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    FrutPlanet simplifies the way customers order lobster online. We take care of everything, from sourcing and logistics management to shipping. Our company has partnered with thousands of certified aquaculture farmers to meet the high export demands from customers more efficiently. 

    FrutPlanet is more than just a wholesale seafood supplier. We also help clients buy fruits, vegetables, spices, legumes, flowers, beverages, etc. Buy lobster online and have your package delivered anywhere in the world.

    What Is A Lobster

    A lobster is a type of crustacean with a long body and muscular tails. It is one of the high-value seafood from major lobster exporting countries, including China, Canada, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

    The Chinese were among the first people to engage in crustacean farming at least 8,000 years ago, although some species got introduced into the country in the 1930s and 1940s. The global lobster market is valued at over US$ 6.3 Billion and could reach US$ 11.1 Billion by 2027.

    If you want to order lobster online, turn to FrutPlanet Exporters. We help customers buy seafood in bulk from thoroughly vetted, trained, and certified small-scale lobster farmers in top lobster-producing countries. We have obtained safety and quality test certificates for all our seafood for export.

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        Lobster Health Benefits

        Lobster is more than a culinary luxury. Eating lobster is healthy because this shellfish is a good source of fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Lobsters can help with weight loss and brain health. They also play a role in improving heart health. You will enjoy these lobster health benefits, regardless of the lobster species you prefer.

        Species Of Lobster

        Most lobster farmers rear the Chinese spiny lobster (Hong Kong rock lobster or red rock lobster), which belongs to the Panulirus ornatus species. It is the most valued of the lobster types you can find in most markets. Maine lobsters (American lobsters) and European lobsters are the popular secondary species of lobster. These lobsters belong to the Homarus americanus and Homarus gammarus species. 

        At FrutPlanet, we can source large-sized lobsters weighing tens of pounds, even though we may not match the world’s biggest lobster. We have made ordering red lobster online and other lobster types easy. Generate a quote to buy lobster today.

        Lobster Prices

        The lobster market price is US$ 10.9 and US$ 15.68 per kilogram in 2022. Lobster prices fluctuate depending on several factors, including economic stability, demand and supply, lobster suppliers, and type of lobster. 

        In 2019, the lobster market price was approximately US$ 10.9 per kilo. In 2020, the average price increased to US$ 13.56 per kilogram in importing countries, as most nations suspended exports and imports due to COVID-19. Since lobster prices fluctuate, consider requesting a quote for a more accurate estimate before you buy lobster online.

        Lobster Harvesting, Sorting, And Packaging

        At FrutPlanet, we have a highly qualified team to ensure excellent service execution during lobster harvesting, sorting, and packaging. We process lobster according to the rules and regulations in the seafood industry. 

        Our company uses widely accepted and efficient strategies and techniques to keep the harvested lobsters fresh and alive. In the sorting phase, we categorise lobsters based on species and sizes. We thoroughly clean lobsters before preparing them for packaging. 

        We understand that wrong packaging can compromise the quality of seafood. As such, we take the packaging process seriously. Our packaging containers, materials, and methods will preserve the freshness and quality of lobsters during shipping. 

        Our solutions comply with international packaging standards. The commodities we send to customers have received seafood inspection certification and approval for export. We ensure high-level seafood safety and compliance at all stages of lobster production. 

        Are you ready to buy lobster? Request a quote now to order lobster online!

        Lobster Delivery

        Customers can expect a seamless lobster delivery process every time they order lobster online from FrutPlanet. Our streamlined logistics and air transportation method ensure clients receive their commodities quickly while fresh. Once we complete the sourcing process, we deliver within 2 to 4 days. 

        We have established a vast network of lobster farmers spread throughout Asia. Most farmers come from Fujian, Hainan, Guizhou, Liaoning, Hubei, and Shaanxi provinces. 

        FrutPlanet assures clients that they will get premium-grade seafood because we work with BAP-certified farmers. They understand the high standards and regulations for exporting lobster to international markets.

        Where Are Lobsters Found?

        You can find lobsters in oceans and aquaculture farms. It is challenging to catch market-sized lobsters in large numbers from the oceans. The most reliable option is to source from lobster farmers. 

        FrutPlanet sources from the leading countries in lobster production, including China and Japan. Since many people in these nations engage in lobster farming, it becomes easier to meet the bulk ordering needs of clients who may order lobster online. The greater access to seafood allows our team to obtain the commodities fast, decreasing the waiting times. 

        Frequently Asked Questions About Lobsters

        Is Lobster Good For You?

        Yes, eating lobster is good for your health. It can help in your weight loss journey. It can boost mental health and reduce the risk of life-threatening conditions like cancer and heart disease. Order lobster online from FrutPlanet to experience these lobster health benefits.

        How Long Do Lobsters Live?

        Lobsters can live 100 years or more. George, the world’s oldest lobster on record, was 140 years old. Most lobsters that customers order online are usually at least 5 years old (1 to 2 pounds). Lobsters can weigh tens of pounds. For example, the world’s biggest lobster caught in 1977 weighed 44 pounds and 6 ounces. 

        How Do You Pack A Lobster For Travel?

        The best way to pack a lobster for travel is to put it in a spill-proof plastic container. Airports require that you pack lobsters in a clear container. You will also need to place frozen liquid gel packs at the bottom and cover them with seaweed or wet newspapers.

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        • Buy Rosemary Plants Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking to buy a rosemary plant online? FrutPlanet is at the forefront of supplying top-of-the-line fruits and vegetables. We have a bulk and retail market in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

          We aim to achieve robust long-term relationships with our clients as we export premium products that conform to international standards. Contact us and request a quote today.

          Growing Rosemary In Kenya

          The Kenyan rosemary is among the best owing to the warm climate. Rosemary plant thrives in the fertile soils of central Kenya and near Lake Nakuru. The EU, which imports 97% of its herbs and spices, started importing Kenyan rosemary since their winter climates were unfavourable. Kenya made USD 22.05 million in 2021 in exports.

          FrutPlanet helps you buy rosemary plants from top-producing countries, including Kenya and handles all logistics. Rosemary’s top-producing countries are Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Kenya. In 2021 Morocco made US $ 62.0 million, Spain US $108.1 million, and Kenya US $ 22.05 million in export value.

        • Order Clams Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          When you need premium quality and ethically sourced clams and other shellfish types, go to FrutPlanet Exporters. 

          We are an international seafood export company supplying fresh crustaceans and Molluscs to Europe, Australia, the Middle East, North America, and other parts of the world. Order clams online from FrutPlanet with high expectations, and we will exceed them.   

          What Is A Clam

          A clam is a highly prized type of Mollusc enclosed in a shell with two separate sections that close together tightly. It has an edible soft body with a flavour appreciated in many cultures worldwide. Molluscs like clams, cuttlefish, and squid are cultured in 76 countries, with China, the United States, Japan, Spain, Canada, and Italy leading in production.  

          China enjoys approximately 60% of the global world export market share. In 2022, the country exported tons of clams worth $133.10M. It was followed by the United States ($93.1M), Italy ($61.2M), Canada ($59.6M), and South Korea ($31.7M). 

          If you want to order clams online, opt for these leading suppliers for the best wholesale prices. And if you need help to source from the world’s leading clam exporters like China, consider FrutPlanet for live clams and fresh clams

          We have built a reputation for exporting premium quality farmed and sea-sourced products adhering to global safety standards. Don’t wait. Order clams online now.

        • Buy Kingfish Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking for fresh kingfish online?  FrutPlanet is your ideal solution.  We have been pioneers in the seafood export industry for years supplying Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.  

          We pride ourselves in being an established company offering quality seafood, fruits, and vegetables that conform to international food and safety standards.  Buy kingfish online from FrutPlanet, your number-one exporter! 

          What Are Kingfish?

          Kingfish is a fish of the drum family essential in the recreational and food industry.  Due to kingfish global demand, China fish farmers diversified and adopted fish pennings to boost production.  

          FrutPlanet supplies both sea-sourced and farmed kingfish, but sea-sourced is more delicious.  China is a leading fish producer, with an output of 66.9 million tonnes in 2021, and produces over 60% of the world’s seafood.

          The world’s major kingfish producers are Japan, Australia, and china.  In 2021, Japan exported over 8ooo metric tonnes of kingfish, Australia exported 3000 metric tonnes, and China exported 66.9 million metric tonnes.  Contact our customer service and buy kingfish online from top producers like China.

        • Buy Sardines Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a wholesale sardines supplier helping businesses and individual customers buy sardines online globally.

          We also export other types of freshwater finfish and shellfish, including salmon, tuna, grass carp, anchovies, squid, lobsters, prawns, clams, cod, and shrimp.

          FrutPlanet has established a vast network, making it easier for clients to buy sardines in bulk fast at budget-friendly prices. Request a quote to order fresh sardines.

          What Are Sardines

          What are sardines? Sardines are small, highly nutritious oily fish in the family Clupeidae, which also comprises herrings, shads, and hilsa. They are silvery fish with a single dorsal fin.

          Most sardine species live in areas around the Pacific and Indian oceans. Like most saltwater fish species, sardines are not farmed. Freshwater sardines like the Sardinella tawilis can be farmed, although not in significant numbers.

          The major exporters of wild sardines are Morocco, Japan, China, Russia, and Oman. In 2021, Morocco exported $244.19M worth of sardines, followed by China ($188.88M) and Japan ($67.83M).

          Exporting fresh sardines from these largest producers is easy when you work with FrutPlanet, a certified seafood exporter with an excellent reputation. Take advantage of our large sourcing network to buy sardines online. We export farmed or wild-caught seafood globally.

        • Buy Fresh Basil Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is an established Kenyan exporter with a great network and efficient strategies for sourcing and handling fresh produce logistics. Our company is approved by Global GAP, Sedex, and HCDA. We are also members of FPEAK. Therefore, we can guarantee our exports will conform to international standards whenever clients buy fresh basil online.

          Growing Basil In Kenya

          Basil farming is thriving in Kenya. Farmers from Central, Rift valley, and Western Kenya regions are increasingly growing basil because the herb takes a few days to mature, typically 42 days. Also, basil is a high-value plant that does not require large land to produce enough for sale.

          Kenya has seen increased basil production over the last 20 years. Consequently, the nation has become one of the largest basil producers, competing with countries like China, India, and South Africa.

          In 2021, Kenya exported 5.51 million metric tons of basil worth US$22.05 million. Analysts valued the global basil market at US$57 million in 2020. The market is expected to grow and hit US$63 million by 2027.

          FrutPlanet is here to take care of your export needs. Whether you buy fresh basil from Europe, Australia, or the Middle East, we can source and ship at the most competitive rates.

          Most farmers in Kenya cannot meet the bulk basil exports individually, as they produce on a small scale. Therefore, they partner with basil exporters like FrutPlanet to enter the global markets.

        • Buy Marjoram Herb Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking to buy marjoram herb online? FrutPlanet specialises in supplying and exporting high-quality fruits and vegetables and has been around for years. We source fresh produce from reliable farmers who use eco-friendly farming practices. We ship professionally selected fruits and vegetables to Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Contact FrutPlanet for products that conform to international food and safety standards.  

          Growing Marjoram In Kenya

          With the soaring global demand for herbs and spices, Kenyan farmers have adopted marjoram production. The Horticulture Directorate Statistics saw farmers make Ksh 800 million from exports in less than six months in 2021 alone. 

          According to AFA (Agriculture and Food Authority), marjoram is one of the herbs and spices grown for export. Major marjoram-producing countries are Egypt, China, Russia, India, and Kenya. In 2021 Egypt exported marjoram worth USD 103.35M, while India made USD 19.47M and Kenya USD 589.10K. FrutPlanet sources superior marjoram quality from top producers like Kenya. Contact FrutPlanet to buy marjoram herb online today.



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