prices are affordable, and even though they may fluctuate, they are guided by market shifts. Request your quote today!

        Frequently Asked Questions About Kenya Macadamia Nuts.

        Who Is The Largest Exporter Of Macadamia Nuts?

        The world’s largest producers include South Africa, Australia, Kenya, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, etc. Kenya is the world’s third-largest producer of macadamia nuts, with a market share of 13% (as of 2020). Kenya’s macadamia nuts production and export is about 7750 tonnes annually.

        What Country Is The Largest Grower Of Macadamia Nuts?

        Australia is the largest macadamia grower but consumes most of its produce locally. Macadamia nut is the only native food from Australia that has global attention and is grown commercially.

        Where Does Kenya Export Macadamia Nuts?

        Kenya exports 95% of its annual macadamia produce to the United States, European Union, Japan, Canada, and China. However, macadamia exporters in Kenya, including FrutPlanet, can help order bulk macadamia nuts globally. Request a quote today or contact customer support.

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          Chives Growing In Kenya

           In Kenya, most large-scale farmers of chives are in Nakuru County, although there are other small-scale farmers in the Mount Kenya region. Chives growing in Kenya have significantly increased due to government efforts to increase food production. In addition, organisations such as KARLO constantly encourage farmers and provide adaptive seedlings. 

          At FrutPlanet, we source chives mainly from small-scale farmers from Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, and Ukambani. We partner with farmers who guarantee quality and produce their products organically. You can buy fresh or dried chives by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet, and our team will help with the logistics.

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          FrutPlanet is a major exporter of fresh produce in Kenya. We have existed for many years and have sufficient export experience. FrutPlanet sources fresh produce from small-scale farmers who practice eco-friendly farming. Our mission is to provide quality mints in bulk while involving you throughout production to delivery. Buy mints in bulk online from FrutPlanet and be guaranteed products that conform to international standards. 

          Mint Farming In Kenya

          The world’s largest exporters of mint include China, Germany, Egypt, and many others, including Kenya. Mint farming doesn’t have a rich history, but it has been thriving very well in Kenya recently. The herb is mainly grown by small-scale farmers from Central, Eastern, Western, and Rift Valley regions. 

          According to expert analysis, the Kenyan market value of mint leaves is expected to grow higher.  The growth is attributed mainly to government influence and investment in agricultural research. Such cooperation has seen the formation Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO).

          We work with small-scale mint farmers in Kenya who cannot meet the bulk mint exports individually. On the other hand, we help you buy mints in bulk online but sourcing the products from our farmers and sorting the export logistics for our customers. You can make your order by requesting a quote to buy mints in bulk online today.

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          FrutPlanet is a major Kenyan exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, including lovage. We’ve been helping our customers source produce for years by partnering with lovage farmers. We partner with small-scale farmers to help you buy lovage herbs online. Most customers who buy lovage herbs online from FrutPlanet are from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. But irrespective of the destination, you can order online from our website by requesting a quote, and we’ll flawlessly fulfil your order.

          Farming Herb Lovage in Kenya

          The Maggi plant, or lovage (Levisticum officinale), is a green perennial herb native to Southern Europe’s Mediterranean region. It has been in use in the Italian Ligurian region since Roman times. It’s easy to buy lovage herbs online through websites like FrutPlanet.

          Lovage resembles celery and parsley in appearance. They both belong to the Apiaceae family. All parts of the plants are edible but have different flavours. The leaves have a flavour similar to parsley but with a strong, sweet edge and a tinge of citrus. Stalks of lovage have a fennel or anise-like flavour.

          Growing lovage is a less-exploited business opportunity in Kenya. You can buy lovage herb online from the largest producers, including Hungary, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Finland, Belgium, and Kenya.

          FrutPlanet is the leading exporter of lovage from Kenya. Over the years, they have helped Kenyan farmers export large quantities of lovage to other countries.

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          FrutPlanet is a leading Kenyan grower and exporter of fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits, including peppermint.  We partner with farmers to help you, the buyer, place and Buy Bulk Peppermint Herbs orders. Whenever you need peppermint from Kenya, request a quote from us, and we will help you get the best-grown and high-quality peppermint herb.

          Growing Peppermint In Kenya

          Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. It is a hybrid between spearmint and watermint. Nowadays, growing peppermint is a worldwide activity in many countries, including Kenya. In 2020, the Food and Agricultural Organization statistics estimated  Morocco to be the leading producer at 40,403 tonnes.

          Kenya is a significant producer as more farmers continue embracing peppermint farming. The country’s favourable ecological conditions also make it a significant producer. And with FrutPlanet easing the process of buying bulk peppermint herbs, Kenya is the buy-from country.

          As one of the leading exporters in Kenya, FrutPlanet helps you with sourcing, packaging, and other logistics. Therefore, if you want to buy bulk peppermint herbs, contact us via email or request a quote. We offer competitive prices for anyone looking for a wholesale peppermint price.

        • Buy Tea Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a wholesale tea supplier that partners and sources products from local farmers. Besides being a wholesale tea supplier, we also export other beverages, fruits, vegetables, spices, tubers, etc. Buy tea online by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet today! 

          Tea Exporting Countries

          The largest tea exporter in the world is China, seconded by Kenya, and in third position Sri Lanka. Other major tea-exporting countries include India and Poland. The top five largest exporters of tea in the world collectively account for 67.9% of total tea sales.

          Kenya is the largest exporter of tea in Africa. In 2021, the country’s tea exportations accounted for 16.3% of the total tea exports generating about $1.2 billion in revenue. Kenyan farmers cultivate tea on both small-scale and large-scale, which are classified into two classes: small rural farms and large company-run plantations. 

          Most large-scale farming is in the Rift valley region, including the largest tea plantation in Africa in Kericho. Small rural farms are mainly located in the highland regions within central Kenya. The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya (TRFK) has developed over 49 varieties that dominate production in the country.

        • Buy Raw Honey Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a bulk honey supplier and exporter in Kenya that helps you buy raw honey online. We export other commodities, including fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, etc. FrutPlanet helps you source and buy organic honey online wholesale in Kenya through our vast network. You can request a quote to buy raw honey online from Kenya here at FrutPlanet.

          Wholesale Organic Honey Exporters

          Kenyan farmers ventured into apiculture or beekeeping in the early 1960s. The commercialization of beekeeping saw the launching of Kenya Top Bar Hive (KTBH) later in 1971. Dr Gordon Townsend and Dr Maurice Smith developed the KYBH through the help of the Canadian International Development Agency.

          Kenya’s export value for raw organic honey was USD 650k for a volume of 80K metric tons in 2021. Kenya ranks among the top 100 world’s largest organic honey producers and exporters. Topping the honey as the world’s largest honey producer is china, seconded by Turkey, and in the third position in Argentina.

          Most raw organic honey farmers produce on a small scale and, therefore, do not have the capability to export. They rely on bulk organic honey exporters such as FrutPlanet to export to their customers. Whether you want pure, raw or organic honey, we can help you buy organic honey online from these customers.

          What Does Raw Honey Look Like?

          When you buy raw honey online from FrutPlanet, we offer three varieties of honey we export; pure, raw and organic. So, how different are they and which one is best for you?

          Pure Honey: This category is 100% honey without adding ingredients such as corn syrup. FrutPlanet experts source honey from bees in an environmentally friendly environment. 

          Raw Honey: It is not heated for pasteurisation,  a process of heating honey to a temperature higher than 118 degrees Farads. Raw honey preserves the benefits such as enzymes, vitamins, and minerals the honey could otherwise lose if you heat it.

          Organic Honey: The category comprises honey from organically grown plants’ pollen. In addition, it has no chemical traces from miticides to treat bees or pesticides to treat plants.

          Irrespective of the category, FrutPlanet helps you buy bulk honey online by sourcing and facilitating the logistics. Feel free to request a quote to buy pure, raw organic honey on our website today!



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