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    Buy Alaska pollock fish online from FrutPlanet, a multi-certified seafood exporter that helps clients source the healthiest fish in bulk. Through our extensive global network, we can supply salmon, catfish, tuna, clams, cuttlefish, octopus, crabs, lobsters, and other seafood products.

    FrutPlanet is your export partner for all farmed and sea-sourced Crustaceans or Molluscs. Request a quote to buy Alaska pollock fish online.

    What Is Alaskan Pollock Fish

    Also known as walleye pollock, the Alaskan pollock fish is a target species for fishermen and farmers in countries bordering the eastern Bering sea and the Pacific Ocean, such as China, South Korea, Russia, and Belarus.

    These nations have been farming Alaskan pollock for decades, helping meet more than 65% of the global supply needs. Alaska pollock export values in China were $30M, $39.3M, and $63.1M in 2020, 2019, and 2018, making it the largest producer. South Korea comes second with Alaska pollock exports worth $13.05M, $13.7M, and $9.1M.

    Most farmers from China, South Korea, and the other leading countries cannot deliver fresh seafood fast when customers buy Alaska pollock fish online. They rely on wholesale fish exporters like FrutPlanet to export their harvest to international customers.

    Whether you want farmed or wild Alaskan pollock for the best taste, we can help you source quality freshwater fish from these farmers.

    • Buy Alaska Pollock fish online

      Buy Alaska Pollock Fish Online From Exporters | FrutPlanet

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        Buy Alaska Pollock fish online

        Buy Alaska Pollock Fish Online From Exporters | FrutPlanet

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        Benefits Of Alaska Pollock Fish

        Alaskan pollock fish is a nutritional powerhouse containing high amounts of protein, iron, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, and other minerals. These nutrients support a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of cancer and cognitive problems.

        The other well-documented benefits of Alaska pollock fish include helping with weight loss, improving reproductive health, and preventing hair loss or dandruff. Buy Alaska pollock fish online from FrutPlanet to enjoy these benefits.

        Varieties Of Alaska Pollock Fish

        When you buy Alaska pollock fish online, it is best to understand that Alaska pollock is a marketing term for fish sourced from the North East Pacific Ocean. In China and most major pollock-producing countries, they also farm and fish the European or Atlantic pollock.

        The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) uses the name pollack for this fish variety farmed or caught in the North East Atlantic regions. Irrespective of the Alaska pollock fish variety, FrutPlanet can help you buy freshwater pollock or pollack by managing the logistics. Request a quote to buy Alaska pollock fish online today.

        Alaska Pollock Price

        FrutPlanet offers the best Alaska pollock price when you order as we source directly from fishermen and farmers. Currently, the approximate wholesale Alaska pollock price is US$ 2.75 to US$ 3.1 per kilogram. The price of Alaskan pollock per pound is between US$ 1.25 and US$ 1.41.

        In 2020 and early 2021, the price range for Alaskan pollock fish was between US$2.59 and US$3.31 per kilo. The price averaged US$3.12 per kilo in 2019. The frequency and extent of the price change usually depend on the demand and supply and seafood exporter.

        As such, remember to get a quote to determine the current prices before you buy Alaska pollock fish online.

        Fresh Alaska Pollock Fish Harvesting, Sorting, And Packing

        FrutPlanet harvests the wild Alaskan pollock fish using trawl vessels. Our state-of-the-art trawlers allow our team to avoid harvesting non-targeted species. After harvesting, pollock needs proper transportation and preservation before it reaches the different processing facilities.

        At processing plants, our quality control team inspects the harvest and separates the healthy walleye pollock from the bruised, damaged, or dead ones. The QC department collects samples and invites the relevant Food Safety Authorities to test them for heavy metals, microbiological, and other contaminants.

        We sort and thoroughly clean the fish before placing them in the conditioning tanks. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can export the whole Alaskan pollock or process it into fillet blocks, deep-skinned fillet blocks, etc.

        FrutPlanet packs and labels pollock while adhering to international packaging standards. Our specially-designed boxes and bags with ice packs can withstand external pressures, keeping your seafood safe and fresh during transportation.

        Our harvesting, sorting, and packaging stages involve hygienic methods and techniques. The final product is free from any contaminants.

        When you buy Alaska pollock fish online from Global GAP and HACCP-certified exporters like FrutPlanet, expect premium quality fish.

        Alaska Pollock Fish Delivery

        Businesses that buy Alaska pollock fish online from FrutPlanet enjoy fast delivery times, typically 2 to 4 days after sourcing. We deliver by air to whatever destination. Our prompt approach, simplified process, and packaging solutions preserve the quality and freshness of your fish.

        Alaska pollock farming is mainly in the coastal regions, and here is where we source our pollock fish for export. We partner with certified, experienced, and continuously trained pollock farmers.

        Our best suppliers come from Liaoning, Guangdong, Hebei, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangxi, Zhejiang, etc.

        Where Can I Buy Alaskan Pollock?

        The largest Alaska pollock exporters are China, Russia, and South Korea. When you buy Alaska pollock fish online with FrutPlanet, we can help source seafood products from these countries, especially China.

        Most farmers and fishermen do not have the tools, teams, and systems to facilitate fish processing, packaging, and shipping. They cannot deliver pollock or pollack in the best condition consistently.

        Therefore, the best option is to buy Alaska pollock fish online through wholesale seafood exporters such as FrutPlanet.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Alaska Pollock Fish

        Is pollock a good fish to eat

        Yes, eating pollock is healthy. It can help with reproductive fertility, fetal development, cardiovascular health, hair loss, weight loss, and more.

        How much does Alaskan pollock cost?

        The approximate cost of bulk Alaska pollock is US$ 2.75 to US$ 3.1 per kilogram. The price of Alaskan pollock per pound is between US$ 1.25 and US$ 1.41. Prices are subject to change at any time. Buyers should request a quote to get a cost breakdown before they buy Alaska pollock fish online.

        What is another name for Alaskan pollock?

        The Alaskan pollock is also known as walleye pollock. The other alternative names include snow cod, bigeye cod, copper line cod, and lesser cod. In Europe, Alaskan pollock is called saithe or coalfish.

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          Where To Buy Octopus

          Sourcing octopus & squid locally may appear as a convenient option. However, some markets don’t supply enough, leading to high prices for the limited octopus.

          To supply you with a constant seafood supply throughout the year, we buy octopus online from top exporting countries. Mediterranean countries like China, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Mauritania, and Mexico lead in octopus production globally.

          Over the last two decades, China has dominated the fresh octopus export market, followed by Spain, Vietnam, Portugal, and France. In 2020, China exported ($118M), Spain ($23.4M), Portugal ($6.99M), Thailand ($5.4M), and France ($5.13M).

          When ready to order octopus online, partner with certified and a reputable wholesale seafood distributor such as FrutPlanet Exporters. We’ll make the process as convenient as ordering octopus & squid locally.

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          FrutPlanet has established a vast network, making it easier for clients to buy sardines in bulk fast at budget-friendly prices. Request a quote to order fresh sardines.

          What Are Sardines

          What are sardines? Sardines are small, highly nutritious oily fish in the family Clupeidae, which also comprises herrings, shads, and hilsa. They are silvery fish with a single dorsal fin.

          Most sardine species live in areas around the Pacific and Indian oceans. Like most saltwater fish species, sardines are not farmed. Freshwater sardines like the Sardinella tawilis can be farmed, although not in significant numbers.

          The major exporters of wild sardines are Morocco, Japan, China, Russia, and Oman. In 2021, Morocco exported $244.19M worth of sardines, followed by China ($188.88M) and Japan ($67.83M).

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          Skin Colour: Unripe banana fruits are solid green and waxy when freshly harvested and have a variety of shades in between as they ripen. On the other hand, ripe banana fruits’ skin colours vary depending on the variety. They can be yellow, green, purple, or red. Overripe banana fruits will turn black or have brown spots on their skin. At FrutPlanet, our banana fruits are harvested 2-3 weeks earlier before they are fully ripe to ensure you get fresh-ready banana fruits unaffected by any post-harvest blemishes.

          Fruit Sizes and Shapes: Fresh banana fruits are almost always curved-shaped and can range from 2 ½inches to 12 inches long and ¾ – 2.5 inches wide. One example is the Cavendish banana fruits, which have a bunch of elongated, cylindrical, and slightly curved, with slightly pointed end fruits. Immature banana fruits have a square or sharp angular shape in cross-section, which changes to a more rounded shape as it ripens. FrutPlanet ensures its employees in the plantations harvest all banana fruits by hand using a two-team person to preserve their natural shape and ensure they are cut off as a bunch.

          Varieties: There are over 1000 varieties of banana fruits, each with unique characteristics and flavour profiles. Some popular varieties at FrutPlanet include the Cavendish banana fruits, Gross Michel, Apple banana fruits, gold finger, and lady finger banana fruits. FrutPlanet exporters work with a network of growers to offer our customers their exact specifications.

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          Are you looking for statice flower exporters who can handle your bulk orders? FrutPlanet is a leading flower exporter and supplier specialising in agricultural products, including vegetables, fruit, flowers, and more. You can order in bulk by requesting a quote.

          Statice Flower Exporters In Kenya

          FrutPlanet is one of the leading statice flower exporters in Kenya. We export to various markets from China, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, and more. Statice has a slightly longer history in the Kenyan market.

          The statice flower is a long-lasting flower that’s compact and colourful. They are resistant to climate and diseases. They are mainly exported fresh or dried. Whether you’re looking for a statice flower exporter to handle bulk orders for dried or fresh flowers.

          Statice flowers originated from the Mediterranean and Central Asia. The variety and the family have over 120 species, each unique in size, shape, and colour. Initially, the flower industry exports were mainly roses. However, the formation of NGOs and self-regulating organisations, including the Kenya Flower Council (KFC), propelled other varieties in the market, such as statice.



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