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    FrutPlanet serves businesses that appreciate and expect quality when they buy octopus online. We are a trusted global wholesale seafood distributor, helping clients source, process, and export superior quality Molluscs, including octopus and squid.

    Our team sources octopus in clear pristine waters of the coastal regions of top-producing countries. Our products have graced the plates of millions of people worldwide. Buy octopus online from FrutPlanet; we deliver fast.

    Where To Buy Octopus

    Sourcing octopus & squid locally may appear as a convenient option. However, some markets don’t supply enough, leading to high prices for the limited octopus.

    To supply you with a constant seafood supply throughout the year, we buy octopus online from top exporting countries. Mediterranean countries like China, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Mauritania, and Mexico lead in octopus production globally.

    Over the last two decades, China has dominated the fresh octopus export market, followed by Spain, Vietnam, Portugal, and France. In 2020, China exported ($118M), Spain ($23.4M), Portugal ($6.99M), Thailand ($5.4M), and France ($5.13M).

    When ready to order octopus online, partner with certified and a reputable wholesale seafood distributor such as FrutPlanet Exporters. We’ll make the process as convenient as ordering octopus & squid locally.

    We can export farmed and sea-sourced octopus in bulk while adhering to the highest sustainability standards. Our company is compliant with HACCP, BAP, and Global GAP.

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      Buy Octopus Online From Exporters

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        Buy Octopus Online From Exporters

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        Benefits Of Octopus

        The seafood is a delicious delicacy with many scientifically proven octopus health benefits. The benefits of eating octopus are thanks to a decent supply of lean protein, vitamins B6 and B12, healthy unsaturated fats, selenium, copper, zinc, and iron.

        A diet featuring octopus can help manage depression symptoms and weight loss. The other octopus health benefits include preventing heart disease, protecting cognitive health, and reducing cancer risk.

        Types Of Octopus

        The leading octopus production countries supply different farmed and sea-sourced octopus species. The edible species include Octopus Vulgaris, Enteroctopus dofleini, Macrotritopus Defilippi, and Amphioctopus fangsiao.

        You may not be familiar with these names, but you probably know the common octopus, giant octopus, long-arm octopus, and webfoot types of octopus.

        The aquaculture farms in China, Thailand, South Korea, Spain, and other octopus & squid farming countries enjoy the best conditions that allow the Molluscs to thrive. Whatever octopus species you want, FrutPlanet can supply in bulk anywhere in the world.

        Price Of Octopus

        The 2022 octopus price can be as little as US$ 5.33 and up to US$ 17.82 per kilogram in most major octopus seafood wholesale exporting countries. The cost of octopus varies depending on where you import from, supply and demand, wholesale seafood distributors, and more.

        Octopus prices have changed over the years. In 2019, the octopus price per kg averaged $10.33. In 2020 and early 2021, the average octopus price dropped to less than $8.50 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

        With fluctuating prices, it is advisable to confirm the cost of the octopus with an instant quote. Do it before you buy octopus online. At FrutPlanet, we offer the best octopus price per kg, as we work directly with fishermen and farmers.

        Fresh Octopus Sorting, And Packaging

        Like other seafood, octopus and squid are highly perishable and prone to bacterial contamination. Handling fresh octopus from harvesting to packaging and shipping takes skill, dedication, and a complete set of seafood equipment and technology. FrutPlanet is an exporter that ticks all the boxes.

        We transport the farmed or sea-sourced octopus in specialised storage units from harvesting points to packhouses. FrutPlanet has world-class processing plants throughout the sourcing locations. At the packhouses, we sort seafood by size and species. Our crew thoroughly cleans the seafood.

        After cleaning, we pack the octopus products into containers that preserve freshness and quality. Our packers prepare packages according to customer shipping needs and preferences. We will match the specifications on your order to buy octopus online.

        All our seafood undergoes extensive inspection. We have an in-house quality control team that partners with government inspection agencies to ensure the harvest quality complies with FDA and global market standards.

        We are HACCP-certified. Our company employs acceptable methods for identifying and managing food safety. Customers who buy octopus online should feel safe when dealing with FrutPlanet.

        Delivering Fresh Octopus

        Are you tired of octopus seafood wholesale suppliers keeping you waiting for weeks? Give FrutPlanet a try, and you will not regret it. We deliver octopus & squid fast, typically 2 to 4 business days after sourcing. Our quick octopus delivery ensures clients receive fresh seafood.

        Thanks to our extensive global networks and links, we can source farmed and sea-sourced Molluscs in the shortest timeline. FrutPlanet buys seafood products from certified fishermen and farmers accustomed to the sustainable and best international aquaculture and fishing practices.

        Our partners in Guangdong, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Tianjin, etc., follow the BAP and Global GAP guidelines in all stages of octopus production.

        Where Does Octopus Come From

        More than 50% of octopus on the market comes from China. FrutPlanet sources from China and other octopus-rich countries. With a steady supply, it is easier to buy octopus online at the best prices.

        Notably, all our seafood products are subject to thorough screening through a multi-step inspection approach. With us, quality comes first. Customers who want to buy pet octopus online can expect the best products.

        Order octopus online conveniently and safely from FrutPlanet.

        Frequently Asked Questions About Octopus

        How To Clean Octopus

        Cleaning an octopus is easy. First, you cut off the head above the eyes. Flip the head inside out to remove entrails, internal organs, and a stomach sac. Wash the head under running water before flipping it back.

        You will also need to spread the tentacles and remove the beak by slicing around its base. Lastly, rinse tentacles thoroughly under running tap water.

        How Much Does Octopus Meat Cost?

        The cost of octopus meat is between US$ 5.33 and US$ 17.82 per kilogram in most major octopus seafood wholesale countries. The octopus wholesale price determinants include exporting country, supply and demand, and octopus exporters. Before you buy octopus online, request a quote.

        Can I Buy Live Octopus Online?

        Yes, exporters make it easier to buy different octopus products, including live octopus. At FrutPlanet, we can help you buy pet octopus online.

        • Buy Shrimp Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is one the largest shrimp companies that specialise in exporting seafood products like shrimps, lobsters, and other crustaceans. Through our dedicated network and global links, we can help customers buy shrimp online fast. 

          You can request a quote to buy fresh shrimp near me from trusted fishermen and aquaculture farmers in leading shrimp-producing countries. We ensure quality, freshness, and sustainability.  

          Shrimp Farming

          Shrimp farming started in Asia several centuries ago, with China taking the lead. More than 75% of shrimp sold came from the world’s largest producers which included China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Ecuador, and Argentina

          In 2021, these seven largest shrimp producers exported about $2.57 million tons of shrimp worth US$20.79 billion, a 23% increase from 2020. Valued at US$28.45 billion in 2020, the global shrimp market could hit US$53.63 billion by 2028. 

          Shrimp distributors, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers who wish to buy shrimp online can partner with FrutPlanet to export quality seafood. We can help source farmed and wild-caught shrimps from some of the world’s leading shrimp producers. Order shrimp online and get sea-sourced seafood for the best taste.

        • Order Molluscs Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Businesses intending to import Molluscs, Crustaceans, or any other seafood can count on FrutPlanet to help them source and ship quality products. We pride ourselves in making it convenient for customers to order Molluscs online anywhere in the world. Our methods, strategies, systems, and approaches comply with the GlobalGAP Aquaculture Certification standards. We are the trusted brand to seek whenever you want to buy Molluscs online.

          What Is A Mollusc

          A Mollusc is a group that typically represents marine invertebrate animals covered with hard shells to protect their soft body. The animals include snails, octopuses, clams, slugs, oysters, and mussels. 

          Mollusc farming started in Europe during the Roman reign before it spread to Asian countries, particularly China and India. Today, China is the leading producer and exporter of Molluscs. In 2020, China exported Molluscs worth $1.94B, followed by Spain ($563M), India ($511M), Indonesia ($436 M), and Peru ($433M). 

          Sourcing overseas presents unique challenges for businesses. Fortunately, you can shift those challenges to FrutPlanet. We source, process, package, and ship Molluscs worldwide without hassle. Whether you want farm-raised or sea-sourced Molluscs, we can help you order Molluscs online from fishermen and farms that meet the BAP standards.

        • Buy Onions Wholesale-Red Onion Supplier Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Are you looking to buy red onions in wholesale? FrutPlanet is a GlobalGAP-certified red onion supplier. We are quality-focused, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction whenever you buy red onions online in bulk.

          Don’t let logistics stress you while ordering onions wholesale. Instead, request a quote to buy onions online with FrutPlanet. In addition, our global export services cover other products, such as spices, beverages, cereals, and seafood.

          Growing Onions

          Kenyans have been cultivating onions since ancient times. They are one of the leading onion producers, with strong export markets in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other parts of the world.

          In 2019, the alliaceous vegetable exports from Kenya totalled USD 9.049 Million. However, the exports dropped by 79% to USD 1.818 Million in 2020 due to COVID-19. In 2021, the exports increased by 41% to USD 2.564 Million.

          FrutPlanet understands logistics present a challenge to overseas customers looking to buy onions online from the world’s leading onion producers like China, Kenya, Egypt, India, and Tanzania.

          Our onion export service can take the burden off your shoulders when sourcing from these suppliers, especially in Kenya. We pride ourselves in having established an extensive network and can help you buy from smallholder onion farmers who cannot sell directly in the international market.

        • Kenyan Millet Wholesale Supplier And Exporter Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Sub-sahara Africa is one of the most conducive environments for millet growing. At the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa is Kenya which presents a good environment, competitive for millet growth. Kenyan millet wholesale suppliers and exporters handle both local and international supplies mainly because it’s suitable for infant feeding and dishes for the sick, among other things.

          We’ve got your back if you’re looking for a millet wholesale supplier, exporter, or any other agricultural product supply. FrutPlanet is a leading millet wholesale supplier and exporter, helping businesses with export logistics for years. You can buy online from FrutPlanet by requesting a quote.

          Millet Growing Areas In Kenya

          Millet growing areas in Kenya include western, Nyanza, rift valley, and Mt Kenya. Millet performs well in this region because of their rich soils and the high rainfall. The areas receive over 250mm per annum and have varying soil varieties. 

          The world’s largest exporters of millet as of 2020 include the United States, Ukraine, India, and Russia. Although Kenya is not one of the top world’s largest millet exports, it could export has an export volume of over USD 107K annually. Most of the Kenyan millet is destined for global markets such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Europe.

        • Fresh Snow Peas Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a snow peas exporter and supplier. We export products, including fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, etc., globally. You can order these products by requesting a quote through the form. 

          Here are some of the most important features we consider in snow peas we export:

          Colour: The snow peas should have a saturated pale green colour. However, some may have white scarring as the seeds grow on the pods. Snow peas are often victims of bacterial and fungus diseases that lead to colour changes from green to grey. This colour change is often in highly humid areas. Here at FrutPlanet, we select only green snow peas for export.

          Size: The snow peas should be thin because the seeds and pods haven’t fully formed. The ideal thickness is about 2 cm or three-quarters inches. The snow peas’ length is about 7cm or 3 inches. Frutplanet exporters harvest the snow peas before the seeds fully mature. That way, we ensure our peas are the best for exportation.

          Skin Texture: Before harvesting the snow peas, we sample a few of them for the snap factor. We curve the pea so that they snap. Otherwise, we don’t harvest them if they curve perfectly. Additionally, we double-check the snow pea’s skin texture and ensure that they’re smooth and with no matches, cuttings, or insect sting patches.

          Age: All our snow peas are harvested within the right timelines. We harvest them within two months to ensure that they don’t over-mature. Our snow peas are available all year long, whether in spring or summer. We have a wide network of farmers who guarantee quality and quantity.

        • Buy Passion Fruit Online in Bulk Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Do you want to buy passion fruit online in bulk? FrutPlanet is a reliable passion fruit supplier, and exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, and more.  Passion fruits are amongst what we take pride in exporting. 

          Besides fruits and vegetables, we also export fresh flowers worldwide, especially to the United States, Europe, the United Arabs Emirates and more. Engage us by requesting a quote today.

          Shapes, Colours, and Sizes

          Passion fruits are a berry, mostly round or oval. The colours, when they are ripe, change depending on the varieties. 

          At FrutPlanet, we are keen to select fully ripe fruits with the correct colour, size, and shape depending on the variety of the passion fruit. Additionally, we evaluate each passion fruit variety to fit your specific requirements on the fruits’ sizes, colours, and shapes. 

          Varieties of Passion Fruit

          There are several varieties, but the most common are purple, yellow, and sweet passion fruits.

          Yellow Passion Fruit: Yellow passion is slightly larger than purple passion. It weighs 60-65 grams with a diameter of 5-10cm. They are round or oval in shape and golden yellow when ripe. The outer peel is light and airy. 

          Purple Passion Fruit: This passion variety weighs 35-50grams with a diameter of about 5cm. It has a purple-waxy, smooth rind with numerous light dots on the surface. Purple passion has a juicy, orange, seedy edible Centre, which is highly aromatic. It’s green when unripe and turns to deep purple when it ripens. 

          Sweet Passion Fruit: It has a hard shell orange-yellow in colour. Sweet passion fruit is seedy and has a white aromatic scent pulp. Unlike the other passion varieties, it’s blue when unripe and turns orange-brown when ripe. 

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