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    Welcome to FrutPlanet, a leading Kenyan exporter of a wide range of agricultural produce and fresh herbs, including the chervil herb. Since our inception, we have ensured the highest standards for our fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs, cereals, and more. We will source and deliver organic herbs within 2-4 days. With our excellent reputation for reliability, customers can buy chervil herbs online with confidence.

    Chervil Growing In Kenya

    Chervil growing in Kenya started during British colonial rule when the immigrants introduced horticultural crops. Like most agricultural produce, the commercialisation of chervil herb started after Kenya gained independence. 

    The Kenyan chervil farming sector has seen massive growth over the last few decades, even though it is the small-scale farmers dominating it. Globally, this has been the trend for top-producing nations like China, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, and Poland. Kenya is one of the leading chervil-growing countries in Africa.

    According to expert analysis, the market value of spices and culinary herbs like chervil is expected to grow to $50.1 billion by 2028. 

    Customers who want to buy chervil herbs online can turn to FrutPlanet. Our company makes it easier to source agricultural produce directly from reliable small-scale farmers. All our exported commodities are certified for quality and safety before shipping.

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      Buy Chervil Herbs Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Buy Chervil Herbs Online From Kenyan Exporters

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        Benefits Of Chervil

        Chervil is loaded with antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamin C, iron, carotene, and magnesium. The herb can keep the cell membranes stable while reducing inflammation linked to peptic ulcer and sinusitis. Depending on how you cook the culinary herb, it can lower blood pressure. It can also help with digestion and soothing the eyes. These benefits of chervil are scientifically proven.

        Types Of Chervil Herbs Grown In Kenya

        The types of chervil herbs grown in Kenya are curly and flat chervil. Curly chervil is also known as Crispum and gourmet parsley. As the names suggest, the herb has curlier foliage. It is the most widely available type of chervil in Kenya. However, the farmers in our FrutPlanet network also grow flat chervil herbs, which have leaves similar to Italian parsley. This allows us to supply different types of chervil herbs as customers require. 

        Price Of Chervil Herb

        The chervil herb prices in Kenya vary, mainly depending on the type of chervil and market demand & supply factors. On average, the wholesale price of chervil herb is US$3.64 to US$7.50 per kilogram in 2022. The chervil price in Kenyan Shillings is KES 441.58 to KES $909.86 per kg in Mombasa and Nairobi. 

        Over the years, the consumption of chervil has increased as more people understand the health benefits of chervil. For example, the culinary herb was going for about $2.46 to $3.99 per kg in 2019. In 2020, the price averaged $3.64 per kilo. COVID-19 disrupted the markets, leading to reduced chervil herb prices. Since the opening of markets globally, prices have been increasing steadily. It is worth noting that inflation has contributed to the higher prices experienced lately.

        Chervil Herb Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        After paying for the bulk chervil order, we will dispatch our team to partner farmers with ready-to-harvest chervil herbs. Our experts inspect and ensure we supply farm produce with the best taste and refreshing aroma that clients will love. If satisfied with the health state of the herbs, our team harvests the chervil and prepares it for cleaning and sorting.

        The cleaning, sorting, and packaging process is delicate. It calls for expertise and the use of tools that minimise damage during handling and when cargo is onboard. Fortunately, our experienced crew is always up to the task. We will remove the unwanted parts, thoroughly clean the herbs, and pack them in a customer’s desired packaging. 

        We pack the fresh chervil herbs using jute bags, waxed boxes, laminated paper bags, etc. Whether you want the herbs transported in standard or specially designed bags or boxes, FrutPlanet can help. Either case, your package will arrive safely, undamaged and fresh. Our packaging complies with the KEPHIS and FDA health standards. Request a quote to buy fresh chervil today.

        Delivering Bulk Chervil Herb

        At FrutPlanet, the bulk chervil herb delivery process by air takes 2-4 days, after sourcing. Our prompt approach and packing process guarantee customers fresh herbs. We deliver on tight timelines thanks to our great network of farmers with ready farm produce. 

        Our chervil herbs are grown in the best surroundings with fertile soils and favourable climates, including Nyeri, Nyandarua, Murang’a, Kisii, Nakuru, Nandi, and Nyamira. The farmers follow certified horticultural practices to ensure safety. As an added layer of protection for the customer, our fresh herbs are subject to rigorous testing and certification before shipping.

        Where To Buy Chervil Herb

        Request a quote from FrutPlanet if you want to buy chervil herb online from a reputable Kenyan exporter. We are a Global GAP-certified chervil herb exporter well-known for delivering quality fresh farm produce at the most competitive market prices. We offer fair rates because we source chervil and other commodities directly from farmers, thus cutting brokers off the chain. 

        Frequently Asked Questions About Chervil Herb

        Where Can I Find Chervil?

        You can find chervil online from a trusted chervil herb exporter, such as FrutPlanet, that work with farmers in Kenya and other top-producing nations. Unfortunately, chervil is not easily available at most local markets. 

        How Is Chervil Different From Parsley?

        Even though chervil and parsley appear almost similar, they have different flavour profiles. Chervil has a uniquely identifying faint flavour of anise or licorice. Parsley is slightly bitter with a strong grassy taste.

        Is Chervil A Coriander?

        No, chervil is not coriander. Coriander has broader leaves with a mildly sweet, lemony flavour.

        How long does chervil last in the refrigerator?

        Storing fresh chervil in the freezer can prevent the herb from going bad for about 10 to 14 days. 

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          Shapes, Colours, and Sizes

          Passion fruits are a berry, mostly round or oval. The colours, when they are ripe, change depending on the varieties. 

          At FrutPlanet, we are keen to select fully ripe fruits with the correct colour, size, and shape depending on the variety of the passion fruit. Additionally, we evaluate each passion fruit variety to fit your specific requirements on the fruits’ sizes, colours, and shapes. 

          Varieties of Passion Fruit

          There are several varieties, but the most common are purple, yellow, and sweet passion fruits.

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        • Buy Raw Honey Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a bulk honey supplier and exporter in Kenya that helps you buy raw honey online. We export other commodities, including fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, etc. FrutPlanet helps you source and buy organic honey online wholesale in Kenya through our vast network. You can request a quote to buy raw honey online from Kenya here at FrutPlanet.

          Wholesale Organic Honey Exporters

          Kenyan farmers ventured into apiculture or beekeeping in the early 1960s. The commercialization of beekeeping saw the launching of Kenya Top Bar Hive (KTBH) later in 1971. Dr Gordon Townsend and Dr Maurice Smith developed the KYBH through the help of the Canadian International Development Agency.

          Kenya’s export value for raw organic honey was USD 650k for a volume of 80K metric tons in 2021. Kenya ranks among the top 100 world’s largest organic honey producers and exporters. Topping the honey as the world’s largest honey producer is china, seconded by Turkey, and in the third position in Argentina.

          Most raw organic honey farmers produce on a small scale and, therefore, do not have the capability to export. They rely on bulk organic honey exporters such as FrutPlanet to export to their customers. Whether you want pure, raw or organic honey, we can help you buy organic honey online from these customers.

          What Does Raw Honey Look Like?

          When you buy raw honey online from FrutPlanet, we offer three varieties of honey we export; pure, raw and organic. So, how different are they and which one is best for you?

          Pure Honey: This category is 100% honey without adding ingredients such as corn syrup. FrutPlanet experts source honey from bees in an environmentally friendly environment. 

          Raw Honey: It is not heated for pasteurisation,  a process of heating honey to a temperature higher than 118 degrees Farads. Raw honey preserves the benefits such as enzymes, vitamins, and minerals the honey could otherwise lose if you heat it.

          Organic Honey: The category comprises honey from organically grown plants’ pollen. In addition, it has no chemical traces from miticides to treat bees or pesticides to treat plants.

          Irrespective of the category, FrutPlanet helps you buy bulk honey online by sourcing and facilitating the logistics. Feel free to request a quote to buy pure, raw organic honey on our website today!

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          Growing Winged Beans

          Growing winged beans is one of the lucrative businesses that farmers in the tropical regions of Kenya have embraced. Winged beans go by many other names, including sigarilyas, goa bean, manila bean, dragon bean, and princess bean.

          While the historical introduction of sigarilyas into Kenya is uncertain, the world recognises Kenya as a top-winged bean producer and exporter. In 2021, Kenya exported 19.03M metric tons worth USD 46.74M.

          Morocco, China, Netherlands, Guatemala, Mexico, Senegal, France, and the United States are some of the countries that compete with Kenya in the export market.

          Navigating the export market to buy winged beans online is easy when you work with international exporters such as FrutPlanet. We will help you source fresh sigarilyas from our vast and reliable network at the best wholesale prices.

          Generate a quote to buy winged beans online today.

        • Buy Oranges in Bulk Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is an orange exporter in Kenya that sources and helps you buy oranges in bulk. Other products we export include Kenyan raw honeybeverages such as tea, vegetables, and macadamia nuts. We help you buy oranges in bulk online by working with farmers who believe in our values. You can request a quote for Kenyan Oranges here at FrutPlanet.

          Oranges Production in Kenya

          Where are oranges produced in Kenya? Kenyan regions that produce oranges include Kitui, Machakos, Makueni, and Voi. These regions have sandy-loam soils, which support orange farming. Most Kenyan farmers produce oranges on a small scale and, therefore, partner with suppliers and exporters to sell their produce locally and globally. Kenya is a leading citrus producer with an estimated export value of 1M tonnes annually. Most oranges are produced in Kenya, and our commitment is to ensure we only ship quality to our customers. Request a quote to buy oranges in bulk today!

          Orange Nutritional Values

          Oranges are an excellent source of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which helps combat the formation of radicals that cause cancer. Experts insist that regularly eating oranges boosts immunity as the fruit has vitamins that increase the formation of white blood cells. Other nutrients present in oranges include fibre, potassium, Vitamin B1 and Folate. These nutrients assist your body in making collagen, a protein that makes the body smooth and heals wounds. The fibre also prevents constipation and boosts weight loss. Want to buy oranges in bulk? Request a quote from FrutPlanet now.

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          Tuna Farming

          Marine aquaculture uses tuna penning in which smaller tuna are caught offshore and moved back to large, in-water enclosures. The fishers put pens in the relatively shallow waters of sheltered areas, such as bays or coves.

          China is the largest producer of Tuna fish globally, with a current turnover of US$ 39.8 Billion in fish production annually, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines. The total export value for the three countries was US$ 326,348 for China, Indonesia US$ 319,840, and the Philippines, US$ 348,952 in the year 2021. 

          At FrutPlanet, we export tonnes of farmed and sea-sourced tuna fish. However, we advocate for sea-sourced fish, which is highly nutritious and best for taste. Get a quote to buy tuna fish online today.



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