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    Are you looking for established and top-rated exporters to help you buy winged beans online? Head over to FrutPlanet, a bulk winged bean supplier exporting to different markets, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

    Our export services encompass sourcing and managing logistics. Generally, we export fruits, vegetables, spices, tubers, cereals, and seafood. Request a quote to buy winged beans online.

    Growing Winged Beans

    Growing winged beans is one of the lucrative businesses that farmers in the tropical regions of Kenya have embraced. Winged beans go by many other names, including sigarilyas, goa bean, manila bean, dragon bean, and princess bean.

    While the historical introduction of sigarilyas into Kenya is uncertain, the world recognises Kenya as a top-winged bean producer and exporter. In 2021, Kenya exported 19.03M metric tons worth USD 46.74M.

    Morocco, China, Netherlands, Guatemala, Mexico, Senegal, France, and the United States are some of the countries that compete with Kenya in the export market.

    Navigating the export market to buy winged beans online is easy when you work with international exporters such as FrutPlanet. We will help you source fresh sigarilyas from our vast and reliable network at the best wholesale prices.

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      Buy Winged Beans Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Buy Winged Beans Online

        Buy Winged Beans Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Winged Beans Benefits

        Sigarilyas is rich in protein. It also contains iron, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B1, fibre, and amino acids. The winged bean benefits include reduced headaches and migraines, improved eye health, premature ageing prevention, weight loss, and healthy pregnancy.

        You get these scientifically proven sigarilyas benefits whether you eat the seeds, immature pods, leaves, flowers or tubers.

        Wholesale Winged Beans Prices

        In 2022, the wholesale winged beans prices range from US$ 1.63 to US$ 3.50 per kilogram. The winged beans price in Kenyan Shilling is approximately KES 200.33 to KES 430.15 per kilo.

        With constant price fluctuation experienced in the export market, businesses set to buy winged beans online should consider requesting a quote from a bulk winged beans exporter such as FrutPlanet. It is easier this way to confirm the current winged bean prices.

        In 2019, the wholesale price for winged beans averaged US$ 1.63 per kilo. In 2020, most farmers could not export their farm produce because of COVID-19, leading to a drop in wholesale winged beans prices to approximately US$1.50 per kg. In 2021, buying fresh winged beans cost between US$ 1.33 and US$ 3.16.

        Winged Bean Harvest, Sorting, And Packaging

        FrutPlanet starts the winged bean harvest process, typically 70-90 days after seeding. We pick the green, delicate pods when they are about 1-2 inches long. When it comes to harvesting flowers, our team picks them when they are pale blue. As for the starchy tubers, we collect them after around 8 months.

        We exercise extreme care to avoid heat buildup and product damage during loading, holding, and hauling the piles of winged beans to the processing centres. Our quality control team inspects the winged bean harvest before allowing cleaning to remove trash or any foreign material.

        We will carefully sort the harvested beans, ensuring uniform sizing and packaging. FrutPlanet segregates the beans by export standards.

        During the packaging stage, our packers place the beans in plastic bags. We tightly close the necks of the bags to keep the beans fresh. Once packed, we hand over the package to the shipping agent.

        All the agricultural products you order from FrutPlanet are certified by KEPHIS and FDA. You can request a quote to buy winged beans online now.

        Delivering Bulk Winged Beans

        FrutPlanet keeps the delivery process straightforward. After placing an order to buy winged beans online, we understand customers want to have their hands on the purchased products as soon as possible.

        Therefore, we strive to deliver within 2-4 days after we have sourced the beans. We ship all packages by air, and our customer support will keep track of the shipment and update you throughout the process.

        At FrutPlanet, we partner with small-scale winged bean farmers. They dominate more than 70% of the Kenyan market. The beans are intensively cultivated in tropical regions with warm weather, humidity and abundant rainfall, such as Lamu, Mombasa, and Malindi.

        Where To Buy Fresh Winged Beans

        If you have decided to buy winged beans online, you are certainly in the right place. FrutPlanet is one of the reliable exporter sites where to buy winged beans from Kenya.

        Kenya ranks in the top 10 countries with the highest export values, alongside Morocco, China, Netherlands, Mexico, and Senegal. Globally, these are some of the best markets where to buy winged beans online.

        Winged bean exporters such as FrutPlanet can help you source from these leading sigarilyas suppliers.

        Since the dragon beans come from small-scale farmers, you will need to source from several farms to meet the bulk export needs. It’s challenging. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that when working with bulk winged bean exporters.

        At FrutPlanet, our network consists of thousands of these farmers under contract to supply to us whenever needed. Therefore, it is easier to process bulky orders fast when you buy winged beans online.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Winged Beans

        Do Winged Beans Taste Good?

        Yes, many people agree that winged beans taste good. These unique beans have a mild and sweet flavour. Some say sigarilyas have a taste and texture similar to fresh asparagus. Winged beans retain a pleasant light crunch when not overcooked. The roots have a delicious, nutty flavour.

        What Is Winged Bean Good For?

        Winged beans are good for weight loss, eyesight, headaches, migraines, digestion, bone health, diabetes, and skin health. Sigarilyas are nutritious whether you eat them raw or cooked. Buy winged beans online from FrutPlanet to experience these sigarilyas benefits.

        Which parts of winged beans are healthy?

        All the winged bean parts are healthy. The leaves, pods, seeds, flowers, and roots contain similar nutrient makeup.

        What is the price of 1 kg of winged beans?

        I kg of winged beans ranges from US$ 1.63 to US$ 3.50. The wholesale price of winged beans in Kenyan Shilling is approximately KES 200.33 to KES 430.15 per kilo. Buy winged beans online at the best prices from FrutPlanet.

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          Millet Growing Areas In Kenya

          Millet growing areas in Kenya include western, Nyanza, rift valley, and Mt Kenya. Millet performs well in this region because of their rich soils and the high rainfall. The areas receive over 250mm per annum and have varying soil varieties. 

          The world’s largest exporters of millet as of 2020 include the United States, Ukraine, India, and Russia. Although Kenya is not one of the top world’s largest millet exports, it could export has an export volume of over USD 107K annually. Most of the Kenyan millet is destined for global markets such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Europe.

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          Colour: Unripe Strawberry fruit is green-white but turns red on ripening. The green pigment results from chlorophyll in their skin, while redness is caused by anthocyanin. Also, some strawberry fruits have a pink colouring. FrutPlanet can help you source and export strawberries from anywhere.

          Shape and Size: The size and shape of strawberry fruits vary widely depending on the variety. Some have an oblate, rounded shape with a slightly flattened top and bottom. The most prevalent shape of the strawberry fruit is a long conic shape. A typical strawberry measures about 0.9 – 1.5 cm and weighs about 7 to 27 grams. The size measurements are greatly influenced by the minerals available and the environment the plant grows in. Here at FrutPlanet exporters, we prioritise your specification above anything. We’re the best strawberry exporter for your orders, whether you want small, medium, or large berries. 

          Organic: Unfortunately, most strawberry farmers use a lot of pesticides, some of which cannot be eroded by just washing the berries. And although you may not notice the taste difference, organic berries are more refreshing. Usually, organic berries ripen from inside towards the skin so that when you cut them, the skin and the flesh will be red. At FrutPlanet, we only source and export organically grown strawberry fruits. We source from strawberry farms that are committed to our campaign against the use of pesticides in farming.

          Fresh: Larger berries have more fresh but less tasty juice than smaller berries. Naturally, larger berries have more water which ends up saturating the juice. Therefore, the smaller berries end up being juicier and sweeter. As a leading strawberry exporter, we follow your specifications to the letter, whether you want a small or large strawberry.

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          What Is A Mollusc

          A Mollusc is a group that typically represents marine invertebrate animals covered with hard shells to protect their soft body. The animals include snails, octopuses, clams, slugs, oysters, and mussels. 

          Mollusc farming started in Europe during the Roman reign before it spread to Asian countries, particularly China and India. Today, China is the leading producer and exporter of Molluscs. In 2020, China exported Molluscs worth $1.94B, followed by Spain ($563M), India ($511M), Indonesia ($436 M), and Peru ($433M). 

          Sourcing overseas presents unique challenges for businesses. Fortunately, you can shift those challenges to FrutPlanet. We source, process, package, and ship Molluscs worldwide without hassle. Whether you want farm-raised or sea-sourced Molluscs, we can help you order Molluscs online from fishermen and farms that meet the BAP standards.

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          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and beverages that commits to customer satisfaction. Amongst FrutPlanet’s leading exports is the Avocado fruit

          Varieties: There are over 500 Avocado fruit varieties, but only about ten varieties are grown commercially worldwide. The most popular commercial variety is the Hass avocado. This variety accounts for about 95% of our total avocado exports. Other avocado varieties that FrutPlanet exports include Hass, Tonnage, Fuerte, Simmonds, Smooth 8, and Pinkerton. Irrespective of the avocado variety you’re looking to export, we have a wide database of farmers and can help you source it. Request a quote or contact us via email. 

          Size:  Avocado varieties have varying sizes, which is crucial during their packaging. Usually, we name the sizes depending on the number of avocados needed to fill a 25-pound carton. The sizes range from 24 to 84. For example, if an avocado is size 24, you will need 24 Avocados to fill the 25 pounds carton. Generally, our sizing guide illustrates that the larger the designated number, the smaller the size of the avocado. At FrutPlanet exporters, we handle the inspection of the packaging process to ensure that you get the exact size you order.  

          Colour:  A raw mature avocado is commonly green, although the colour may vary depending on the variety of the avocado. When the avocado ripens, its colour changes from green to black, although some varieties may remain green. FrutPlanet exports raw mature avocados that are green. We have a team of experts who work with farmers to ensure that the avocado is mature for the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

        • Kenya Best Organic Hass Avocado Exporters and Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Organic Hass avocados are one of the most widely consumed fruits around the globe, and Kenya is a significant exporter of the product. If you’d love to buy organic Hass avocados of high quality, you should get them from a Kenyan supplier. 

          The nation’s agricultural sector has supported farmers in growing organic Hass avocados for the local and international markets. The organic Hass avocado has been in higher demand on the global market, and Frutplanet utilizes modern biotechnology techniques to ensure that it meets international export standards. 

          The Frutplanet technology has increased the productivity of the organic Hass avocado per single plant and reduced the maturity time. If you want to buy organic Hass avocados in Bulk, look no further than the Frutplanet. 

          Frutplanet is a leading exporter of organic Hass avocados in Kenya, consisting of a wide range of farmers spread apart within the nation who are only involved in the supply of high-quality Hass avocados. We, as Frutplanet, can help you buy organic Hass avocados from Kenya through the extensive network available. We provide services that involve buying Hass avocados locally and internationally.

          Additionally, being among the top exporters of organic Hass avocados, we can offer you the support of exporting logistics for the fruit directly from the farmer to you. 

          Why, therefore, should you believe in us?

          • Being one of the largest organic Hass avocado exporters, we have a solid reputation.
          • We exclusively ship organic Hass avocados of the highest quality that adheres to the rules and regulations established by the global market standards.
          • Unlike most Hass avocado suppliers, we provide our farmers with training in avocado cultivation to guarantee the fruits pass inspection.

          Kenya is among the leading exporters of organic Hass avocados in Africa. The country’s reputation for the nutritional value of the fruit precedes it. 



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