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    Do you want to buy fresh tilapia online? FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fresh seafood. We are dedicated to providing fresh and healthy products. Our customer base is in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. We partner with leading suppliers of fish globally for quality and HACCP-accredited products. Request a quote for tilapia or any other seafood through our website.

    Where Is Tilapia From

    Tilapia is native to Africa, but China is the largest producer and is estimated to produce 1.6 tonnes annually. In addition, China is responsible for more than 20% of the fish consumed globally. In 2019 it exported tilapia worth US $ 488,872K.

    The top producers of tilapia are China, Indonesia, and Egypt. In 2021 China made USD 92.45M, Indonesia made USD $ 65.13M, and Egypt made USD $ 6.02K. Are you looking to buy fresh tilapia online? FrutPlanet exports tonnes of tilapia from major producing countries to Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

    • Buy Fresh Tilapia Online

      Buy Fresh Tilapia Online From Exporters

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        Buy Fresh Tilapia Online

        Buy Fresh Tilapia Online From Exporters

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        Tilapia Nutritional Value

        Tilapia is a mild-tasting fish that is a rich source of proteins. Besides, it is packed with vitamins and minerals like niacin, phosphorus, and choline. Tilapia benefits include omega-3 fatty acids essential for the body’s functions and lowering cholesterol.

        Tilapia contains selenium which prevents diseases. Eating tilapia boosts heart and brain health. Buy fresh tilapia online from FrutPlanet and enjoy tilapia’s nutritional value.

        Tilapia Types

        There are three main tilapia types that vary in weight, colour, shape, and size. The Nile Tilapia has a brownish-greyish colour and vertical stripes on the tail. Additionally,  it has a small but deep body shape and reproduces faster than other types. The Nile Tilapia matures within 5 to 7 months and weighs around 0.9 kilos.

        Blue Tilapia has a blue-greyish colour with a pinkish-white belly. They mature within three years and weigh between 1 and 2.7 kilos. The Mozambique Tilapia has an olive-grey colour with a yellow belly. It matures in 1 year and weighs over 0.9 kilos.

        Tilapia Fish Price

        The tilapia fish price is between US $ 2.6 and US $ 2.8 per kilo in 2022, a slight drop from US $ 2.93 per kilo in 2019. Before 2019 tilapia cost US $ 5.37 per kilo but the Covid-19 lockdown regulations caused a drastic business change and affected tilapia exports to the EU and USA.

        Introducing new tariffs during export, extreme weather conditions, and the cost of raw materials also affect tilapia exporters. With the rising demand for tilapia, tilapia prices may keep fluctuating.

        Even with the price fluctuations, FrutPlanet ensures you don’t buy fresh tilapia online at inflated prices. Contact our customer support today for the current prices of fresh tilapia.

        Tilapia Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        The tilapia business is complex and requires expertise from hatching to harvesting to packing. Our team of experts sources fully mature and quality tilapia that have a great flavour. Like all fishes, tilapia is delicate and requires strict hygiene measures in handling and preserving post-harvesting.

        At FrutPlanet, we have processing facilities that meet HACCP safety standards and controlled rooms for cold storage. We also have stainless steel equipment for proper and hygienic handling. We separate weak, dead and damaged fish from the top quality ones. We then sort the fish according to customers’ specifications. We keep the fish alive in clean water and starve them for an extended shelf life.

        When they are ready for transport, we pack them in sterilized master boxes free from contaminants that cause fish-borne diseases. After that, we place ice in ice bags and polyethene bags on top of them to keep them fresh. The packaging material is of high quality and safely labelled to limit toxins.

        We export bulk tilapia by air within 2 to 4 days for fresh deliveries. Contact FrutPlanet to buy fresh tilapia online that is hygienically packed.

        Tilapia Shipping Guarantees

        Are you worried about shipping and delivery when you buy fresh tilapia online? FrutPlanet is committed to offering you 100% customer satisfaction. We only partner with reputable farmers for quality assurance. After you order bulk tilapia, we pack it precisely according to your order in high-quality packaging material that can withstand temperature changes.

        We then label your package and take it to a reputable air freight company. We track your shipment and keep you updated until the final destination. All our products are fresh and conform to food and safety international standards. Contact FrutPlanet, where quality meets professionalism.

        Where Does Tilapia Fish Come From

        China dominates as the largest producer of tilapia fish and contributes to most of the world’s tilapia imports. China has ideal breeding conditions that allow the tilapia industry to thrive. Since poorly kept tilapia has a muddy taste and a different texture, FrutPlanet partners with farmers from China that use safe feed for the tilapia and conform to fishery regulations.

        At FrutPlanet, we value our customers and offer products at friendly prices and deliver in excellent condition. To buy fresh tilapia online, request a quote from FrutPlanet and get healthy fish free from toxins.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Tilapia

        How To Clean Tilapia

        To clean tilapia, wash it thoroughly under running water to remove debris and dirt from its skin. Next, descale it with the back of a knife from the tail to the head, carefully slit the fish’s underbelly, gut it, and then rinse it.

        Where Does Tilapia Come From?

        Tilapia is native to Africa and the Middle East and is now widely farmed in over 135 countries worldwide. Although many people are discovering tilapia, people in Ancient Egypt and Israel used it for many years.

        How Much Protein Does Tilapia Have?

        Tilapia is an excellent source of protein. Every 100gm of fresh tilapia contains 26gm of protein, almost the same amount as a skinless chicken breast.

        • Buy Octopus Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet serves businesses that appreciate and expect quality when they buy octopus online. We are a trusted global wholesale seafood distributor, helping clients source, process, and export superior quality Molluscs, including octopus and squid.

          Our team sources octopus in clear pristine waters of the coastal regions of top-producing countries. Our products have graced the plates of millions of people worldwide. Buy octopus online from FrutPlanet; we deliver fast.

          Where To Buy Octopus

          Sourcing octopus & squid locally may appear as a convenient option. However, some markets don’t supply enough, leading to high prices for the limited octopus.

          To supply you with a constant seafood supply throughout the year, we buy octopus online from top exporting countries. Mediterranean countries like China, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Mauritania, and Mexico lead in octopus production globally.

          Over the last two decades, China has dominated the fresh octopus export market, followed by Spain, Vietnam, Portugal, and France. In 2020, China exported ($118M), Spain ($23.4M), Portugal ($6.99M), Thailand ($5.4M), and France ($5.13M).

          When ready to order octopus online, partner with certified and a reputable wholesale seafood distributor such as FrutPlanet Exporters. We’ll make the process as convenient as ordering octopus & squid locally.

          We can export farmed and sea-sourced octopus in bulk while adhering to the highest sustainability standards. Our company is compliant with HACCP, BAP, and Global GAP.

        • Fresh Sugar Snap Peas Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, and more. Amongst the products we export is sugar snap peas.

          Size: Sugar snap peas sizes vary depending on where they grow. A mature pod grows to about 4 to 8 cm or about 1.5 to 3 inches in length. The height and width of the plant vary depending on the pod’s number. Our team at FrutPlanet has been harvesting sugar snap peas for years and can quickly tell from afar. 

          Colour: Sugar snap peas have a similar physical appearance to other peas but are smaller. A mature sugar snap pea has a pale green colour. However, they are a little darker than snow peas. Our experts at FrutPlanet can easily set apart mature sugar snap peas by identifying their colour.

          Cultivars: At FrutPlanet, we export almost all snap peas cultivars. Some cultivars we export include Sugar Ann, Sugar Bon, Amish Snap, Cascadia, Sugar Daddy, Super Sugar Snap, and Sugar Snap. Each cultivar has its timeframe to maturity but mainly ranges between 50-70 days. You can Request a Quote and specify your preferred cultivar.

          Seeds: A mature snap pea has about four to ten seeds, and at the time of harvesting fresh sugar snap peas, the seeds are often premature. We pick seeds that are round but not entirely swollen or firm. Sugar snap peas that are too mature have dull and hard seeds, and the skin becomes fibrous. We harvest sugar snap peas when the pods are young and edible to ensure you get value for money.

        • Farm-Fresh Avocado Fruits Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and beverages that commits to customer satisfaction. Amongst FrutPlanet’s leading exports is the Avocado fruit

          Varieties: There are over 500 Avocado fruit varieties, but only about ten varieties are grown commercially worldwide. The most popular commercial variety is the Hass avocado. This variety accounts for about 95% of our total avocado exports. Other avocado varieties that FrutPlanet exports include Hass, Tonnage, Fuerte, Simmonds, Smooth 8, and Pinkerton. Irrespective of the avocado variety you’re looking to export, we have a wide database of farmers and can help you source it. Request a quote or contact us via email. 

          Size:  Avocado varieties have varying sizes, which is crucial during their packaging. Usually, we name the sizes depending on the number of avocados needed to fill a 25-pound carton. The sizes range from 24 to 84. For example, if an avocado is size 24, you will need 24 Avocados to fill the 25 pounds carton. Generally, our sizing guide illustrates that the larger the designated number, the smaller the size of the avocado. At FrutPlanet exporters, we handle the inspection of the packaging process to ensure that you get the exact size you order.  

          Colour:  A raw mature avocado is commonly green, although the colour may vary depending on the variety of the avocado. When the avocado ripens, its colour changes from green to black, although some varieties may remain green. FrutPlanet exports raw mature avocados that are green. We have a team of experts who work with farmers to ensure that the avocado is mature for the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

        • Wholesale Pumpkins-Buy Pumpkins in Bulk Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking to buy pumpkins in wholesale? FrutPlanet takes the lead as a prime supplier and exporter of quality pumpkins. We have served the industry for years. FrutPlanet guarantees excellent service when you buy pumpkins in bulk by managing everything from sourcing to delivery. 

          Pumpkins Production in Kenya

          Where do pumpkins come from? Pumpkins, fruits with the nutritional value of vegetables, originated from Native Americans. Though previously disregarded and thought to be ‘poor man’s food, pumpkins have lately gained popularity in Kenya. 

          Production of pumpkins in Kenya is common as they grow in altitudes of 2500 metres above sea level. Pumpkin farmers in Kenya rely on suppliers like FrutPlanet to sell their produce locally and internationally. You can buy pumpkins in bulk by requesting a quote.

          Nutritional Value Of Pumpkin

          It’s a powerhouse of vitamins like vitamins A, B2, C, and E that enhance immunity. Vitamin C maintains healthy skin by protecting cells from damage and wrinkles. Since they have no fat or cholesterol, pumpkins are great for weight management. Additionally, they are packed with an antioxidant called beta-carotene which neutralizes free radicals in the body.

        • Buy Chillies in Bulk- Fresh Chilli wholesalers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet has been helping businesses buy chillies in bulk online for years. We can help you buy chili peppers online too. Just request a quote for bulk fresh chilies, by filling out the above form!

          You can order chilies wholesale in Germany, Russia, The UK, France, Spain, or even Italy. Frutplanet is the most convenient supplier of fresh chillies to importers from anywhere in the world. We also supply chillies in bulk to Sweden, Belgium, and other European countries.

          Our Chillies wholesale prices rates are competitive, negotiable, and up-to-date.

          Heat: The heat levels of chili peppers are represented using Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Wilbur Scoville developed the technique in 1912 to measure capsaicin concentration in spices. Chillies peppers have different heat levels, but the range is between 1,000 and 2.5 million SHU. Whether you want chillies with high or low SHU, at FrutPlanet Chillies Supplier, we can help you buy chilli peppers in bulk online effortlessly.

          Colour: Chillies Peppers have three primary colours: green, brown and red. Most varieties are green when unripe, but as they mature, the colour changes to red and eventually brown as they dry up. However, some types turn yellow when ripe. When you buy chili peppers online here at FrutPlanet exporters, we guarantee satisfaction by providing the colour variety you love.

          Size: Normally, smaller varieties are hotter compared to large types. We’ll help you buy chili peppers online and export all sizes through our extensive network of farmers. 

          Varieties of Chillies Pepper

          There are over 4000 chilli varieties worldwide. The varieties can be categorised into five species:

          • Capsicum Annuum: Includes Bell peppers, Cayenne, Thai peppers, Wax, and other varieties from Mexico.
          • Capsicum Baccatum: The varieties in this category are mainly from South America.
          • Capsicum Chinense: This category has the hottest pepper varieties, including Naga, Habanero, and Datil.
          • Capsicum Frutescens. The category includes varieties such as Piri Piri, Malawian Kambuzi, Malagueta, Tabasco, and more.
          • Capsicum Pubescens: They include Rocoto pepper varieties.
        • Buy Fresh Or Dried Chives From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet takes the lead as an exporter and supplier of fresh and dried chives from Kenya. We have been in existence for years, garnering enough market experience. We guarantee quality products and a flawless order fulfilment process from harvesting to delivering the chives. Want a reliable chives exporter? Buy fresh or dried chives by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet.

          Chives Growing In Kenya

           In Kenya, most large-scale farmers of chives are in Nakuru County, although there are other small-scale farmers in the Mount Kenya region. Chives growing in Kenya have significantly increased due to government efforts to increase food production. In addition, organisations such as KARLO constantly encourage farmers and provide adaptive seedlings. 

          At FrutPlanet, we source chives mainly from small-scale farmers from Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, and Ukambani. We partner with farmers who guarantee quality and produce their products organically. You can buy fresh or dried chives by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet, and our team will help with the logistics.

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