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    FrutPlanet is one the largest shrimp companies that specialise in exporting seafood products like shrimps, lobsters, and other crustaceans. Through our dedicated network and global links, we can help customers buy shrimp online fast. 

    You can request a quote to buy fresh shrimp near me from trusted fishermen and aquaculture farmers in leading shrimp-producing countries. We ensure quality, freshness, and sustainability.  

    Shrimp Farming

    Shrimp farming started in Asia several centuries ago, with China taking the lead. More than 75% of shrimp sold came from the world’s largest producers which included China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Ecuador, and Argentina

    In 2021, these seven largest shrimp producers exported about $2.57 million tons of shrimp worth US$20.79 billion, a 23% increase from 2020. Valued at US$28.45 billion in 2020, the global shrimp market could hit US$53.63 billion by 2028. 

    Shrimp distributors, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers who wish to buy shrimp online can partner with FrutPlanet to export quality seafood. We can help source farmed and wild-caught shrimps from some of the world’s leading shrimp producers. Order shrimp online and get sea-sourced seafood for the best taste.

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        Buy Shrimp Online From Exporters

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        Shrimp Health Benefits

        Shrimp is delicious seafood with many science-backed nutritional health benefits. The shellfish is rich in iodine, which promotes thyroid function and brain health.

        Shrimp is good for diet-conscious people looking for low-calorie sources with high protein, phosphorus, selenium, and vitamin B12. Studies attribute heart-related shrimp health benefits to omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants like astaxanthin. Buy shrimp online from FrutPlanet and enjoy these shrimp benefits.

        Types Of Shrimps 

        The shrimps available for bulk sale come in varieties. The popular types of shrimp you will find in the top shrimp-producing countries include blue shrimp, white shrimp, brown shrimp, pink shrimp, red cherry shrimp, and rock shrimp. 

        The best shrimp to buy depends on your taste preference and culture. Whether you want wild-caught freshwater shrimp species or farm-raised shrimps, FrutPlanet has your back. We can help to buy different types of shrimp from our extensive network. 

        Shrimp Market Price

        On average, the market shrimps price in 2022 is between US$ 11.09 and US$ 15.13 per kilogram. The shrimp price per pound is US$ 5.03 and US$ 6.07. In 2020, the price of shrimp was between US$11.35 and US$13.89. In 2021, the market shrimps price was slightly high, as customers paid US$11.75 to US$15.86 per kilo. 

        When you order shrimp online, expect the shrimp price per pound or kg to vary. Factors like the seafood supplier, season, supply and demand, discounts, and types of shrimps can affect the final bill. The accurate prices can be confirmed when you request an instant quote to buy shrimp online

        Fresh Shrimps Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        FrutPlanet has developed and implemented systems and approaches to successfully manage shrimp harvesting, sorting, and packaging. 

        Once the harvested shrimps arrive at our packing facilities, we transfer them to processing rooms. FrutPlanet has a quality control department to collect samples to ensure shrimp quality, dependability, and competitiveness. Of course, our products undergo third-party safety and quality testing, as required by exporting regulatory agencies in the countries we operate in. 

        If our QC team is satisfied with the quality, we will inspect and sort the shrimps according to sizes and species while removing any products with defects. We pass the quality shrimp through wash tanks with inspection belts. Our staff keeps an eye on the process to remove any defective shrimp that might have passed the earlier stage unnoticed. 

        In the next step, we use special grading machines designed for different shrimp species. This helps with product classification to achieve uniformity in pieces and weight during packaging. 

        Our packers pack the final shrimp products in freight master cartons and containers. These packaging solutions offer maximum resistance to crushing, keeping your shrimp safe from damage when in transit. It is safe to buy shrimp online from FrutPlanet. 

        Fresh Shrimps Delivery

        After a client confirms an order to buy shrimp online from FrutPlanet, we will start processing their order without delay. We ship packages on FOB or CIF terms. We carefully pack our seafood using the best methods and packaging materials for maximum freshness. 

        Additionally, we deliver wholesale shrimp by air and ensure the packages reach clients within 2 to 4 business days. We source different types of shrimp from fishermen and aquaculture farmers in coastal regions, including Hebei, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, and Zhejiang. 

        We care about the farmers we partner with because our mission is to export high-quality shrimp. We ensure they are sufficiently trained and certified by relevant global certification bodies, including BAP and Global GAP. 

        Where Does Shrimp Come From

        The wholesale seafood customers get when they buy shrimp online from FrutPlanet is sourced from freshwater oceans and farms. We order freshwater shrimp species from the largest producers, such as China, India, and Thailand. 

        Our company delivers premium quality seafood to customers in all destinations across the world. Whether you are a distributor, importing agent, trader, wholesaler, or individual customer, FrutPlanet can deliver in bulk whenever you buy shrimp online. 

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Shrimps

        Are Prawns And Shrimp The Same

        No, prawns and shrimps are not the same. While they are both crustaceans with ten legs, prawns are typically bigger than shrimps. Also, shrimps have one pair of legs, whereas pawns have three pairs.   

        Do Prawns And Shrimps Taste The Same?

        Shrimps and prawns vary slightly in taste and texture because of diet and habitat differences. Prawns tend to be a little sweeter and meatier than shrimps. Shrimps have a more delicate flavour.

        How Big Is A Shrimp

        Shrimps can reach 20 cm (about 8 inches) or more. Some species, like the Asia tiger shrimp, can be as big as the length of a human forearm. The average size of shrimp you order online is approximately 4 to 8 cm (1.5 to 3 inches).   

        How To Clean Shrimp

        Put your peeled and deveined shrimp in a colander and wash it thoroughly with cold water. Avoid warm water, as it can leave your shellfish gummy and rubbery. After washing, pat dry with paper towels.

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        • Buy Cuttlefish Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a prominent supplier in the fresh seafood export industry. Boasting a vast network and immense resources, our company can help businesses source Molluscs, such as cuttlefish and squid, more efficiently to save money. Whether you want to buy cuttlefish online one time or need a constant supply, we can meet your bulk export needs.

          Where To Buy Cuttlefish

          Using certified and reputable exporters like FrutPlanet is the most convenient way to buy cuttlefish online from countries selling cheaply. Some nations have mega coast regions and well-established aquaculture farms, producing tons of cuttlefish and squids for export. 

          In line with that, the main cuttlefish and squid exporting countries include Spain, France, Morocco, India, Burma, Netherlands, and China. The world market recorded US$ 346M in cuttlefish and squid sales in 2020. Industry insights show that the global cuttlefish and squid market size could be at least US$ 11.6 Billion by 2025.

          When you want to buy cuttlefish online from these leading producers, don’t let the logistics trouble you. Partner with FrutPlanet to conveniently buy sea-sourced or farmed-raised cuttlefish and squid through an extensive network. All our seafood is thoroughly tested and HACCP-certified for international export.

        • Fresh Rose Flowers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers, and more. One variety of flowers that we export includes rose flowers. Request a quote to export a quote with us!

          Colours: Roses have numerous naturally occurring colours that include red and violet, although some varieties are blue, pink, orange, white, and black. It is hard to tell the colour of the rose flower before they blossom. At FrutPlanet, we boast of having a vast network of flower farmers and experts to sort out your specifications. Whether you want black, red or any other colour roses, we guarantee nothing less of satisfaction.

          Scent: Over 24 different rose scents are distributed amongst the varieties. The scent spectrum ranges from delighting to sharp, unpleasant scents. One rose flower variety that most rose lovers object to is the Rose Foetida, which can be a little irritating. However, generally, roses have a fruity, delicious smell. Our team at FrutPlanet follows your specifications to ensure we ship fresh roses. 

          Sizes: Flowers have different sizes; consequently, the sizes dictate the prices. The sizes of stems and petals define the sizes. The size of the petals ranges from 0.5  to 3 inches. Our first category, whose rose buds diameter is less than an inch, the second category are 1, and 2 inches thick, third category are 2 and 3 inches wide. Irrespective of the bud size you want, our team can help. Request a quote or contact our customer service team.

          Bud’s Tightness: Our team at FrutPlanet is keen on exporting flowers whose buds are firm and tight. When harvesting, we cut and shake the flowers to ensure that the buds are firm and not easily bent. Additionally, we pack and space the flowers carefully to avoid bruising petals and to keep them fresh.

        • Buy Tomatoes Online From Exporters and Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet helps you buy tomatoes online in bulk by sourcing from farmers and handling the logistics. We are a leading exporter and supplier of fresh tomatoes in Kenya to the local and export markets. 

          Apart from tomatoes, we export fruits, vegetables, beverages, spices, and more. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the centre of our business model. You can buy tomatoes online today by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet.

          Tomato Farming In Kenya

          Most tomato varieties have originated from the South American Andes region, where they had been cultivated for centuries. Over the years, explorers in the 16th century distributed the tomato fruit worldwide. On the other hand, some varieties are native to regions such as Africa and Asia, although they have been modified scientifically over time to boost yield. Cross-breeding of these varieties mainly occurred during global trade and colonisation.

          Kenya’s commercialisation of tomatoes started in the mid-90s, amongst other fruits and horticultural crops. Tomatoes commercialisation thrived after the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) was formed. The organisation foresaw the production of approximately 400,000 tonnes of tomatoes a year after its formation. Today most Kenyan tomato farms are in Narok, Laikipia, Murang’a, some parts of Embu and Kirinyaga, Kajiado, and Makueni.

        • Easily Order Crustaceans Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet
          • Handling logistics to get a wholesale seafood package ready for export can be challenging, but FrutPlanet can help. Our company makes it simple to order Crustaceous online with one quote. We are a wholesale seafood distributor with global coverage. We can source fresh shrimps, crabs, lobsters, and other edible types of crustaceans from our extensive network of BAP and GAP-certified aquaculture farmers. Order seafood online now at the most competitive prices. 

            What Is Crustaceans

            Crustaceans are a group of water-dwelling arthropods, such as shrimps, lobsters, and crabs. Aquaculture has a long history in China, dating back to 100,000 years. China has the highest number of people who have embraced Crustaceans farming, making the country a leader in seafood production and export. 

            The other top exporters of crustaceans include India, Ecuador, Canada, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Sourcing from these countries dominating Crustacean production is easy. 

            However, not all farmers adhere to the international quality and safety standards expected in aquaculture farming. Other farmers don’t produce enough to supply in bulk when clients order Crustaceous online. 

            Buying wholesale seafood online from reputable exporters like FrutPlanet is the best option. We contract farmers with the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and Global GAP certifications, guaranteeing the best aquatic products.

        • Buy Lavender Plant Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Kenyan herb exporters streamline the process for clients who buy lavender plant online, from sourcing to shipping. FrutPlanet is a specialist in this space. We have a stellar reputation for helping businesses in Europe and the Middle East buy quality herbs in bulk, including fresh and dried lavender. Our team also specialises in vegetables, fruits, and other farm produce. All products meet the global standards for agricultural exports. 

          Lavender Farming In Kenya

          Historically, Kenya may not be among the first nations to venture into lavender farming, but it has developed to become one of the leading lavender producers in the world. It joins the list of major producers like Bulgaria, France, Spain, the United States, and South Africa. 

          The Kenyan climatic conditions and soils favour lavender farming. More farmers are attracted to growing lavender because the crop is easy to manage. It is also in high demand globally and yields better returns. 

          Most of the bulk lavender sold internationally — from Kenya and other countries — is eventually converted to lavender oil. According to a Research and Markets report, the global lavender oil market value was US$106 million in 2020 but could grow to US$149.8 million by 2027.

          The lavender varieties grown in Kenya have the most authentic flavour and properties. We help clients buy lavender plant online from farmers in Kenya and other nations that grow lavender. 

          We are a registered and sufficiently certified lavender exporter, sourcing from vetted farmers. Here at FrutPlanet, you can buy lavender online at the best prices.

        • Buy Fresh Tilapia Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Do you want to buy fresh tilapia online? FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fresh seafood. We are dedicated to providing fresh and healthy products. Our customer base is in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. We partner with leading suppliers of fish globally for quality and HACCP-accredited products. Request a quote for tilapia or any other seafood through our website.

          Where Is Tilapia From

          Tilapia is native to Africa, but China is the largest producer and is estimated to produce 1.6 tonnes annually. In addition, China is responsible for more than 20% of the fish consumed globally. In 2019 it exported tilapia worth US $ 488,872K.

          The top producers of tilapia are China, Indonesia, and Egypt. In 2021 China made USD 92.45M, Indonesia made USD $ 65.13M, and Egypt made USD $ 6.02K. Are you looking to buy fresh tilapia online? FrutPlanet exports tonnes of tilapia from major producing countries to Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.



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