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    Are you wondering where to buy dill leaves? FrutPlanet is an established supplier and exporter of fresh produce in Kenya. We have been exporting premium produce for years, and our customers are based in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and other parts of the globe. To reach the global market, FrutPlanet partners with farmers to help you buy dill online. Request a quote today!

    Dill Growing In Kenya

    Dill farming in Kenya thrives as it requires fertile soil and minimal rainfall. Since the Covid 19, pandemic people embraced healthy lifestyles; hence Kenyan farmers increased dill production. The European market is the second largest for herbs, bringing Ksh153 billion in export money. Dill growing in Kenya is found in Molo, Subukia, Gilgil, Rongai, and Bahati. 

    The world’s largest dill producers include India, with an export value of US $ 139.05M, Germany, US $52.75M, and Kenya, US $ 26.01M. FrutPlanet supplies dill from top-producing countries while adhering to food safety standards. If you are wondering where to buy dill, visit our website today!

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      Where To Buy Dill? FrutPlanet Exporters

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        Where To Buy Dill? FrutPlanet Exporters

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        Dill Leaves Benefits

        Dill leaves are feathery herbs that are loaded with nutritional and therapeutic benefits. It is low in calories and has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that aid in the healing of wounds. Dill is useful in combating indigestion and flatulence. Moreover, it has essential vitamins that boost immunity and protect the skin. People chew the leaves to get rid of bad breath. Buy dill from FrutPlanet and enjoy the dill health benefits.

        Varieties of Dill Grown In Kenya

        There are different types of dill grown for their flavour. Delikat aromatic dill has thick foliage, grows fast, and yields more than other varieties. Greensleeves dill produces dark green leaves with a sweet flavour and is grown for fresh leaves. 

        Another dill type grown in Kenya is Dukat which is the most popular and has a bright green colour. It grows 80cm tall and is rich in essential oils. The common dill is a type that has aromatic fresh green leaves and grows up to 100cm high. Visit our website and buy the varieties of dill you prefer.

        Dill Leaves Wholesale Prices

        Dill farming in Kenya is profitable as one leaf costs Ksh 25 and Ksh 300 for 250gms of seeds. In 2021 the export value of 6.07tons was US $ 26.01.The prices are set to continue rising with the global surge in demand. However, climatic changes impact the production and market price of dill, which causes the prices to keep fluctuating. A bunch of dills may cost up to Ksh2000 in shopping malls in Kenya.

        When you order dill at FrutPlanet, we ensure that you don’t buy at inflated prices despite the price fluctuations. Buy dill from FrutPlanet and enjoy friendly prices!

        Harvesting Dill, Sorting, And Packaging

        Dill is a fragile crop that requires post-harvesting care, like coolers for storage. At FrutPlanet, we have a team of skilled staff that ensures that harvesting dill is carried out at the right time to preserve the aroma. Our farmers harvest dill leaves tender just before they flower, as more mature leaves lose the potent flavour. We use sharp farm tools like shears to harvest, then sort and clean the dill leaves before packing. We store the dill in a cool and dry place right after harvesting to keep them fresh.

        We pack the fresh dill in small bunches and drape them with food-grade plastic to protect them from drying out. To dry the herbs without bruising them, we use a dehydrator before storing them. The final process of packing before delivery is placing the bunches in cartons lined with polyethylene. We keep the dill-in coolers away from light as they are delicate. We deliver on the same day of harvesting, so freshness is not compromised. 

        FrutPlanet partners with farmers to ensure that dill is grown and harvested under hygienic conditions and standards that are KEPHIS and FDA-certified. Do you know where to buy dill? Contact us and make an order for fresh produce.

        Delivering Bulk Dill Leaves

        FrutPlanet ensures that your bulk dill order reaches you while fresh and in good time. Once harvested, we ship your orders by air to reach you while fresh. In addition, your orders are inspected by international health authorities to ensure quality. We then deliver your order within 2 to 4 days, depending on the destination. We will update you on the progress of the delivery and notify you once the delivery arrives.

        We source our products strictly from trusted farmers who practice proper pest management to reduce contaminants in the products. Would you love to buy dill in bulk? Contact our customer support and get premium produce.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Dill Leaves

        Is dill and soya the same? 

        Indians call dill leaves soya or sowa, also called dill weed. It is an aromatic herb mostly found in Indian cuisine, and the celery family has grown since the olden days.

        How do you harvest dill herb? 

        To harvest dill, please wait until it has 4 to 5 leaves, then take sharp scissors and cut the mature ones first. Ensure you pick the leaves just before the flowers bud, as they are the most flavourful.

        When should dill be harvested? 

        The dill herb is ready for harvesting after 6 to 8 weeks of planting. Harvest early in the morning, and keep the stems in water to keep them from drying.

        Where can dill be found? 

        Although dill is originally from the Mediterranean, it is widely found in India, Pakistan, European countries, Egypt, and Kenya. It is an annual herb found in warm climates.

        What is dill called in English? 

        Dill is known as Lao coriander in English. It is a feathery herb whose seeds and leaves are edible and have a unique taste. Dill adds flavour to salads, soups, and fish dishes.

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          You can easily order apples online from Kenyan exporters, including leading brands such as FrutPlanet.  FrutPlanet is the major exporter of fruits, beverages, cereals, and vegetables, among other products. 

          We have no limit to where we can export, but most of our bulk deliveries are to Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Our customers love our products because they are GMO-free and the fact that we only partner with farmers who practise organic farming. You can buy apples in bulk by requesting a quote here!

          Apples Farming In Kenya

          History shows that apples are native to Kazakhstan and a few other central Asia regions. However, today, the demand for apple fruits has increased exponentially. In Kenya, apple production is still in the early phases, but the country’s growth rate is improving. On average, the country produces approximately 674 tonnes of apple fruits annually. 

          Apple farming in Kenya is mainly practised in highland areas. The major apple-growing areas include Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Kiambu, Nyeri, and Kericho. Kenya has apple cultivars that are engineered to withstand climatic changes. One of the local varieties of apples is Wambugu, engineered in Nyeri county.

          Where Do Apples Grow?

          Apple’s biggest apple exporters include China, Italy and the United States. They grow well in highland areas in Kenya, including Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Kiambu, Nyeri, and Kericho. These areas have plenty of rainfall, and the Kenyan cultivar, Wambugu, yields highly. Most apple farmers are small-scale farmers, and even though they haven’t met the local market, we partner with them to fulfil international orders. Do you want to order apples online in bulk? Request a quote now!

        • Fresh Bananas Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices. We work with local growers to bring you the freshest, most vibrant banana fruits in the market. Our products are sustainably grown and always delivered fresh!

          Skin Colour: Unripe banana fruits are solid green and waxy when freshly harvested and have a variety of shades in between as they ripen. On the other hand, ripe banana fruits’ skin colours vary depending on the variety. They can be yellow, green, purple, or red. Overripe banana fruits will turn black or have brown spots on their skin. At FrutPlanet, our banana fruits are harvested 2-3 weeks earlier before they are fully ripe to ensure you get fresh-ready banana fruits unaffected by any post-harvest blemishes.

          Fruit Sizes and Shapes: Fresh banana fruits are almost always curved-shaped and can range from 2 ½inches to 12 inches long and ¾ – 2.5 inches wide. One example is the Cavendish banana fruits, which have a bunch of elongated, cylindrical, and slightly curved, with slightly pointed end fruits. Immature banana fruits have a square or sharp angular shape in cross-section, which changes to a more rounded shape as it ripens. FrutPlanet ensures its employees in the plantations harvest all banana fruits by hand using a two-team person to preserve their natural shape and ensure they are cut off as a bunch.

          Varieties: There are over 1000 varieties of banana fruits, each with unique characteristics and flavour profiles. Some popular varieties at FrutPlanet include the Cavendish banana fruits, Gross Michel, Apple banana fruits, gold finger, and lady finger banana fruits. FrutPlanet exporters work with a network of growers to offer our customers their exact specifications.

        • Buy Onions Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a GlobalGAP-certified fruit and vegetable exporter dedicated to sourcing and supplying top-of-the-line freshֲ farm produce, including onions. We are quality-focused red onion exporters, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction whenever you buy onions online.

          Don’t let logistics stress you at any bulk onion ordering stage. Instead, request a quote to buy onions online with FrutPlanet. In addition, our global export services cover other products, such as spices, beverages, cereals, and seafood.

          Growing Onions

          Kenyans have been cultivating onions since ancient times. They are one of the leading onion producers, with strong export markets in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other parts of the world.

          In 2019, the alliaceous vegetable exports from Kenya totalled USD 9.049 Million. However, the exports dropped by 79% to USD 1.818 Million in 2020 due to COVID-19. In 2021, the exports increased by 41% to USD 2.564 Million.

          FrutPlanet understands logistics present a challenge to overseas customers looking to buy onions online from the world’s leading onion producers like China, Kenya, Egypt, India, and Tanzania.

          Our onion export service can take the burden off your shoulders when sourcing from these suppliers, especially in Kenya. We pride ourselves in having established an extensive network and can help you buy from smallholder onion farmers who cannot sell directly in the international market.

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          FrutPlanet is an orange exporter in Kenya that sources and helps you buy oranges in bulk. Other products we export include Kenyan raw honeybeverages such as tea, vegetables, and macadamia nuts. We help you buy oranges in bulk online by working with farmers who believe in our values. You can request a quote for Kenyan Oranges here at FrutPlanet.

          Oranges Production in Kenya

          Where are oranges produced in Kenya? Kenyan regions that produce oranges include Kitui, Machakos, Makueni, and Voi. These regions have sandy-loam soils, which support orange farming. Most Kenyan farmers produce oranges on a small scale and, therefore, partner with suppliers and exporters to sell their produce locally and globally. Kenya is a leading citrus producer with an estimated export value of 1M tonnes annually. Most oranges are produced in Kenya, and our commitment is to ensure we only ship quality to our customers. Request a quote to buy oranges in bulk today!

          Orange Nutritional Values

          Oranges are an excellent source of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which helps combat the formation of radicals that cause cancer. Experts insist that regularly eating oranges boosts immunity as the fruit has vitamins that increase the formation of white blood cells. Other nutrients present in oranges include fibre, potassium, Vitamin B1 and Folate. These nutrients assist your body in making collagen, a protein that makes the body smooth and heals wounds. The fibre also prevents constipation and boosts weight loss. Want to buy oranges in bulk? Request a quote from FrutPlanet now.

        • Buy Pangasius Fish Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Do you want to buy pangasius fish online? FrutPlanet is a verified supplier and exporter of seafood products with an international reach. We have been consistently delivering high-quality seafood for years. 

          Additionally, we source premium pangasius fish from reputable producers who adhere to international hygiene standards. Buy pangasius fish online from FrutPlanet, your home of quality service.  

          Where Is Basa Fish From?

          Basa is of the catfish family and the third most sought-after freshwater fish. Consequently, Chinese basa farmers built fish penning for farmed basa to increase production. Sea-sourced basa is, however, considered tastier. China is a mega seafood producer, having produced 66.9 million metric tonnes in 2021

          Top basa fish producers include; Vietnam, which exported seafood worth $900 million in 2022; Japan, which exported $ 250 million worth of seafood in 2019 and China, $986.6 million between 2021 and 2022. Buy pangasius fish online, sea-sourced or farmed basa from FrutPlanet, where we export from major producers.

        • Buy Octopus Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet serves businesses that appreciate and expect quality when they buy octopus online. We are a trusted global wholesale seafood distributor, helping clients source, process, and export superior quality Molluscs, including octopus and squid.

          Our team sources octopus in clear pristine waters of the coastal regions of top-producing countries. Our products have graced the plates of millions of people worldwide. Buy octopus online from FrutPlanet; we deliver fast.

          Where To Buy Octopus

          Sourcing octopus & squid locally may appear as a convenient option. However, some markets don’t supply enough, leading to high prices for the limited octopus.

          To supply you with a constant seafood supply throughout the year, we buy octopus online from top exporting countries. Mediterranean countries like China, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Mauritania, and Mexico lead in octopus production globally.

          Over the last two decades, China has dominated the fresh octopus export market, followed by Spain, Vietnam, Portugal, and France. In 2020, China exported ($118M), Spain ($23.4M), Portugal ($6.99M), Thailand ($5.4M), and France ($5.13M).

          When ready to order octopus online, partner with certified and a reputable wholesale seafood distributor such as FrutPlanet Exporters. We’ll make the process as convenient as ordering octopus & squid locally.

          We can export farmed and sea-sourced octopus in bulk while adhering to the highest sustainability standards. Our company is compliant with HACCP, BAP, and Global GAP.



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