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    When you need premium quality and ethically sourced clams and other shellfish types, go to FrutPlanet Exporters. 

    We are an international seafood export company supplying fresh crustaceans and Molluscs to Europe, Australia, the Middle East, North America, and other parts of the world. Order clams online from FrutPlanet with high expectations, and we will exceed them.   

    What Is A Clam

    A clam is a highly prized type of Mollusc enclosed in a shell with two separate sections that close together tightly. It has an edible soft body with a flavour appreciated in many cultures worldwide. Molluscs like clams, cuttlefish, and squid are cultured in 76 countries, with China, the United States, Japan, Spain, Canada, and Italy leading in production.  

    China enjoys approximately 60% of the global world export market share. In 2022, the country exported tons of clams worth $133.10M. It was followed by the United States ($93.1M), Italy ($61.2M), Canada ($59.6M), and South Korea ($31.7M). 

    If you want to order clams online, opt for these leading suppliers for the best wholesale prices. And if you need help to source from the world’s leading clam exporters like China, consider FrutPlanet for live clams and fresh clams

    We have built a reputation for exporting premium quality farmed and sea-sourced products adhering to global safety standards. Don’t wait. Order clams online now.

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        Benefits Of Clams

        Clams supply an abundance of vitamin B12, which help in protein synthesis and red blood cell production. They also contain healthy fatty acids, iron, iodine, selenium, protein, potassium, copper, zinc, and phosphorus all linked to the many benefits. 

        Clams can support metabolic processes, weight loss, cardiovascular functions, and brain health. Buy clams online from FrutPlanet and realise these benefits of clams. 

        Types Of Clams

        Ordering online allows you to source different types of clams, including those scarce or unavailable in your local markets. Main clam producers like China and South Korea farm and harvest many clams types with varying sizes, shapes, and flavours. 

        They include the razors, geoducks, ocean quahogs, surf clams, manila, hard-shell clams (topnecks, littlenecks, chowders, and cherrystones), and soft-shell clams (steamers or Ipswich clams). 

        Just tell us the types of clams you want to export. FrutPlanet will deliver at the best clam wholesale prices. Start the process by requesting a quote to order clams online

        Price Of Clams

        The price of clams varies depending on where you source from, the types of clams, and the market factors. 

        For example, the clam wholesale price in China is between US$ 1.9 and US$ 5.95 per kilogram in 2022. In contrast, the price of clams per kg in Canada is US$ 13.21 to US$ 22.31. Also, clam types like geoducks attract high prices, typically more than $10 per kilo in most top exporting countries.

        It is also worth noting that the seafood distributor near me sources at different rates, depending on whether they buy directly from fishermen or intermediaries. This affects the cost of clams. At FrutPlanet, it is us and the aquaculture farmers and fishermen. Therefore, expect the best clam prices when you order clams online.

        Fresh Clams Harvesting, Sorting, And Packing

        We harvest clams considered ready for the market, which are at least two years old. Our farmed clams come from estuarine or coastal submerged lands with good water quality and minimum bacterial and industrial contamination levels.

        What’s more, the harvest passes through the hands of our quality assurance and inspection team. As HACCP-certified seafood wholesalers, our products are subject to secondary screening to receive the quality inspection certificate for export.

        After harvesting, our harvest crew carefully selects sea-sourced or farmed clams and loads them into our cold storage trucks. The catch leaves for processing at our nearest facilities where we thoroughly wash, sort, and grade the clams.

        Our trained and highly experienced team packs the clams according to customer order specifications, including size, clam type, and weight. We tag the packages according to international shipping standards. The final products we deliver to our freight companies are free of contaminants.

        Fresh Clams Delivery

        Whether customers order live or fresh clams, our quick clams delivery approach and processes ensure they receive their package within 2 to 4 days. We ship the containers by air in temperature-controlled units. All clam packages arrive fresh.

        Some clients who order clams online prefer the farmed clam varieties. Others strictly want the sea-sourced clams. Whatever your preference, we have a pool of contracted aquaculture farmers and fishermen to meet any export demands. Our network is concentrated in coastal provinces of China, from north to south.

        Our seafood export company deals with elite farmers with multi-certifications, including Global GAP and BAP. That’s a testament that our fresh clams meet international food export standards.

        Where To Buy Clams Near Me

        FrutPlanet is one of the best seafood export platforms to order clams online near me. We source from leading exporters, preferably China. The country produces the most clams, and this favours the market prices for exporters. 

        The Crustaceans and Molluscs we export come from ideal breeding conditions in all the countries we have a presence in. We never compromise on quality and safety.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Clams

        Where To Buy Clams

        Order clams online from FrutPlanet. We deliver fresh or live clams fast at friendly prices. Generate a quote to understand the current cost of clams.

        How Long Do Clams Live

        Most clams have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. Some species live for one year or less, while others reach several hundred years. The oldest clam ever found was over 500 years old.

        How Many Clams In A Pound

        The number of clams in a pound depends on the type of clam. You will need around 7 to 10 littleneck clams to make a pound. In contrast, one geoduck can weigh from 1.1 to 3.3 pounds.

        What Do Clams Eat

        The clam diet varies depending on their environment. Generally, though, the main diet of clams consists of algae, plankton, and organic matter from plants and other animals. Sea-sourced calms have a superior taste, as the Molluscs access a wide variety of food.

        Is Crab A Shellfish

        Yes, a crab belongs in the shellfish category, which includes Crustaceans and Molluscs.

        • Buy Cod Fish Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          For over a decade, FrutPlanet has established itself as a leader in sourcing, processing, and exporting seafood. FrutPlanet takes care of hundreds of fish orders daily from customers looking to buy cod fish online.

          We supply retail and food service sectors with a complete range of fish, Crustaceans, and Molluscs. We source from certified farm areas, and our products are valued worldwide.

          Codfish Farming

          Cod fishing can be traced back to the Viking period, around 800 AD, before it spread to Portugal, Canada, China, and other nations. Over the years, cod fishing grounds became competitive, causing a decline in most codfish species. Some countries marked some zones as exclusive and prohibited fishing activities.

          That led to many farmers in the coastline or seashore areas embracing codfish farming. Today China, Iceland, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Poland lead in codfish production and export.

          In 2021, China exported codfish worth $591.3M, Iceland ($323.9M), Russia ($174.3), Netherlands ($152.1M), Germany ($129.8M), and Norway ($115.3). These leading suppliers export farmed and sea-sourced codfish. There’s a sufficient supply of wholesale cod fish for businesses to tap into and meet customer demands.

          Let FrutPlanet help buy cod fish online from these leading global suppliers at a market-friendly cod fish price. We have a vast network and modern high-tech systems to process and supply tons of premium quality seafood products globally.

        • Fresh Strawberry Fruit Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading strawberry exporter and supplier to different global markets. You can request a quote and enjoy our guaranteed customer satisfaction.

          Colour: Unripe Strawberry fruit is green-white but turns red on ripening. The green pigment results from chlorophyll in their skin, while redness is caused by anthocyanin. Also, some strawberry fruits have a pink colouring. FrutPlanet can help you source and export strawberries from anywhere.

          Shape and Size: The size and shape of strawberry fruits vary widely depending on the variety. Some have an oblate, rounded shape with a slightly flattened top and bottom. The most prevalent shape of the strawberry fruit is a long conic shape. A typical strawberry measures about 0.9 – 1.5 cm and weighs about 7 to 27 grams. The size measurements are greatly influenced by the minerals available and the environment the plant grows in. Here at FrutPlanet exporters, we prioritise your specification above anything. We’re the best strawberry exporter for your orders, whether you want small, medium, or large berries. 

          Organic: Unfortunately, most strawberry farmers use a lot of pesticides, some of which cannot be eroded by just washing the berries. And although you may not notice the taste difference, organic berries are more refreshing. Usually, organic berries ripen from inside towards the skin so that when you cut them, the skin and the flesh will be red. At FrutPlanet, we only source and export organically grown strawberry fruits. We source from strawberry farms that are committed to our campaign against the use of pesticides in farming.

          Fresh: Larger berries have more fresh but less tasty juice than smaller berries. Naturally, larger berries have more water which ends up saturating the juice. Therefore, the smaller berries end up being juicier and sweeter. As a leading strawberry exporter, we follow your specifications to the letter, whether you want a small or large strawberry.

        • Order Bulk Macadamia Nuts Online Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Order Bulk Macadamia Nuts Online From Exporters

          FrutPlanet is a macadamia exporter in Kenya of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, and other commodities, including Kenya macadamia nuts. We partner with macadamia nut farmers in Kenya to help you order bulk macadamia nuts online. You can request a quote for Kenyan macadamia here at FrutPlanet.

          Wholesale Macadamia Nuts Exporters

          Macadamia is native to Queensland, Australia, but was introduced to Kenya from Australia in 1960. But farmers didn’t start growing macadamia nuts in Kenya commercially until the 2000s. 

          Australia was the major producer of Macadamia, although South Africa later surpassed it in 2012. Kenya is the world’s third-largest wholesale macadamia nuts exporter. The country exports about 90% to 95% of macadamia nuts in Kenya. 

          Most farmers grow macadamia on a small scale, so macadamia exporters in Kenya help them deliver to the market. There are over ten macadamia exporters in Kenya, and FrutPlanet is one of the leading suppliers.

          FrutPlanet helps you order bulk macadamia nuts online by facilitating the logistics involved, from sourcing, processing, and packaging. Customers who’d love to order bulk macadamia nuts can request a quote through our website.

          Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

          Macadamia nuts have enormous benefits for the body. The body sources vitamins, unsaturated fats, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants from nuts. These nutrients offer benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, improving body metabolism, preventing cancerous cells’ growth, promoting weight loss, and more. Experts advise people to take a cup of macadamia nuts often.

        • Buy Rice Wholesale – Rice Supplier Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking to buy rice wholesale from a reliable supplier? Frutplanet is the leading supplier of quality Pishori rice. Rice is one of the most consumed cereals around the globe and Frutplanet is a leading supplier of quality rice including pishori rice, basmati, biryani, and others. If you would like to buy rice online from a reputable supplier, Frutplanet should be your number one choice.

          Being among the top suppliers of rice, we also make deliveries of the rice to our client’s premises/warehouses and very affordable rates. Delivery of bulky rice is within 24 hours of order placement.

          The demand for quality rice is increasing and our farmers utilize modern biotechnology techniques to ensure that we meet the internationally set quality standards.

          As a leading supplier of quality Pishori rice, we have a network of farms all over the country that ensures that we have rice available to our clients throughout the year.

          Frutplanet supplies rice in bulk to a diverse pool of clients such as:

          • Restaurants
          • Supermarkets
          • Schools
          • NGOs
          • Government institutions
          • and so forth

          Frutplanet supplies rice both locally and internationally and with our assistance, we can help clients source rice to any place in the world.

          We understand our customers’ preferences, and we ensure that our rice is packaged as per our client’s instructions. With Frutplanet you can never go wrong!

          Why should consider us to be your Preferred Rice Supplier?

          • Being a leading rice supplier in the region, we already have a good reputation for consistent quality pishori rice which guarantees perfect cooking results.
          • We exclusively supply pure Pishori rice of the highest quality that meets all the rules and regulations set by the global market standards.
          • Unlike most RICE suppliers, we provide our farmers are well trained and we guarantee our clients that our rice passes inspection.
          • We make deliveries to our clients in any corner of the world in record time.
          • Our customer service is super responsive. Our team operates 24/7 ready to answer your queries or concerns.
        • Wholesale Pumpkins-Buy Pumpkins in Bulk Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking to buy pumpkins in wholesale? FrutPlanet takes the lead as a prime supplier and exporter of quality pumpkins. We have served the industry for years. FrutPlanet guarantees excellent service when you buy pumpkins in bulk by managing everything from sourcing to delivery. 

          Pumpkins Production in Kenya

          Where do pumpkins come from? Pumpkins, fruits with the nutritional value of vegetables, originated from Native Americans. Though previously disregarded and thought to be ‘poor man’s food, pumpkins have lately gained popularity in Kenya. 

          Production of pumpkins in Kenya is common as they grow in altitudes of 2500 metres above sea level. Pumpkin farmers in Kenya rely on suppliers like FrutPlanet to sell their produce locally and internationally. You can buy pumpkins in bulk by requesting a quote.

          Nutritional Value Of Pumpkin

          It’s a powerhouse of vitamins like vitamins A, B2, C, and E that enhance immunity. Vitamin C maintains healthy skin by protecting cells from damage and wrinkles. Since they have no fat or cholesterol, pumpkins are great for weight management. Additionally, they are packed with an antioxidant called beta-carotene which neutralizes free radicals in the body.

        • Buy Lavender Plant Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Kenyan herb exporters streamline the process for clients who buy lavender plant online, from sourcing to shipping. FrutPlanet is a specialist in this space. We have a stellar reputation for helping businesses in Europe and the Middle East buy quality herbs in bulk, including fresh and dried lavender. Our team also specialises in vegetables, fruits, and other farm produce. All products meet the global standards for agricultural exports. 

          Lavender Farming In Kenya

          Historically, Kenya may not be among the first nations to venture into lavender farming, but it has developed to become one of the leading lavender producers in the world. It joins the list of major producers like Bulgaria, France, Spain, the United States, and South Africa. 

          The Kenyan climatic conditions and soils favour lavender farming. More farmers are attracted to growing lavender because the crop is easy to manage. It is also in high demand globally and yields better returns. 

          Most of the bulk lavender sold internationally — from Kenya and other countries — is eventually converted to lavender oil. According to a Research and Markets report, the global lavender oil market value was US$106 million in 2020 but could grow to US$149.8 million by 2027.

          The lavender varieties grown in Kenya have the most authentic flavour and properties. We help clients buy lavender plant online from farmers in Kenya and other nations that grow lavender. 

          We are a registered and sufficiently certified lavender exporter, sourcing from vetted farmers. Here at FrutPlanet, you can buy lavender online at the best prices.

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