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    Are you planning to buy prawns online? FrutPlanet is a top exporter of fresh and premium seafood with a global reach. Our customer base is in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East and our seafood products are inspected and HACCP-accredited. We are committed to professional service by supplying A-grade products. Request a quote today and get speedy delivery!  

    Fresh Prawns Farming

    China is one of the largest prawn producers worldwide. In 2021 China exported 61.73 tonnes of prawns and shrimp. The country’s geographical conditions are ideal for fresh prawn farming. The rising demand for prawns contributes to more than 14,000 farms in China.   

    The largest prawn producers are China, Ecuador, and India. China’s export value was US $ 450.13M, Ecuador’s US $2.83B and India’s US $ 5.16B in prawn exports in 2021. These figures are projected to continue growing as demand for seafood increases. Buy prawns online from FrutPlanet, where we have established relationships with leading producers who adhere to international standards.

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      Buy Prawns Online From Exporters

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        Buy prawns online in bulk

        Buy Prawns Online From Exporters

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        Prawns Health Benefits

        Prawns’ nutritional values cannot be overstated. They are a rich source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Prawns have zinc, which boosts the immune system, and selenium, an antioxidant that protects the body against illnesses, and are also low in calories. Other prawn health benefits include the presence of iodine, phosphorus and iron. Buy prawns online to experience the health benefits.

        Species Of Prawns

        There are different species of prawns in China. The giant tiger prawn, also known as tiger shrimp, has striped shells greyish-brown colour with a red and white abdomen. The pacific white prawn, also known as whiteleg shrimp, is widely farmed as they reproduce fast and are easy to maintain.

        The pacific white prawn has a high demand in Europe. Then there is the Kuruma prawn, native to the Red Sea and Africa. Kuruma prawns are more costly to farm as they thrive in deeper waters and have a more extended spawning period. For your preferred prawn types, buy prawns online from FrutPlanet.

        Prawns Fish Price

        The pandemic and the lockdowns resulted in prawn price and demand fluctuations. In 2022 prawns’ wholesale price is around US $11.20 per kilo. Before the Covid 19, pandemic prawns cost around US $ 11.17; in 2019, the price dropped to US $ 11.09. In 2021 the prawn business began to revive and grew 8.9% higher than the previous year.

        Additionally, seafood analysts project that prices continue changing due to increased production. FrutPlanet offers a safe platform for buyers to buy prawns online at affordable prices without compromising quality. Contact our customer support and inquire about the current prawn price. 

        Prawns Sorting And Packaging

        Harvesting prawns is a sensitive process that requires skill to yield a quality product. Our trained team selects fresh prawns and quickly transports them to the processing plant to limit spoilage. The team employs strict hygiene measures in handling the fish with the consumer in mind. Our cold storage and quality control infrastructure is up to date in the processing plant.

        Our personnel then sort the prawns and separate the defective ones from the quality ones. Sorting also involves getting rid of any foreign material. We put the healthy ones in a wash tank and cleaned them with a jet wash to remove dirt and sand and prevent bacteria. After washing, we drain the prawns and store them at -18 degrees Celsius.

        After cleaning, we carefully pack the prawns according to size and specifications. This step is delicate, and we are careful not to break the prawns’ shells. They go into master cartons laminated with polyethene material to prevent oxidation or hydration. Inspection authorities examine our products, and we comply with FDA regulations before shipping. We uphold the cold chain from harvest to delivery to ensure optimal quality. Buy prawns online at FrutPlanet, where your products are certified and safely packed.

        Fresh Prawns Delivery

        What should you expect after you buy fresh prawns online at FrutPlanet? We source our products from leading producers who adhere to sustainability standards. We are committed to offering customer satisfaction by delivering your order in optimal condition. Our payment terms are FOB or CIF for convenience. 

        After the payment, we ensure that we take your package to a reputable shipping company to guarantee intact delivery. Since they are highly perishable, we ensure that your fresh prawns delivery reaches you within 2 to 4 days. We track the shipment and update you until the final destination. Request a quote today!

        Where To Buy Prawns

        Buy fresh prawns online from FrutPlanet, your home of fresh seafood. We have been in the industry for years and are internationally recognised and certified. We offer seafood products at affordable prices regardless of price fluctuations.

        All our products come from reliable sources and are inspected to meet hygiene and food safety standards. We simplify our customers’ logistics from harvest and sorting to delivery to give you peace of mind. We deliver your package for bulk prawns fast without compromising on quality. Create a buyer’s account, and our customer support team will respond within 24 hours.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Prawns

        Are Shrimp And Prawns The Same? 

        Shrimp and prawn are often used interchangeably, but they are scientifically unalike and come from distinct crustacean families. They have many similarities, like they both have ten legs and shells. However, prawns are larger and have stiff bodies compared to shrimps which are more flexible and move a lot more.

        How To Prepare Prawns 

        Preparing prawns is not complicated. Remove the head by twisting the prawn and peeling the shells from its body. Pull the legs away, cut near the tail, and remove the vein as it tastes bitter. Rinse the prawns, and they are ready for cooking or refrigerating.

        Where Do Prawns Live? 

        Prawns live in calm brackish water and love sandy bottoms and rocky environments. They love spawning on vegetation and rocks. They live in freshwater and spend time in the depths of oceans from 70 meters below.

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        • Fresh Pineapple Fruits Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a global exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and more. One of the fruits we export is pineapples.

          Colour: At the top of our consideration is the colour of the pineapple. Usually, fresh pineapple fruits have healthy green leaves and a greenish-yellow hue. A pineapple changes from green to yellow as it ripens; the yellow colouring indicates that the fruit is ripe. The FrutPlanet team is keen on the colour of the fruit before harvest.

          Shell: Our experts have been examining fruits for years, therefore, accumulated a lot of experience. One quick feature that we examine is the texture of its skin or shell. A mature and ripe pineapple has a firm but soft shell. It can hardly squeeze because the fibre is mature and full of juice. FrutPlanet commits to delivering only quality pineapples.

          Smell: A ripe, good-tasting fresh pineapple fruit has a unique scent. The smell is similar to a ripe mango fruit but a little distinguished. The smell often emanates from the lower bottom of the fruit. Otherwise, you’re less likely to feel any smell if the fruit is not ripe. Our team is obsessed with the scent of ripe pineapple and can easily set them apart. Be sure to receive fresh, unique-smelling fruits.

          Size and Weight: Without a doubt, the ripe fresh pineapple fruit is heavier because of the enormous juice it possesses. When harvesting the fruits, our team takes critical notice of the weight of the fruit and its comparative size. We are keen on your specifications at this point. Some of our clients love medium but heavy pineapples. You can state your specifications by requesting a quote.

        • Buy Cucumbers In Bulk Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          When you want to buy cucumbers in bulk online, you cannot go wrong with FrutPlanet. We are a trusted and reputable Kenyan-based exporter of fruits, vegetables, legumes, spices, flowers, and more.

          At FrutPlanet, we source and supply different types of cucumbers — all in premium quality. Our agricultural commodities for sale meet world-class standards, as they are Global GAP certified.      

          Cucumber Production in Kenya

          Cucumber growing dates back 3,000 years, but Kenyans started embracing it in the late 90s. The farmers from the Eastern region were among the first to commercialise cucumber production. Cucumber farming spread to other parts, including the Western, Central, Rift Valley, and Southern Coast of Kenya. 

          Currently, Kenya ranks as one of the leading producers of quality cucumbers, with production values ranging from 4,708 to 5,925 tonnes in 2019 and 2020. Since most are small-scale farmers, they partner with bulky cucumber exporters like FrutPlanet to sell in the global markets. 

          FrutPlanet partners with farmers who share its commitment to providing quality, organic products. Consequently, we have immersed a reputation over the years as one of the best exporters in the country. What’s better, we deliver worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

        • Buy Alstroemeria From Exporters And Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Located in Kenya, FrutPlanet is an established exporter and supplier of fresh-cut flowers of different varieties, including alstroemeria. We help source and buy alstroemeria online from certified farmers and deliver to diverse markets in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and further. 

          Request a quote to buy alstroemeria or any other FrutPlanet product offering, such as vegetables, fruits, spices, cereals, beverages, and seafood.

          Growing Alstroemeria

          Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, is native to South America, but you can now find varieties in professional farms all over the globe. Kenya has one of the largest floral industries in the world, alongside the Netherlands, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium, Italy, China, and Ethiopia. 

          In Kenya, growing alstroemeria for export started in the late 1960s and gained momentum in the mid-1970s. Each month since 2019, Kenya exported between 8 and 24.4 thousand metric tons of cut flowers, including alstroemeria. On average, the monthly export value ranged from USD 70M to USD 129M.

          We believe you are on this page because you want to buy alstroemeria. If your target market is the top alstroemeria-producing nations like Kenya, leave the painstaking sourcing, packaging, and shipping process to FrutPlanet. Whatever the alstroemeria varieties or bulk order, we can help thanks to our vast network and resources.

        • Fresh Sugar Snap Peas Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, and more. Amongst the products we export is sugar snap peas.

          Size: Sugar snap peas sizes vary depending on where they grow. A mature pod grows to about 4 to 8 cm or about 1.5 to 3 inches in length. The height and width of the plant vary depending on the pod’s number. Our team at FrutPlanet has been harvesting sugar snap peas for years and can quickly tell from afar. 

          Colour: Sugar snap peas have a similar physical appearance to other peas but are smaller. A mature sugar snap pea has a pale green colour. However, they are a little darker than snow peas. Our experts at FrutPlanet can easily set apart mature sugar snap peas by identifying their colour.

          Cultivars: At FrutPlanet, we export almost all snap peas cultivars. Some cultivars we export include Sugar Ann, Sugar Bon, Amish Snap, Cascadia, Sugar Daddy, Super Sugar Snap, and Sugar Snap. Each cultivar has its timeframe to maturity but mainly ranges between 50-70 days. You can Request a Quote and specify your preferred cultivar.

          Seeds: A mature snap pea has about four to ten seeds, and at the time of harvesting fresh sugar snap peas, the seeds are often premature. We pick seeds that are round but not entirely swollen or firm. Sugar snap peas that are too mature have dull and hard seeds, and the skin becomes fibrous. We harvest sugar snap peas when the pods are young and edible to ensure you get value for money.

        • Buy Khat Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a bulk khat supplier in Kenya that exports fresh khat leaves worldwide. Our company helps businesses and individual customers buy khat online from a vast licensed network of farmers.

          Our practices align with Global GAP, SEDEX, HCDA, PEAK Association, and other certification bodies. FrutPlanet also sources and exports fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices, and seafood. Request a quote to buy khat from Kenya today.

          Growing Khat

          Khat, also known as miraa, chat, qat, and murungu, is dominantly grown in Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen, and Eritrea. Kenyans have been growing miraa since the 19th century for domestic and export markets.

          Kenya earns more than USD 232 million from khat annually. Recently, Kenya exported miraa valued at USD 1.9 million to one country in four days.

          Most farmers growing khat do not produce in large quantities. They cannot meet the bulk demands of miraa buyers. Therefore, these farmers sign a contract with a khat exporter Kenya such as FrutPlanet, to sell to their target customers ordering from overseas.

          With thousands of khat farmers to source from, FrutPlanet is your best partner whenever you want to buy khat online. Generate a quote now to order khat.

        • Order Apples Online From Kenya Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          You can easily order apples online from Kenyan exporters, including leading brands such as FrutPlanet.  FrutPlanet is the major exporter of fruits, beverages, cereals, and vegetables, among other products. 

          We have no limit to where we can export, but most of our bulk deliveries are to Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Our customers love our products because they are GMO-free and the fact that we only partner with farmers who practise organic farming. You can buy apples in bulk by requesting a quote here!

          Apples Farming In Kenya

          History shows that apples are native to Kazakhstan and a few other central Asia regions. However, today, the demand for apple fruits has increased exponentially. In Kenya, apple production is still in the early phases, but the country’s growth rate is improving. On average, the country produces approximately 674 tonnes of apple fruits annually. 

          Apple farming in Kenya is mainly practised in highland areas. The major apple-growing areas include Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Kiambu, Nyeri, and Kericho. Kenya has apple cultivars that are engineered to withstand climatic changes. One of the local varieties of apples is Wambugu, engineered in Nyeri county.

          Where Do Apples Grow?

          Apple’s biggest apple exporters include China, Italy and the United States. They grow well in highland areas in Kenya, including Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Kiambu, Nyeri, and Kericho. These areas have plenty of rainfall, and the Kenyan cultivar, Wambugu, yields highly. Most apple farmers are small-scale farmers, and even though they haven’t met the local market, we partner with them to fulfil international orders. Do you want to order apples online in bulk? Request a quote now!



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