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    FrutPlanet is home to sustainably sourced and best-tasting fresh anchovies and other seafood, including Crustaceans and Molluscs. Buy anchovies online and get fast delivery anywhere in the world.

    We have stood the test of time, exceeding the delivery and quality expectations of the customers we help source and buy anchovies online. With our vast network, there are no bulk orders too big for FrutPlanet. Request a quote now.

    What Are Anchovies

    What are anchovies? Anchovies are tiny, slender forage fish in the family Engraulidae. They are scattered throughout the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Black Sea.

    Fishing anchovies has at least 3,000 years of history, but anchovy farming started in the early 1800s in Spain and China, as historians have it.

    For centuries, China continues to lead in the export market with fish and fishery products, including anchovies. China’s seafood exports amounted to US$20.8 billion in 2020. The other major anchovy exporters include Spain, Japan, India, Vietnam, Peru, Morocco, and Italy.

    When the need arises to buy anchovies online from these well-established seafood markets, consider FrutPlanet Exporters. We are your powerful link to sourcing premium quality farmed and sea-sourced anchovies, tuna, salmon, tilapia, and other fish.

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      Buy Anchovies Online From Exporters

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        Buy Anchovies Online From Exporters

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        Benefits Of Anchovies

        It is well-known that fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids. As a fatty fish, eating anchovy can improve heart, eye, and brain health. Anchovy fish is also an excellent source of protein, niacin, vitamins B12 and A, selenium, potassium, and calcium.

        The other anchovies health benefits include reducing cancer risk and protecting thyroid glands. Enjoy these benefits with our different types of anchovies. Easily buy anchovies online with one quote.

        Types Of Anchovy

        There are over 140 anchovy species spread throughout the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Black Sea. However, the commercially significant anchovies found in China, Portugal, and other leading exporters include European anchovy, Peruvian anchoveta, Japanese anchovy, and Argentine anchoita.

        Customers who turn to FrutPlanet to buy anchovies online are spoilt for choice. We can help source the common types of anchovy through our extensive network, all at market-friendly anchovy prices.

        Anchovies Price

        In 2022, the wholesale price of anchovies is US$ 2.66 to US$ 3.44 per kilogram. The anchovy price per pound is between US$ 1.21 and US$ 1.56. In 2019, the cost of fresh anchovies averaged US$2.66 per kilo.

        The price of anchovies changed rapidly to approximately US$2.37 in 2020 following the shutdown of businesses due to COVID-19. However, prices started taking shape in mid-2021, with a kilo of freshly harvested anchovies going from US$2.85 to US$3.12.

        If you want to buy anchovies online from money-saving exporters that source directly from fishermen and farmers, FrutPlanet is your best export partner. Before you buy anchovies, though, request a quote.

        Fishing Anchovies, Sorting, And Packing

        As a guarantee of quality, FrutPlanet does not source fish from just any farmers and fishermen. We only harvest from contracted anchovy farmers following BAP practices in production.

        Once we harvest anchovy fish, it undergoes several steps before it is ready for shipping. Anchovies demand careful handling from the harvesting point to packaging. The trained and highly experienced team at FrutPlanet understands the proper and efficient methods or techniques to follow and avoid compromising product quality.

        When the harvest arrives at our processing plant, we will sort the fish by size and species while checking for damage and freshness. We also wash the healthy fish thoroughly. Since anchovies are small fish varieties, relying on the visual grading approach can be time-consuming.

        We pass the fish through an automatic grader that can differentiate fish by thickness, width, and other specifications. The sorted and graded anchovy fish will drop into necessary bins for packaging.

        FrutPlanet offers a wide range of packaging solutions. When you confirm a quote to buy anchovies online, we will collect details about your packaging preferences. Whatever the option, your products will be protected and maintain high freshness levels.

        As fresh anchovy exporters with an active HACCP certification, our seafood meets the global food safety standards.

        How We Deliver Fresh Anchovies

        FrutPlanet delivers anchovies and other seafood by air on FOB or CIF terms. Since most customers who buy anchovies online from us need their seafood delivered fresh, we ensure packages get to buyers within 2-4 days.

        We boast short sourcing timelines, thanks to our extensive network of carefully contracted fishermen and farmers bordering the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans.

        Our GlobalGAP and BAP-certified farmers are mainly from the Eastern region provinces of China, including Guangdong, Guangxi, Liaoning, Hainan, Shandong, and Hebei. 

        With such a supply, we can even source and process the same day a customer confirms to buy anchovies online from FrutPlanet.

        Where To Buy Anchovies

        The best way for clients to buy anchovies is from exporters such as FrutPlanet. You get access to fish varieties at better prices as we target the top exporting countries, especially China.

        Most anchovy producers are smallholder farmers who cannot meet the fast-paced demands of seafood processing, packaging, and shipping. Partnering with FrutPlanet helps them sell to global customers.

        Our direct dealing is good news to customers because we lock out intermediaries who partially contribute to inflated anchovy prices.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Anchovies

        What Do Anchovies Eat

        The anchovy diet is primarily marine organisms in a drift state, also known as plankton. Besides plankton, anchovies also feed on recently hatched fish.

        Where Do Anchovies Come From

        Anchovies come from areas bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Black Sea. Most anchovies in the market are from China, Portugal, Spain, Peru, Morocco, and Italy.

        Why Are Anchovies So Salty

        Anchovies are naturally salty because over 100 species inhabit saltwater sources. Only a few tropical types of anchovies are found in freshwater. 

        What Do Anchovies Look Like

        Anchovies look like herrings and silversides. They typically have a large mouth that extends back beyond the eyes. Anchovies are slender and tiny, although they can grow up to 40 cm or 15.5 inches. They appear greenish with blue reflections.

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          Save money every time you buy oregano in bulk from FrutPlanet. We help wholesalers, retailers, traders, individual customers, and other oregano buyers to source premium quality herbs from Kenya. Our agricultural produce export company has a global market reach, with a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. We offer great oregano prices and deliver fast. Generate a quote to buy oregano in bulk now. 

          Oregano Growing In Kenya

          Agriculture dominates the Kenyan economy, with many farmers turning to high-value crops and herbs like oregano. Oregano farming thrives in the country, especially in Nakuru, Naivasha, Kilifi, Makueni, Nyandarua, Laikipia, and Kiambu. 

          The millions who have embraced oregano growing in Kenya are smallholder farmers. Nevertheless, with the help of oregano exporters — through closely controlled farming — these farmers can supply their herbs worldwide. 

          China, India, Germany, the United States, Spain, Egypt, and Kenya contribute a significant share of the global oregano oil market, valued at USD 10.63 Billion in 2021. Experts predict the market value could reach USD 17.6 Billion by 2029.

          Are you ready to order organic oregano from Kenya and other leading oregano farming nations? Let FrutPlanet help you buy oregano in bulk online through our vast network. We also help buyers source vegetables, fruits, legumes, flowers, beverages, etc.

        • Buy Fresh Or Dried Chives From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet takes the lead as an exporter and supplier of fresh and dried chives from Kenya. We have been in existence for years, garnering enough market experience. We guarantee quality products and a flawless order fulfilment process from harvesting to delivering the chives. Want a reliable chives exporter? Buy fresh or dried chives by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet.

          Chives Growing In Kenya

           In Kenya, most large-scale farmers of chives are in Nakuru County, although there are other small-scale farmers in the Mount Kenya region. Chives growing in Kenya have significantly increased due to government efforts to increase food production. In addition, organisations such as KARLO constantly encourage farmers and provide adaptive seedlings. 

          At FrutPlanet, we source chives mainly from small-scale farmers from Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, and Ukambani. We partner with farmers who guarantee quality and produce their products organically. You can buy fresh or dried chives by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet, and our team will help with the logistics.

        • Order Molluscs Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Businesses intending to import Molluscs, Crustaceans, or any other seafood can count on FrutPlanet to help them source and ship quality products. We pride ourselves in making it convenient for customers to order Molluscs online anywhere in the world. Our methods, strategies, systems, and approaches comply with the GlobalGAP Aquaculture Certification standards. We are the trusted brand to seek whenever you want to buy Molluscs online.

          What Is A Mollusc

          A Mollusc is a group that typically represents marine invertebrate animals covered with hard shells to protect their soft body. The animals include snails, octopuses, clams, slugs, oysters, and mussels. 

          Mollusc farming started in Europe during the Roman reign before it spread to Asian countries, particularly China and India. Today, China is the leading producer and exporter of Molluscs. In 2020, China exported Molluscs worth $1.94B, followed by Spain ($563M), India ($511M), Indonesia ($436 M), and Peru ($433M). 

          Sourcing overseas presents unique challenges for businesses. Fortunately, you can shift those challenges to FrutPlanet. We source, process, package, and ship Molluscs worldwide without hassle. Whether you want farm-raised or sea-sourced Molluscs, we can help you order Molluscs online from fishermen and farms that meet the BAP standards.

        • Buy Salmon Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Do you want to buy salmon online? FrutPlanet is your go-to supplier and exporter of high-quality seafood products, including salmon. Our professional export service spans years as we export globally to Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our seafood products come from trusted farmers and are GAP-certified. Contact FrutPlanet and buy quality salmon that meets international standards.

          What Is Salmon?

          Salmon are fish of the Salmonidae family found in lakes and oceans, although 60% of the salmon sold is farmed. Penned salmon are of high quality and conform to EU export standards; however, sea salmon are more nutritious. China introduced a strategy to breed salmons in pens, a sustainable technique that broadens the global salmon market. In 2019 China exported 4.7 million kilos of salmon.   

          The world’s leading salmon producers are Norway, Chile, Canada, and China. In 2020 Norway exported salmon worth USD 8.3 billion, Chile USD 650 million, Canada USD 25.6 million, and China USD 39,945 thousand. To buy salmon online, whether farmed or sea sourced, contact FrutPlanet.

        • Buy Cod Fish Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          For over a decade, FrutPlanet has established itself as a leader in sourcing, processing, and exporting seafood. FrutPlanet takes care of hundreds of fish orders daily from customers looking to buy cod fish online.

          We supply retail and food service sectors with a complete range of fish, Crustaceans, and Molluscs. We source from certified farm areas, and our products are valued worldwide.

          Codfish Farming

          Cod fishing can be traced back to the Viking period, around 800 AD, before it spread to Portugal, Canada, China, and other nations. Over the years, cod fishing grounds became competitive, causing a decline in most codfish species. Some countries marked some zones as exclusive and prohibited fishing activities.

          That led to many farmers in the coastline or seashore areas embracing codfish farming. Today China, Iceland, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Poland lead in codfish production and export.

          In 2021, China exported codfish worth $591.3M, Iceland ($323.9M), Russia ($174.3), Netherlands ($152.1M), Germany ($129.8M), and Norway ($115.3). These leading suppliers export farmed and sea-sourced codfish. There’s a sufficient supply of wholesale cod fish for businesses to tap into and meet customer demands.

          Let FrutPlanet help buy cod fish online from these leading global suppliers at a market-friendly cod fish price. We have a vast network and modern high-tech systems to process and supply tons of premium quality seafood products globally.

        • Buy Cauliflower Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking for a reliable Kenyan cauliflowers exporter? Then, Frutplanet is ready for you. FrutPlanet exports fresh and non-genetic-modified cauliflowers

          We have assisted many clients in buying cauliflower online conveniently. So whether you want to buy from the Middle East, Europe or Australia, FrutPlanet can source and deliver different types of cauliflower. 

          Growing Cauliflower

          Cauliflower is a vegetable that forms white curds and resembles a cabbage. It is a nutritious vegetable widely grown in Central, Rift valley, Western and Coast regions.

          Originally, cauliflower was first cultivated in Asia around the Mediterranean Sea since Ancient Roman times. Later on, Europe started growing cauliflower in the 1500s. Finally, in Kenya, cauliflower cultivation started in the late 1980s. 

          Kenya is one of the countries in Africa that practices large-scale cauliflower farming. The average yield is estimated at 87,000 tons per year. These exports are valued at more than 24 billion Kenya shillings. 

          FrutPlanet partners with small-scale farmers to source and export organic cauliflowers worldwide. We’ve been rated as one of Kenya’s most reliable exporters. Our export is done globally. Get a quote from our website to buy fresh cauliflower online today.



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