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    Are you looking to buy rice wholesale from a reliable supplier? Frutplanet is the leading supplier of quality Pishori rice. Rice is one of the most consumed cereals around the globe and Frutplanet is a leading supplier of quality rice including pishori rice, basmati, biryani, and others. If you would like to buy rice online from a reputable supplier, Frutplanet should be your number one choice.

    Being among the top suppliers of rice, we also make deliveries of the rice to our client’s premises/warehouses and very affordable rates. Delivery of bulky rice is within 24 hours of order placement.

    The demand for quality rice is increasing and our farmers utilize modern biotechnology techniques to ensure that we meet the internationally set quality standards.

    As a leading supplier of quality Pishori rice, we have a network of farms all over the country that ensures that we have rice available to our clients throughout the year.

    Frutplanet supplies rice in bulk to a diverse pool of clients such as:

    • Restaurants
    • Supermarkets
    • Schools
    • NGOs
    • Government institutions
    • and so forth

    Frutplanet supplies rice both locally and internationally and with our assistance, we can help clients source rice to any place in the world.

    We understand our customers’ preferences, and we ensure that our rice is packaged as per our client’s instructions. With Frutplanet you can never go wrong!

    Why should consider us to be your Preferred Rice Supplier?

    • Being a leading rice supplier in the region, we already have a good reputation for consistent quality pishori rice which guarantees perfect cooking results.
    • We exclusively supply pure Pishori rice of the highest quality that meets all the rules and regulations set by the global market standards.
    • Unlike most RICE suppliers, we provide our farmers are well trained and we guarantee our clients that our rice passes inspection.
    • We make deliveries to our clients in any corner of the world in record time.
    • Our customer service is super responsive. Our team operates 24/7 ready to answer your queries or concerns.

    Qualities of our Rice

    • Our pishori rice has a mesmerizing aroma that fills the air while you cook
    • Whether you are having the rice plain, having it with savory curries or using the pishori rice as a base for creative dishes, it never fails to amaze you. Our pishori rice turns an ordinary meal into a celebration of great tastes, leaving you craving for more after every bite.
    • In addition, our rice is carefully nurtured and harvested to ensure that only the finest grains will get into your plate. Our rice is free from GMOs and any other artificial additives. Our pishori rise is pure and has all the necessary nutrients to make you have a healthy day.

    Request a quote today, and our customer service agent will respond to your email, WhatsApp, call or message almost instantly.

    Factors to Consider When Selecting a Rice Supplier

    1. Quality – Quality is the number one factor you must consider when selecting a rice supplier. If quality is compromised, then you will have a risk of losing your customers. Always order samples of small amounts of rice to confirm the quality of their rice before making a bulky purchase. Most importantly, choose rice suppliers that you can count on.
    2. Price. – Always consider Frutplanet for the most competitive wholesale rice prices in the market. Remember that the lowest price is not necessarily the best value.
    3. Reliability – We pride ourselves on meeting our clients’ deadlines every time they make an order. We always meet the quantities ordered by our clients. You can always trust us to deliver an order as agreed.
    4. Capacity – With our network of farms and pool of suppliers, we never run out of inventory for our clients. We always supply enough to meet the demands of the market.
    5. Communication – Our communication system is the best in the market. Clients are assigned order managers who are in constant communication while placing an order, facilitating delivery, and even after the delivery to collect any queries or concerns.
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      Buy Rice Wholesale - Rice Supplier

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        Buy Rice wholesale

        Buy Rice Wholesale - Rice Supplier

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        Top Health Benefits of Rice Consumption

        Being a staple food for most people around the world, rice provides numerous health benefits. It is however equally important to note that the health benefits vary depending on the type of rice that you consume. Below is a list of a number of health benefits linked to the consumption of rice:

        1. Rice is an amazing source of energy. Rice is a perfect source of the primary source of energy to our bodies, the carbohydrates. Rice is easily digestible, and therefore a quick source of energy.
        2. Low in fat. The fact that rice is naturally low in fat only means that it is a perfect choice for individuals with the intention of maintaining low fat in their diets.
        3. It is an ideal meal for individuals with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease as it is naturally gluten-free.
        4. Some types of rice are rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanins which are believed to reduce the likelihood of getting chronic diseases.
        5. Brown rice is a perfect source of dietary fiber which is very important in digestion and regulation of bowel movements.
        6. Unlike other grains, rice is hypoallergenic. This means that rice consumption is less likely to result to any allergic reactions.
        7. For individuals with very sensitive stomachs or having digestive issues, it is a suitable option due to the fact that rice is easy to digest.
        8. Rice is an ideal source of essential amino acids, especially when consumed together with other complementary proteins from other foods.
        9. Brown rice is a perfect source for magnesium. Which plays a significant role in maintaining blood pressure and heart rhythm. The fiber in brown rice also helps manage cholesterol levels which is also very important in improving your heart health.
        10. Brown sugar has a lower and steadier impact on blood sugar levels. This is very important for individuals looking to manage their sugar levels, such as the diabetic.

        How Rice Grows

        Rice is primarily grown in regions with suitable soil types and climatic conditions. Cultivation of rice includes transplanting seedlings or planting the rice seeds on prepared fields.

        Depending on the method that a farmer chooses, rice plants go through a number of growth stages which include:

        1. Germination
        2. Vegetative growth
        3. Reproductive stages
        4. Grain filling
        5. Ripening
        6. Harvesting

        The rice variety selected, proper crop management practices, as well as the environmental factors play significant roles in ensuring a quality and bountiful harvest.

        Rice Varieties

        A popular cash crop among billions in the world, rice has a number of varieties each with a distinct characteristic, flavor, and culinary uses.

        The three main types of rice include:

        • Short-grain rice
        • Medium-grain rice
        • Long-grain rice

        The varieties of rice are mainly influenced by factors such as geography, the climate, and cultural preferences.

        Due to the fact that the taste and texture of rice greatly affects the overall culinary experience, it is, therefore, important that you select the rice variety for unique dishes and methods of cooking.

        In any case, different rice varieties have different requirements when it comes to growing conditions, hence the selection of the most appropriate variety is very important for successful rice cultivation.

        Contact Frutplanet for the best rates in wholesale for the rice variety of your choice.

        Environmental Requirements of Rice Cultivation

        To ensure that farmers have an optimal yield, specific environmental conditions must be met in rice cultivation.

        1. Rice typically requires 1000-2500 mm of rainfall annually. Adequate rainfall is therefore very important during its growing season. However, during flowering and ripening, too much rainfall could lead to fungal diseases as well as lodging.
        2. Rice thrives well in temperatures between 200c and 300 It is, therefore, a warm season crop. However, extreme temperatures can adversely affect the growth of rice.
        3. For photosynthesis and healthy growth, rice ideally requires 8-12 hours of sunlight every day.
        4. Soils that retain moisture well and provide good support for the rice plant are essential for rice cultivation. Well drained loamy or clay soils are generally ideal for the cultivation of rice.
        5. pH levels outside the range of 6.0-7.0 affect the essential nutrient availability for optimal rice growth.
        6. Irrigation systems are essential for a consistent soil moisture level.

        Which is the Best Methods of Growing Rice?

        Rice is mainly cultivated using the following methods:

        1. Transplanting
        2. Direct seedling

        The method selected solely depends on factors such as labor resource available water availability, and existing climatic conditions.


        Transplanting involves growing your rice seedlings in nurseries, which are later transplanted into the main fields when they reach a specific size and age.

        The nursery beds are usually in the form of trays or pots.

        Seedlings are carefully uprooted and planted in the main field when they are around 25-30 days old or hen they have between 3 to 4 leaves.

        Appropriate spacing of the rows must be used during transplanting.

        Advantages of Transplanting Rice Seedlings
        1. Compared to direct seeding, transplanting conserves a lot of water, and can therefore be used in areas with water scarcity.
        2. With transplanting, a farmer is in better control of spacing and the population in the main field.
        3. Transplanting results in uniform crop maturity

        Direct Seeding

        Direct seeding involves sowing rice seeds directly into the field. The method is less labor-intensive and more straightforward compared to transplanting.

        To improve the germination process, the rice seeds are usually soaked in water. The seeds are then either planted in rows using seed drills or evenly broadcast across the field.

        Advantages of Direct Seeding Rice
        1. The method is less laborious
        2. The method is hence cost effective
        3. The method is suitable for areas with sufficient water

        The choice between transplanting and direct seeding is, therefore, dependent on factors such as water availability, local traditions, and labor availability.

        To optimize their yields and resources, some farmers in other regions choose to use both methods, also known as,  System of Rice intensification (SRI).

        Nutritional Profile of Rice

        For most people, especially in Asia, rice forms an important source of nutrition and calories, and it is a valuable part of a balanced diet when combined with other nutrient-rich foods.

        It is important to note that that despite the fact that white rice is the most consumed type of rice, brown rice is considered the healthiest option because it has additional nutrients in the bran layer as well as high fiber content.

        1. Rice is mainly made up of carbohydrates with a high starch level. Rice is a quick and easy to digest source of energy.
        2. Rice a protein composition of about 7-8 grams per 100 grams
        3. Brown rice has more fiber than the white rice.
        4. Rice has less than a gram of fat per 100 grams, making it an option for individuals checking on their weight.
        5. Rice is a perfect source of vitamin B: thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), and niacin (B3). These vitamins are significant in energy metabolism and overall health.
        6. Rice contains minerals such as selenium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential for bone health while magnesium is important insofar as muscle and nerve function is concerned.
        7. Rice also contains small amounts of vitamin E and phenolic compounds, which can help protect cells from oxidative damage.
        8. For individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, rice becomes a perfect option.

        Rice wholesale prices/ Rice bulk price

        Rice wholesale prices in Kenya and around the globe are determined by a number of factors:

        1. Climatic changes as well as the prevailing weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions will severely affect rice productivity. Reduced rice yields will increase production costs and definitely increase the wholesale prices.
        2. Changing patterns of consumption. Dietary prices have evolved over time resulting to increased demand for rice. The demand-supply gap that results from the changing dietary patterns can push the wholesale prices for rice very high over time.
        3. Fluctuations in cost of inputs. The fluctuations in prices are mainly caused by inflation, global market dynamics as well as currency exchange rates. The cost of inputs such as the cost of fertilizers, labor, fuel, and so forth have a direct impact on production costs. These fluctuations can contribute to increased bulk prices of rice.
        4. Export restrictions in global trade. During the COVID pandemic, some nations imposed export restrictions in rice to ensure food security in their countries. There was also a massive distraction in logistics. Such restrictions can result to limited availability of rice and hence increase rice bulk prices.

        25kg rice wholesale price

        Depending on the variety of rice in question, the average current 25kg rice wholesale price is between $27-$32.

        Where Can I Buy Wholesale Rice?

        When it comes to buying rice online in retail or in bulk, Frutplanet is the ideal supplier. Frutplanet supplies rice to our clients in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kisumu. We can definatelt deliver rice to even our clients in the wider Eastern African region.

        Our customer service team is online 24/7. Contact us today to get the best rates of bulky purchase and retail purchases too.

        With frutplanet, you will never go wrong. Our rice is the best quality in the market.

        • Fresh Rose Flowers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers, and more. One variety of flowers that we export includes rose flowers. Request a quote to export a quote with us!

          Colours: Roses have numerous naturally occurring colours that include red and violet, although some varieties are blue, pink, orange, white, and black. It is hard to tell the colour of the rose flower before they blossom. At FrutPlanet, we boast of having a vast network of flower farmers and experts to sort out your specifications. Whether you want black, red or any other colour roses, we guarantee nothing less of satisfaction.

          Scent: Over 24 different rose scents are distributed amongst the varieties. The scent spectrum ranges from delighting to sharp, unpleasant scents. One rose flower variety that most rose lovers object to is the Rose Foetida, which can be a little irritating. However, generally, roses have a fruity, delicious smell. Our team at FrutPlanet follows your specifications to ensure we ship fresh roses. 

          Sizes: Flowers have different sizes; consequently, the sizes dictate the prices. The sizes of stems and petals define the sizes. The size of the petals ranges from 0.5  to 3 inches. Our first category, whose rose buds diameter is less than an inch, the second category are 1, and 2 inches thick, third category are 2 and 3 inches wide. Irrespective of the bud size you want, our team can help. Request a quote or contact our customer service team.

          Bud’s Tightness: Our team at FrutPlanet is keen on exporting flowers whose buds are firm and tight. When harvesting, we cut and shake the flowers to ensure that the buds are firm and not easily bent. Additionally, we pack and space the flowers carefully to avoid bruising petals and to keep them fresh.

        • Buy Bulk Peppermint Herbs Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading Kenyan grower and exporter of fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits, including peppermint.  We partner with farmers to help you, the buyer, place and Buy Bulk Peppermint Herbs orders. Whenever you need peppermint from Kenya, request a quote from us, and we will help you get the best-grown and high-quality peppermint herb.

          Growing Peppermint In Kenya

          Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. It is a hybrid between spearmint and watermint. Nowadays, growing peppermint is a worldwide activity in many countries, including Kenya. In 2020, the Food and Agricultural Organization statistics estimated  Morocco to be the leading producer at 40,403 tonnes.

          Kenya is a significant producer as more farmers continue embracing peppermint farming. The country’s favourable ecological conditions also make it a significant producer. And with FrutPlanet easing the process of buying bulk peppermint herbs, Kenya is the buy-from country.

          As one of the leading exporters in Kenya, FrutPlanet helps you with sourcing, packaging, and other logistics. Therefore, if you want to buy bulk peppermint herbs, contact us via email or request a quote. We offer competitive prices for anyone looking for a wholesale peppermint price.

        • Scabiosa Flower Exporters In Kenya Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you wondering where to buy scabiosa online from exporters? FrutPlanet is your home of superior-quality flowers and has been in the export industry for years. We have an international client base in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

           All our flowers conform to international standards and are GAP accredited. Contact FrutPlanet, your scabiosa flower exporter, where quality meets sustainability!

          Scabiosa Flower Farming In Kenya

          Kenya has the perfect climate and fertile soils for scabiosa flower production. Besides, it’s positioned at the equator, with sufficient sunshine for flowers. More Kenyan farmers embraced scabiosa farming to meet demand in the European and global markets.

           Consequently, Kenya exported 210 tonnes of flowers in December 2021 and is among the top major scabiosa flower exporters globally. Apart from Kenya, other leading flower producers are in; Netherlands, Columbia and Ecuador. In 2021 Netherlands exported $ 5.77B of flowers, Columbia $ 1.72B, Ecuador $927M, and Kenya $ 725M. FrutPlanet partners with major producers to supply you with scabiosa from the best.

        • Buy Prawns Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you planning to buy prawns online? FrutPlanet is a top exporter of fresh and premium seafood with a global reach. Our customer base is in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East and our seafood products are inspected and HACCP-accredited. We are committed to professional service by supplying A-grade products. Request a quote today and get speedy delivery!  

          Fresh Prawns Farming

          China is one of the largest prawn producers worldwide. In 2021 China exported 61.73 tonnes of prawns and shrimp. The country’s geographical conditions are ideal for fresh prawn farming. The rising demand for prawns contributes to more than 14,000 farms in China.   

          The largest prawn producers are China, Ecuador, and India. China’s export value was US $ 450.13M, Ecuador’s US $2.83B and India’s US $ 5.16B in prawn exports in 2021. These figures are projected to continue growing as demand for seafood increases. Buy prawns online from FrutPlanet, where we have established relationships with leading producers who adhere to international standards.

        • Buy Pears Online From Kenya Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Buying fresh and quality pears online has never been this easier. With Kenyan exporters like FrutPlanet, you will always be in safe hands when you buy pears online. We are industry experts dedicated to helping customers source and buy organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, species, etc. All shipped commodities, including different types of pears, meet the highest standards.

          Pears Farming in Kenya 

          Pear farming started in China around 2000 BC and spread to other parts of the world. Pears found their way into Kenya in the 1920s through Christian missionaries from the United Kingdom. The missionaries settled in Kenya as early as 1844, but they started growing pears in the 1920s. The pears were first introduced in Limuru, an area with excellent climatic conditions. 

          In a few decades, you could find commercial pear production in different regions, such as Nyeri, Kiambu, Meru, and Naivasha. Today, Kenya is one of Africa’s leading producers of pears, exporting thousands of tonnes worth millions of dollars. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) 2021 Survey, the export value of pears and other fresh fruits reached US$26.2 million in early 2021.

        • Buy Chillies in Bulk- Fresh Chilli wholesalers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet has been helping businesses buy chillies in bulk online for years. We can help you buy chili peppers online too. Just request a quote for bulk fresh chilies, by filling out the above form!

          You can order chilies wholesale in Germany, Russia, The UK, France, Spain, or even Italy. Frutplanet is the most convenient supplier of fresh chillies to importers from anywhere in the world. We also supply chillies in bulk to Sweden, Belgium, and other European countries.

          Our Chillies wholesale prices rates are competitive, negotiable, and up-to-date.

          Heat: The heat levels of chili peppers are represented using Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Wilbur Scoville developed the technique in 1912 to measure capsaicin concentration in spices. Chillies peppers have different heat levels, but the range is between 1,000 and 2.5 million SHU. Whether you want chillies with high or low SHU, at FrutPlanet Chillies Supplier, we can help you buy chilli peppers in bulk online effortlessly.

          Colour: Chillies Peppers have three primary colours: green, brown and red. Most varieties are green when unripe, but as they mature, the colour changes to red and eventually brown as they dry up. However, some types turn yellow when ripe. When you buy chili peppers online here at FrutPlanet exporters, we guarantee satisfaction by providing the colour variety you love.

          Size: Normally, smaller varieties are hotter compared to large types. We’ll help you buy chili peppers online and export all sizes through our extensive network of farmers. 

          Varieties of Chillies Pepper

          There are over 4000 chilli varieties worldwide. The varieties can be categorised into five species:

          • Capsicum Annuum: Includes Bell peppers, Cayenne, Thai peppers, Wax, and other varieties from Mexico.
          • Capsicum Baccatum: The varieties in this category are mainly from South America.
          • Capsicum Chinense: This category has the hottest pepper varieties, including Naga, Habanero, and Datil.
          • Capsicum Frutescens. The category includes varieties such as Piri Piri, Malawian Kambuzi, Malagueta, Tabasco, and more.
          • Capsicum Pubescens: They include Rocoto pepper varieties.
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