Benefits of Ordering Avocados Online

The Benefits of Ordering Avocados Online

Ordering avocados online from suppliers and exporters has been increasing over the years due to its numerous benefits. We’ll cover these benefits in the article to help you understand why you should also explore these options.

You can order avocados online by partnering with a reputable supplier or exporter. At FrutPlanet exporters, we help you handle all the logistics of sourcing and delivering avocados. We have an existing network of avocado growers which we source from, and you can contact us through our customer support or request a quote today.


The most significant benefit of ordering avocados online is the convenience of having the items delivered to your door. This is crucial, especially if you’re a busy grocery owner and are held up trying to restock the avocados in your business. 

In addition, ordering avocados online is not limited to your location. For example, here at FrutPlanet, we help businesses order avocados online, source them from interior Kenya, and export them globally. Whether you’re in the United States, Asia, or the Netherlands, we can help.

However, the level of convenience is limited to the company you’re working with. If you partner with a company that lacks the logistics wherewithal to deliver globally, you’ll be up to a rude shock.


The internet is a wide marketplace with numerous vendors and exporters who can help you source any variety. Ordering avocados online powers you to order any variety, unlike your local wholesaler. Local wholesalers only stock what they think sells and that consequently limits your options.

For example, here at FrutPlanet, you can request any avocado variety available within our regions from Hass, Fuerte, and more. Better so, we help you source avocados that have been grown organically, specialty, and eliminate any middlemen. Your avocados will be sourced from farmers and delivered directly to you.

One significant benefit of having access to a wide variety is that you can experiment with your consumer with a few varieties to see which performs best. You can order avocados in bulk by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet today.


There has been a myth that ordering avocados online is more expensive than buying from local wholesalers. That is not necessarily the case. Online exporters and suppliers such as FrutPlanet offer competitive prices and access to promotion than local wholesalers.

Online suppliers can offer lower prices because we eliminate the need for middlemen. The supply chain is from the farmers to us, who then deliver to you. In the traditional business model, many middlemen are involved even before the avocados reach your local wholesaler. Each player factors in their prices, leading to an eventual high price.

At FrutPlanet, you can request a quote, and within a few hours, you will receive a detailed response. By requesting a quote, we let you control your budget. 


Ordering avocados online offers control over the quality of the fruits you’ll receive. Our avocado varieties have detailed descriptions, including size, appearance, and ripeness. That way, you can decide critically when ordering any mango variety.

In addition, since FrutPlanet is a supplier and exporter of avocados, we do not store any harvested avocados within our warehouse. We begin sourcing once you order from us and keep you informed every step of the way. We email you photos and descriptions throughout the ordering process.

On the other hand, by requesting a quote, you can describe the level of quality you expect the avocados to be. Most avocado buyers include details such as variety, size, colour, and more. 


Buying avocados online offers numerous benefits, from the ease of payment and conscious consumption to hands-on control of the ordering process. Any store owner who’d love to buy avocados online should consider partnering with an online supplier. That way, they will be guaranteed quality, fair prices, and fresh avocados that the customers will love.

If you are a store owner looking for an online supplier, contact FrutPlanet now. We are a reputable supplier who guarantees customer satisfaction on all our exports, and you can contact us by requesting a quote now.

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