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Avocado Shelf Life: How Do Fresh Avocados Last?

If you’ve been importing avocados for a while now, you probably understand that shelf life is an important factor. You need to consider it when ordering avocados in bulk to maximize profit. In this guide, we hope to answer your important questions about the shelf life of the avocados we export here at FrutPlanet.

If you want a more personalized recommendation on avocado shelf life, you can request a quote from our customer support team. Our team of experts will contact you with more details about the avocados we ship and their shelf life.

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How FrutPlanet Extends Avocado Shelf Life

Without applying any tricks to extend avocado shelf life, they last between 7 to 10 days. However, you don’t have to settle for avocados’ bare minimum shelf life. You can extend the shelf life and maximize your business profits. 

At FrutPlanet Exporters, we use various techniques to extend the shelf life of fresh avocados during transportation and storage. Some of these techniques include:

No. 1: Pre-cooling

Cooling avocados is one of the most crucial operations in the post-harvest chain. Precooling influences several parameters, one of which is its dictation on the rate of ripening for the avocado. As a result, precooling plays a major role in shelf life and the advancement of post-harvest defects.

We regulate the pre-cooling temperatures before shipping, depending on the avocado variety, distance to destination, and season, among other factors. We use effective systems that help us beat the slow, uneven cooling. 

Generally, our precooling temperatures for export avocados are between 4 – 6 degrees Celsius. Our experience over time is that higher temperatures accelerate fruit ripening. In addition, this temperature ensures that the fruit does not shrink or soften during transportation. Our cooling systems have proven very effective to our clients and extend the shelf life of these avocados from a little over a week to a shelf life of 4 to 7 weeks. For avocado fruits with more complex skins, such as Hass avocados, the cooling timeframe and shelf life are longer.

To sum up, our pre-cooling system is important in extending the shelf life of avocados. It achieves this by slowing the metabolic rate, respiration, and ethylene synthesis of the avocados. All these factors combined contribute to the loss of fruit texture, fungal infections of the fruit’s skin, and initiation of the ripening process.

No. 2: Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Another trick we employ to prolong avocado shelf life is using Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Modified Atmospheres are bags made of polyethylene films. The film has low permeability to gases, thereby regulating the avocados’ respiration level. When ripening, the avocado respires oxygen while the carbon dioxide decreases in the bag, delaying the favorable conditions for ripening.

The materials we use in modified atmosphere packaging prevent inner decay during storage and delay the coloration of the fruit. In addition, the bag regulates the humidity levels inside, thereby protecting the fruit’s flavor and firmness during its shelf life.

The modified atmosphere packaging extends the storage for avocados by about 5 to 8 weeks at 5 degrees Celsius. Once out of storage, the shelf life until ripening is about 2 to 4 weeks at about 20 degrees Celsius for fuerte avocados. You can contact our customer service team for a more detailed report on the MAP method.

No. 3: Ethylene Management

Ethylene is a natural plant hormone that accelerates ripening in avocados. At FrutPlanet, we control how the fruits are exposed to ethylene during transportation and storage, which extends the shelf life of the avocados. One technique we use to achieve this is using ethylene scavengers or inhibitors.

One of the ethylene scavengers we use is the combination of KMnO4 and porous materials such as montmorillonite or zeolite. Together, in a porous material, they absorb the ethylene gas by oxidizing it to water and carbon dioxide. We employ this method because it is less costly and efficient compared to other methods.

These methods aren’t effective in preserving avocado fruits, but they are also used in some instances to protect spinach and strawberries. This method can extend avocados’ storage and shelf life by about 4 to 5 weeks.

No. 4: Wax Coating

Another high-end technique we use to prolong avocado shelf life is waxing the fruit’s skin with a thin layer of edible wax. Although this can be done manually by rubbing the fruit or dipping it in wax, FrutPlanet exporter uses an automated roller brush. Some of the most common coatings we use include methylcellulose, zein, and alginate.

Waxing a coat on the skin of an avocado extends its storage life by reducing water loss. The technique also modifies the internal atmosphere of the fruit, keeping it firm and fresh. 

We apply the waxing and combine the technique with a few others to ensure that there is delayed ripening, delayed firmness decline, reduced weight loss for the fruit, and that the overall look and freshness of the avocado are maintained. Over the years, we have ascertained that more than wax coating alone is needed. This technique’s extended storage and shelf life ranges from about 3 to 5 weeks.

No. 5: Quality Sorting and Handling

At FrutPlanet, we are keen on quality sorting and handling to ensure that what we ship has minimal to zero physical damage and bruising. Any physical damage to a fruit quickly affects its storage and shelf life. Our warehouse team hand-sorts all our fruits when harvesting and before packaging to ensure that everything is sorted. Through our careful handling throughout the supply chain, we help maintain the quality of avocados and extend their shelf life.

No. 6: Treatment and Packaging Design

Another consideration we have at FrutPlanet Exporters is that all avocados go through post-harvest treatments, such as fungicides or antibacterial washes. These treatments eliminate any microbial growth and extend shelf life. We ensure that all our treatments comply with global food safety regulations. In addition, we have laboratory tests on our fruits, and we have attached this report to the documentation for your order.

In addition, our packaging materials and designs help reduce avocados’ shelf life. The packaging is ventilated and cushioned enough to prevent bruises or physical damage during transport. We also use environmentally friendly materials and meet the GAP requirements.

You can contact our customer support team for personalized and detailed information on these techniques. 

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Where to Order Avocado in Bulk

If you’re a business owner and want to order fresh avocado fruits with a long shelf life, contact us at FrutPlanet. We have experts who will offer you insights on the best avocados for you in case you haven’t decided on that already. The shelf life for the Hass avocados that we export is up to 10 days normally and can be extended depending on your facilities. 

We export avocados in bulk globally and have clients in Asia and Europe, including the Netherlands, India, and China. Our warehouses have a high processing capacity, and all our products are quality-evaluated before being shipped. Better yet, we keep you in the loop throughout the experience.

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FAQs on Avocado Shelf Life

How Long Can Cut Avocado Last In Fridge?

A cut avocado can last up to three days in the fridge before going bad. However, we advise you to eat the fruit within a day or two to avoid health problems from consuming bad food.

Can Avocados Last 2 Weeks?

If measures to extend the shelf life are implemented, fresh avocados can last two weeks or more before ripening. However, if all conditions remain normal, the avocado can last 7 – 9 days. The timeframe may also vary depending on the avocado variety that you are storing; Hass avocados have a longer shelf life than Fuerte avocados.

How Do You Know When Avocados Go Bad?

When avocados go bad, they become mushy, brown, and moldy. This is the last stage once the avocado is overripe. It is the decomposition process of the once-fresh avocado fruit.

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