Guide to Buying Avocados Online

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Avocados Online

Consumer demand for avocados is increasing day by day. On the other hand, retailers are looking for affordable avocado stocking options. One such option is buying avocados online by partnering with a reliable exporter like FrutPlanet.

FrutPlanet is over-the-top sourcing and fruits exporting company. We’re a reliable partner with business owners who order fruits in bulk and help them with the logistics. We guarantee our customers absolute satisfaction on all orders.

Step 1 – Choose a Reputable Vendor

The first step when buying avocados online is choosing a trustworthy vendor. You should work with a company or individuals who have a good reputation. But how do you choose and examine their trustworthiness?

To find a vendor, search “avocado exporters” on any search engine and choose a few that you can scrutinise. Then, proceed to Google My Business and search for each company’s profile for customer reviews. Skim through the reviews and explore other platforms that offer reviews, including trust pilot and more.

It is important to examine what previous customers are saying about the company. That way, you will be on the safer side by identifying scammers earlier enough. Look for an expert vendor of avocados or a generalist exporter. 

If you’re looking for a vendor specialising in fruits and vegetables, we can help you. At FrutPlanet, we have been helping business owners source locally and export them to global markets. We help our customers with the logistics to maximise their return on investment. Request a quote today.

Step 2 – Find Your Desired Variety

Before buying avocados online, you must choose the variety. Avocados are available in a dozen varieties, varying in taste, texture, shape, and physical appearance. There are over 500 avocado varieties, including Hass, Fuerte, Lula, Gwen, and Pinkerton.

Depending on your market and consumer preferences, you can research the best mango variety based on your needs. But just to mention, Kenya’s avocado exports mainly consist of Hass and Fuerte. Fuerte’s peak season starts in January, while Hass’s starts in the first week of March.

But, irrespective of the avocado variety you want to buy online, we can help you source it. FrutPlanet has an extensive database of avocado growers. Request a quote or contact our customer support for more information.

Step 3 – Fresh or Ripe Avocados

How do you want the avocado delivered? Most of our customers buying avocados online request them fresh, and this is because they have less risk of spoilage during transit and are easy to store. You must be specific about how you want the avocados delivered.

If you want the avocados ripe, it is essential to check the level of ripeness. Otherwise, you risk receiving overripe avocados. Most avocados vendors, including FrutPlanet, indicate the state of the fruit on the product description. If such details are not indicated in the description, it’s reasonable to contact customer support before requesting a quote.

Step 4 – Price Points: What’s the Avocado Price Per Kg?

What is the avocado price per kg? Can you afford it? What’s your budget? You now have a few companies to work with. Checking or requesting a quote is important before ordering so that you can compare different vendors and work with those within your budget. 

At FrutPlanet, we advise customers buying avocados online to contact us first or request a quote. Once we understand their expectations, we provide them with a comprehensive quote, the best deal for them. Unlike most exporters, our prices are not inflated and are often backed by the avocado growers we work with. Besides, we guarantee you’ll love the avocados we ship.

Step 5 – Shipping and Delivery

How soon can you get your order? By now, you have a company in mind. Before ordering, confirm that the company can deliver in your area and how fast they deliver. A good company should understand your timelines and commit to meeting them.

When you buy avocados online from FrutPlanet, we guarantee delivery within five days of sourcing. Unlike an online store, we work with bulk orders for small and medium-sized businesses.  We deliver globally, through the air, without any disappointments.


Buying avocados online is convenient, efficient, and effective for any business owner looking to source fruit in bulk. With a good export company that provides fair pricing, swift delivery timelines, and responsive customer service, your order should be delivered effortlessly.

One such reliable company with a history of reliability, a money-back guarantee, and satisfaction is FrutPlanet exporters. We help you source fresh avocados in bulk and ease your logistics experience. You can request a quote today to experience next-level convenience.

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