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    FrutPlanet is a major Kenyan exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, including lovage. We’ve been helping our customers source produce for years by partnering with lovage farmers. We partner with small-scale farmers to help you buy lovage herbs online. Most customers who buy lovage herbs online from FrutPlanet are from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. But irrespective of the destination, you can order online from our website by requesting a quote, and we’ll flawlessly fulfil your order.

    Farming Herb Lovage in Kenya

    The Maggi plant, or lovage (Levisticum officinale), is a green perennial herb native to Southern Europe’s Mediterranean region. It has been in use in the Italian Ligurian region since Roman times. It’s easy to buy lovage herbs online through websites like FrutPlanet.

    Lovage resembles celery and parsley in appearance. They both belong to the Apiaceae family. All parts of the plants are edible but have different flavours. The leaves have a flavour similar to parsley but with a strong, sweet edge and a tinge of citrus. Stalks of lovage have a fennel or anise-like flavour.

    Growing lovage is a less-exploited business opportunity in Kenya. You can buy lovage herb online from the largest producers, including Hungary, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Finland, Belgium, and Kenya.

    FrutPlanet is the leading exporter of lovage from Kenya. Over the years, they have helped Kenyan farmers export large quantities of lovage to other countries.

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      Buy Lovage Herbs Online From Kenya Exporters | FrutPlanet.

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        buy lovage online

        Buy Lovage Herbs Online From Kenya Exporters | FrutPlanet.

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        Lovage Health Benefits

        Lovage is rich in vitamin B complex and C. The plant also contains quercetin, a histamine inhibitor that eases allergic symptoms. Supplements containing lovage can help women in dealing with their menstruation issues. Cosmetics containing lovage extract can help reduce acne, clear up the skin, and treat conditions such as dermatitis. Another lovage health benefit is that it can cure many gastrointestinal, neurological, and rheumatic conditions. You can buy lovage herbs online to derive these health benefits. Order through FrutPlanet today to get fresh, high-quality lovage.

        Types of Lovage Herb Grown in Kenya

        The lovage plant is the only species of the Apiaceae family of plants grown in Kenya. The leafy green herb does well in most parts of Kenya, especially in the rift valley region, where the weather conditions are warmer and favour its growth. You can easily buy lovage herbs online for home use.

        Two additional varieties of lovage naturally grow in the wild. A particular kind, also known as sea lovage, Scottish lovage, or Shunis, is found in northern Britain and along the north Atlantic coastline of the United States. The other variety, sometimes known as alexanders or black lovage, is grown in Britain and the Mediterranean. 

        Lovage Herb Wholesale Prices in Kenya

        Lovage herb prices have been fluctuating over the years. Remember that every part of the plant has its use. The wholesale price of dried lovage leaves ranges between $ 53 and $ 57 per kilogram. That translates to around Kshs 6318 to Kshs 6795 for 100 kilograms.

        One kilogram of lovage herbal extracts goes for $60, which is Kshs 7272. Want to buy lovage herbs online at the best price? FrutPlanet offers the most competitive prices.

        Lovage Herb Harvesting Sorting and Packing

        The optimum time to gather lovage is early in the day when the natural oils are at their finest. To keep the leaves cool, we collect the lovage herb before sunrise. We also ensure that every leaf’s morning dew has dried before harvesting to facilitate easy cleaning. When the enormous, flattish blossoms first appear, we harvest the leaves. We seal the product using plastic bags for transfer to the packhouse for sorting.

        At Frutplanet, we package lovage in produce boxes. We maintain between six and twenty-four bunches in each box. Typically, each box is half a bushel in size. We also utilise clamshells as packaging material to shield the leaves from outside abrasion. We cover each bundle with perforated polyethene linings. The content is kept well-hydrated and preserves its long-term freshness thanks to the material. We first wax crates and boxes before filling the inside with plastic. 

        We store the lovage at 0 to 1℃ to maintain freshness. The herb can stay fresh for up to 20 days. We can help you source and buy lovage herbs online.

        Lovage Herb Delivery by FrutPlanet

        FrutPlanet uses specially designed refrigerated vehicles to transport fresh produce to the airport. We strive to have the product packaged and delivered most conveniently. We supply the local and international markets with premium Kenyan lovage. We purchase raw, fresh lovage from local family farmers. Shipping timelines depend on the destination, but we have good relations with most significant airlines who ensure that when you buy lovage herb online, it will get to you in the shortest time possible. 

        Where to Buy Lovage Herb

        FrutPlanet guarantees the best quality lovage by inspecting all lovage for quality. We can assure you of quality products since we monitor the plant from the time it’s planted up until maturity and harvesting, ensuring every aspect of good farming is adhered to. For the best supply of quality lovage, make us your supplier, and you won’t be disappointed. You can also buy lovage herb online with our assistance and guidance.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Lovage Herb

        How do you find lovage?

        You can source lovage directly from farmers in the rift valley region of Kenya. We have qualified staff to handle post-harvest processing. That way, improving the shelf life of the herbs.

        Can you buy dried lovage?

        You can buy dried lovage in the market in different flavours, which you can use to spice up mashed potatoes, omelettes, or any food you wish.

        What is another name for lovage?

        Lovage is also called Maggi or Smellage. Italians refer to it as mountain celery or Sedano di monte.

        Is Lovage the same as parsley?

        Although lovage is in the parsley family, it tastes slightly different. However, it can be used as a substitute for parsley when cooking. Lovage leaves noticeably resemble parsley.

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          Fresh Prawns Farming

          China is one of the largest prawn producers worldwide. In 2021 China exported 61.73 tonnes of prawns and shrimp. The country’s geographical conditions are ideal for fresh prawn farming. The rising demand for prawns contributes to more than 14,000 farms in China.   

          The largest prawn producers are China, Ecuador, and India. China’s export value was US $ 450.13M, Ecuador’s US $2.83B and India’s US $ 5.16B in prawn exports in 2021. These figures are projected to continue growing as demand for seafood increases. Buy prawns online from FrutPlanet, where we have established relationships with leading producers who adhere to international standards.

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          Frutplanet supplies mushrooms to the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, the Middle East, etc.

          We are an export company who have specialized in the growing and supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs.

          With Frutplanet you can never go wrong.

          Mushroom Farming In Kenya

          Mushrooms are an ancient delicacy in Kenya. Traditionally, people picked these vegetables from the wild. Farmers started growing mushrooms for export after Kenya gained independence in 1963. Since then, farmers from the Western, Nyanza, Coast, Rift Valley, and Central regions have increasingly ventured into the lucrative business of mushroom farming. 

          Data from the National Farmers Information Service (NAFIS) shows that Kenyans produce approximately 500 tonnes of mushrooms annually. These are worth around $2.8 million or KES 340 million.  

          Most Kenyan producers rely on mushroom exporters like FrutPlanet to sell their agricultural produce across the globe. Our network consists mainly of small-scale mushroom farmers. We understand that customers who buy mushrooms online from us have high expectations. Therefore, we only work with expert-certified cultivators that grow organic mushrooms.

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          FrutPlanet is a macadamia exporter in Kenya of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, and other commodities, including Kenya macadamia nuts. We partner with macadamia nut farmers in Kenya to help you order bulk macadamia nuts online. You can request a quote for Kenyan macadamia here at FrutPlanet.

          Wholesale Macadamia Nuts Exporters

          Macadamia is native to Queensland, Australia, but was introduced to Kenya from Australia in 1960. But farmers didn’t start growing macadamia nuts in Kenya commercially until the 2000s. 

          Australia was the major producer of Macadamia, although South Africa later surpassed it in 2012. Kenya is the world’s third-largest wholesale macadamia nuts exporter. The country exports about 90% to 95% of macadamia nuts in Kenya. 

          Most farmers grow macadamia on a small scale, so macadamia exporters in Kenya help them deliver to the market. There are over ten macadamia exporters in Kenya, and FrutPlanet is one of the leading suppliers.

          FrutPlanet helps you order bulk macadamia nuts online by facilitating the logistics involved, from sourcing, processing, and packaging. Customers who’d love to order bulk macadamia nuts can request a quote through our website.

          Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

          Macadamia nuts have enormous benefits for the body. The body sources vitamins, unsaturated fats, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants from nuts. These nutrients offer benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, improving body metabolism, preventing cancerous cells’ growth, promoting weight loss, and more. Experts advise people to take a cup of macadamia nuts often.

        • Fresh Strawberry Fruit Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a leading strawberry exporter and supplier to different global markets. You can request a quote and enjoy our guaranteed customer satisfaction.

          Colour: Unripe Strawberry fruit is green-white but turns red on ripening. The green pigment results from chlorophyll in their skin, while redness is caused by anthocyanin. Also, some strawberry fruits have a pink colouring. FrutPlanet can help you source and export strawberries from anywhere.

          Shape and Size: The size and shape of strawberry fruits vary widely depending on the variety. Some have an oblate, rounded shape with a slightly flattened top and bottom. The most prevalent shape of the strawberry fruit is a long conic shape. A typical strawberry measures about 0.9 – 1.5 cm and weighs about 7 to 27 grams. The size measurements are greatly influenced by the minerals available and the environment the plant grows in. Here at FrutPlanet exporters, we prioritise your specification above anything. We’re the best strawberry exporter for your orders, whether you want small, medium, or large berries. 

          Organic: Unfortunately, most strawberry farmers use a lot of pesticides, some of which cannot be eroded by just washing the berries. And although you may not notice the taste difference, organic berries are more refreshing. Usually, organic berries ripen from inside towards the skin so that when you cut them, the skin and the flesh will be red. At FrutPlanet, we only source and export organically grown strawberry fruits. We source from strawberry farms that are committed to our campaign against the use of pesticides in farming.

          Fresh: Larger berries have more fresh but less tasty juice than smaller berries. Naturally, larger berries have more water which ends up saturating the juice. Therefore, the smaller berries end up being juicier and sweeter. As a leading strawberry exporter, we follow your specifications to the letter, whether you want a small or large strawberry.

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          Are you looking to buy Broccoli in Bulk? FrutPlanet is a leading Fresh Broccoli wholesaler and supplier.

          As a leading Broccoli wholesaler, Frutplanet offers customers the opportunity to buy Broccoli in bulk, ensuring convenience and cost-effectiveness for businesses of all sizes.

          Whether for retail or wholesale needs, we deliver excellence in every bunch, making us the preferred choice for those seeking top-quality Broccoli.

          You can request a quote and let us engage you in your order.

          Colour: The best fresh broccoli for export should be green before the flower patch. The broccoli florets have a size of a matchstick and open up to small yellow flowers. Apart from green broccoli, there is also purple broccoli. At FrutPlanet, we source your preferred variety of broccoli right before it flowers.

          Stems and Stalks: Fresh broccoli stems and stalks are edible and delicious. However, they’re only perfect when firm. If they over-mature, they become woody and may be terrible. FrutPlanet handpicks all the fresh broccoli to feel the texture of each product. We have a team of experts who scrutinise the harvest and eliminate produce whose stems and stalks aren’t edible.

          Head Size: The size of fresh broccoli varies depending on the number of broccoli florets on the head. The size enlarges as the flowering stage nears. The average diameter of a fresh broccoli head is 4 to 6 inches when the broccoli is mature and ready for flowering. When you request a quote from FrutPlanet exporters, we source your specifications on sizes. We can get them all, whether you want large or medium-sized fresh broccoli!

          Flowering: Fresh broccoli with yellow flowers is often past the edible stage. Flowers signify that the flowers have opened up, and the stalk could be woody. Additionally, yellowing is a sign of older broccoli, although sometimes it could be natural. At FrutPlanet, we individually evaluate every product and eliminate broccoli florets before exporting.

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          The Ultimate Watermelon Suppliers

          There are a dozen watermelon suppliers, but one of the leading companies is FrutPlanet Exporters. FrutPlanet supplies fresh watermelons globally and is the exporter of choice for many businesses worldwide, not by chance. We have designed our business model to be customer-centered. Here’s why you should work with us:

          100% Customer Satisfaction: When you order watermelons in bulk, we stand by what we supply, unlike most suppliers. Our aim here at FrutPlanet is to meet your expectations.

          Organic Farm Products: We are pioneers of organic farming methods in Kenya and beyond. That’s why we have made it our creed to partner with farmers who practice what we preach, organic farming

          You can order our watermelons in bulk by requesting a quote on our website. We guarantee you only quality products.

          Watermelon Production in Kenya

          Watermelon production is arguably one of the most popular farming ventures in Kenya. This fruit performs well in warm Kenyan regions with high rainfall. Watermelon production regions in Kenya include Machakos, Makueni, Coastal regions, etc. Most Kenyan farmers in Kenya are small-scale farmers. When you order watermelons for sale from FrutPlanet exporters, we source the products from these farmers and handle the logistics.

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